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  • 'Ambushed'


    Washington – Congressman Aaron Schock, at the ripe old age of 27, visited the Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing at Heritage today and spoke on a range of issues, but told a particularly interesting story regarding a visit with President Obama to the Caterpillar plant in Peoria, Illinois last month.

    The giant plant on the east bank of the Illinois River is home to the world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. As reported previously, CEO Jim Owens said, in response to Obama’s claims of the stimulus bill’s elixir-like power to create jobs: “I think realistically no. The truth is we’re going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again.”

    The February 12th speech in Schock’s home district merited a ride on Air Force One during which Schock said the President “Didn’t lobby me heavily. It was really when we got in front of everone.” Believing he was on friendly turf, Obama called out the young Congressman at the beginning of his speech:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: …Congressman Schock — where is he? He’s back here. He’s right here. Stand up, Aaron. This is — (applause). Aaron’s still trying to make up his mind about our recovery package.



    PRESIDENT OBAMA: So, you know, he has a chance to be in the mold of Bob Michel and Ray LaHood. And so we’re — we know that all of you are going to talk to him –


    PRESIDENT OBAMA: — after our event, because he’s a very talented young man. I’ve got great confidence in him to do the right thing for the people of Peoria.

    “I was very surprised to be called out the way I was,” said Schock at today’s Briefing.

    His next line drew hearty laughter from the surrounding bloggers. “The funny part was, I stuck around for 45 minutes while he was in there taking pictures…and [the Caterpillar employees] came up to me and said ‘Hey Aaron, stick to your guns. This is a bad bill’. The irony was..the local…UAW did not endorse the stimulus bill.”

    Later, through calls and emails, Caterpillar employees continued to urge Schock not to vote for the stimulus bill. “I had fourteen hundred Caterpillar employees alone urging me to vote against it,” he said.

    After the rally, Schock, the President and CEO Jim Owens boarded Air Force One. Schock said he sat nervously next to Owens, having believed Obama when he said Owens supported the stimulus. “I know Jim Owens, guy’s a Phd, graduate of Wharton…this guy’s smarter than this. I don’t think this is something he’d say. So I got on the plane and leaned over to him and said: Jim, are you really promoting this bill?”

    Schock paraphrased Owen’s response: “Aaron, I got ambushed. The President called me up and said, ‘Jim what would it take for you to re-hire people at Caterpillar?’” Owens responded by saying if a “responsible stimulus bill” was passed, he would be able to re-hire workers.

    “And so the President left that phone call and went out and said “The CEO of Caterpillar said if my bill passes–well, he made a couple of assumptions: first, that his stimulus bill was responsible–which it wasnt. And number two, that it was going to get the economy going again-which it didn’t,” concluded Schock.

    Despite clever marketing and direct pressure from a popular President, the ugly head of economic reality refuses to hide. This Caterpillar anectdote is a perfect example of why mere spending does not equal economic growth. If government spending truly created growth, we should be borrowing and spending trillions of dollars every minute of every day, till the end of time.

    But it doesn’t. Incentivizing businesses and individuals by allowing them to keep their money through tax cuts does, however, create net growth and attract investment.

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    40 Responses to 'Ambushed'

    1. John Galt says:

      Obama is such a thug, I think he will find that relying on his charm wont fool everyone…

    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      What I find sad about the story is that there is no core belief about the founding of our country and what exactly it stands for. So, it has become a popularity contest.

      Aaron Shock should have stood up and said that the pork bill will not work, not good for Caterpillar employees and he is against it based on just the value that he places on our founding principles of Constitutionally constrained federal government and not the huge usurper of individual liberty that it has become.

      Very few in Congress articulates those founding principles as the essence of America. Ron Paul and Tom Coburn try to do that regularly. That is why, we have such a leadership vacuum in Washington.

    3. George M Dunlap says:

      President Obama is a consumate Chicago politician.

      He's a liar and a THIEF.

    4. Allan Jerome says:


      How can we help to stop this landslide to economic failure?

    5. Augustine 25 says:

      I think the wheels are coming off the Obama administration. When he talks about "gyrations" in the stock market…Obama is plainly in over his head and losing it. Also, he recently said that he inherited a $T deficit that he is going to cut in half. All of this makes sense, I suppose, when your surrounded by sycophants and knocking back vodka martinis…but it doesn't make sense in real life.

    6. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      This is what happens when and "organizer" runs for office. Organizers never really run anything, they simply advise and if things don't work, it's no big deal.

      All I can say is the People voted for "CHANGE" and you got it! I hope that you can live with it!

    7. sflcon, FL says:

      Augustine 25 wrote: "I think the wheels are coming off the Obama administration. When he talks about “gyrations” in the stock market…"

      I agree, I found this remark incredibly absurd. How can you consider a straight overall decline a "gyration"? It appears he is treating the stock market reactions to his policies like he does with his critics in the media – with contempt.

    8. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad uses this same accusatory tactic with local village leaders to increase his own power base among the larger ignorant populace.

    9. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      He is a sliver tongued devil. The people are being led to the path of destruction. Obama only has to convience 30% of the people he is right and he gets all he wants. The dems are so stupid they will di anything that he wants and the rest of us will end up paying.


    10. Jim - Utah says:

      I keep seeing over and over the same question, how do stop this train wreak? We can't stop it immediately, we didn't do what we all should have done, and that is get rid of the very elected officials that are part of the problem. If you live in the state that one of the 3 turncoat republican senators live in, it would be a shame if they received any more than 1 vote, their own, for re-election. The same goes for every Governor that accepted the stimulus money. We have the power to send a very strong message to those in power; represent us, the constitution, our freedoms, a smaller government and a strong defense or get out. I urge all of you to take charge during the Primaries and get rid of the incumbent. We would, in effect, be passing our own term limits and give us some control back, what-a-ya say?

    11. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      We have no one but the Republicans who spent like sailors to blame for this. They set the mold and did not keep their word and forced the people to do the only thing they can to punish that behavior. They voted for the the other party. There are only two parties so what could we expect. Now change is here. Lets look at the bright side though. If, and I do mean IF, we make it through this administration, we could come back with REAL conservatives. The liberals who wormed their way into the party and were in name only have shown their true colors. So if everyone is truely mad, then DO NOT FORGET the liberals in conservative clothing. Vote for true conservatives and keep a watchful eye out for Rhinos. Everyone reading this is responsible for this. If you don't,………..(remember McCain????) It sure would be nice to have a financial guy at the helm right now. Look what working together got us. CHANGE. Well I for one choose to fight, be pig headed, ignore, or throw offences back at the people I disagree with rather than "work together." Show me ONCE where the democratic party concieded ANYTHING. No way. So WHY DID WE?!?!?!?! We did and we must live with the change WE LET HAPPEN! I just hope it gets bad enough than conservatives don't apathicically lay around complaining like most do! Get active or live with the change.

    12. Lloyd Scallan - Meta says:

      I feel most people are starting to see the truth

      about how and why Obama was voted into office. The

      question is then, how do we get rid of him ASAP before he completely distroys our way of life. People better understand that Obama was chosen by the socialist and the national news media.This media is one of the major reasons Obama is now in the White House. Stop the lies of the media and you will stop Obama.

    13. Ken St Louis says:

      Well, I hope everyone has figured out by now that obama is literally a BUFFOON. He has mo clue what he's doing, doesn't care how much damage it does, and is quite willing to bankrupt America, because he isn't and American! I repeat again: The best hope we have is for all the fiscally responsible states ]to SECEDE from the union. Baring that, somehow we have to get term limits passed

    14. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      I received a comparison of Obama to Hitler back in October/November of last year and I thought it was kind of humourous.

      Now I don't think it's too funny.

    15. ra,ohio says:

      I have corresponded with John Beohner asking him to start impeachment proceedings on Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

      Maybe be pi$$ing in the wind, but he at least knows how I feel.

    16. Carol, Sheridan,OR says:

      It's time for conservatives to stand up and voice their opinions. We have to vote out the democrats and any republican who votes with democrats. Term limits don't work, we tried it here in Oregon and fortunately it was changed back. Believe me, living in Oregon is depressing. Democrats have literally ruined our economy and our Governor is now trying to force green cars down our throats. I'm ready to start sending tea bags. If there is a movement out there to this, please let me know, I'll send my share.

    17. Eileen says:

      Open invitation to a great conservative blog website where honest debates on the issues is always welcomed. Stop by for a visit and sit a spell. It is my favorite conservative site and we are generally civil and respectfully to one another opinions and enjoy civil debates on all the current issues. The web address is http://noleftturnz.wordpress.com/

    18. Ireland says:

      If you truly want to stop this nightmare, we need to stop electing the wealthy into Office. Millionaires, especially political millionaires have never had to struggle with money, paying bills or living from paycheck to paycheck. Most of those in the White House and a large majority in Congress have lived their lives with a silver spoon in their mouths. Most never worked a “real” job, yet we look for these people to fix our financial matters and pass laws to make sure they keep their jobs. They pass laws to give themselves raises when most of us are just trying to get by. Wouldn’t we all like to vote to get a raise for hard work and dedication? While Congress in early February voted and passed their latest raise. Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. They have not done anything to deserve it in my book. Most of Congress in my opinion doesn’t need the money and some don’t pay their own taxes.

      What do the wealthy do when problems hit them unexpectantly? They use their wealth to get them out of trouble. They pay people off to keep quiet and they do that because they don’t know or understand any other concept. Yet we are looking at our wealthy, Ivy League elected officials to do the right thing for the Country, solve our problems and we expect results. But for me these people disregard our wants and needs and they replace them with what they want and need. They gotten too big for their britches, the smell of power is just too enticing to give up. Power and money is their analgesic it’s their cocaine or heroine fix, the more they get the more they abuse it. So, I want them gone, I want term limits, becoming an elected official was never meant to be a life time job (Kennedy, Byrd).

    19. Dwana Townsend says:

      Is there anyway to start a chatroom, instead of this blogging. If we had real time chat going on then maybe some great ideas and plans can start to take place. Of course I believe the room would need some moderators to keep it under control and keep the chat focused on resolving issues, organizing events, possibly calling it a think tank. There are so many issues on the agenda that I believe that the moderator should possibly pick an issue (posted first with full explaination).

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If we all truly want change, then we all must organize in our various States to push for and have instated,"open elections." No more two party systems running this Nation.

      We have allowed for to long two Parties making up one President, One hundred Senators and four hundred and thirty five Congressmen to represent three hundred million people!

      Where is it written that our only choices are "Liberal" and "Conservative", when the majority of Americans are neither?

      In point of fact, the majority of Americaqns would say that we are a Democracy, and they would be wrong! No where in the,"Bill of Roghts" or the,"Constitution" will you find the word,"Democracy."

      We are a ,"Republic", which means that this is a Nation where the "Law" rules and contains the Federal Government! All other Laws are left up to the States. In other words, we are a Republic that comprises of fifty independent Nations under a common charter.

      For too long now we have become a 'Democracy' run by 436 people divided into two groups. We need to establish "Open Primaries and Elections" where each individual has the right to vote for his or her choice regardless of any Party affiliation! Vote for the Person and the Person's agenda, not the Party!


    21. charlie, michigan says:

      good luck to all of you who still believe you can change anything thru the election booth; obama & co are 3 steps ahead of you—$4.5 billion to acorn, rahm emmanuel in charge of the census, msm (ie abc, npr, nbc, cnn, cbs & the ultimate whore katie c–the only news agency left out is tass) in the tank for the messiah, the fairness doctrine about to be implemented thru the "diversity" back door,and free $$$ for the masses, as well as the harry reid & pelosi show, which will soon implement gun rights restrictions. connect the dots. this ain't your forefathers america. oh, did I fail to mention our numero uno creditor outside the US is china? we should all be scared—we're only 43 days into the new world of obama…..

    22. Barb -mn says:

      I appreciate blogging. You don't have to keep up with it, everything written can be researched.

      Also a thank you to ra,ohio. If we could flood the phones with this one request, something may happen to the benefit of all. But more should be included. Like Barney Frank.

    23. Jim, Baltimore says:

      Pressure should be put on any labeling themselves a Republican who shows support for the president by either serving on his cabinet or voting for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to resign from the Republican Party. The list includes Ray LaHood, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Spencer.

      These people can not possibly have the best interests of the American people in mind when making political decisions and, therefore, should not be permitted to tarnish the Republican name by affiliating themselves with the party.

    24. Pam, Chicago area says:

      I can't wait for http://www.changeisgone.org!

    25. Steve, Minnetonka MN says:

      Drum beat…Specter, Collins, and Snowe, got to go: Specter, Collins, and Snowe, got to go: Specter, Collins, and Snowe, got to go: Specter, Collins, and Snowe, got to go:

      The Specter, Collins, and Snowe vote for this porkulous bill has me un hinged. When ever I enter into depate with liberals I hear "Republicans voted for the bill too". I will not give one minute of time or cent of money to the RNC while any portion goes to support Specter, Collins, and Snowe. Where is Michale Steele on this? He needs to cut them off from the RNC now!

    26. Rush Limbaugh, Palm says:

      Gerritt, I have to say I am glad to have there are those at out there that support the same ideas that I have and I am grateful to the Heritage Foundation. Send me your contact info. and we'll talk.


      The Rush

    27. Dave, Arlington VA says:

      I saw Obama do this to Rep. Aaron Schock on youtube. He was so arrogant. And then to find out not one Construction worker approached Schock in support of Obama's bill shows how easily this clown gets a free pass in the media.

      MSNBC, CNN, John Stewart, Colbert etc… would have all poked fun how rediculous the contrast was-

    28. jon, Utah says:


      Which of our candidates is the most proven mess cleaner?

      When he took over, who nixed expensive catering for fat cats and charged them all a buck for a slice of pizza instead?

      Why is this person so respected Salt Lake City? It has nothing to do with his religion. What he did with the Olympic mess was flat out legendary.

      Mitt Romney would make heads spin in the positive and opposite direction of Obama…maxing out what a President can do to clean up Washington and the economy.

      It is time to get lamo repubs out. It is time to rally around Mitt.

      Mormon? Changed his mind on some things? Who cares?

      We have a guy that knows how to kick some serious butt. What more could we ask for right now!!!!!

    29. Richard Bulgarelli, says:

      This guy reminds me of the way Lydon Johnson pressured Congress; he only made one term.

    30. John Clancy Wyandot says:

      Moderates and conservatives need to communicate with democrats in the House and Senate and let them know that we want them to break ranks with the wild spending of our money that betrays our country at its core. The matter is very serious. Our representatives are poisoning our roots. When you do this, the branches whither and die.

      Rev. Wright said,"God … America." The media accepted the president's word that, although he went to Wright's church for c.20 yrs., the president never heard him say that!!!!

    31. Matt Bowie, MD says:

      We need another Boston Tea Party. I wonder at times just who is doing the polling that shows Mr. President doing so well? Is it NBC, GE, CBS?

      It is truly amazing just how many people continue to drink the kool-aid. God save us!

    32. Matt Bowie, MD says:

      We need strong Republican leadership. NOW More than ever.

    33. J. Bozeman, Montgome says:

      The idiots that voted for this phoney can take some of the blame. Community organizer ha ha. Also the press that gave us John McCain. We need some one that will tell it like it is.Keep it going Rush,Sara,Sean,Newt.

    34. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Watch the Hollywood types to discern which are having internal struggles between their politics and their intelligence, between their pride and their honesty. I think Jon Stewart is losing his marbles. Can you see it in any of your freinds who have sipped a bit of that Koolaid?

    35. Ireland says:

      Every one there's another nationwide protest Tea Party planned for April 15, to find out more information go to this website. http://www.taxdayteaparty.com/ to find information on locations of the protest.

    36. dmc, Brookfield WI says:

      I'm frustrated as can be at whats happening and there don't seem to be any Republicans that are willing to take the fight to the clowns in the WH or congress. They seem even more passive now than during the Clinton years. I want to get involved but other than posting here or at Lucianne.com or other conservative sites, how ? What to do to be effective ?

    37. Scott M, Elmhurst, I says:

      Q-What's the difference between the democrat party and organized crime?

      A-I don't know either.

    38. Scott M, Elmhurst, I says:

      Q- What's the difference between Karl Marx and Barack Obama?

      A-Well, they spell their names differently.

    39. Phil Hamel says:

      I am very afraid of this LEFT LIBERAL gang, They are bringing this great ( or should I say Former Great) nation to its knee's. We the People had better get a grip and stop this madness before it is too late.

    40. Becka, TX says:

      either way he's really cute, lol.

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