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  • Monthly Archives: February 2009

    Europe Creates an Army

    The European Parliament has voted in favor of creating a European army. Although the initiative has a typically innocuous sounding acronym, SAFE (Synchronized Armed Forces Europe) it represents a major step toward the EU’s takeover of Member States’ armed forces. SAFE will be directed by an EU directorate, with its … More

    Britain’s Public Debt: Up By 1.4 Trillion Pounds This Week

    On Monday, if you accept the OECD’s figures, Britain’s public debt was 42% of GDP, or about 600 million pounds. Today, Britain’s public debt is about 142% of GDP, or about 2 trillion pounds. In one week, Britain’s debt has increased by 1.4 trillion pounds. That’s 2 trillion dollars of … More

    Secret Ballot for Mexico, But Not for U.S. Workers

    The DC Examiner has an editorial out today highlighting a 2001 letter from big labor friendly legislators urging Mexican officials to protect Mexican workers’ electoral privacy. This despite the fact that all of these legislators still in Congress are now sponsoring card check legislation in Congress that would strip American … More

    Whither Cost-Benefit Analysis?

    When the Obama Administration appointed Harvard University law professor Cass Sunstein to be the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator, many were hopeful that choice signaled the White House would have a “commitment to cost-benefit analysis in regulation.” Unfortunately Obama Administration actions since the Sunstein appointment have shown anything … More

    Don't Let Terror Stop Trade on U.S.-Canada Border

    Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday, President Barack Obama emphasized their commitment to mutual security. Prime Minister Harper went so far as to recognize that “threats to the United States are threats to Canada.” While both men are right to recognize the need for a strong security alliance … More

    Who Will Obama Plan Help? Even the White House Has No Idea

    The Obama Administration may have already announced their $275 billion mortgage bailout plan, but that doesn’t mean they have any clue as to how it will actually work. The Washington Post reports: The administration is developing a standard for lenders to use in evaluating applicants that seeks to exclude homeowners … More

    Big Labor to Target Workers at Home

    Townhall‘s Amanda Carpenter has obtained a United Food and Commercial Workers International Union that should send shiver’s down every worker’s spine: “You’ll probe and start organizing campaigns, develop worker committees and conduct house calls to workers,” it says. House calls to workers? Notice it doesn’t say “to members.” It says … More

    Statement on the Fiscal Responsibility Summit

    Yesterday, Heritage Vice President Stuart Butler and Roe Institute Director Alison Fraser, along with a dozen other leading budgetary experts from think tanks across the political spectrum, urged President Barack Obama to follow up his recently announced “Financial Responsibility Summit” with (1) leading a sustained “national conversation” on entitlement and … More

    The Global Government Debt Bubble: Hitting Close to Home

    Last month Heritage fellow J.D. foster wrote: The global recession has caused deficits to balloon almost everywhere, and governments worldwide are considering their own massive programs to stimulate their economies. So the United States will be offering this great wave of federal debt to the credit markets while most other … More

    EU Legitimacy Disintegrating

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an EU Head of State and current President of the European Council, has been dealt another vicious insult by the European Parliament. Speaking before the plenary session in Brussels yesterday, he criticized the juggernaut of EU integration and the democratic deficit felt between the EU and … More