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  • Obama Administration Transportation Policy Needs a Jump-start

    The Obama administration’s initial efforts at transportation policy are off to a rocky start. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood this morning came out in favor tracking and taxing drivers on the miles they drive instead of the amount of gas they consume. Almost immediately a spokesperson at the Transportation Department said such a system will not be part of the Obama administration’s policy, suggesting Secretary LaHood is still early on in his learning curve. Scotching this idea was right, however, because it was a bad idea to begin with.

    The vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax would fund transportation projects and increase conservation by increasing the cost of driving. It is unnecessary, however, because the gas tax already accomplishes these tasks—and is much cheaper to administer. A VMT would be expensive to implement because every car would need to be fitted with a device that both records miles driven and transmits the information to a government database. This complicated system would cost millions and raise concerns of big brother watching our every movement.

    Americans don’t like paying the gas tax, but they are sure to be even more unhappy having to deal with the administrative nightmare the VMT promises. Secretary LaHood would be better served coming up with a plan returning responsibility for transportation funding to the states where it rightly belongs.

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    11 Responses to Obama Administration Transportation Policy Needs a Jump-start

    1. severed2009, Cornwal says:

      If transportation is funded by states, highways mainly used to carry people across states without stopping in the state, would be underfunded. Each state would design and fund highways and repairs to funnel desirable traffic to in-state locations, and encourage undesirable traffic to find a different route. Perhaps the responsibility for transportation funding belonged at the state level when most states were days wide, but now it could get us an uncoordinated, inefficient mess.

      What level of government should fund (and therefore control) transportation depends on the size of the country and the level of transportation technology. Technology always changes the best way to do things, and since the Founding Fathers were not into science fiction, they did not see this as the problem it would become. So they left out of the Constitution specific instructions about how to deal with the factors — such as railroads, telegraphs, barbed wire, radio, automobiles, the Internet, guided missles, antibiotics, computers, movies, corporations, mortgage-backed securities — that would change the best way to do things.

      We have so far dealt with this mainly by creatively adding meanings to the Constitution that its authors would have never dreamed of, rather than by numerous amendments specifying that, say, radio transmissions are interstate commerce. Since we have been doing this for over two centuries, it is the traditional, conservative way of handling the question and we should continue to do it.

    2. Rob Allen, Kennedale says:

      Well thank goodness the new admin' has squashed at least new tax proposal. But if it can be found feasible to implement it I feel confident this admin' will do it.

    3. PatrickB, Florida says:

      Just a thought….

      Why not empower the people who have done the right things.

      Let 401K Money be available to Home owners to pay the GOOD Dept off. This will bolster the economy with positive results and enable the banks to offset thier bad loans….Oh yea..it wouldnt cost the taxpayers ANYTHING!!!!!!!

    4. Leo P. Indiana says:

      This is all horsehockey, a quarter cent per mile is less than the gas tax brings in now, the mileage charge will be more like .008 cents to a penny a mile. The federal gas tax is, I think, $.16 per gallon, at an average of 20 MPG that alone is .008 cents per mile. This doesn't take into consideration the tax paid on gas that evaporates in wasted idling in the eternal traffic jams we experience or fuel tax paid on gas for lawnmowers, leaf blowers etc.

      Don't loose sight that once the Ruling Elite get you to install the GPS tell all systems that those records can be subpeanoed (?) for legal cases, also if you drive the wrong area at the wrong time you can be taxed for causing congestion. Oh and Big Brother will know where you ate and where you spend the 2 hour down time you had, and include that information on your comprehensive medical records. Big Brother is here and him name is Obama!

    5. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Free people will resent anyone looking over their Shoulder! That means by any Means used

      to watch our every move!

    6. Roy G Callahan says:

      Nicely said. Thanks for saying it.

    7. Steven M. San Diego says:

      How can you take 401 Money, What do you do leave a IOU in my 401 Account.

    8. Idiots All Around Me says:

      Well at least the illegals will be good to get around that tax and anything else they may have to pay for – they get around NOT paying for medical, insurance, cable, heat, etc. – and when this admin is done the illegals will live FREE OFF of AMERICANS!! How about rescending the CUBAN handout in Florida!! It is better than welfare and an illegal is automatically made an American citizen IF they marry a Cuban on American soil!! God help us – because we truly are a 3rd world socialist republic now!!

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