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  • Monthly Archives: February 2009

    Dumb Power

    In the world of international affairs, popular phrases usually signify not thought, but its absence. Calls for ‘a new Marshall Plan,’ for example, are invariably made by people who know absolutely nothing about the original one. The appearance of these phrases is the surest proof that the speaker is content … More

    Why the Stimulus Won't Work: Thugs Ransacking My House

    Last speaker on the morning panel, Cato Institute adjunct scholar Arnold Kling. Kling begins somberly: “I think about what’s going on as an economist but I feel it as a father. My wife and I have three daughters between the ages of 19 and 25. And when I see what’s … More

    Why the Stimulus Won't Work: A 12-Gauge Tax Hike

    Heritage senior fellow J.D. Foster speaks next at the “Economic Recovery: Free Markets vs. Big Government” conference. He takes on the intellectual foundation of the left’s Keynesian beliefs. JD explains that the left believes government can jolt the economy back to life by increasing aggregate demand through deficit spending. But … More

    Why the Stimulus Won't Work: The Raw Deal

    The Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth are co-hosting a conference this morning titled “Economic Recovery: Free Markets vs. Big Government”. Kicking off is a panel on “Why the Stimulus Won’t Work” featuring Hillsdale history professor Burton Fulsom, Heritage Foundation senior fellow J.D. Foster, and CATO adjunct scholar Arnold … More

    Next Question, Please

    As Americans huddled around their televisions last night to see President Obama’s first prime-time press conference, they were instinctively not only judging his performance, but that of the White House press corps. Throughout the past two years, there has been scrutiny from the right regarding the press’ treatment of Barack Obama, and … More

    Morning Bell: Yesterday's Top 5 Most Audacious Obama Statements

    Yesterday the Pew Research Center released a new poll on the economic stimulus debate. Like every other poll taken so far, the Pew poll showed again that support for President Obama’s Trillion Dollar Debt Plan has fallen since it was first announced. While 92% of those polled viewed Obama as … More

    America Gets Change in the Form of An Iceberg

    Americans have been trying to tell Washington for the past week that the “stimulus bill” is not the change they were asking for last November. Unfortunately, the President and Congress are not listening. The Senate is poised to pass a “stimulus” bill tomorrow that 62% of Americans flatly reject as “too much … More

    “I Screwed Up” Won’t Cut it on Missile Defense

    Heritage fellow James Carafano writes in the DC Examiner: No issue carries greater potential for crisis than the growing threat of missile attack. Last week, Iran launched its first homemade satellite into space. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi assured an alarmed world that “Iran’s space advancement serves no military purpose.” … More

    Russia’s Self-Assertion Politics in Post-Soviet Space

    Despite a harsh economic downturn, Moscow is continuing down the road of solidifying its positions in the post-Soviet space and crowding the United States and NATO out of the regions it deems its sphere of influence. The past week saw an array of developments along this same track. Clearly under … More

    Compromise 101: Meet the New Stimulus

    MEET THE NEW STIMULUS, SAME AS THE OLD STIMULUS This weekend, a small group of Senators emerged from two days of negotiations to announce they had developed a compromise “stimulus” package that would eliminate wasteful spending and deliver on the original promise of the legislation. Unfortunately, not only is this … More