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  • Cap-and-Trade vs. Carbon Tax: CO2 Crowd Breaking Ranks with President?

    In last night’s speech, President Obama remarked, “So I ask this Congress to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.”

    Today the House Committee on Ways and Means held a hearing on the scientific objectives for climate change legislation, but according to a reliable source, the hearing evolved into a debate amongst Democrats arguing on the merit of a carbon tax versus a cap-and-trade.

    Several members of the committee raised concerns over a cap-and-trade program and questioned whether a direct carbon tax may be the better option.

    Disagreement among Congressional advocates for CO2 legislation could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to regulating carbon dioxide. It will be difficult for any bill labeled a carbon tax in a recessionary environment. Despite a cap-and-trade scheme essentially acting as a tax in disguise, a number of Democrats are beginning to point out the same flaws we’ve been pointing out for years. Cap-and-trade is costly, inefficient and unpredictable. Europe’s current carbon trading debacle is perfect evidence.

    Heritage Senior Policy Analyst Ben Lieberman emphasizes that a cap-and-trade program is nothing more than a regressive tax that will raise prices and cost Americans jobs – all for little, if any, environmental gain.

    If the legislators calling for carbon cuts are beginning to call a cap-and-trade what it really is, a less predictable version of a carbon tax, there is plenty of hope Americans won’t stand for it.

    Stay tuned for updates and quotes from Members of Congress once the hearing transcripts are posted.

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    9 Responses to Cap-and-Trade vs. Carbon Tax: CO2 Crowd Breaking Ranks with President?

    1. Jason Leverette, USA says:

      ALL PEOPLES OF THE WORLD- should know this "Global Warming" monster is nothing more than a colossal hoax by the professional, policital, socialist, intellectual elite who continue their crave to rule over the the 'unlearned serfs of the world'.

    2. Thomas Gray, South C says:


    3. yvonnewittig USA says:

      Global Warming or I should say climate change is nothing but a money making scheme,Big Al has a company to sell carbon credits. He is also involved in another one to promote alternative energy. There are many scientist that have come out against this scheme,even though they are putting their careers in jeopardy. James Hansen receives a lot of money to research this enemy,he has also received a chunk from George Soros. He has to keep the mantra up of GW,or actually get a job.

    4. April McNamara, Colo says:

      I don't think that there is some vast conspiracy to clean up the environment. Some industries have been dumping toxins into our waters and lands for generations and lying about the effects.

      Time for some regulations.

      I do think that climate change is cyclical. However, we cannot underestimate the impact of our fossil fuel emissions on the environment. I want to breathe clean air. Don't you?

    5. m14brian, Ohio says:

      Change has come to America and it is in the form of outrageous taxes!!

      God Bless Commrade Obama.

    6. Sam Carana, World says:

      For more problems with global cap-and-trade, see my Open Letter to President Obama, at:

    7. Thomas Gray, South C says:

      To M14Brian, Ohio,

      Your wrong, lets do a little ' MATH ' , some forty percent and in some places more of your income is tax money you pay to the government,

      in one month our new administration is telling us they are going to spend not more than they take in for tax's but more that twice what they take in for tax's,

      and they are going to borrow as much as

      they ' want ' to do it,

      so now you must pay eighty percent of your income as tax's OR the government fails just like fanny and Freddy some time after 'Barny frank' said there's nothing wrong with fanny and Freddy.

      I would not suggest you buy any stock in toilet paper manufacturing,the gov is printing more than our country needs this very moment.

      our gov is not following a sustainable spending policy.

      another thing that's happening is all this budget BS is distracting us from facing the issue of unaffordable transportation fuel that's coming at us in the next five to ten years, and no alternative to replace oil,

      our government is wasting time and resources on our power grid that has a secure future and ignoring the coming disaster of unaffordable transportation fuel.

    8. Peter, Arlington VA says:

      "The way in which, in the end, with few exceptions, (Germany's) scholars and scientists put themselves readily at the service of the new rulers is one of the most depressing and shameful spectacles in the whole history of the rise of National Socialism. The servility of the scientists to the powers-that-be appeared early in Germany, hand in hand with the great development of state-organized science, which today is the subject of so much eulogy abroad."

      – F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

    9. Denver,CO says:

      these aren't quotes I'm looking for Co2 tax quotes! thx a lot i hate this site!

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