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  • Morning Bell: The Largest Wasted Tax Cut in History

    Apparently the Obama Administration is not happy about how a major portion of their economic stimulus package is being covered. The Atlantic reports that the White House has been pointing out to journalists that President Barack Obama signed “one of the largest tax cuts in history.” But just because the Obama Administration calls something a tax cut, doesn’t make it so. More than a third of Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax plan goes to people who do not pay income taxes. That makes it a welfare income redistribution plan, not a tax cut. That is why, after President Obama told House Republicans he would not compromise in any way on his tax plan, he lost the entire caucus.

    But let’s set aside the fact that a third of Obama’s ‘tax cut’ is really just welfare by another name. Even the parts of it that do actually cut the income taxes of tax paying Americans are destined to fail. This is because the Obama tax cut repeats the exact same mistakes that President George Bush made. Just like Bush’s 2001 and 2008 tax cuts, Obama’s tax cut is a purely temporary cut designed to boost consumer spending. Both the 2001 and 2008 temporary Bush tax cuts failed to stimulate the economy. Heritage Foundation Vice President of Domestic and Economic Policy Studies, Stuart Butler explains why:

    There are several factors behind the failure of temporary tax holidays to stimulate economic recovery. One reason is that even if the key to future growth was to increase household spending, a tax holiday will not prompt the necessary splurge.

    Another reason … is that a family considering a significant increase in spending, or an investor contemplating a new business venture or expansion, thinks about the long term, not the next few months.

    The only way fiscal policy can change this spending or investing inertia is to improve the prospects for future after-tax income from earnings or from capital investment. The kinds of tax reductions that do that are not short-term rebates or holidays but long-term tax rate reductions that are, as former Treasury official John Taylor recently wrote, “permanent, pervasive and predictable.

    The $116 billion wasted by Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax cuts are neither permanent, pervasive, nor predictable. American workers will only receive between $8 to $14 a week more in each paycheck, and the actual size of the boost will not be known until the Internal Revenue Service releases new tax tables for employers to adjust their payrolls. Worse, since the tax rebates are phased out at higher incomes levels, the plan also raises marginal tax rates on some of the most-productive people in the world.

    With about a third of the $787 billion economic stimulus package devoted to tax cuts that have no hope of stimulating the economy, it should come as no surprise that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he “wouldn’t foreclose” on the possibility that the Obama Administration would come back to Congress asking for yet more deficit spending stimulus in the near future.

    Quick Hits:

    • After more than doubling the size of the deficit in just one month, President Barack Obama will host a “fiscal responsibility summit” some time next week.
    • President Obama will announce a $50 billion foreclosure prevention program in Arizona today.
    • General Motors Corp. and Chrysler said Tuesday that they needed nearly $22 billion more in government loans to avoid financial ruin.
    • The Texas financier accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday of “massive ongoing fraud” was a generous political donor who gave mostly to Democrats.
    • Three Democrats; Reps. Rep. Peter Visclosky (D-IN), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-FL) gave back campaign donations listed as coming from employees of a major lobbying firm that is under federal investigation.
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    42 Responses to Morning Bell: The Largest Wasted Tax Cut in History

    1. Mark Y Durango,Co says:

      Welfare,welfare,and more welfare. Obama is just paying for the votes he received.If you notice who and what projects are getting stimulus money, it is the same people who donated to his campaign. He is also buying future votes.He is'nt smart enough to even disguise what he is doing.

    2. Denise from Kentucky says:

      Here are 13 tax cuts that would definitely stimulate the economy.


      Tax Cut & Incentive Plan

      1. First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $15,000

      2. Second-Time to Fifth-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $7,500

      3. New Car Purchase Tax Credit of $3,000

      4. Suspension of Federal Payroll Taxes, Social Security, and Medicare for 6 Months

      5. Stimulus Payment to Taxpayers with Federal Tax Withheld in 2008 of $1500

      6. Elimination of Capital Gains Tax

      7. Across the Board Reduction of All Current Federal Tax Rates by 5%

      8. Small Business Tax Credits of $5,000 for Every New Employee Hired in 2009

      9. Tax Credit Equal to Total Individual Out-of-Pocket Health Insurance Costs

      10. Eliminate Medical Expense Limitation from 7.5% to 0% of Adjusted Gross Income

      11. Eliminate Miscellaneous Expense Limitation from 2% to 0% of Adjusted Gross Income

      12. Reduce Business Tax Rate to 10%

      13. Eliminate the Death Tax

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Call it more of a heavy filtering of tax revenue. The exchange rate on worker's earned income is to the demagogic party's redistribution advantage.

    4. W. Ray, Lousville, K says:

      Call it a tax cut or stimulus package. Do the rich corporations and republicans raise as much hell when they are giving out or accepting corporate welfare packages in stimulus incentives that will never be paid back? I don't think so! This has been going on for years! The republicans always want to call it something different when they are on the receiving end. All in all it is still taking money from the people that they don't deserve.

    5. Jim Baio, Half Moon says:

      Heritage Foundation,

      Have you analyzed the impact of the so-call tax cut that is really a reduction on FICA taxes on the social security fund? It would seem that we are borrowing (again) from Peter to pay Paul.

    6. David Bundy, Whiteho says:

      Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. By signing the give away stimulus bill, Obama has just spit into the face of everyone that has served or died defending the freedoms of this nation.

      Our new government will soon be taking everything you earn and giving it to the welfare states that elected him.

      I think it is time for term limits on senators.

      Disgusted American Citizen

    7. Brian Milwaukee, W says:

      When are people going to stop analyzing this spending plan and start calling it what it is – a giant scam!

    8. OSCAR says:

      Just call us South American light…..:(

    9. Pat Ross Evansville says:

      How can we stop this madness. Why do people talk about the times back in the Carter Admin but never mention him just the period. I remember it and it was awful. I thought he was the worst president next FDR. Also, about unions, have you ever notice they are wanting money and benefits but are the laziest people I have ever meant. EX teaches, Why can our catholic schools do it

      alot cheaper and have higher SAT and graduates. Why do people feel that we owe them something. Our nation is so lazy it makes

      me sick. About unions, I have people who have told me that when

      they were in school (college) and working a union job, they were told not to work to hard, it makes the others look bad. All I can say is WOW.

    10. J.C.Hughes, Texas says:

      Allow me to clarify my earlier response. The demagogic party's redistribution is better known as misappropriation. But then again, this is the leftists' "dream team" that can do no wrong.

    11. michael hutchings says:











    12. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The entire bill is simply what we said last year, it is not a "Stimulus Bill" but a "Redistribution of Wealth Bill" that the Left has been working on for years. The Left does not want successful people (aka "the rich") or successful corporations. Even though many people in this Country seem to forget, it is the rich and successful businesses/corporations that EMPLOYEE people! It is the workers (employed by successful businesses/corporations) that are paying taxes and helping to keep the whole system going.

      But it is not the working man that pays the majority of the taxes. It is the terrible, rich and the successful businesses/corporations that pay the brunt of the taxes in this Country. Yet they are constantly pummeled by the Left as being the "rotten, uncaring, so-and-so's". It is amazing how the Left has distorted the People's image of success.

      The Left rewards the UNSUCCESSFUL and the deadbeats. They say they are for the poor, but the real poor Americans don't stand a chance from any of the policies of the Left. The Left has been waging The War Against Poverty since the 1930's. Why hasn't this War been won yet? Because the poor were always the "strength" of the Left. If they eliminated poverty and everyone was well off, who would vote for the Left, the rich?

    13. Mary, Wisconsin. USA says:

      A real tax cut would allow us to spend our money where "we the people" want to: cars, clothes, boats, luxury items, donate to charities of our choice, church, etc.

      No wonder people are looking at hiding their assets so the government can't get it!

      Maybe we should look at how Alaska is seeming to remain successful.

      Welfare is putting us further in debt.

    14. Ken in Texas says:

      After 24 years of military service, I can not believe representatives in our government are still giving aways information to reporters.

      Our young combat troops and our allies have it hard enough without these blabber mouths giving aid to the enemy.

      I know for a fact, those holds a government clearance has to sign the secrets act.

      These representatives need to be fired, clearance removed, tried sent to prison. Even the fact that we are sending more troops into combat is privileged information.

      This in called troop movement information, that enemies do not need to know. Mr President, Congressmen, and Senators this will get our people killed. Because the enemy will be better prepared thanks to you and the media that print these utterances from loose lips.

      The Enemy Watches TV Too!

    15. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      It has become apparent that we have 536 criminals in the region known as "the Beltway". These employees of the people have just stolen the wealth of the middle class, whom by the way are the people who built this nation with their blood, sweat, tears; their triumphs and their tragidies. Marxism has raised its ugly head in our nation to such an extreme that it no longer hides in the fine print of judges decisions and on page 1000 of legislation: it is now lauded on the front pages of our papers and on the screens of our televisions and computers. The freedom of speech and our right to defend our homes and families will be the next targets. We will soon be told what cars we can have, what homes we can have and how much "government education" we can have based on I.Q. and behavioral testing, and finally what rations of food and medcine we can have based on our "value to the state". Communism has come to America.

    16. Christopher Ppham Sm says:

      Denise from Kentucky. Your 13 'tax cut' ideas are

      wonderful; however, do you have any idea how long

      it would take Congress to implement such sweeping

      measures? Too long. We need immediate relief and

      stimulus now.

      If Mr. Geitner is willing to give $2 trillion to

      bail out his banking friends, then why not a direct payment of $5000.00 to thirty million of the most needy households in America.

      30 X $5000.00 = $1.5 trillion.

      Now that, to many people, would be an immediate

      stimulus to our economy, and it would still leave

      $500 billion left over for the most deserving banks. I have been recommending such a 'stimulus

      package' for 6 months and it has been widely

      discussed on the Internet.

    17. Andrew Luck - Phoeni says:

      The messiah Obama can do it all now he has become a record producer and midget NBA player. He has lived up to his campaign promises of bi partisan politics (we won you lost), transparent government (all bills will be posted on the internet 5 days before it hits his desk?) and let's see this was an emergency "Pork Stimulus Bill" written by Queen Pelosi and Czar Reid (no Presidential input) which produced tons of paper work to Congress on Friday and needed a vote by Saturday. I know everyone including the Messiah read all 1,400 pages in 15 hours before casting a vote or approval. I know it had to be an emergency or why else would Queen Pelosi and 7 other Congressional members fly off to Italy on our taxpayers dollars on Saturday and the Messiah to Chicago, on our tax payer dollars, for a haircut and midget NBA basketball game on Saturday then off to Denver to sign this EMERGENCY "PORK STIMULUS BILL" on Tuesday, again on tax payer dollars, and then to Mesa Arizona, again on tax payer dollars, on Weds. I know what it is like to go to your own barber as I am black also and live in Phoenix however I will be as far away from Mesa on Weds. as possible. Messiah you have broken 7 campaign promises already I wonder what else you have in store and it is amazing how many Americans will not call you out on your flip/flop decisions? Feel free to invite me to Mesa on Weds and allow me to ask you some "REAL QUESTIONS" instead of the softball lobs the Press core gives you. You my friend free to respond to andrewluck@hotmail.com. Messiah please be aware I am also an eloquent speaker the difference is I do know the facts from rhetoric. I love the way you were backed up by your statement by the CEO of Caterpillar when you said this stimulus package will allow him to rehire some of the 2,200 that had been laid off? I truly do not believe you would like me to ask you questions on live TV. Oback, my friend, this is called the dozens and I do play it well and will freely point out your lack of experience and horrible prior voting records and I DO know the issues. You feel most comfortable on the road giving canned speeches and stay away from the Presidential duties and allocate them to the Queen and Czar and this is leadership? I wish you had one tenth the integrity and leadership as W. At least he made his own decisions and lived by them and did was not worried about polls. Hope to hear from you soon. Andrew – Phoenix.

      7 Broken Promises in Record Time

      1. Make government open and transparent.

      2. Make it "impossible" for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.

      3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. (Even Congressional Republicans shut out.)

      4. No more secrecy.

      5. Public will have 5 days to look at a bill.

      6. You’ll know what’s in it.

      7. We will put every pork barrel project online.

      Funny, but not one of Mr. Obama’s promises was met with the most expensive spending bill in our nation’s history

    18. kent, Virginia says:

      Verbal prestidigitation. Oral obscuration. Call it what you will, dress it up fancy with a slick speaker like Obama, what you still wind up with is a flimflam of the first magnitude. Most Congresspeople–whether they voted for or against that monstrosity–were not given time enough to read it. Pure Fascist Left tactics. We won't know for days, even weeks, how badly American taxpayers have been duped. Billions handed out to those living off the labor of others. Billions given to cronies and campaign contributors. Billions taken from the pockets of future generations. This is a blatant betrayal of the Public Trust. Call it what you will, it's the same old lies and deception from the Fascisti. I hope there are still a few real journalists out there that are tired of the media fawning all over that empty suit in the white house and are willing to call this hoax perpetrated on America exactly what it is–deceit and guile!

      Unchecked, Obama could do a great deal of damage to the social and political fabric of our nation over the next four years. We need more NO votes in Congress in 2010!

      Time to demand term limits for all elected public servants and kick out the career politicians. They see themselves as the Ruling Class and will continue to abuse their power.

    19. rebecca kaminski says:

      Jefferson may have said "Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism," however, isn't that a wee out of the pragmatic bounds of constructiveness at the moment? Is it truly helping our current economic situation? (Sound of crickets)

      I'm so thankful to my Lord and Savior for President Obama and for the democratic majority having his back. It's a house NOT divided for the current critical bridge of necessary helm.

      It's really okay for you to descend upon me/my comment with the barrage of comments accusing me of not being 'American' and being an ignorant lazy leftist Socialist. That is, IF this comment gets 'approved'. It just felt healing to write my heart.

    20. Fred A. Van Peski. D says:

      I at least read the bill before commenting on it, yet the people that signed it did so without extending us the courtesy of having read it first. This in it's self raises the question, Just what are we paying these people for? Their arrogance perhaps? This so called bill can best be described as a methodology; They purposely misdiagnose a problem, in order to justify the exhorbitant cost of the prescription, while furnishing us with a prognosis of their misdiagnosis.

    21. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The dems are all about talking a good storey, but when push comes to shove they fold like a deck of cards. Obama keeps talking like this deal is better than the "new deal" of the 30's. well he like FDR will learn what makes this country go. We only got out of the "great depression" when World War 11 come along. Jobs were there, payroll was generated and with this payroll taxes were paid. IS THIS WHAT IT WILL TAKE THIS TIME????I hope the answer is no, the American people have become a society of pacifist, or better yaet an instant society. We want what we want now, not 2 minutes from now.I remember when we all worked for our needs, and manage to have some of our wants. I think this time will come again, but with a lot of pain and suffering for all.

    22. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      DO most, some, any of this forum read past Conn Carroll's push figures and rhetoric.

      It was interesting to read who some of the most productive people in the world were. Here is his link a.k.a "Worse, since the tax rebates are phased out at higher incomes levels, the plan also raises marginal tax rates on some of the most-productive people in the world.

      I would add a question here. Just what you folks think the income figures are for the select group Conn refers to.

      of productive people are??


      Worse, since the tax rebates are phased out at higher incomes levels, the plan also raises marginal tax rates on some of the most-productive people in the world.

      What is really interesting are the comments to that article by David Henderson.

      I am entertained by the comments on this page. I also find the author entertaining but in a much different style.

      At least he provides the source of his push statistics so those who are trying to stay in tune and informed can see he is babbling.

      Yes the enemy may read TV and it may well read internet ranting in which case it sees the divide instilled by the HF, the hate expressed by it's subscribers and the means by which to deepen the divide.

    23. Frank, New Mexico says:

      I seem to remember during the campaign Michelle Obama said of bush's tax cut of 13.00 per pay check, "What will you do with that, buy a tube of lipstick?" Well that's what the tax cut is for the average working person out here. So I guess they can buy a lipstick every week to stimulate the economy.

      They don't even offer a generic alternative Fred.

    24. ra,ohio says:

      I put this website on another thread, but here we go again,


      check it out, it will astound you.

      keep in mind, the founders of this country set the states up to be independent entities. The feds should have NO influence in determining how the states run their own finances.

      This government is determined to make the states dependent on the fed, and they won't stop until they do.

      When California cannot manage their own finances, and Alaska has many BILLIONS of dollars in the bank, there is TOO MUCH SPENDING IN CALIFORNIA, OHIO, and many other states

      The sad thing is, we (US) are going to have to bail out the states that can't comprehend basic financial responsibility.

    25. Mike, The South says:

      The CBO has evaluated the cost of this bill vs. the cost of doing nothing. If we do nothing, then we will be better off than if we had passed the porkulous bill. Yet, Obama said that the sky was falling if we didn't pass the bill; now that the bill is passed, the stimulus will take some time to happen. I've said it before and I'll say it again — Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

    26. kent, Virginia says:

      President Obama's "Making workers pay" plan has been in the works for years. Now, in the guise of a 'stimulus package' he has rammed the largest welfare package, campaign contributor reward package, and government takeover of private industry package in our history through our Congress. It was done in such haste they couldn't even read the whole thing!

      Please, if there are any investigative journalists left in America, could you look into these facts and find a way to connect the dots: Obama trained Acorn personnel in Chicago. Acorn helped Obama get elected to the state, then federal senate. Acorn is cited again and again in state after state for voter fraud. Acorn is a mega-corporation that specializes in programs registering inner city people to vote. Many inner city people are on welfare. All inner city people on welfare just got a BIG raise because one third of the 'stimulus package' gives money to people who already do not pay taxes. President Obama is paying millions to a phalanx of lawyers to block suits and avoid release of his complete birth certificate. Ask Alan Keyes about their tactics. What is Obama hiding? What is his real agenda?

    27. Bob R, Geologist, Tu says:

      The American Dream has morphed into a nightmare begun just last January 20th. The responsible: otherworldly academics, irresponsible news media, under educated and/or experienced young people and the entertainment industry of La La Land.

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    29. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Why do Liberals always promote taxing what they want to curb?

      Tax cigarettes, booze and successful people. That will get rid of all these reprobates and those fat cats who are bleeding all the real people.

      How about taxing poverty, that should really get rid of poor people.

      If I'm making 10 dollars and my tax rate is 50% and the tax rate for 20 dollars is 30% I think I would really work hard to get to 20 dollars or try to cheat on my tax return to get me to that lower tax bracket than to hide income to get to a lower bracket.

      Keep rewarding failure and penalizing success and you will guarantee failure.

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    31. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Whatever happened to the pivotal preeminence and destructiveness of the monster called "massive government deficit spending", which both Democrat and Republican politicians correctly identified as pivotally and preeminently destructive, and even variously called "unconscionably unjust and unfair to impose upon current and subsequent generations"?

      Indeed, whatever happened to how criminally, unjustifiably, and unconscionably irresponsible and unfair it is to subject current and subsequent generations to the costs and consequences of such massive, and massively increasing, government deficit spending?

      Ah the wonders of the government elitist Left, and their "Progressive" accomplices in academia, the media, and elsewhere, as they now vainly attempt to make it not so through such as their attempts to bury it as such an issue since that now suits them and their Marxist Left government elitist money and power-grabbing agenda.

    32. Mike, Hickory, North says:

      I don't know how my response got under the name of "Wallyblue, Zion, IL", but I'll now try again to submit my response to the article above.

      Whatever happened to the pivotal preeminence and destructiveness of the monster called "massive government deficit spending", which both Democrat and Republican politicians correctly identified as pivotally and preeminently destructive, and even variously called "unconscionably unjust and unfair to impose upon current and subsequent generations"?

      Indeed, whatever happened to how criminally, unjustifiably, and unconscionably irresponsible and unfair it is to subject current and subsequent generations to the costs and consequences of such massive, and massively increasing, government deficit spending?

      Ah the wonders of the government elitist Left, and their "Progressive" accomplices in academia, the media, and elsewhere, as they now vainly attempt to make it not so through such as their attempts to bury it as such an issue since that now suits them and their Marxist Left government elitist money and power-grabbing agenda.

    33. Elmo A. Blubaugh, Sp says:

      I want make a few comments about your Morning Bell Commentary. The 2001 tax cuts that Prsident Bush enacted are due to expire in 2011, ( Morning Bell, 1/26/09). With ten years to plan and execute new investments, I would not call the 2001 tax cuts "Tax Holidays"!

      I believe the citizens of this country are going to have to demand a cap on the spending and borrowing by the Federal Government, which is tied to a Constitutional admendment, which stipulates one and only tax and for a certain percentage. Requiring the Federal government to live within their means and if they need more money then they would be motivated to see to us all earning more money. I know this sounds like a pipe dream, but the topic of taxes and tax change must be taken out of the realm of politics and political "promises" on the campaign trail.

      Now where will I spend all of that money( 8 to 13 dollars)with my paycheck, assuming that I find another job.


    34. H L PUCKETT VA. says:


    35. John E Rosina, Borde says:

      Sooooo. I guess bailing out the wealthy bankers and Corporations is NOT a waste of our Taxes.

      Wow. I get really upset over huge amounts of my money going to Corporate Welfare and others among us rail against welfare for the poor.

      I think I now understand.

      Reagans Tax cuts largely failed and that is swept aside. Obama's tax cut, for which NO authority or jury is in yet, unless you want to trot out Mr Greenspan again, is prejudged a failure.

      I think I get this one also. It's the age old HAVES against the HAVE NOTS. The fact Working Class Americans have seen their real income shrink since 1976 while the upper 10% have prospered far beyond even the Corporate Barons of the Gilded Age speaks for itself. The jury is in on that one.

      It is a fact that an economically healthy working class drives a robust economy by way of greater expendable income. Conversely, the robust Wall Street and Corporate income levels appear not to help our economy all that much! In fact it appears to strip mine our National Economy

      I suggest Global Capitalism is an out of control roller coaster fueled by our once healthy American Economy to the point of our own demise.

      George H W Bush proclaimed in 1991 "A New World Order". I say "World Chaos" is more like it.

      Not one person has ever explained how to usurp this planets wealth while maintaining a strong America. And no World domination by one country lasts forever. It ends when a nation can no longer afford or fund it's military. Any study of History points this out over and over and over.

      Bicker on!!!

    36. Mayme Trumble, NY says:

      My son called me thrilled that he will get back money from his part time college job. He graduates this spring and wants to buy clothes to interview for jobs. Not a lot of stimulation for the economy but a tiny, tiny bit.

      I'm happy for him! I support the stimulus, it sure beats the way Bush stimulated his economy–with a war.

    37. Mayme Trumble, NY says:

      When I click on your email article "The Texas financier accused by Securities and Exchange…." this is where it takes me. "Medicare Blow to Virtual Colonoscopies"

      Is this on purpose or just a mistake?

      Exactly how much did he give to Republicans and Democrats? I heard he gave $100,000 to Bush's inaugural ceremony.

    38. Rob, Springfield,VA. says:

      This man is in waaaay over his head and that is evident by his cabinet choices (their conduct would land the rest of us in jail)and his TOTAL lack of understanding of economics OR of history when it comes to economics. His plan is neither a stimulus plan or a recovery plan; in fact, the country may not survive his "stimulus". Does no one notice that every time obama or one of his many gurus opens their mouths the stock market plunges?!

      Hussein, old buddy, this has been tried before and the result will be the same if we don't get rid of this lot the next election — check the history books on the Soviet Union and their centralized economy, health-care system, and 5-year plans… Also, the majority of this travesty does nothing more than pay off the people that greased your way into the White House and I don't want my grandchildren paying for THAT mistake.

    39. Scott Kewer, New Jer says:

      The working man is paying for this. Obama has increased welfare, food stamps and unemployment benefits to a part of society that thrive on this. In Patterson, New Jersey, the State was cutting subsidized renting. The news paper interviewed a women (race not mentioned), that complained that she couldn't afford this and that she has raised three children now ages 17, 14, 12 in her house by herself and never had a job before for the last 19 years. She does not understand english very well and will have difficulty with this cut.

      This is Pathetic!!

      I grew up poor, hungry and cold or hot most of my childhood. My Dad grew up poor and was a Korean War Veteran. He worked sometimes 3 jobs to pay the rent and feed me and my 4 brothers. He was too proud to collect food stamps and free stuff. So we went "WITHOUT." This is something the liberals think no one should have to do, live without.

      We have a, "Right to the pursuit of happiness," not a "Right to hapiness." Obama said, he thinks everyone has a right to live the American dream and it is the governments responsibility that everyone has access to that dream. Not a pursuit but a right. I was taught, do not expect handouts, and to succeed you have to work hard and make sacrifices early in life if you want the rewards.

      It is sickening what is happening!!!

      Conservatism is the only way we will survive!!!

      Scott Kewer

    40. Sam Nadeau, Virginia says:

      There are thousands of Americans that are unhappy with the Obama admin and the Democrats in Congress (plus 3 Republicans), right? So what can we do about it?

      I think it's time we got organized and marched on the Capitol of every state and Washington, DC. The 4th of July 2009 sounds like a good day for the 1st Annual March for America event and should continue every 4th of July until the Democrats (and Republicans who vote for any socialist leaning programs or restructuring of America) are voted out of office. A new political party should be formed and should be based on saving the values of America as established by our founding Fathers and the Constitution.

      Unfortuantly, there are more Americans that don't know about Conservative Talk Radio, the Heritage Foundation, etc. because they don't go looking for sources of information beyond what they've grown up with (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.). How do we reach them? Mass mailings, buying advertising space in the main stream media.

      Also, it's time Congress had term limits established to prevent the abuse of their power. After all, serving in Congress is an honor that should never be abused.

      Oh, and I don't know if any of you out there have noticed yet…but the push for Obama's MANDATORY COMMUNITY SERVICE has begun (he wants Americans to volunteer for one year of unpaid community service). The ads for community service have begun appearing on TV. I haven't been able to get a copy of the stimulus bill yet, but I'm wondering if it isn't tucked in there somewhere. I believe in VOLUNTARY community service for anyone who wants to volunteer. I believe in MANDATORY COMMUNITY SERVICE for everyone receiving public assistance. I also believe in drug testing for everyone receiving public assistance. Especially since I had to take drug tests while employed in certain jobs in order to earn a salary and pay taxes. And since those on public assistance are bascialy receiving benefits based on my earnings the drug testing should be extended to them!

    41. christopher g scott says:

      what happened to statesmenship in this country ? we need leadership not politics that promote oneself over another. country first matters, at least it should. our constitution means something its more than words. our founding fathers were true statesmen of profound proportions.they wanted the people to have the power and freedom is power, we have the power of the vote LET YOUR SO CALLED LEADERS KNOW THAT YOUR WATCHING AND LISTENING AND THAT YOU VOTE !!! AND AS ALWAYS THANK A VET AND THERE FAMILIES BECAUSE THEY TRULY KNOW THE SACRIFICES OF FREEDOM

    42. b.j. lubbock,tx says:

      amen..limits on terms in washington should have been set when terms of the president were set…they start out…half way honest then greed sets in…old book by bobby baker has some great remarks about the senate and congree…and the amount of dishonesty in washington…as well as many states..obama said what he needed to get elected by the welfare states..now he is having to back down and apologize…for some of his statements….lets have a vote on this stimulus..last night news says majority of the stimulus money was borrowed from china…is that who is going to run our country soon???

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