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  • Real Conversation or Photo-Op?

    Heritage Foundation vice president for domestic and economic policy studies Stuart Butler attended President Barack Obama’s “Fiscal Responsibility” Summit today. He reports:

    The President said he wanted the sessions to be the first step in a national conversation about how to deal with the long-term fiscal problem. If he truly intends that, this could be a good first step. Lawmakers from both parties shared their views in a respectful and courteous way, as did everyone else, and that’s progress.

    He can and should build on this by undertaking what I described as an Obama Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, modeled on the bipartisan Fiscal Tour Heritage, Brookings and the Concord Coalition have conducted over the last two years.

    If the President, with Democratic and Republican leaders, commits to doing this, and engages the American people in a real conversation about the options to fix the problem, this summit will have been the critical first step. If he doesn’t, it will have been a photo-op that merely adds to political cynicism.

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    9 Responses to Real Conversation or Photo-Op?

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      From what I gathered on this whole menagerie, it sounded more like something a school teacher would do: “Now class I want blah, blah, blah. Now break out into groups and discuss the matter and return a conclusion this afternoon.” The whole thing was, in my opinion, just an insult to the intelligence of America.

    2. Spiritof76, New Hampshire says:

      How many times we should be ensnared by the obvious trap?
      It seems like Republicans in general and Conservatives in particular have a tough time calling a spade a spade. By being congenial to a diabolical scheme will only mean further marginalization in the future.
      Oabma wants to start raising taxes on the rich, productive and small businesses. How best to achieve it without antagonizing the country? Just pretend that you are for bipartisanship solution, have these meetings and then pass a bill just doing that while claiming collective sacrifice and bipartisanship agreement over the feeble voice of opposition.
      Balance the budget by cutting spending. God only knows that our spending is out of control.

    3. ra,ohio says:

      It’s a Photo op.

      If he was serious about this economic policy, he would tell the American People what he wants the American People to do to sacrifice
      for the good of the country. (socialism).

      Oh wait….we PAY OUR TAXES.

      This guy is still campaigning, his back bench is guiding him every step of the way.

    4. JERRY PUYALLUP,WA says:

      It was a photo op,just like his recent townhall stops. This president is all about smoke and mirrors. He makes jokes of the conservatives when they comment like the socialised medicine comment .He gives only general statements about his plans and policies without details. He really said that the Republicans can contribute ideas as long as they are in agreement with the Demacrats ,if not they are just being partisan.He has no idea of his own ,because of his inexperience he's being lead by the Pelosi-Reid congress.Bush never whined about the problems he faced that were left by the previous admin.

    5. debra says:

      I know you are all saying this stuff, but so many voted for him, mostly because of the smoke and mirrors act. I didn't vote for him and never will because I knew there was something wrong with electing him. He just wants to make him self look good, he doesn't care about us. Another thing that is really upsetting me is that if I don't like what he says people call me a racist and I am simply tired of it. I am afraid that our country is pulling farther apart rather than joining together.

    6. Carol, Sheridan,OR says:

      I have not heard so much whining, bigotry, racist remarks from a President and his cabinet as I have heard from Obama and his gang, ever. This is no longer Bush's economy, it is Obama's. He knew what was happening and he wanted the Presidency anyway, so he needs to stop acting like a 10 year old and start acting like a man.

    7. Richard Bulgarelli, says:

      This was a photo op formated in such a way to make Obama look good. It was straight out of the Bill Clinton playbook. It is tough to be bi-partisan when the only altrnative is "my way or the highway, we won the election".

    8. Lady Liberty, KY says:

      President Obama called this august group of big spenders together to seek their guidance on "Fiscal Responsibility."

      In closing he should have said, "Help me out because I don't have a clue."


    9. Larry in Texas says:

      Debra you have hit the perverbial nail on the head! The Democrats proved that trumpin' the RACE CARD during the Katrina and Rita aftermath would absolutely make ANY mention of the facts based on reality a racist comment.I remember so vividly how early and how often folks were strongly urged to leave town.Somehow, the fact that all who lived in the Bowl below Sea Level were told as early as two weeks prior to landfall that this Hurricane was goin' to destroy life and property, didn't matter because they were "predominately of black background"!!It is reported that they couldn't or wouldn't board a bus bound for higher ground! So NO ONE was allowed to speak their mind on the ignorance dispayed by the Govenor of Louisianna for not "legally declaring a disaster area" and filing for FEMA aid, as "REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW", before any help can be OFFERED. Somehow it's racist to insist on a legally elected State Governor to follow the laws and protocols in place for petitioning help. It was also racist for any person to quote Andrew Jackson about how the Federal government is not in the INSURANCE BUSINESS…. "as the Congress can not pay individuals for their losses out of the Federal tax coffers collected from the people as a whole for the purpose of maintaining the Federal government". We the people are now the sole contributors to the ongoing Insurance installment plans of the Socialist Democrats.Amen. Pass the PORK CHOPS!!

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