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  • Monthly Archives: February 2009

    The Sports Stadium Lesson: Government Spending Doesn't Stimulate

    As baseball season rapidly approaches, we are reminded that between 1990 and today 18 cities have put up government money to help build new stadiums for their baseball teams. All of these government expenditures were justified on the exact same theory that the stimulus bill was: that government spending creates … More

    The Real "Ever-Expanding" Threat to Fiscal Sanity

    Congressman Barney Frank met with reporters recently to further voice support for the $700 Billion TARP allocation while concurrently hinting at the need for defense cuts. In his statement, the Congressman said, “The biggest ongoing threat, I believe, to fiscal sanity in this country is an open-ended ever-expanding military budget.” … More

    Morning Bell: The 'Buy America' Threat to Our Economic Recovery

    As destructive as we believe the economic stimulus bill that President Barack Obama signed Tuesday is, the Obama Administration could undo a significant portion of the legislation’s damage today, and this weekend. President Obama will travel to Ottawa today to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Also today, Secretary of … More

    Is Nuclear Energy Safer Than Wind?

    The supposition that nuclear energy is dangerous is hardly a new story. Although most of the nuclear fear mongering has been subdued through recognition of facts, the anti-nuclear movement continues to spit the same nonsense. Nuclear power releases dangerous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. Nuclear reactors are vulnerable to … More

    Don’t Ditch Winston

    The London Telegraph reports that Barack Obama has returned a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the British government. The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein would be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, if it were sold on the open market. It was loaned by the British Government to President … More

    Canada: A Valued Partner in Need of Reassurance

    Tomorrow President Barack Obama will travel and make the traditional first foreign trip of American Presidents as he visits our “Neighbor to the North” – Canada and its leader Prime Minister Stephan Harper.  Heritage Scholars James M. Roberts and Ray Walser, Ph. D explain why this trip is so vital … More

    Does Obama Oppose the Fairness Doctrine?

    If so, give credit where credit is due. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt told FOXNews.com, As the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.” The full story is here. For very good analysis of The Fairness Doctrine, see here and here.

    Shocking: Americans Oppose Giving More Money to Detroit

    They didn’t support it the first time around and nothing has been done to indicate to Americans that change and sustainability are on the horizon. The Detroit Free Press reports, A new survey shows that 64% of likely voters are opposed to the federal government loaning General Motors Corp. and … More

    'Data' on Recovery.gov is Completely Made Up

    One of the stated missions of the Obama Administration’s new Recovery.gov website is to: “Provide data that will allow citizens to evaluate the Act’s progress and provide feedback.” Just how accurate is the ‘data’ on this taxpayer funded website? We got a glimpse last week when Politico reported that the … More

    On Detainee Treatment, Sanity Still Prevailing at the White House

    Last week we congratulated the Obama Administration for choosing the security of the American people over the bumper sticker slogans of the far left. Today, the New York Times details the Obama Administration’s continued prudence on some key national security issues: During her confirmation hearing last week, Elena Kagan, the … More