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  • Don’t Ditch Winston


    The London Telegraph reports that Barack Obama has returned a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the British government. The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein would be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, if it were sold on the open market. It was loaned by the British Government to President Bush after the 9/11 attacks as a gesture of solidarity. Obama turned down a British offer to continue the loan. A bust of Abraham Lincoln now occupies pride of place in the Oval Office.

    Obama’s affection for Lincoln – the founder of the Republican Party – is not unworthy, though it is curious. After all, the 16th President combined a limited view of the powers of central government with an expansive view of the wartime powers of the Presidency, which was how he ultimately justified issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Lincoln was also an eloquent exponent of the view that nations had to live up to basic standards to merit international recognition, and he publicly expressed the hope that the U.S. and Britain would enjoy perpetual “peace and friendship.” Worthy beliefs all, and all today eminently conservative. There is no evidence that Obama, having just expelled the symbol of that friendship, understands any of these ironies.

    Obama has the right to decorate his office as he pleases, though it’s astonishing that this free-spending government is not big enough to accommodate Epstein’s masterpiece. The fact that Churchill was for decades a leading member of the Liberal Party and a founder of a limited British welfare state apparently carries as little weight with Obama as his support of the Special Relationship.

    But if Obama’s instincts as an interior decorator are indicative of his substantive policies, there’s trouble ahead. Simply put, Britain is the U.S.’s indispensable ally, and has been so for three generations. And the Special Relationship is not a matter of sentiment. Quite apart from the trading and intelligence ties that bind them, British and American forces are fighting side by side in Afghanistan, a war that Obama has repeatedly endorsed.

    Yet he has never said a good word about the Anglo-American alliance, while he has gone out of his way, both during the campaign and after his victory, to extend an “open hand” to states like Iran. This is perverse: Iran is a tyranny and an acknowledged supporter of terrorism. This policy of keeping your enemies close while disavowing your friends will result only in a weaker United States. It is, in fact, exactly the policy that Churchill warned against in the 1930s. Perhaps that is why he was exiled from the Oval Office: he is an uncomfortable reminder of truths the administration appears eager to forget.

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    14 Responses to Don’t Ditch Winston

    1. John Galt says:

      Maybe he should have a giant statue of a very fat pig with 300,000,000 teet…

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Couldn't President Obama have moved Sir Winston Churchill's bust to the other side of the room? Or better yet, couldn't the two busts have co-existed? So, to feed the President's infatuation with President Lincoln, President Obama slaps our best Ally in the face! I wouldn't blame the British for telling us to "kiss off" the next time we need them.

      This infatuation with President Lincoln is getting a but eerie. President Obama seems to think that he IS President Lincoln (not in my opinion) and whatever he does will be accepted. It takes more than an infatuation to be like President Lincoln and President Obama doesn't come close!

    3. Dr. Linda Lake says:

      I think it is an insult to Abraham Lincoln for Obama to compare himself in any way to him. Obama is too young to really understand history. And he is too ignorant to understand how insulting it is to the Brits to return the Churchill bust. As my husband and I were told by a Canadian antique shop merchant while we were in Quebec City, "your country is going down." I am sad to say he appears to have been just too right in his comment.

    4. John - PA says:

      While this is truly disturbing – I think this is the least of our worries! However, this gesture should tell you how he really feels. Dr. Linda – I fear what the Canadian told you was true. I am very afraid for our country – I think the fox is in the hen house in the middle of night while we sleep! When is America going to wake up??? When it does, what will it do??? I hope more than talk.

    5. Charles Stefan, Kear says:

      I believe the Lincoln thing is a cover for Obama. Maybe he can't accept that Lincoln set the slaves free and that gnaws on him because he prefers to hold on to a victim complex for political power. Not surprised by Obama rejecting Churchill. Churchill represents European culture. I see signs Obama can't hide his Muslim background. And, whatever Obama says he seems to do the opposite in his actions. Right now the cover is he opposes a return to the "Fairness Doctrine". I would wager he wouldn't fight very hard if Congress passed a bill to restore it and he signed it. He would have Congress' cover.

    6. david miller ca. says:

      Doesn't surprise me,shows how little he knows of manners or the close relationship of our two countries.In short the man is a clod.

    7. mark elder, texarkan says:

      Obamas infatuation with Abraham Lincoln is a gimmick Obama I feel is trying more to change history and make Abraham Lincoln more like him. Michael Jackson has had an infatuation with Diana Ross for years and look what a sick freak he has turned himself into.

      The best lies are often laced with elements of truth, while he hides behind a great and virtuous leader such as was Abraham Lincoln he uses that as cover to promote his marxist agenda.

      It is funny Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and and now Obama a disgracfully shameful person that claims he admires Lincoln wants to be the very one that enslaves the people. But in what ever case Abraham lincoln freed the slaves at a great cost and for the right reasons and Obama wants to enslave the people at a tremendous cost for all of the wrong reasons and I am afraid the same exchange of historical currrency is not long in coming.

      As for the Churchill bust I think that is very akin to coming home to your wife after thirty years and returning the ring she purchased you on your wedding day by throwing it down in front of her stepping on it and telling her to take it out of your sight and proclaiming, "IT has never meant a darn thing to me nor have you."

      Obama is a monster! Mark Elder Texarkana TEXAS

    8. Loyd Reddig, Weather says:

      What do you expect from the person the lemmings have branded as the most intelligent president ever? This past election has shown the ignorance of generation X. Whatever it was they were trying to accomplish will go down as the the most pivital step backward for our Republic. My hope is we will rise from this moment with a deeper respect for our freedom. Know this, if we let these freedoms vanish, they will not return.

    9. Jim - Utah says:

      As I look at most of the comments, they are from the conservative groups that read and follow the Heritage Foundation. I get more upset by the minute and wonder how long I can give this new guy the benefit of doubt! I am just about there, and it is only 29 days into his presidency. What are the next 35 months/ 1 day going to bring us? If we stand by a wait, it will bring us lost freedoms and agony we can only imagine. Time for the Patriots out there to stand up and be counted.

    10. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Mr. Obama showed a glimpse of his true philosophical leaning as a black liberation theologian when he sent the bust to Britain as it represented Euro-centrism that he intensely loathes.

      His affinity to Abraham Lincoln is shaped by his imagination that our country is now facing the economic cleavage as Lincoln faced civil war prospect. That is why, day in and day out, he declares that our country is in economic catastrophe. He has not uttered one optimistic note about it. Crisis allows him to assume warlike powers. He can suspend habeas Corpus like Lincoln did because of the presence of economic crisis. That would allow him to confiscate property and Constitutional rights mcuh like Chavez of Venezuela.

      Mr. Obama will probably adore a bust of Stalin!

    11. Dave McDuffie says:

      Mr Obama, time for you to act like Lincoln and free the slaves! Yes, now its YOUR turn to do what is right and free the slaves…the slave taxpayers that is! The ones who actually WORK and then have the politicians swoop in and steal their hard earned money away from them and their families, only to line their own pockets and give money to the lazy, just for their vote. People who do not work, people who do not contribute people who are not citizens should not have a right to vote! Does a blind person have a right to drive a car for God's sake! Why hell, lets just employ the blind as bus drivers! Thats the liberal way! Uh oh, I might be arrested for referring to God! Folks, your staying at home rather than voting has gotten us into some very deep doodoo! Even if we wipe it off, the smell will linger for a long time. So you just go ahead and sit on your lazy ass and let someone else fight for you!

    12. Andrew1218, NY says:

      If I were reading a novel about the return of Sir Winston's bust, then I would say it was foreshadowing of what will occur in the future between the US and Britain while this president sits in the oval office. It does not bode well for any of us. If it is any consolation to our friends across the pond, Obama has shown similar respect for a document called the US Constitution, as well as the principles of our Fonding Fathers. Please accept my humble apologies on behalf this person, and send my regards to another stand up former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

    13. Richard H. Kennedy says:

      Excellent Right on

    14. mark elder, texarkan says:

      As limbaugh said the pulse of revolution has began. And it is there to see with rallies that the liberal media will not show. There are surmounting protesters showing up at check points on the border, cooking pigs in Denver to protest Obama as he passes by and crowds gathering in Arizona to protest the same. Stock market executives protesting the administration, a reporter threatening a Boston tea party in Chicago and calling Obama out. USA bank chairman along with Wells fargo chairman protesting Washington and exposing the truth about what actually happened with the bailout and treasury.

      Gangs of people are forming on both sides of the isle acorn is now claiming they will resort to civil disobedience in Houston if any sheriffs deputies try and serve eviction notices to dead beats that will not pay their mortgages.

      Canadians may say that America is going down but people said that when Carter was president and then came Reagan. And yes 'a house divided can not stand 'But we were divided once before and we stood.

      One thing I cant stand to hear is for people to moan and groan about what is happening and do nothing or just stand to the side and expect someone else to do something. Call your friends set up a meeting, rally starts with great minds and a fiery motivation be it within a living room around a water cooler at work or in a car en route to a destination.

      What if our founding fathers would have only complained or said all is lost? What if Thomas Payne had not written his pamplets underground while hiding from British intelligence? What if he had said 'They have beat us I will not write, "Common Sense " or the "Rights of Man. I will not risk my life for posterities sake." The spark of freedom starts in the crucible.

      Think of the insurmountable pressures George Washington faced with his rag tag team of militia men and how he held them together with iron will and the love of freedom and the bands of strength that the Almighty provided. Is God still alive in our lives today? Has He not provided us with the resources to win this!? Then we will win! If He is dead in our lives we are surly destined to lose! Is victory alive in your heart, is freedom a yearning?

      The Canadian can keep his opinion I appreciate that he thinks its sad but we will win! The reason Canada is in the shape they are in is that too many of them lost the will to fight or allowed the ability to fight to be stripped away! God appears to have been kicked out of Canada altogether yet He has not been totally kicked out of America. Remember it is always darkest before the dawn so lift up your chin and FIGHT back! Get on your knees and Pray for freedom get organized! Use your resourceful God given talents and be creative. When you hear people talking about the hard times befalling us then is the time to be an oracle of truth. When the steel is glowing forge it! I am very outspoken I dont care who I offend I try and be tactful but I am none the less out spoken. If the truth hurts then tell them to "get over it!" Benjamin Franklin said that "the sting in a rebuke is usually the truth"

      The fox may be in the hen house and he will do damage but I prefer to say the gang of murderers are in the house about to axe us and our families after they makes us help them tie the hands of our household and watch them rob, rape and destroy the inhabitants and any sense of pride, freedom or dignity any of us may have had left. A little more alarming and a little more accurate than foxes and hens dont you think? Are you ready to complain or defend?

      We will defeat them one way or the other voter revolution first and if that fails,,, LOOK OUT!…

      As Toby Kieth said, "this big dog will bite when you rattle his cage." I am not going down without a fight! I suggest you get the same feelings.

      One last thing Obama not only slapped Brittan in the face by sending back ChurchHill but he also told America "that your long lived and love and honored alliances and the things you hold noble are rubbish in my sight." He says "it will be out with the old and in with the new."

      Mark Elder

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