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  • 'Meet The Press' Addresses Tax Hikes

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faOE3aWyTIg[/youtube]Yesterday, on Meet The Press, David Gregory introduced a roundtable conversation on President Obama’s plans to raise taxes, by quoting Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation. Brian’s research shows that the top 20 percent of taxpayers currently pay more than 80 percent of all taxes collected. And 40 percent of households pay no income tax. Under President Obama’s plan, the top 20 percent of all tax filers would pay 90 percent of all taxes, and the number of families who owe no tax would climb to 50 percent.

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    13 Responses to 'Meet The Press' Addresses Tax Hikes

    1. Austin, Provo, UT says:

      "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

      We shall see. 4 years later, I will ask: "Was it good for you?"

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Congress set the stage 100 years ago for legalized extortion. It's time to repeal the U.S. Constitution's 16th Amendment because of its inherent criminality. The Fair tax does not penalize those who earn and save. In other words, rather than sending your hard earned cash to fill the coffers of Washington elites, your spending dollars would cover essential government services and provide rebates to low income earners.

    3. Bryan, Atlanta says:

      Has anyone noticed that many have complained about ballooning executive pay while taxes on the nations executives continue to sky rocket? Maybe if the taxes were more fair, the executives would see less of a need to compensate their top employees and themselves so heavily to maintain their "real" income.

    4. Rusty Limbaugh says:

      IF I can finish paying my college tuition, I hope to join the 39%'r club.

      I won't be whining over taxes. If there are any jobs left.

    5. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      No matter how you present this to the Left, they will only hear "redistribution of wealth" and nothing else.

      I still propose a flat tax of 15% earned income – everyone pays it, no deductions, no exceptions. Once you are on Social Security, you've paid your dept and you are not taxed on your SS income (other income, possibly). Now the Government has to work within those restraints of income.

    6. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      The only fair tax is a truly progressive tax. Terminate the income tax for everyone and use a Federal sales tax on all goods and services beyond essentials (groceries, et al). If you want your $5 latte versus your $0.79 coffee, you can pay the extra Federal tax on it. If you want the $55,000 luxury car versus the $8,000 basic used car – you pay the extra tax. There would be no tax shelters, deductions, and "hiding income". Plus, you could save about $2 billion in firing the IRS. And no more avoiding sales tax by buying stuff on the internet . . . Believe me – it will never happen – but, it does not punish small business, the entreprenuers, or the low-income earner.

    7. Cindy, San Diego says:

      Perhaps these CEO's should make a public statement about what they pay in taxes. I know many people are certain they have tax loops to avoid any taxes.

    8. Maria, NC says:

      Why do we call low to moderate income earners the working class? My high school aged kids say the kids who will become the future working class are not working too hard now. In contrast, those who will become the top 5% taxpayers are taking 6-12 AP level courses and studying late into the night or are working hard to master a trade skill. Students are choosing their path in life, and most choices are bad.

      All non-taxpayers should shadow an engineering student at MIT for a week, and then shadow a small business entrepreneur for the next week. The Top 5% producers (and taxpayers) will then be renamed the "Working Class" for it will finally be understood that they were not handed their wealth nor have they stolen it from others. Sixty to seventy hour work weeks, charitable donations, building a business to help and to employ others will be respected at last.

      If the nation continues to hate, penalize, and free-ride off of our most productive and hardworking citizens, the ambitious will ask themselves, "Why bother with this horrendously hard work"? And there goes the nation.

    9. Steve, Michigan says:

      At what point does a tax scheme become so onerous on a class of people that it violates the equal protection or due process clauses of the Constitution? I hope that Heritage's legal eagles are looking at this sort of thing. If one assumes that 80% of taxes are paid by 20% of the people, isn't their vote weighted substantially below that of a non-taxpayer? Could there be some sort of "one man, one vote" problem with this scheme? Did the framers of the 16th amendment ever contemplate that the amendment would allow Congress to exempt from taxation such a broad swath of citizens? Is it right or fair that voters with no income tax obligations should be allowed to weigh in on issues that force the 20% minority to pay? Is this a 5th Amendment taking without due process of law?

    10. Jim - Utah says:

      Regarding Maria – NC. You are soooooo right! I owned and operated a restaurant for 10 years. I had to get out of it before it killed me. At times, I thought I was married to it. My family life suffered, the headaches with city taxes, payroll, etc. didn't come close to the measely profit I was making. 12-13 hour days, when I had them, were a real luxury. I would have invited anyone to shadow me or my wife to see what it takes to run a business.

    11. mike baker Dallas C says:

      The 50% of families who pay no taxes need only work one day of the year, every other year, in November.

    12. Brett, Hoboken, NJ says:

      When Brian says that the "20% of taxpayers currently pay more than 80% of all taxes collected," does "all taxes collected" refer to just Federal taxes or Federal, State and Local taxes?

    13. D.Neils says:

      This is nothing more than an overt attempt to make America a third-world country.Why should anyone's salary be questioned , when the government bureaucrats can vote themselves a pay raise anytime that they want?They produce no goods, and the services that they provide are antagonistic to anyone but the dependency class that they rely on to be re-elected.Let's focus on their salaries!!Then things would CHANGE, and we would have some HOPE!!

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