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  • Homeland Security = Global Mission

    Globalization has touched every aspect of modern life. Today, not just imports, exports, and jobs, but terrorists attacks—both their planning and prevention—are international affairs.

    Some of the Saudi 9/11 hijackers plotted parts of their attacks in Hamburg, Germany as well as in Florida. Safe havens in Latin America facilitate recruiting, fundraising, and international travel for terrorists around the world.

    America’s security and anti-terrorism efforts must extend far beyond U.S. borders. Once the threat—whether human or technological—has arrived on our doorstep, it may very well be too late.

    Jena Baker McNeill and Diem Nguyen explain why the “U.S. needs strong cooperative relations with foreign countries aimed at securing global systems that connect the U.S. with the rest of the world.” Interdependency is here to stay.

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    6 Responses to Homeland Security = Global Mission

    1. Rick Josey, North Ca says:

      One of the best things we can do for homeland security is to bring our troops home from most of the countries where they are scattered. We are posting troops in many countries that are perfectly capable of, and responsible for, protecting themselves.

      Our first priority is to protect OUR borders. Bring our guys home and post them along OUR BORDER. How long will it take the idiots in Washington to stop "complicating" foreign policy issues and see the light.

      Homeland Security = securing the HOMELAND.

      The Capitol Hill elite (our intelligensia who cannot balance a budget) just don't get it.

      We need TERM LIMITS.


    2. Anthony Powell, Miss says:

      Mr Josey is right. Troops should IMMEDIATELY be brought home from around the world, saving at least $1 trillion a year. Furthermore, the Dept. of Homeland Security should be abolished. George W Bush created a bureaucratic monster when he established this needless cabinet-level department. The Department of Defense is supposed to be America's homeland security, but neocons such as Karina Rollins believes the DoD exists to police the world. The Heritage Foundation is just another cog in the military/industrial complex. Warisaracket.com

    3. Phil, NC says:

      Homeland Security should start at home. The original home land security is the 2nd amendment embrace and support it. Our government's leaders responsibility is to secure this country's border first.

    4. mike b says:

      great points made here I agree!

    5. Klaatu, Texas says:

      My friends I believe that our homeland security is in a weak position due to a 1960's ideology running out of control. MaCain’s presidential campaign slogan “Country First” was right for the GOP.

      I accept as true the Republican Party is trying and/or needs to re-establish itself with mainstream America. And I would advise the next/new GOP to stay away from the globalist/politically correct ideology:

      that everyone in the USA (citizen & non-citizen alike) aligns themselves with a different race, union and/or lobbyist group(no country, just entitlement).

      from time to time it is impressive in the US eyes to proclaim another government in the world “must be democratic” to stop terrorism or do business with (everyone knows Iraq was mostly a threat to Israel; & Colin Powel w/ others thought WMD was in Iraq before the now US occupation).

      and where everyone domestically in the US deserves a house; even bad credit risks (i.e., no doc loans, jumbo mortgages, etc.).

      Then, you add a little business & political corruption into the equation and it gets even worse. Sound familiar?

      It seems that the GOP has failed to represent conservative America. Democrats & some Republican’s ideology has gone socialist on a domestic and international level. Moreover, the dream of equality & diversity on a global level is growing every day. Hollywood likes it; however, it is unrealistic.

      We cannot even fight a war without it being politically correct. The major problem with this way of thinking is it leaves out free market solutions to put the US economy first for every citizen; much less, to defend our nation.

      The same people that insisted we elect moderates such as McCain bailed when he was finally made the front-runner for the party. They wanted to appease the left, there was no way that McCain would lose with the independent vote. Guess what, we still lost.

      The GOP has to decide where it wants to go these next four years. Maybe we are not taking about the GOP after all. Perhaps it is a grass roots campaign, a new party. A group that is “US centric” and ready to play hardball capitalism for every US citizen. A movement that uses free market solutions frequently and acts upon them.

      A country first approach to secure our borders; yet welcomes legal immigration (immigrants are a great & fantastic part of our culture)as long as we have secure borders and can account for all legal visitors in our country.

      A Government the represents the people by negotiating written contracts when dealing with other countries and/or companies to secure some US advantage/exchange (We liberated Iraq, now give us some oil).

      By the way, I still believe that George W. Bush still deserves tremendous credit for stopping numerous terrorist attempts on US soil, nearby and overseas.

      Your thoughts.

    6. Alex, Bradenton Fl says:

      I'm not sure if I am directly addressing Mr. Josey's critique, but before we begin closing down bases across the world, would it not be best to first determine whether it is in our national interest to maintain bases in strategic locations should the need arise? It is not enough to determine whether or not country X needs us there for their protection; we might need to be there for our protection.

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