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  • Union Leaders Head to the Beach

    Next week Congress is expected to introduce legislation that will eliminate the secret ballot in union elections, effectively legalizing union intimidation. Apparently, the unions are already celebrating the passage of this radical agenda and the financial windfall it will produce. Today, they opened up their annual winter conference at a swanky Florida beach resort, while American workers across the nation worry about losing their jobs.

    Recently, there has been widespread outrage directed at Wall Street executives, corporate CEO’s and auto leaders for wasting money directed towards saving jobs and rescuing the American economy. We suspect the AFL-CIO leaders will say they had nowhere else to hold this meeting.

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    20 Responses to Union Leaders Head to the Beach

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Stalin had numerous vacation places while the masses were starving. That is the modus operandi of the workers' party. AFL-CIO is no exception. Obama is living high on the hog at the White House with $100/Lb. beef and expensive cocktails every Wednesday. Meanwhile, he decries the lifestyle of executives. What a hypocrite? Coming to think of it, they are all hypocrites-Pelosi, Gore, etc. etc. However, they all fit the same mold as the communist party bosses when it comes to their personal lavish lifestyle.

      With the card check legislation enacted, kiss many, many, many more jobs good bye.

      American people are not going to wake up until they find empty shelves at their local grocery stores!

    2. Barb -mn says:

      Do employees get the opportunity to vote a union OUT? This is threatening and dangerous. Where were the true Americans standing? How did it get to this? I'm not talking about their beach day. As far as I'm concerned everyone connected or thinking their connected with this government collapsing the country is on vacation daily, with their unearned incomes and OUR MONEY! They'll just say they're helping the economy… as the collective minds think on.

    3. R. Prevatt, Marlboro says:

      I own a small business and work 65 hours per week and have three employees who work 40 to 45 hours. Can I join a union, oh, no I own the darn business. Oh, I make the same money as my top employee makes. What a wonderful world.

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    5. Cindi Kratzer SC 291 says:

      I keep trying to email Pelosi the emails keep bouncing.

      Do you know how someone can write to complain about how they are running the country.

      I am sick to death (and so r many people I talk to) I am tired of sitting around whineing I want to

    6. Cindi Kratzer SC 291 says:

      How does one go about email Pelois the emails keep bouncing. I am sick of seating on the sidelines complaing I want to do something about it. I am tired of the lavish lifestyles they live while American people suffer

    7. Steve Korin MN says:

      Unfortunatly as a small business owner I feel like I am under the sole of a boot ready to flatten me. I fight for every dollar and not the government in its infinate wisdom is going to legislate to take every penny away from me.

    8. Bill W Minnesota says:

      As more small business's close down rather than working for the government at .35 on the dollar. We will see another group of small business owners closing down rather than allowing unions to corrupt what they have worked so hard to build.

      "Equality in Poverty" that is the grand plan. When will my fellow peasants take to the streets pitchforks in hand?

    9. j clark macon, ga says:

      I was a union member for over 25 yrs. I saw my job get increasingly more difficult as my union dues increased and the union fat cats got increasingly richer by just agreeing with everything management wanted. Unions were a necessary evil when they were first organized, but they will be the downfall of this country before it is over with. Just read the news and comprehend what you are reading! They are just like welfare folks, something for nothing

    10. Tim Az says:

      Cheer up the FDIC has announced that they will be broke in six months. The money you now have in the bank will not be FDIC insured. Oh and if your union retirement was taken over buy the FDIC you have a problem. The FDIC does offer a temporary solution they wish to levy a one time assessment fee on all banks. You know this will be passed on to you in the form of more and higher banking fees. Have a nice day. We should buy gold and burry it.

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    12. Patti, Las Vegas says:

      It is so very much more expensive in South Florida this time of year than in Las Vegas. So, why does the AFL/CIO go to Florida–could it be the historic mob connection, especially at the Fountainbleu? The weather is the same in S FL as Las Vegas. Guess the unions were sensitive to Obama's comments about the frivolous nature of meetings in Las Vegas.

    13. Patti, Biloxi says:

      LET THEM EAT CAKE . . . . .

    14. Patti, Biloxi says:

      I need a bigger mattress

    15. Pat, MN says:

      I think it's time we come up with a new name for Liberal. Liberal is derived from the word liberty meaning FREE. What Obama and his government teat sucking administration are doing is not going to leave anybody in this country free. The majority of Democrats out there don't have the slightest clue as to why they are liberal democrats other than their parents were, and that liberal sounds free and America is a free country. The Liberals in office are not looking to further our freedom they want to control every wor and movement we do. I think if we gave them a name for exactly what they are, the working democrats would say I'm not that. How about liberal nuks or just Nuks (you know a baby passifier) because that is exactly what they want. To grab a hold of that big fat government teat and start sucking. Obama is streamlining Socialism right into Communism. Obama the Furor.

    16. Barb -mn says:

      I wonder if ANY OF all the businesses the AFL-CIO gave business (our money) to are subsidized by government in anyway?

    17. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Enjoy life on us!

    18. Jay, VA says:

      I was looking at the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics website and saw that union workers make about 200 dollars more a week than non union workers. When I see CEOs and companies like Wal-Mart and Home Depot raking in billions in profits and millions in bonuses, somehow workers having a voice through organizing and collectively bargaining with their employers to work out a fair wage sounds like a good idea to me. I wish we could organize. I work in a state where public employees are prohibited from collectively bargaining. Sometimes we have went 5 to 7 years without so much as a nickel raise no matter how well we performed or how well our employee evaluations were. I think you guys are crazy. I would jump at the chance to have a union at the workplace.

    19. G, TX says:

      Your ignorance is showing. Union worker's main job focus is always 'how can i stick it to managment?', 'how can i stretch this task out', 'is that in my job description?'. Jay, people like you can't stand on your own merits because you're a lousy employee.

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