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  • No Defense for NY Times

    If there was an award for bonehead defense reporting it should go to The New York Times for “Military Contractors Await Details of Obama’s Budget.” The opening paragraph includes this howler…”The good news for big military from President Obama’s budget this week was his proposal to increase the basic budget by 4 percent to $534.” If the reporter had bothered to talk to any credible military analyst, he would have learned Obama’s plan will likely be anything but a “real” increase in the budget. Here’s why:

    • The Pentagon budget looks like it includes about $30 billion that was just moved over from spending that had been in “supplemental budgets” in years past. That $30 billion in the base budget is just displacing other spending….and that is a $30 billion cut in spending!
    • Personal costs are going up at an average of 5 to 10 percent a year. The president has said he wants to add more troops next year…that means a lot less money for anything else…including buying equipment for the soldiers.
    • These numbers don’t account for inflation.
    • Most of the spending in the budget is fixed for troops, facilities, and operations so there is only one place to cut—the stuff the pentagon buys and contractors make.

    When you add all this up, there is no denying the Pentagon’s real buying power to get the tools our men and women of the armed forces need is taking a nosedive.

    After botching that part of the story, the article goes on to ask “what will the priorities of the new administration—which has made clear it wants to shift spending from futuristic weapons to simpler arms that troops can use now—mean for industry?” That’s easy to answer. The Pentagon will buy a lot less. If a program is cut in this year’s budget there is zero chance the government can just go out and buy something else. Even a program for purchasing “simpler arms” takes year to get on the books. That means next year, the Pentagon will just buy a lot less—period.

    Still the reporter seems to have missed the point that a defense train wreck is ahead. “It’s a good number in this economic climate,” crows one contractor quoted in the story. Not sure what the logic is there—when the White House pushes for multi-billion dollar stimulus package to “create jobs” and then guts the Pentagon’s buying budget—something that will only eliminate solid, well-paying Union jobs in the defense sector.

    The worst part of this article is that it misses the BIG picture. The world gets less not more safe in troubled times. Right before World War I, tariffs were sky-high and open trade was under assault on every front. The economic woes of the 1930s precipitated and accelerated the political developments that led to World War II. If this administration starts sending signals that it is retrenching and disarming—the costs of defending America in the long-term will dwarf the pathetic budgets being proposed now.

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    16 Responses to No Defense for NY Times

    1. Chris says:

      I expect the NY Times to get stories like this one wrong. The news room there is filled with liberal mental midgets that can't comprehend the simplest of issues let alone anything that requires fifth grade math. This is one of the reasons newspapers around the country are going bankrupt, they're basically only good for the floor of a birdcage.

    2. Ron, Derry NH says:

      The more I read about this novice the more I see an expert at dealing lies, half truths and sabotage to America. Having himself surrounded with so many happy cohorts willing to sell America short is truly a special time in history.

      We don't have a leader we have a disruptor, having his first real taste of power and he is using it to completely dis orient America and rebuild it into a compliant servant to a foreign vision.

      Once the military is weakened and more budget crisis are invented the move to withdraw from foreign security missions will be deferred to the UN and a decreased American presence and influence.

      Then the realization of the civilian army will be pitched to protect ourselves, as he has already proposed. This is how you govern by inventing problems through sabotage so you can solve the crisis with a preplanned political solution.

      Choregraphed disasters with planned government solutions to further substantiate government take overs, nice trick if you can find some self absorbed leaders in congress to bribe with political favor and an unlimited budget.

      The WMD has been found and it resides in our house.

      I have never been so afraid for America and the world.

    3. Joanne Tellez Giron says:

      You are so right Ron. This is a "Brave New World" right here.

      I never thought I'd live to see this. " 1984" could never happen here, I thought. God help us…. I, too, have never been so afraid for us.

    4. Kirk, in transit to says:

      I would like to echo Ron's sentiments above and add that I am thrilled to see the location from which he is posting. Ron, my family and I will are relocating to your neck of the woods as we speak. Feel free to find me as

      John Gault on www (dot) keithandthegirl (dot) com/forums

    5. Richard Bulgarelli, says:

      In response to Ron, Derry NH: That is why we can't let the liberal Congress and the Obama Administration gut the Second Amendment. An armed population is a determent to a corrupt government.

    6. Linda in Texas says:

      I agree, I agree, I agree. We are in trouble. When are we going to do something? I love the tea party idea. I am tired of just complaining. We need to do what the liberals have always had time to do. PROTEST! My generation has always been the "quiet generation". However, if we don't do something soon, we will lose the America we have all known and loved.

    7. Dave McDuffie says:

      Just remember the good ole days under that military hater Clinton. When 911 happened WE HAD NO MILITARY LEFT! Half the Airforce, GONE! Two thirds Navy, GONE. One half Army and Marines, GONE! No difference under Odumba! All military will be gone and we will be sitting ducks for the terrorists, Iran, China(still communists folks!),Russia, North Korea. Is there really any other reason why the military majority HATES demorats? I am not calling Obama dumb, its his socialist policies which are beyond dumb, and if this man was so smart, like Ben Stein or even Thomas Sowell, he would know "socialism does not work, never has worked and will not work regardless where it is imposed!". We need to make the Boston tea Party look like childs' play. It is only our COUNTRY at risk here, as well as the lives of our children and grandchildren. The "greatest generation" did not sherk from their DUTY, are we going to shame them?

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    9. Kathy Phoenix, Az says:

      Rush's speech was right. We are looking at the loss of freedom and liberty as we know it. It will take each and every one who cares to let the congress KNOW what we think. They need to resign or stand up for the constitution and our rights and interests-per their pledge when they take the oath of office.

    10. Dave McDuffie says:

      When Obama calls in UN troops to "watch over" the American public, the time to act will be too late. The US military WILL NOT FIRE on the American people…UN TROOPS WILL!!! Every single socialist in our government needs to be taken down and taken down HARD! From that miserable excuse for a politician PELOSI on down…run them all to Africa so they can go staighten them out. Mr Obama, you still have some time to save this country, and yourself! Immediately enact Reaganesque Policies which favor TAX RELIEF and DEREGULATION of chocking regulatory policies on small businesses, heck, ALL BUSINESSES, and start drilling NOW YOU COMPLETE SHORT SIGHTED PERSON YOU(don't want to get to name calling yet!)!!!. Why is something so simple and so PROVEN to work yield to SOCIALIST NONSENSE?! If you do not do this Mr Obama, you are simply the pawn of a consortium of EUROPEANS! WE WILL NOT BECOME ANOTHER CANADA!

    11. Loyd Reddig Weatherf says:

      Count me in on any Tea Party and also count me in on defending myself and my family from any UN troops. This nonsense has gone on for years and this is the fruition of the Liberal agenda and sadly we are only in the beginning.

    12. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Time for Politicians to Protect the Constitution

      or be held accountable by We the People!

    13. OPAS says:

      re: No Defense for NY Times

      Posted March 1st, 2009 at 2.35pm in Protect America. (hereinabove)

      Success, another one reeled in, they're swallowing the bait hook line and sinker. Just throw a little chum out there and and they don't see the hook and line.

      First, the writer of the article you critisize is not a "bonehead", he/she is a very intelligent and skilled propaganda machine, [If there was an award for bonehead defense reporting]

      Second, The writer KNOWS full well what he/she is writing [If the reporter had bothered to talk to any credible military analyst, he would have learned Obama’s plan will likely be anything but a “real” increase]

      Third, Believe this, what was written DID NOT "miss the point", it was finely choreographed and deliberate, [Still the reporter seems to have missed the point that]

      Fourth, no part of the story was "botched", when something is done deliberately IT IS NOT BOTCHED. [After botching that part of the story, the article goes on]

      Fifth, DUPED AGAIN, the writer DID NOT miss any point, it DELIBERATELY IGNORED it. [The worst part of this article is that it misses the BIG picture]

      A worde to the wise is sufficient and I believe many readers will get what I am saying, "Don't be mislead by what you read and stop making excuses for them like; "They DON"T GET IT", they are STUPID", They DON'T KNOW", of course they know or they wouldn't have written what they did.

      It is called PROPAGANDA, READ ABOUT HOW IT IS DONE, while you are at it, check out CON MAN. I have a bridge I would like to sell you..

    14. Don Rich. Va. says:

      After reading the the comments and concerns, I'm happy to see that the AMERICAN SPIRIT is alive and well, also I agree with Rush 100%. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! If not us, then who. If not now then when.

    15. Rebecca, Glendora, C says:

      We, as true Patriots need to defend our way of life as the Founding Fathers established the greatest country, the world has ever seen. Obama doesn't know his history. European socialism failed over and over again…look to the last fifty years.

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