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  • Cold War What?

    The more I think about the line from president’s speech that he will save money by “not paying for Cold War-era weapons systems we don’t use,” the more I can’t figure out what he could possibly mean. There are Cold War weapons we have not used—nuclear weapons. It is a good thing that we have not used them. We keep them as a deterrent. Everything else we used to fight the Cold War—tanks, planes, ships that we still have is already bought and paid for; scraping them means they will have to be replaced—that will cost money. What’s left? Every system that we are buying now or plan to buy has been justified over the last twenty years by Democrat and Republican presidents and funded by Democratic and Republican Congresses based on “future requirements” not refighting the last war. Missile defense is a case in point. We didn’t start building defenses until after the Cold War ended and we built it not to counter the Soviet threat but deal with new missile powers like North Korea and Iran.

    There are sensible ways to build the future force. Cutting the budget by just labeling a program a “Cold War” system is not one of them.

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    15 Responses to Cold War What?

    1. J.P.Hogan says:

      "If a president says it is not illegal, then it is not illegal."

    2. Steve, Minnetonka MN says:

      Why has their not been a nuclear weapon used since 8/9/1945? Is it a miracle of God, or the deterrent force we have maintained.

      Cold War Veteran – USAF 1975-1979

      "Peace is our Profession"

      Motto of the Strategic Air Command

    3. Stuart Florida says:

      My take would be to look at the monies that is wasted trying to

      re- invent the government at all levels. Obama is implicating

      himself in the unions, only for personal gain at government. The list goes on, a little here and a little there, a raise for congress at a time when the country is hurting. I would believe that if all of the indiscretions were added up one would find a lot of cash.

    4. Bob Chandler says:

      Wake up people! Let's take a look at the over all picture: President Obama's ultimate goal is to transform our free enterprise system by taking over the banks and by controlling the stock market. During his first speach to the nation, he mentioned that he wanted to get rid of some the military equipment used during the cold war, which means "nukes". Then he mentioned that he wanted to beef up the ranks of those serving in the military. Now what do think those folks will be used for!? Could it be for the ultimate control of his envisioned new socialist society? Wake up America! We've turned into a sinking ship of fools who will get what we deserve, if we don't quickly take a stand to defend our freedom and liberty.

    5. Tim AZ says:

      We no longer have a Govt. that is willing to defend its citizens. That is direct defiance to the oaths they have taken to uphold the Constitution and defend the citizens of America. Could this be a crime that requires prosicution of all offenders? Would any judge take the case? I suggest the citizenry arm themselves to the best of their ability. It is highly likely we will only have ourselves to defend ourselves when AMericans are next tested buy our enemies domestic and foreign.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Hitler took over the banks, the stock market, the factories, the highways and just about eberything and the people of Germany loved himfor it. He even believed in the Green House effect and cleaned up pollution. Once this was done, all the the citizenry were in terror of him and his 'Brown Shirts'. They had given him too much power and he attact the World!

      President Eisenhour upon leaving office said to the American people,"Beware of the American Military Industrial Complex."

      Mr. Obama is taking over our banks, the stock market. Saving from financial ruin only those irresposible enough to live at least one hundred and fifty percent above their means. He is rebuilding our highways. He wants to replace all our Military hardware. Does he sound historically familiar?


    7. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      exactly, take over and control everyday operations of the people and what do you have?

      total dictatorship(s), tyranny, etc… just another word for socialist democrates, communism, facist, monarchy, ect… all the very reasons this country had a revolution in 1776.

    8. Angel VA says:

      If the Republican Party does not declare themselves as the "Loyal Opposition" real soon, we may have a real problem on our hands. It may not yet be time to man the ramparts but we need to be on our guard.

      Cold War Veteran USAF 1976-1980

      SAC ISR

    9. PastNikeVet says:

      Speaking as a Cold War Veteran and having watched the politics from both sides these folks before me except Steves(Minnetonka MN.) brings up a sound point leaving the politics aside as well the silly scare tactics of the rest I will attempt to expand his point.

      First a few facts Terror was and is not from 911 nor did not start after 1980.

      State sponsered terror came from the Cold War Era and terror as a tactic has been used by groups prior to it on goverments.

      As Steve said (Peace Is Our Profession)the Air Force motto came from the readyness to bring the wrath of Hell upon those whom tryed to us harm.

      MAD came forth from the arms race after WWII when the Former Soviet Union as well China had the idea to protect themselves by expanding their control taking over nations goverments by the point of a gun if need be or bringing in groups to use terror tactics to bring down a goverment.

      Thus terror became a tool of the state to strike at goverment,military and any or all opposed this forced our nation to send in covert forces durring the Cold War Era as well to sponser goverments behind the public eye.

      MAD came forth when the arms race took the atomic warhead and mated it too the (then V2) rocket leading to the space race this knowlage added range as well little defence.

      This then became deterance after so the weapons platforms expanded as well the missions then tactics of war changed thus the Cold War Era.

      Now I will speak from my little knowlage of this nations Air Defence after WWII our best weapon in Anti-Aircraft was a 90 mm gun incapable of hitting very high flying targets or rockets, of little use till the target was in range and required heavy concentration of fire along with these problems the requirement of sight.

      Thus came the Air Defence umbrella Stinger,Vulcan,Chaperal,Hawk,Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules all had their important role yet the last Nike Hercules played the most important.

      With a speed better than Mach 3.5 attitude of about 100K feet range of about 110 miles and four types of warhead (HE,4-20-40 Kiloton) and improved radar (lowpar{from Ajax} hipar systems) came one Herc units motto (Night Hides Haught) now night,clouds and sight range were no longer factors,also the warheads could be used on single or groups of aircraft next the prime warhead became the shotgun blast to counter in comming prime missles.

      These Hercules units in CONUS mission was to protect major cities,military sites as well our Capital they were found in nearly all states from Maine to Alaska.

      This is not about President Obama this discussion is about the best way to defend our nation so for those folks whom come to add the drivle above bring some meat to the table as I am still laughing about some claims and you become usless noise.

      If this is to argue about a missle defence shield or a weapon platforms cost and why it is needed or future wars Atomic,Tactical Atomic or Convenional then bring in your ideas if this is just a bash the President, sour grapes and a pissing contest like the above posts it becomes a waste of time going nowhere or SOSDD.

      Me I am here in hopes that President Obama's team will listen about why a missle sheild is a needed platform and to argue why Patriot should be expanded, given the threats from North Korea,Iran or from falling into the wrong hands like terrorist.

      Also how the war on terror as well the Cold War Era share much.

      BTW having worked with prime weapons the last thing- The Very Last Thing I and many others ever wanted was to use them and if a vote taken could rid the world of every single prime round I would vote Yes !


      Undique Venimus

    10. Rich NJ says:

      Sounds similar to the Jimmy Carter era all over again, but worse.

    11. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Obama spoke person stated on Good Morning America, that he would began his RULE on 01/20/09. Is there anymore to say????

    12. Shuman14 says:

      Just because we don't use them doesn't mean we don't need them.

      How many times have you heard a police officer say, "In all my years in law enforcement I never had to pull my pistol once."

      Following the logic from above, I guess police officers don't need to carry pistols anymore too.

    13. jim811 says:

      An excellent source on The Cold War Missile Defenses of CONUS, OCONUS and NORAD can be found by searching, then reading Col. Steven Moeller's book entitled "Vigilent and Invincible", which is written from "fact", not conjecture or revisitism.

      One can find it on the internet, under that title. It has a preface and 4 chapters. I truely believe our combined early missile defenses caused the Soviets to make the switch from bombers to ICBM's, which we soon matched. One might also wish to explore US Army Air Defense (ARADCOM). The Army, Air Force and (then) RCAF each contibuted to a layered defense of North America under NORAD from 1947 to about 1991.Read it and enjoy the facts. I am proud of my Regular Army service during those difficult times, when mutual destruction was guaranteed, if we didn't get it right. We got it right.

    14. Jerry88ACWV, South P says:

      As another Cold War Veteran I would like to add a few comments.

      We started slow, but steady; to stop the spread of Communisim. As the arms race continued to build, and at a faster rate, each and every member of the US Military did our best. We all

      knew what could happen, and did not want to see it become reality.

      The general public had no idea how often and how close it came to "nuclear winter". SAC planes in the air 24/7, missile siloes, ground forces, ships and submarines always on the prowl.

      And of course the Soviets were doing the same thing. I helped track some of the Soviet subs as

      they came within a few miles of the US coast. While aboard ship and at sea, the Soviets were never far away, following and observing. The Soviet bombers made their flights (which they have now reinstituted, flying over the North Pole), and their subs following our subs.

      Was it a time of stress and fear? Yes! Something few of us will ever forget. No one every wanted to

      hear that "the balloon went up"

      We won the Cold War, and history was changed forever.

      But, now other nations have nuclear arms, and the

      list keeps growing. The entire mid-east is a tinderbox ready to go off at any moment.

      Let us all hope and pray that in anger or haste or misunderstanding that the "red button" never gets pushed anywhere in the world. That would be the end of the world.

    15. James Carafano James Jay Carafano says:

      Great comments all

      It sounds like folks are angry and frustrated at the administration so far

      Do people feel like they are not getting all the fact?

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