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  • Morning Bell: Free Our Energy

    Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is once again taking steps towards increasing our energy dependence. Just a few weeks after the Obama Administration unnecessarily slowed the process of leasing offshore areas to energy companies for drilling; Secretary Salazar is now rescinding leasing plans for oil-shale development on federal land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

    The amount of oil available through oil shale is staggering. Some estimates have 1.2 trillion to 1.8 trillion barrels of oil available in the Green River Formation, an area which expands through most of Colorado and parts of Utah and Wyoming. According to the U.S. Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management, a conservative estimate of 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil from oil shale in the Green River Formation is three times greater than the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, if full-scale production begins within five years, the U.S. could completely end its dependence on OPEC by 2020.

    The oil shale industry experienced several hiccups in the 1970s and the industry has a ways to go before the resource becomes commercially viable, but its potential is enormous. The investment in technology and R&D is making the process cheaper, cleaner and safer for the environment. In effect, methods of harvesting oil shale force excess carbon back into the ground. Furthermore, nuclear energy is a clean source of power that can heat the shale to safely extract it from the ground.

    This is actually the third time that Salazar has delayed access to energy in the United States. Previously, he cancelled onshore leases in Utah. This delay is not surprising but is particularly damaging to America’s ability to access its domestic energy sources. In July 2008, then Senator Salazar stated he would not support drilling offshore if gas prices were to reach $10 per gallon. Environmental activists and other critics of offshore drilling argue that drilling will not immediately bring down gas prices because the process takes too long, but they then deliberately cause or prolong needless delays.

    The reality is access to our domestic energy supply is still needed and can help keep gas prices low in the future. Heritage Senior Policy Analyst Ben Lieberman points out that this is no time for complacency. The only reason for the sharp drop in oil and pump prices are a decline in demand due to the recession. Unless America begins to take action to increase supplies, prices will go right back up as soon as the economy turns around and demand picks up. Expanded offshore drilling would also create jobs, and unlike the taxpayer-funded jobs in the proposed stimulus package, the jobs created by a reinvigorated domestic energy industry would be well-paying, long-term, and funded entirely by the private sector.

    In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute, 61 percent of Americans support access to oil and natural gas resources in federal waters on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Gulf of Mexico. Only 26 percent opposed. It should be noted that Harris conducted these interviews from February 13 to February 16, 2009, when gas prices were much lower than the $4-per-gallon prices we faced over the summer.

    When gas prices were at $4 per gallon, over 1.4 million Americans demanded change by signing American Solution’s Drill Here Drill Now petition. Congress and President Bush responded by lifting the bans on offshore drilling. The Department of Interior is now seeking comment on its proposal to open up new areas for energy exploration. People are voicing their support for offshore drilling by going to FreeOurEnergy.com and submitting a comment. You can too. Now is not the time to turn back.

    Quick Hits:

    • Several conservative organizations are co-hosting a “Taxpayer Tea Party” today at noon in 22 cities across the country to join Rick Santelli’s call for support of American capitalism and free market commerce.
    • The Obama Administration has overturned an 18 year prohibition on media photos of returning war dead.  A survey of military families found that 84% opposed changing the policy.
    • Yesterday, the House delayed a vote on housing legislation that, among other items, would have allowed bankruptcy judges to slash interest rates and principle owed by debt-ridden homeowners, or a “cramdown”.
    • Yesterday, the Senate approved an amendment that would outlaw the “Fairness Doctrine”, and then approved an amendment that would allow the FCC to impose it piece by piece, and require radio ownership “diversity”.
    • Today’s Profile in Conservatism: Congressman Patrick McHenry
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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Free Our Energy

    1. J.C.Hughes, Texas says:

      You're soooo right! If the demagogues really want to help create jobs, offer incentives such as opening access for potential resources to their nemesis "Big Oil" ooh! Don't want those private sector folks expecting a profit for their vital goods. In addition, nuclear power, and by extension hydrogen generation, should be at the top of any economic boosting priority (on condition that non-productive "big government" greed is removed from the mix). Of course, this is not the socialist way.

    2. John R New York says:

      Has anyone considered that the current administration is purposely destroying our economy and will not heed and positive ideas regardless of who comes up with it?

    3. Lloyd Scallan - Meta says:

      I completely agree with The Foundation's view on the present gang of socialest in Washington. The big question is how in hell do we get rid of them

      before the totally distroy the American way of life. We cannot wait to the next election process.

      By then, it can't be turned around.

    4. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      How in God's name can we get our Government to listen to the PEOPLE and act in their interests?

      All the electorate is interested in is pandering to groups that will fund them for re-election and impose their own personal ideology on all of us. They took an oath to act under the Constitution but now they walk all over it!

      Our Electorate is a disgrace!

    5. GAYLON ...Denver, Co says:







    6. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I think the change that America expected is the opposite of what it is getting. This looks more like a Coup than a change of direction.

      It seems we in America are being subjugated step by step, tax by tax in an effort for the powers that be to reduce American will, spirit and independence to be surrendered to foreign interests or idealized financially crippling mandates.

      The legislative forced oil embargo on drilling will return, the debt increase, the attack on free speech by writing laws to hamper its freedom in the market place all seem part of a choreographed effort to break Americas will financially and reduce it to government obedience.

      These perceivable attempts to restrict Americans in self purpose and freedom of enterprise are more than an affront to the philosophy of being an American but more in line with a forced compliance to a Fascist regime.

      This is not Hope and it is certainly not a change from an overbearing, tax hindering stifling dictatorship bent on satisfying Government rule and squelching freedoms and liberties that we have held so dear.

      I would like to know if we the people matter anymore as it seems there was a coup, that overthrew American fairness and sensibility for the new and improved government dictatorship designed around compliance to the will of the few at the expense of the many.

      I have written my Senator frequently and all I get are form letters voicing their obedience to Obamma's plan, never an intellectual or personal reply. I am frightened for America as my representation has left the building and joined a Washington contingency.

    7. daniel says:

      we strongly abhor these people who are destroying our country, we must fight

    8. Mark Y Durango,Co says:

      The oil and gas industry is the largest employer in colorado.The San Juan Basin,partly in N/W New Mexico and mostly in S/W Colorado provides up to 75% of the United States' natural gas. That is the only idustry that is keeping our local economy in decent shape right now. There is enough problems with the radical environmentalists obstructing every project they can. The last thing we need is the Radical Obama Administration to slow production and progress on new projects. Our natural resources are resposible for keeping ou country strong.This is not just an issue of energy independence. It is an issue of National Security and just as important it means JOBS.The Left obstructs every kind of energy project period…. They have opposed nuclear energy, hydo electric power, the natural gas industry, clean coal energy and even wind power(Wind turbines are ugly and kill poor birds). Solar power is not cost efficient.Just because the government is giving a 30% tax rebate on solar energy installations does'nt make it a good idea. Remember the Cater administration?.

      Remember the double digit unemployment? Remember the corporate and personal tax rates? Remember the long lines at gas stations. Remember the failed foreign policies and stripping our our military? If you don't remember, just wait a little while and either you will relive it or just see it for the fist time.

    9. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Well people for the next 4 years there will be no respite from the energy situation, if anything we will probably end up becoming a third world country and I predict that by summer we will be back to $4/gallon or greater so everbody with trucks, boats and RV's will be hurt not to mention people with recreational properties. Obama has lied to a level greater than Clinton and with most of his cabinet members being radical crooks the future don't look very bright.

    10. Richard, Medford, OR says:

      What about all the oil under Eastern Montana and North Dakota that have been found.

      Lets get ride of the EPA and make them accountable to someone who pays there wages like to tax payers.

      No more foreign oil,

      Drill here drill now.

    11. Kent, Virginia says:

      Why is it these Liberal Fascists in control of our government are willing to expand their own power and influence through trillion dollar spending programs yet they are unwilling to allow our nation to be less dependent on OPEC? If the Bush administration was doing this the propagandists in the press would be claiming those in charge had money in foreign oil. Does Ken Salazar? Oil shale may not be as 'green' as ethanol, but it isn't subsidized by the government, it can be competitive in existing markets now, and would be a good way to insure we can have gasoline at prices low enough to encourage growth in other sectors of our struggling economy while we further develop 'green' energies in America. I do not understand why our government is making it more difficult for existing technology to produce needed energy (coal, nuclear, offshore and shale oil, natural gas) with restrictions and delays. We should be encouraging growth in these existing energy sources! Do these power-hungry socialists WANT our country to fail?

    12. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      HF = "The only reason for the sharp drop in oil and pump prices are a decline in demand due to the recession."


      There is NO supply and demand in Gasoline pricing.

      eXXon controls the supply

      therefore, they control the price.

      Big Oil should be Nationalized


      Companies that operate AGAINST THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC



    13. jim bennett mocksvi says:


    14. George,Pennsylvania says:

      Would Secretary Salazar and President Obama and Vice President Biden please get real! We can not possibly get all our energy soarces from green energy. No matter how much it is promoted by the democratic party and some republicans. We still need oil production,coal production,ets.What happened Mr.President to your clean coal usage you spoke of during the campaign or were they just vain words with no profit for anyone, including the American people? This cannot continue without destroying our economy and making us a fifth rate nation or maybe that is what its all about knowingly or unknowingly. It still will accomplish the same thing.Thank You! Respectively

    15. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      This is insanity!

      Canceling the use of energy sources that are available and work, to imposing unproven and unavailable sources will in the long run be more costly in more ways than just financially. These energy policies and others rapidly being decreed, if allowed to be sustained will bring about the runination of the USA.

    16. Phillis Chantler, Fo says:

      Can Senator Salizar tell me how solar or wind power will 'power' our automobiles – oil is there now and we should be utilizing our efforts to begin exploration ASAP. Can't he see that we are and will be under the thumb of foreign oil cartels? Maybe we need to get to the $4.00 a gallon for gasoline for pressure to be put on him to see how important it is to develop that shale in Colorado and other states. I can't believe that he doesn't see how crucial this is to our future. PLEASE, Senator Salizar!

    17. tom coalvalley,il says:

      seems the liberals have an agenda to hijack the rights of the american people.the fairness doctrine is no different than socialist bolivia's attack on radio stations that speak out against policies the do not believe in and shutting them down. they have even used thugs to attack the stations and their personnel. looks like the democrats would like that kind of environment in this country not fairness that they speak of.

    18. rebecca kaminski says:

      Thank God President Obama is doing right by our next generations.

      It's inexcusable the GOP oil wealthy have disguised their greed with 'heritage' spin.

      Seriously? Really?

    19. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Once again, this is yet another example of how the facts don't count to the government elitist Left.

      It is also another example of how "anything goes" with the government elitist Left, including any "delaying actions, etc" and any and every other stinkin' thinkin' class warfare-mongering hypocritical government elitist stunt they can pull to try to make themselves appear as if they're the heroes but anyone wanting to access and develop our own energy sources, and thus be truly energy independent sooner instead of later, is the villain (yet we don't hear them objecting anywhere near as much to such as Communist/Socialist China and Cuba together drilling near our coast).

      And for what? So the government elitist Left can continue demagoguing and pandering to draw ever more money and power unto themselves so they can have their Leftist government elitist way and agenda, all at the expense of us, the people, our money, freedoms, power, security, and more.

    20. Dwana Townsend says:

      I am a Louisiana citizen, many of our coastal states depend on oilfield related businesses. The very thought of shutting down production and exploration will cut off millions of jobs. Oil companies not only employee oilfied workers, but also keep manufacturers, supply related businesses, tugboat operators, cooks, service and repair industries in business as well.

      The automobile industry made the same case before government. Without the auto industry bailout we were facing massive layoffs in several industries that are directly and indirectly related, job losses that this country could not sustain.

      The same can be said for the energy sector. Even though I live in Louisiana and our life blood is the oil industry, I do believe in reducing our dependency on oil, especially foreign oil. We can produce enough of our own to power this nation until we can get the other greener programs into place i.e Clean Coal, Solar, Thermo, Wind, and most importantly Nuclear power plants. It takes 4 yrs to design and approve a nuclear plant, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO IN THE MEANTIME.

      Instead we want to keep peace with our advisaries and OPEC. Well I say the heck with OPEC and spending our money overseas. America needs to produce, not only energy sources, but automobiles, food, and be a leader in manufacturing of goods and services once more. We need to stop selling out to countries like China, India, and Saudi Arabie, etc. Our people need jobs and they need them NOW!!!!

      I say America needs to take care of Americans First. Once we have gotten through the crisiswe face right now then we can think more about sharing the wealth, but until then every American should stand up for what is right, for what they are passionate about. Our voices need to be heard, let the masses join forces and oppose what is happening to our country. Let's get started Today not tomorrow for tomorrow will be too late.

      Is there anyway that any of these blogs get to the powers that be?? Do they read the opinions of Americans, or do they even care.

    21. J.C.Hughes, Texas says:

      Ken of Vegas said "Companies that operate AGAINST THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE OWNED BY THE PEOPLE." How long have you been on planet earth? The magical illusions created by smoke and mirrors may enrich Senator Reid's glittering desert towns. But please don't confuse this charade with real life. Hopefully you'll wake-up from you delusional dream. In the mean time, enjoy the demagogues' expensive magic carpet ride as it promises to be wild and short.

    22. william boyer 1820 w says:

      I keep hearing from Liberals that the people should be put in charge of this and that. The words "the people" are very ambiguous. Which people? The ones who drive past our house and dump their garbage into our yard and all the ditches along the roads in this township? The ones who knock down mailboxes? The ones who speed insanely along the roads, killing animals and pedestrians? The ones who default on their loans? The ones who beat their children and desert their families? I am a bit of weary of hearing about the greatness of the people. Of course most are good, decent, and hardworking, but like many members the government, a lot of them are disgusting louts who mustn't control anything.

    23. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      Our Gov't is all set to squander trillions in the biggest fiasco of all time, the very bad science policy of Global Warming. The net result will be a climate that will do exactly what has happened in past climates, it will warm up for awhile and then get colder. A graph of the Holocene (our present interglacial warm-up that began about 14,000 years ago) will show at least 3 periods of 1000 years or more of warming interrupted with periods of colder climates. Our present warming that has not reached intensity of earlier Holocene warm periods and has been hyped as "unprecedented" in past climate history. A brazen, outright, demonstrably wrong, lie. The effort to show that man is to blame for our present moderate warm-up by our use of hydrocarbon fuels is wrong on three counts. 1) A plot of the rates of sea level rise, glacier shortening and solar activity superimposed on a plot of increasing hydrocarbon use since 1900 shows no upward change in the slope of the rate curve. So, where is the proposed CO2 effect? 2) Then there is the reality check. Lets compare our atmosphere to a 30 story building and all the CO2 man's activities have added since 1900 would amount to the linoleum on the first floor? 3) Then there is a look into the distant past climates where we have had several episodes of glaciations, with attendant life extinctions. But, never an extinction due to it becoming too hot, even with CO2 concentrations more than 12 X the amount in our present atmosphere. So, there is no valid scientific reason for going ahead with this fiasco. Why the great desire to enact this foolishness? Follow the money. The few hundred scientists supporting it are recipients of plush research grants. The Greens have billions invested in manufacturing the hardware to implement the segregation of CO2 (think Al Gore). The Pols must believe they are saving the world, and the whole darn bunch desperately need a course in Geology 101, physics and astronomy.

    24. Mrs. Carol Allen, Gr says:

      It saddens me to know that our country cannot be

      self suffiecient in all of our endeavors especially when it comes to oil, for our gas, heating.. and our electric. When we have the resources here in our country… Why won't the

      government listen to the people who live here and love our country the way it has been for hundreds

      of years.

    25. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      To people like Rebecca above, please stop driving your car, stop using electricity and live your life with only solar panels and/or windmills. By the way, make sure that the windmills do not destroy birds causing serious harm to the environment! Then tell us about how great it is. Until then, stop spouting about a subject you have apparently no knowledge of. I would like to see all the coal fired power plant operators shut down their plants. Tell your socialist buddies to mothball all of them and try to generate the electricity needed through solar panels and wind farms. Good luck! We will meet you in a cave.

      Does it ever occur to you that it would require solar collectors stretched over 3 sq.mile area in the Arizona Desert just to produce enough electricity during the day to power just 200,000 homes? When the sun goes down you are out of luck. We do not have a way to store electricity in huge quantities yet. It needs an invention. Likewise, wind power is sporadic and unpredictable. That means, we have to have conventional power plants to cover shortfalls and be ready the instant the wind dies down.

      I don't think the bankrupt US government has any power to prevent people from exploring and producing oil from the recognized sources in the long run. It will not be too long before China demands that the US allow Chinese companies to extract oil for their use in payment for the nearly trillion dollars of US government debt they hold. Hillary Clinton has already caved in by begging the Chinese to continue to buy our debt in exchange for shelving any discussion about human rights violations inside China.

    26. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      "Any business which doesn't act in the best interest of the people should be owned by the people", eh?

      As if government elitist members of the Politburo/buraucracy are thus somehow majically made above, immune to, and guarenteed against all the worst and best of human nature to which others remain subject and likely to act upon?

      Hmmm…Well, other than both sounding like and being something straight out Karl Marx, that brings up three things which, in what's at least supposed to be a free U.S, blow it right out of the water, and they are just for starters:

      1. Generations and Scores of people who have escaped or otherwise moved here from government elitist societies and systems will tell you that not only has such government elitism already been tried and failed everywhere else, but our freedoms, rights, and prosperity are why they risked anything (in many cases including death) to come here for. To quote several (legal) immigrants who have talked to me as well as millions of others, they have (quote): "already come from the (government elitist) way some Americans apparently want to go now, but it doesn't work. Where do I go now?", and "I came here for the freedoms, rights, and prosperity which too many Americans don't appreciate, and evidently won't until they're all gone, and then it will be too late".

      2. Indeed the Leftist government elitist use of such names and terms as "The People's" and "the people" has already been repeatedly exposed and proven false and misleading by government elitist leaders and governments everywhere.

      3. At least in a free country/free economy, not only does government have no business in any control or ownership of any businesses (thus also controlling the lives of people on every level, individual, and business, etc), and not only does such government control/ownership also virtually always prove both inappropriate and disasterous, but the observable fact is that, when a business acts against the interests of customers, people can and do indeed effectively "boycott" businesses and otherwise "vote with their money and feet" by going to other businesses, which can and does put businesses out of business.

      Not only that, but in at least what remains of a free people and market in the U.S, people still have the right (which may surprise those who aren't paying attention to its' power and effectiveness) to "boycott" any business, and what's called "the right of recall" against politicians who act contrary to the will of the people who actually get up off their butts and vote.

    27. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I agree with ron. Rebecca obama is not doing right for our next generation.He is making it very hard for our kids and grandkids.

    28. Jon, Fallbrook says:

      Someone made the case in an earlier post that we need to free ourselves from the oil cartels. I agree. Guess what… the way to free ourselves (and others) from the oil cartels is to get off of oil completely and develop new technologies that don't burn oil at all.

      FELLOW CONSERVATIVES… WAKE UP! Quit banging the stupid drilling-now-drilling-here-is-the-only-solution drum. The future is in renewables. THE WORLD KNOWS THIS… the world is heading there… We can either lead and export the technologies or play catch up and import them, further undermining our own economic interests. Let's be clear… this is the only shot at bankrupting the whack job dictatorships that are praying we don't radically disrupt the present oil economy.

      100 miles by 100 miles of the southwest can supply all of the domestic electricity needs. There's enough wind in the Dakotas to do the same… And these are but just two renewable technologies.

      We can commute on electrons… No… we will commute on electrons. The only question is who will make the batteries? Us or China. Embrace it now… even subsidize it now… and we can be world leaders in this space. Keep drilling for oil and our every geo-political move will be suspect about us preserving our oil interests. Aren't you tired of that, yet?

      Save the oil for the planes, trucks and plastic products and let's use electrons for our boring commutes. Then we won't have to listen to Al Gore whining about polar bears stranded on melting icebergs anymore…

    29. MargaretMcF says:

      I used to work for the oil industry. Extracting oil from shale is an extremely expensive process, so expensive, in fact, that it is cost prohibitive to do. Let's say gas is selling — at the pump — for $5.00 a gallon. That means that oil is selling for about $130 a barrel, unrefined. Refining costs (include machinery maintenence, shipping costs, environmental compliance costs — this is billions and billions per year/per refinery), local, state and federal taxes, and the small profit margin for the station owner add up to a considerable portion of the $5.00. Refining oil shale is so much more expensive than shipping crude oil from Alaska, or other countries, that oil would have to be well about $130.00 a barrel for the cost of oil shale oil to be close to the cost of a shipped barrel.

      While oil was above $130.00 per barrel it made sense for the oil industry to consider revitalizing their oil shale properties and refining abilities. Now that it is down, it does not, and will not until oil is costly once again.

      Salazar's actions may satisfy some constituencies on the left, but they are meaningless in today's market. Bear in mind, however; that when oil goes up again, Salazar or his successor will have to reverse the change. It will take oil companies years to return oil shale refining plants that were shut down thirty years ago to operational status. Every minute lost in a crisis is costly to America. If Salazar actually understood this, he wouldn't do anything for fear of looking stupid later. It appears this administration is only interested in following the dictates of the ideology they are wedded to, and don't have the ability to learn and adapt.

    30. Jerry Lee Mayeux Ha says:

      Consider the Connection to:


      In the future economic survival WILL depend on a

      GREEN economy, (meaning CONSERVATION the wise-use,

      management, and development of the Earths natural

      resources, including the responsible (wise-use) of

      our childrens money).

      Energy is needed at all levels of the Economic Pyramid. Where is the Economoc Pyramid?

      Please visit: http://www.hattiesburgamerican.com

    31. Jay in CA - Enginee says:

      It is clear that this article is mainly political in thrust. While I do agree with its purpose to expose the falacy of Salzar's position, I must disagree with the conclusions about oil shale.

      Yes, 800 billion barrels may be recoverable. But, what is not discussed and only poorly alluded to here is that the technology for recovery is still in its infancy. There are two basic methodologies: boil shale on the surface or upgrade it underground. Shell Oil has a process for the latter that looks promising, but they are only in pilot phase and the enegy balance is questionable. Surface methods similar to Alberta oil sands production would not be accepted by most people because of the immense surface area disruption.

      Heritage needs to follow up on this issue by learning a LOT more about the technologies of upgrading the kerogen in oil shale. Until then, making pronouncements about the potential for oil shale to significantly affect the energy balance of America is specious. To assume that full scale production can occur within 5 years is disingenuous and brings false hopes.

    32. Thomas Gray, South C says:

      To Mr Jon Fallbrook,

      I been listening to people spew this nonsense till I want to throw up, it is a lie, unlimited numbers of solar panels does not make the sun shine 24/7, and current battery storage DOES NOT EXIST,

      your bird brained answer cannot even produce enough electricity to replace half of our current nuclear powered electricity supply.

      In any case while you jokers are attacking the power grid retooling and changing what we use as an energy source for transportation is where we don't have time to tarry.

    33. Thomas Gray, South C says:

      To Jay in CA,

      With billions of dollars coming your way I suppose you can hire people a lot smarter than me to come up with these phrases,

      'surface disruption'

      So it's OK to clear land for YOUR house it's OK to clear land for YOUR roads and YOUR airports it's OK to burn and use the electricity and the oil supply that YOU and your ilk are interrupting

      and your accusation is 'surface disruption' YOU sir are among those that are attempting to take away the prosperity of the U.S.A.

      You are denying that light sweet crude is finite if we do not prepare for the price rise of crude oil as the econimy recovers it will not recover,

      but that is part of your goal becouse you offer nothing as a solution only the people would rather walk and freeze from exposure than ALLOW ,,,,surface disruption.

    34. Phillip Scheffner Ke says:

      Well Obama said that we can't drill are way out of this problem; but we do need to have a short term solution until we create long term viable answers while we seek out alternate sources of energy.So why would we just close the door on offshore drilling. We as nation need to take back control of our own destiny. I am afraid that if we don't do this, someone will do it for us. That option is not in our best intrest.

    35. Phillip Scheffner, K says:

      I believe that this is a planed attack to take down america once and for all. Our liberty has always been a target that we have fight for every day. What is being done to our econmy and national secuity can only help the people that hate us from outside the US. and from within(can you say trojan hoarse). We need to let them know that they have awakened a sleeping giant.

    36. Chuck Paquette, Cinc says:

      It's so difficult to believe our so-called "leaders" would purposely trash our economy. They know as well as the rest of us that opening up our vast resources will promote higher employment with good-paying jobs for our citizens; and lessen our dependence on imports; literally saving trillions of dollars. Let's build up our wonderful country; not purposely trash it!!!


    37. Ed Avery Kendalia, says:

      The department of energy was established by Jimmy Carter with the mission for the United states to become energy independent, after all this time and money thier mission has ben a failure.

      It is inconcieveable why we cannot produce our own oil, not only is it one of the most economical assets to the country we also protect our self defense.

      We will be dependent on oil and gas for many years in the future and need to ignore the green people as the use of fossil fuels is not destroying the enviroment also the push to develope and build these small vehicles will help gas consumptio but will result in more deaths on the highway.

      I have seen the economic results of developing oil and gas production in the area i lived and worked, also have friends and relatives that have been employed in the energy business and have seen the results that have occured in the decline of domestic production. California would be in a better position to recover from their economic situation if they were able to increase utilization of the oil they have available.By the way why give Brazil two billion dollars for development of the oil field they discovered, let us open up and encourge our own production and put more poeple to work and with the taxes the goverment would get would help reduce the federal deficit.

    38. Harry Cushard Michi says:

      It is time to start drilling for oil ( DRILL HERE DRILL NOW ), and to increase our use of coal, and Nuclear resources to their fullist extent, this will make us self sustaining and not dependant on foreign oil supplies that are tenious at best! This will bring back needed, good paying jobs, and will help sustain our economy!

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