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  • Milton Friedman is Awesome


    Posted in First Principles [slideshow_deploy]

    16 Responses to Milton Friedman is Awesome

    1. Austin, Provo, UT says:

      Oh, man.

      I wish this guy was still alive. However, his teachings and principles can guide us to greater economic freedom and prosperity.

      I wonder what he would say about this 'stimulus' bill. :)

    2. Ron, Maitland, FL says:

      I agree with Austin, how I wish he were alive today. Simply the greatest economist.

    3. Cindy, Texas says:

      That's the problem…there are no leaders any more……………..where have all the leaders gone????????????

    4. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Two different languages. Donahue quit learning when he was 18.

    5. John Theobald, Marie says:

      The man was indeed awesome.

    6. Joyce, New Mexico says:

      This man was so clear thinking. Why don't we have anyone giving the simple, but devastating, rebuttal as he did to the ivory tower liberals?

    7. John Galt says:

      I hope they have disappeared to Colorado :)


    8. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Ditto. It seems that no one wants to challenge our new President or his people on anything for fear of some type of reprisal, racial or not being for "cahnge", or something! Well I'm telling everyone,"The Emporer has no clothes!"

      With the bailout bills we are awarding the, Worste of the worste." Whith HB 45, the gun control bill we ar punishing the,"Best of the Best," President Obama is a wonderful speaker, but so was Gregory Peck, and after all he was only playing the part of 'Adicus Finch."

    9. Dave B. says:

      Funny to see this video. I just saw it last week from a talk radio reccomendation. I loved it so much that I have posted this video all over the internet already. I have watched it already about a dozen times and other videos of him. He is great!

      "Governments never learn. Only people learn. "

      "Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government. "

      "Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government."

      -Milton Friedman

      I miss you Milton!!!

    10. Susie, CA. says:

      Milton Friedman was one of the rational thinkers. Today, too many people — movie stars, politicians, presidents and the general herd, rely on emotions and handouts, which do absolutely nothing to improve the lot of society. It's all fine and good to be generous and compassionate. But empirical evidence proves the only way to improve living standards for society as a whole rests with the pursuit of individual achievement. When our government, through its policies, suffocates the incentive for individual pursuits, progress is dead.

    11. Fox Berlin says:

      I guess awesomeness, like everything else, is in the eye of the beholder.

    12. B. L. Peterson, Plea says:

      Watching this man put forth his intelligent and common sense philosophies about government and economics is like taking a drink of cool refreshing water on a hot day when one is parched!

      His message is so relevant for the economic chaos we are now going through as a country.

      Susan was right on with her comment, that so many politicians and activists make their decisions with their emotions and not their logic. What we need today is clear rational thinking as put forth by Mr. Friedman. Our fore fathers gave us the road map for prosperity. All we have to do is follow it. Thank you Milton!

    13. Barb -mn says:

      Also in the minds of clear thinkers. Milton is awesome.

      Thank you, Milton (wish you were still with us)and Heritage for sharing.

    14. Bill Griffin, Maryla says:

      Can we pass a law requiring the logic free zone (Capitol Hill) watch this clip, including The President. Ops, I forgot to them its not the truth only spend, spend, spend so they can keep power.

    15. Daniel, Alabama says:

      To a greater or lesser degree, greed is in every human being, Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Independent. If greed leads to being rich, then there are a lot of greedy Democrats as well as Republicans and Independents. But lets speak of greed for power. The politics of personal responsibility versus the politics of government being in control of personal lives and income. The former are less greedy than the latter.

    16. Sean, Orlando Fl says:

      He really was one of the worlds great thinkers. If he were around today I can only imagine his take on the current state of the economy.

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