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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Tax and Spend Economy is Here

    Yesterday,  just days after President Barack Obama signed his economic stimulus measure, the White House released a statement claiming credit for the reopening of a window and door factory in Chicago. Vice President Joe Biden said, “The reopening of this factory and the rehiring of these workers provide an excellent example of how the money in the Recovery Act is targeted to spur job creation quickly.”

    If the Obama Administration is going to claim credit for every job created since  Obama and Biden were elected, then if they are honest, they should also take the blame for every job lost. Since Obama’s election Nov.  4,  the Dow has dropped 2,562 points. This past Friday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy shrank by 6.2%, making it the worst quarter since 1982. Many economists predict that labor data to be released this Friday will show that as many as 700,000 jobs were lost in February.

    Why has our economic downturn accelerated only since President Obama took office? Because the Obama Administration’s policies amount to a declaration of war on the investors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that make our economy grow. The budget released last week only confirmed the worst fears about the direction the Obama Administration wants to take the country.

    Taxes: At a time when only the economists on the White House payroll believe our economy is about to recover, the Obama Administration plans to raise taxes on the American people by almost $2 trillion. The first $1.3 trillion of these taxes are aimed at the highest earning Americans, corporations, and small businesses. According to Heritage Foundation senior analyst Brian Riedl, while the top 20% of taxpayers now pay 80% of all taxes collected by the government, under the Obama plan, the top 20% of tax filers would pay 90% of all taxes, and the number of families who owe no tax would climb to near 50%. Riedl warns: “You can only increase taxes on the rich so much before they stop working, saving and investing, and that reduces economic growth for everybody.”

    Then there is the $646 billion tax hike on every American. The Obama Administration euphemistically refers to these taxes as “climate revenues” from their planned carbon capping scheme. But make no mistake: government taxes on energy will be passed on to the consumer. And the deadweight loss from this massive and regressive tax hike doesn’t even include the costs of the invasive new government monitoring of all economic activity necessary to make the plan work.

    Spending: Obama’s budget proposes $1.13 trillion in regular discretionary spending for 2010. This is a full 12% increase over the 2009 spending baseline. On top of this the Obama budget increases entitlement spending by another $700 billion. The proposed post-recession spending level of 22% of GDP has been exceeded only eight times in the post-World War II era. And these numbers do not include the spending priorities of the unchecked far left in Congress.

    The Chicago Tribune reports today:  ”President Barack Obama will break a campaign pledge against congressional earmarks and sign a budget bill laden with millions in lawmakers’ pet projects … Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group, identified almost 8,600 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion.”

    Deficits: The Obama budget claims to cut the deficit in half by 2012, but relies on audaciously optimistic economic forecasts that no one believes in. Adding the “stimulus” bill to a realistic budget baseline yields a projected 2010-2017 cumulative budget deficit of $8.4 trillion – 2.5 times the size of President Bush’s deficits over the same eight-year period. Before the recession, revenues were 18 percent of GDP and spending was 20 percent. After the recession, President Obama would maintain revenues at 19 percent of GDP, and spending at 22 percent. In other words, all new tax revenues would finance new spending, rather than deficit reduction. President Obama’s structural budget deficit would exceed President Bush’s.

    Defending Obama’s budget Sunday on Meet the Press, Democratic Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford Jr. commented: “In November voters said, ‘We want a different path.’ If it doesn’t work, [Obama]‘s indicated, ‘I own this budget. I own this economy.’ “ Exactly.

    Quick Hits:

    • Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said Sunday that the U.S. now believes that Iran has amassed enough uranium that with further purification could be used to build an atomic bomb.
    • The U.S. Treasury is readying another $30 billion bailout, as AIG’s debt problems mount.
    • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for $900 million in aid for Gaza.
    • On Sunday, European leaders rejected a Hungarian plea for a $240 billion bailout of struggling Eastern European countries.
    • According to the Washington Post, the left’s attempt to kill school vouchers for Washington D.C. “would dash the best hopes of hundreds of children.”
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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Tax and Spend Economy is Here

    1. June Davidson says:

      I was born during WWII. I would like to tell you what I think is the problem with this country without a lot of gibberish. Just plain easy to read facts.

      Who and what sent us on this downward spiral?

      Answer: The Supreme Court, Lawyers and Politicians, Hollywood and Television.

      Who allowed the events to happen?

      Answer: We, the voters, because conservative america has not stood up to the Washington Machine, this machine beaches everthing it run through the ringers (House and Senate)

      Easy Fixes:

      1. Seal off our borders.

      2. Deport every illegal alien in the USA.

      3. Require all businesses to bring the jobs back to the USA or face heavy taxation.

      4. Vote every elected offical out of office.

      5. Vote new ones in, if the new crop falls into the Washington ringer, replace with new elected offical and soon they will get our meaning, "You work for us, do the job we elected you to do or we will bring you home."

      6. Congress and senate are not allowed perks..such as congressional retirement benefits, they must ONLY draw Social Security benefits just like the majority of Americans.

      7. They must pay for thier own health insurance.

      Now is the time to stop the Washington machine.. Join with others in a TEA PARTY REVOLT. Why not start one in your city? I sure intend to.

    2. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Hey the stock market is below 7000 today, wow the stimulas is working, rejoice the change and hope is here. OOPS I guess I was having one of those moments,back to reality. :)

    3. gunnypink, South Dak says:

      Perhaps I am being nit-picky, but I am tired of the cliche "tax and spend" when in truth, we should be saying "spend and tax".

      Along with I am tired of hearing that the administration, or con-gress is being the modern day Robin Hood. As I understand the story, Robin Hood took from the "oppressive, over taxing" government and gave back to the overtaxed oppressed people. Government can never be Robin Hood, because they will always be the real theives.

    4. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      The creation of a good, or service and every paradigm shift in technology has come from the idea of an individual. The author John Steinbeck realized this, along with Ann Rand. An idea: that small kernel of bright light that drives a mans imagination is what is at stake in our Nation; heavy handed Big Government chains the imagination, because it kills the incentive that it takes to drive the idea through the creative process so that it can shine on everyone. Small business entrepreneurs are the "idea" people in our Nation that have and will always create products, goods and services: Big Government of any type cannot and will never be able to replace this facet of the creative process. The individual, bright and intelligent, in our Nation it was the "Yankee Trader, will always be the impetus for an idea. Profit and a free market must be allowed to exist: big Government always taxes them to death.

    5. Phil, NC says:

      Mr. Obama may say he "owns" the budget if it fails. Unfortunately he's not the one that is going to pay for the failure. WE ARE!!!

    6. kumar mauritius says:

      Reminds one of the doctor whose patients with a broken leg always ended up with a limp.

      He always convinced them that without him they would have lost their leg.

      That what your president will do in some years time

    7. Franklin's Lock says:

      The hubris of Harold Ford, Obama, and Democrats is astonishing! Their policies are trashing the value of the dollar, obliterating any chance for the economy to recover quickly, and creating such massive debt with ramifications that they do not understand. We are heading toward an economic oblivion that the citizens must stop and many politicians do not understand. We are losing our nation and must stand up peacefully and have our voices be heard. We will be heard in 2010 when we vote many of them out.


    8. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      I think it's time to realize that Obama and his "Socialist Party" have no desire to "fix" the economy.

      He wants to crush it and thus do away with a Capitalistic system. I believe he has been groomed over the years to perform this destruction and is dedicated to World Socialism under Marxist principles. He is not an honest man. He is a con man.

      Like most who came before him in this vein, he cares nothing about individuals. They can be sacrificed to the "Collective", as long as his ends are achieved.

      I hope somehow he can be defeated !

    9. Mark Y Durango,Co says:

      Even the folks that voted for Obama are starting to realize that he is just a politician. Yes, nothing new, just the same old liberal Politics of the left wing past. Carter,Clinton,FDR and Johnson. Nothing new. How many campaign promises has he broken? Nothing new.What is it now,13 lobbyists in his administation? The so called middle class tax cut,Yah right. Wait till next year and see how much you have to pay back. The debt we inherited is about 25% of the debt we have now. Just a politician, nothing new.Tax and spend, I think is incorrect. It is more like spend and tax. He is spending money we don't have. He is also hoping that We The People will just sit idly by and just keep paying our taxes. If he keeps it up we will all be out of jobs.How are we going to pay taxes if we are all on wellfare. Taxing the Fine folks we work for and the majority of small businesses is going to decrease jobs and tax revenue. It is a proven fact,proven many times in every country. Inflation will rise,cost of goods and services will rise and unemployment will rise. What is good for bailout recipients is only good for liberal poititians' bank accounts. What is good for the Obama administration is bad for AMERICA.

    10. Philip Soma, Brighto says:

      I beg to disagree with June Davidson's reasons why we are in a downward spiral. The biggest reason is that liberals are openly promoted by the biased print and electronic media. If the media were doing their job and reporting ALL the news and both sides of the news, no liberal would be elected. Most people are intrinsically conservative, i.e., they want to be taxed less and have less government regulations. If they had known the truth about Obama, he would have not even been nominated, much less elected!

    11. Sheryl Dingus, Musca says:

      I agree with every point except #3. The only way we can assure that American corporations would stay in the U.S. would be to lower our corporate tax so American businesses, as well as foreign businesses, would have the incentives to employ American workers. This alone would give our economy the boost that it needs to start recovering from the current recession as more people would be working and spending their money knowing that they have job security.

    12. David Hein says:

      Income taxes are only a part of the overall tax bite all Americans suffer with. Watch and see what is going to happen with federal fuel taxes. I estimate that they could triple in the next several years, I would not be surprised to see taxes on a gallon of fuel in the $2.00-$3.00 range (currently $.68). The indirect taxation (fees, licenses', regulatory compliance, fines, tolls, etc, etc) will do more damage to the economy than the increase in income taxes. Beause they can't tax income enough to satisfy their insatiable appitite for more and more spending, they will find ways to hide what they are doing through less direct means.

    13. TC South Carolina says:

      Why is it that we have allowed ourselves to be lead by politicians and bureaucrats who are thinkers, planners and schemers. Leaders who make decisions that effect the lives of the workers, producers and entrepreneurs; leaders who have no experience in these areas, only a burning desire to gain the power and control over the $$. They have done this by writing the laws and re-writing the Constitution, giving themselves powers that were never intended for this elected body.

      We are being told to sit down and shut up, we've had our chance and we've blown it, now it's their time to do whatever they want and "change" this country into something new and different. Socialism is not new but it would certainly be "change". The arrogance of the new leaders, Obama, Pelosi and Reid, should be proof enough of not only their intentions but their confidence that they can pull this off without firing a shot.

      The people will speak and we will have our country back. Those who expect to lead next, should listen closely to the people and be prepared to lead this country back to prosperity.

    14. Melissa, Houston,TX says:

      June, I absolutely understand where you are coming from.

      We had a very successful Tea Party in Houston on Friday and I think this is just the beginning! Go to http://www.politicafe.com to see pictures and get a report on the Houston Tea Party.

      God bless America!

    15. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Well what can one say? The truth of the matter is the so called change for America people electd this idiot to office, now we all get to pay for the mistake.

      The dems seem to think that the give away programs are the way to gio for this country. My question is how do we the few working folks pay for them. We can not continue on this path, the money must come from somewhere, people need to take responsiblity for their own actions, go to work and make a better way of life.

      This whole idea is just stupid!!!!!

    16. Suzanne, Texas says:

      Hillary wants $900 million for Gaza? Why? This administration is nuts. The whole point of Israel's self-defense reaction was to put the terrorist Palistinians DOWN and destroy Hamas and their ilk who want to destroy Israel. I don't buy the liberal blah-blah that says the women and children were forced to support Hamas. Hah! You pour money in there and guess who gets it and buys more weaponry from China and Egypt? Obama Nation is nothing if not consistent with the Bush RINOs. We did and are doing the same thing in Mexico. Send the money, pay the bad guys. Wait for invasion.

    17. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The national government is lost to all reason. Options to retain some representative and fiscal sanity are thinning. It's time to dust off the Bill of Rights beginning with the 10th constitutional amendment, "powers retained by the states and the people". Contact your state's governer and verbalize your absolute disgust with the beltway demagogues and their continued abuses of people's (today's and future generations)tax dollars. In addition, verbalize your concern about Obama's AG attempting to override the second amendment. The HF understands this well as removal of the first amendment will follow. It's the progressive's way in reengineering society to enhance their personal trappings of power and wealth.

    18. Gloria in Mississipp says:

      Voters, are you happy for the CHANGE you voted for?

      It's change alright….change for the worse, not better.

    19. Kent, Virginia says:

      This is just the beginning, America. Welcome to Obama Nation. The Liberal Fascists are at the helm and their propagandists in the press will continue to spoon out the pablum while our once great Republic is pushed deeper into the pit of socialism. We won't even begin to feel the effects of this fascist government takeover of our American Way of Life for several years. If you believe anything Joe Biden says, if you really think Obama believes his own rhetoric, then the Liberal Fascists have got you right where they want you! Do you really want to live in a country where the most ambitious, the most positive, the most inventive, the most productive are financially punished; where the government picks the pocket of every small business and ambitious individual; where taking your business 'offshore' is the only option that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

      The 'humanist utopian dream' that Thomas Dewey wrote about seventy plus years ago, the 'Progressivism' of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, the deconstructionism, existentialism, postmodernism, and relativism that has infected our universities, the Maoist and Marxist thought that fed the SDS rebels in the 1960's, now infects our national politics like maggots in a rotting corpse. Socialism, Fascism, Communism, call it what you will, this Politics of Power must be buried deep and never dug up again. Our forefathers were students of the Enlightenment–John Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, Burke–the Neo-Democrats in power today have a direct intellectual link to Nietzsche, Heidegger, Mussolini, Marx and Mao. They embrace the Politics of Power and government control–policies that all have failed in recent history!

      Wake up, America, and fight for the freedom and rights of your children!

    20. Marion Leigon Ash says:

      I nominate June Davidson head of the Tea Party Revolt, and become a member! We have let it happen, but we can also make the revolt happen by active participation.

      START NOW!

    21. Rhonda, Texas says:

      What happened to Obama's promise to do a line by line watch on this stimulis and throw out any pork. What a joke he has become him and his whole administration are. We as citizens need to stand up against this.

    22. Charles Robertson-Ro says:

      For Hillary Clinton to want to give Gaza 900 million dollars of tax payers money is against the law. Why should American tax payers pay to support terrorist??? This is rediculous!!!

    23. Fred Robinson, Saras says:

      You are preaching to the choir. What specifically is the Heritage Foundation doing to address the special interest groups, Congress, Senate, Obama.

      The leadership in our country is at the lowest level in the History of America. At the current pace, we are only steps away from becoming a Socialist Marxist Government. We need leadership to get the message to the public. Heritage Foundation, you are it. We support you so go for it.

    24. sambo cola sc says:


      Tell us the truth about Obama

    25. arnie jr, virginia says:

      If it's true that the families who owe no tax climbs to near 50%, we'll never get the dems out of office cause that's the same people who got Obama in!

    26. Ron, Derry NH says:

      The three legs of the stool Obamma is setting into play;




      It is working for Obamma as any good enslaver would agree!

      They are striking quickly and with total commitment to the cause.

      I myself am trying to sell off some of my land and perhaps my properties to reduce financial risk and loss to the government take over of personal property by over taxation. I don't see a way out from this insidious attack on our well being by such an unscrupulous Cabinet and congress and especially this Marxist president. The ability to hedge against the future economic storms by taking risks is over, it is time to hunker down and prepare for the worst. The Tsunami of socialism and economic peril is being unleashed.

      This is Katrina aimed at the work ethic and fairness of American's that was built by it's forefathers and the foundation of individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness by people willing to apply effort. Now it's being erased and reformed with recklessness and frivolity by thieves masquerading as well wishers whose aim is obvious; to subjugate the working class to benefit their ideals of changing liberty into servitude to their cause by proclamation, debt and control.

      It is all that out ancestors fear from a government becoming, when unleashed with power un-apposed.

      Where is the press?…attacking talk radio hosts rather than defending liberty and free speech.

      Where are the Republicans?… heckling the cost of the budget not the principle of it.

      Where are the people?…fearfully waiting for the axe to fall and who will be chained to the grindstone next.

      This is oppression birthing itself upon a sleeping nation,and the darkness is not outside anymore, it is within.

    27. ra,ohio says:

      Obama says he's going to eliminate loopholes for anybody making over 250k. Rich people give a ton of money to charities, to help the poor and disadvantaged.

      This means the poor will be even more dependent on the government.

      He's changing the country into a welfare state.

    28. Ardell Nagle , Rexbu says:

      Does any one get tried of hearing, LET ME MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR.

      I don't have a degree in financing but I can see that you can't spend this much money and not affect everyone, even the ones who don't pay taxes. We are all consumers and and the cost of everything is going up. The old price $4.00 a gallon of gas will look good by the time this is done.

      Crime will also go up, those that would never think of stealing will be forced to do so to feed there family. Also every type of fraud will also go up. I hope some one will keep track of these issues. Also someone needs to keep track of deaths due to suicide and those that can't afford to go to doctor until it's too late. And then there is the problem of those living on a fixed income not able to pay their electric bill, of course that happens now, but this will be much worse.

      I seen the ad for volunteerism from Obama, who can do that and who has the time when you have to work two or three jobs, that's if you can find one.

    29. Floyd - Chicago says:

      My question is where were all of you when this election took place?

      Why didn't you grab up a few neighbors before you went to the polls, if you went.

      We can't even oust a liar from the Senate so there isn't any way this President is going to be thrown from office although he needs to be.

      Go buy an American Car, go out to dinner with your wife or special someone,but use your own money. If you take any part of the stimulus, the government snoops will own you.

      Call your senator or congressman, email them 'till your fingers are sore. If we don't stop these proposals our grand kids won't need to worry about taxes because everyone will be getting stamps instead of money.


    30. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:




      DOESN'T START TILL 2011.

      Come on HF – Be FAIR and TELL THE WHOLE STORY.


    31. ra,ohio says:

      Floyd, I voted against him.

      52% of the people voted for him.

      I can only hope that a large percentage of them realize how these policies are going to blindside them, and ruin the economy that they grew up with.

      Ignorance is a formidable enemy.

    32. Melissa, Houston,TX says:

      How exactly is giving Gaza a billion dollars NOT anti-semitic? I hope all of our Jewish friends who supported Obama will take note of this, but somehow I think that they won't.

      Also, I am not sure how it makes sense to give Israel three billion and Gaza one billion.

    33. jay-nc says:

      if we take the existing socialism in our country out then only the current socialist party would be the problem. socialism is taking away our country. rid the socialist and rid the problem. liberal democrats are the socilist. jay

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    35. Morton IX, Greensbur says:

      Forget the duct tape, my head has just exploded from reading this latest article on the Obama Porkulus spending. This action needs to stop TODAY! I think, once you try to secure your prosperity using all five steps in the first amendment and it fails to yeild results, that it's time to try the second amendment. Hold on to your hats folks. It's about to get real interesting. Morton IX

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    38. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Ken, you're bowling me over with your Vegas humor. "THE TAX RAISE ON THR RICH .. Be FAIR and TELL THE WHOLE STORY." Obama is a progressive demagogic party member. I'll be fair and quote my earlier response. "It’s the progressive’s way in re-engineering society to enhance their [OWN] personal trappings of power and wealth." disproportionally raising taxes on high earners' is the demagogues' weapon of choice for dismantling the the private sector. That my friend is the whole story.

    39. Arunas; Richland, MI says:

      Consider that throughout history all Great Nations have been

      challenged by those who feel jealous, entitled, and desire power. What better way to destroy a Nation than from within – like a cancer. Just look at what has been taking place in our Country – the greed, the loss of values, the apathy. Can people who voted for President Obama say that they voted on his political record or for his charisma? It's not as if there were no warning signs with the years of attacks against our Country's values and principles. Remember Obama's associates before becoming President? Look at who he chose for Cabinet posts. Could it be that President Obama is a devil in disguise? If he is, he has many disciples. We may be witnessing the fall of the United States Empire.

    40. Andy, San Diego says:

      Where were all you civic minded Americans during the last 8 years when the govenrment was spending and borrowing (or mortgaging the future of our country)? What's the difference, then and now – politicians are politicians and I hope you objective folks can be equally as critical when our own Republican blow-hards are fleecing us with false promises, unprovoked wars, and pork spending on pet projects. I hope my Republican party has not fallen victim to the closed-minded, short sided ignorance represented by these comments. Many of you should pick up a dictionary, take a high school civics course, or read a couple of history books before you make square comments about issues you simply don't understand. What is socialism? What is capitalism? What is marxism? Get a clue folks – how is any of this different from the past 8 years? How is this different from the 80s? Oh, instead of spending on military and defense our government is spending on education and medicine – ooh, that's just terrible! I mean – God forbid we educate poor people or middle class kids, or hell, even adults – those people might then, um, want to git higher paid jobs, then pay higher taxes, and pay back into the system that benefited them. Wow that sounds terrible! I dislike taxes, and I know my taxes are going up with the new plan, I won't benefit from the stimulus, but taxes are part of life, and if things are really terrible in 4 years, the great thing is we can vote for a new president.

    41. sambo cola sc says:

      I want you folks to read RA again, where has he been??

    42. John B, Arlington, V says:

      June Davidson YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!

      Nobody mentions the realities that has erroded our country, only wine and act surprissed when we get slammed. Holyweird is so guilty also were have all the good wholesome shows gone for the family's to show to their children.

      Can I add one more culprit? We must also give credit to those lobbyists. They do such a fine job in helping thier constituants but care less about the country as a whole.

      Term limits for congress and the house also? This is needed for the people. Unbeleivable they still elect people like Kennedy, Murtha, Reid, Palousy etc etc. They raise our taxes but don't care because look how many tax cheats have been exposed!!!

      Lets Roll

    43. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I donot see why we have to give any country money for war they started.We will stand by israel, but why does the united states give money to gaza or israel?We donot have it.We can help in other ways.We do help militarily.

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    45. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      We are beginning to see the reason for the expression "gone Democratic" is to mean a collapse of everything this country stood for. This Obama guy, the idiots among us just elected, is about to beggar every one of us who managed to save a little money for our old age. How is he going to do this? He plans to cap & trade carbon credits that will make our energy much more expensive all because of the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind, Anthropomorphic Global Warming. I, and at least 32,000 other US scientists are certain this is a "cure for which there is no known disease" (to quote Johnny Carson). There are a few hundred academic scientists that have been corrupted by billions of dollars in research grants to prove that CO2 that is produced by man's use of hydrocarbon energy will cause our planet to burn up. Why did it not do so the several times when past climates have had CO2 levels 12X or more today's values??? There are several bonafide science research papers to back up our collective view that CO2 is not a danger in our atmosphere. All the climate modelling that has been done cannot reproduce past climate behavior let alone predict the future. Are we going to allow a criminal conspiracy to destroy our great nation? We must force a direct confrontation with these dogmatic warped indivicuals and stops this nonsense before it destroys our great country we know and love.

    46. Tom Torregrossa says:

      Hi Folks

      Go to this site
      Then go to yahoo and type in American Issues Project, Join!!!

      Then go to American Heritage, and Join!!!.

      I think we are ready to begin taking our country back!! To do so we need to work together!!!!!

    47. Ireland says:

      “We want a different path.” And that path wasn’t bankruptcy.

      It takes a liberal to misinterpret what the American public wanted. We want less government involvement in our lives, not more. Our politicians are mainly wealthy people and some of them earned their wealth, while some inherited their wealth. So these jokers hadn’t a clue on how to solve are financial issues. Obama ran on “change” I guess that change is going through a recession to the change of depression. Thanks a lot Barack.

      It’s time for the American public to demand term limits because this insanity is getting worse and worse. I don’t want a politician to have a lifetime position in the Senate or House. We need to weed out the horrible “career” politicians. Limit their power and start prosecuting the corrupted ones with long sentences in the pokey.

      Almost half of Obama’s picks haven’t paid their taxes. Why isn’t anyone demanding they spend a little time behind bars to wake them up and force them to be Biden Patriots and pay their taxes and just because you failed to do so in a timely matter we’ll just have to double the amount you owe?

      Those of you who bought the BS about change and political rhetoric about being efficient and stopping extensive spending in our Government fell for this stupidity? You feel good now bozo? I’m starting to feel like Tiny Tim, in our homes huddled by the fire, trying to find something to eat and wobbling on broke crutches and have Uncle Scrooge tell me that “this is a great way to live.” His moron has been in office for 5 or 6 weeks and I’m guessing this is just the start of something far worse. The problem with his “fans” is that they might not realize that they were taken by a con artist. We warned you and you made the chose to still vote for this incompetent politician.

      Could we start a campaign for a recall on the Presidential election? There seems to be a great deal of buyer’s remorse.

    48. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      HF continues to preface it's position that unbridled Open Markets and regulated Banking are catastrophic ideas to the US. It also posits that any taxation increase on the wealthiest is taboo and curbs enterprenurial reinvestment.

      Unfortunately, your philosophy of unbridled capitalism is the one that has been in play since Ronald Reagan. Even Slick Willie Clinton pushed your economic blueprint. And our survey of the economic landscape in 2008 pointedly demonstrates that this, to use Alan Greenspan's words, (sic) has been a mistake. That is, multinational corporations and globalist market titans will NOT regulate themselves and rarely, if ever, do the consequence of their actions to the American economy ever get a consideration.

      We Americans are, in the main, happy with our new president. The fact that he takes personal responsibility for his actions puts him head and shoulders above "W". The Dow Jones slippage is long over due, just as the correction in inflated house prices were over due. And the Dow Jones has had little or no meaning for working class Americans for at least 25 years now. Only the feeble minded and dogmatic working class NeoCons think we are somehow connected to the fortunes of "Global Wall Street" anylonger.

      And lastly, some 80% of the talking heads in ALL the media (even at the one time Lefty Liberal Wahington Post) are now Right wingers or Progressive at best. To keep playing the Liberal Media dominance card is just hogwash, as is the insistence that conservative, unfettered economic models are the upside Ringer of the Morning Bell.

    49. Joe Costa says:

      Look at American Issues Project and American Heritage!!!

    50. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Edit: sorry – my first sentence meant to say regulated markets and…. JR

    51. John B, Arlington, V says:

      Bob R Have you seen a documentary The great climate change swindle?

      It spells out very well your argument. How do we get American media to run the show. I saw it on a flight from Korea but have never seen it offered in the country but i am still looking. Grat show of thw truth that is lacking right now.

    52. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Where is ozzy comment today?

    53. Craig, Albuquerque says:

      Ok sports fans, it's obvious that capitalism is under attack. Tea Parties are great but we need a centralized communication blog to present ideas that might help to put the brakes on. There needs to be a unified front instead of the fractured approach that is being taken so far. There are many ideas out there that could at least throw a wrench in the left hand march. Currently its hard to get these ideas floating around. Anyone who knows of or can facilitate a more focused front? c4hyatt@comcast.net. I for one am getting tired of writing comments and opinion into these message boards. There not functional to facilitate any real action. And it is also quite obvious by now that writing to your State representatives is worthless.

    54. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Think of it! We whom our Constitution identifies as "We the people", are supposed to be in command of the one as of yet incomparably free and most powerful individual, family, local, state, and national "ships of state" in the world, and the crews which feature everyone from a helmsman/"President" to other stewards/"elected officials", etc.

      Now in many cases, including that of our national “ship of state”, we’re still supposed to have not only the right and power to grant, through such as elections, temporary stewardship of our Constitution (which neither means nor grants that any government elitist has any right to tear-down and re-make it according to their own government elitist agenda), and the right and power to "fire" every one of them, directly and indirectly, through not only "the next election" but also through "the right to recall (out of office)", and other means.

      In fact, if you read them, you will learn that both our Constitution and other founding documents by our Founding Fathers (such as Thomas Jefferson) do indeed warn against and expose how government elitist politicians, such as Leftist government elitist Comrades Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, not only shouldn’t be entrusted with power in the first place, but also how they increasingly deserve to be "fired" for attitudes and actions against, undermining of, and otherwise opposed to our Constitutional principle of limited government. In fact, if you do read the Constitution of the United States (especially including the first 10 Amendments known as our “bill of rights”), without any government elitist attitude, you will find that our Constitution does not exist to limit the power of private individuals, families, groups, and businesses, etc, but is in fact written to protect us from government by limiting the power, and thus also the size, of government.

      Unfortunately, ever since the founding of the United States of America, and the writing of our Constitution of the United States (including our 1st 10 Amendments), there have been and continues to be government elitists whom Thomas Jefferson identified when he said "Sometimes it is said that men cannot be trusted to govern himself. Can he then be trusted with the governing of others, or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him?", and "The course of history shows that as government grows, liberty decreases". So there have been and continue to be those government elitists (such as Leftist government elitist Comrades Obama, Reid, and Pelosi), who always have and always will engage in demagoguing, pandering, panic-mongering, class warfare mongering, and anything else they can think of, all for them to take command and control of our lives and nation through their money and power-grabbing Leftist government elitist agenda which has already been and continues to be repeatedly tried, documented, and verifiably proven a cruel and misleading failure for everyone except them..

      Indeed such Leftist government elitists and their flunkies are driving Americans who were born here and countless (legal) immigrants to both see and realize the foreboding pain in what countless (legal) immigrants have long said and continue to say “I came here to be free of such Socialism (in all its’ names)! Where do I go now?”

    55. martha, massachusett says:

      I have one word….Audits!!!!!

      We should hire a lot of IRS EDP auditors to trace where our money went…I need a job, and could help!

      Another action to take immediately would be to raise interest rates….people would start buying again (anyone left with any money, that is). It would show a trend which could psychologically bring our country out of this mess.

    56. J. Moody-GA says:

      BO is not stupid, in fact he is quite intelligent so maybe he is doing this on purpose,the American people are focusing on the economy and not watching what is going on in Iran and other parts of the world. I think he wants to be king! He really needs watching.

    57. daniel says:

      we reject obama and his people, go Rush!!!

    58. V Connell- Georgia says:

      As a tax practitioner I find the tax proposals affecting the overall deductibility of itemized deductions, most particularly interest expense and contributions, to be quite oppressive. Most couples in the $250,000 range frequently have children, must educated them generally without aid and tax credits, and will be substantially crippled with the introduction of a higher marginal rate coupled with the phase-out of essential deductions. Obviously, this will dis-incentivize the purchase of homes, donations to charity and marginal hiring of employees as it relates to self-employed individuals.

      The social implications are equally appalling. The proposals seem to be an affront to charity, causing their prior efforts to shift a burden more toward a provision of additional social programs by the government. His proposals are, in my estimation, an attack on democratic ideals and the long-term health of our Republic.

    59. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Margaret Thatcher said the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to support it.

      Now we have the liberal media saying that Rush Limbaugh want's America to fail. They never say that Obama want's the American ecconomy to fail so he can institute his radical socialistic agenda.

      We must remember that socialism has never worked anywhere but capitolism has worked everywhere the government has not actively opposed it.

    60. H L PUCKETT says:


    61. Isaac, Tallahassee says:

      "3. Require all businesses to bring the jobs back to the USA or face heavy taxation."

      You need to learn more about what works and what the founders would have done in this situation. This is a really stupid statement to make, quite honestly.

      You attract businesses with low taxes and low regulation, not threats of using tax weapons against them. The whole point of the tea parties this year was to oppose spending which will result in heavy taxation of every American – Aside from the populist tone of your outrage, it's really stupid to think that giving a government the ability to target specific businesses with taxes would somehow stop our march to Fascism/Socialism. Get a clue.

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