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  • Does Obama Oppose the Fairness Doctrine?

    If so, give credit where credit is due. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt told FOXNews.com,

    As the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.”

    The full story is here.

    For very good analysis of The Fairness Doctrine, see here and here.

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    23 Responses to Does Obama Oppose the Fairness Doctrine?

    1. chris so.cal says:

      i cant believe it, every day i watch as this country being taken into a direction that would make our founding fathers roll over in their graves.this is (fairness doctrine) totatlly against our american rights.how can you imposse such crap on people,its not our fault nobody listens to liberal radio.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I listened to Air America several years ago. I was curious as to what the programming was like. All I heard was screaming, ranting, female hosts like Rachel Maddow in the morning, then boring, abusive male hosts in the afternoon. I even listened to Al Frankin's show a few times. He was a boring on Air America as he was when he was a 7th rate want-to-be comic on Second City TV.

      I put myself through this so I could at least say that I tried to see what the Right was saying but with all the ranting, screaming and complaining, it was impossible to get any message other than "Bush is a dumb, chimp" "Bush is a dope" or "Bush is another Hitler". No intelligence, no program format and forget if a caller disagreed with Rachel – she would eat the caller for dinner!

      Then one day, I tuned in to hear what Rachel Maddow's latest complaint of Rush Limbaugh and I was listening to Sports Central! Air America was no more in my listening area (hurray!).

      When I contacted WAVZ in New Haven, CT, they simply informed me that there was almost all of the commercial support was pulled (local businesses) due to the constant bashing of the Administration, the rich and the successful businesses in the area like Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney and General Dynamics.


    3. Barb -mn says:

      There is absolutely no reason to implement the "fairness doctrine." What's fair is everyone and anyone has the equal opportunity to take the steps necessary to have their radio show as the ratings report the success. NO GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION NEEDED. FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO BROADCAST. FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO LISTEN. Government broadcasting is bias in it's way where they will victimize anyone that wants sympathy. This does not interest me at all. I like truth and strength!

    4. Barb -mn says:

      Another issue regarding GOVERNMENT broadcasting is their intent to reprogram the minds of Americans that live by American principles.

    5. Sam J., S.C. says:

      Just because Obama says he's against the "Fairness Doctrine," doesn't mean he's against a covert censorship of conservative talk radio. He and his minions in Congress will find a way to do it, most likely through local means. Don't be surprised when they attempt censorship of the Internet, too.

    6. david miller ca. says:

      Another country had something similar to it in the 30s,Germany.

    7. Gail Howey in the Hi says:

      Maybe just a co ink y dink, but as I record Glenn Beck show regularly… on just his show 3 days my volume was gone. I do not read lips and was able to hit the caption on button to follow the show… but my friends, no this… "they" can find ways to shut down the volume on our side. "they" have infiltrated our homes via the cable TV networks, they have records now of whom you listen to and who you watch…. how strange was this,,, taped for weeks and no problem now all of a sudden no volume on the Glenn Beck hour as he tries to explain the road to socialism. no answers as yet. I record with volume before and after his show so what is going on? Think about it. Makes me want to ask "AM I ALONE" NOT Totally or is it just a coincidence?????? May God Bless US ALL

    8. Kat Indiana says:

      Obama is so thin skinned and arragant, that he can't stand it when anyone disagrees with him or talks about him. I think he will do it in a different way, he will call it something else, but I believe he will try to silence the voices of his critics in any way he can.

    9. theLordismyGod,Penns says:

      I well hope President Obama plans to keep his promise on the so called fairness doctrine. Freedom of speech shouldnt be a problem for those who arent trying to hide anything. The God of the Bible is a God of truth and without iniquity and Just and Right is he.Also the one who died for our sins on the cross,was buried,and rose from the dead,was seen of men and went back up to Heaven. If we have repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ he will give to all who do so his gift of God,eternal life starting now.When we trust him alone to save our soul and forgive our sins against God.In whom we have redemption through his blood ; even the forgiveness of sins.Behold, the lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.My Lord and my God.

    10. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The fairness doctrine is just what the liberals want. Look at history, Hilter took over by supressing the media,outlawed guns, and then told people what and how to think. Is this the way we are going?? I hope not. People want to hear the programs they like, the views that express their concern on current affairs. I do not know of any law that requires anyone to listen to anything they do not like or want to hear. Leave talk radio alone, unless you have something to hide. I think that is what scares the liberals, they have something to hide from all of us.

    11. Tim says:

      Don't believe this is just about silencing his critics. This is about having cover to impliment the socialist government these people have always wanted. The mainstream media created this monster so they could take credit for electing the first black president. They want to make history. The mainstream media will not let you screw that up for them. Their golden child have the republican leaders in washington beheaded and they the mainstream media would report it as a sunday brunch in an attempt of bipartisanship.

    12. Don Evons says:

      I guess it is a given that our money is going to be used to bail out default mortgages. That being said, lets limit their credit cards to a $500.00, for first offenders and no credit for second. It might be interesting to see how many "less" would apply?

    13. sliver Wisconsin says:

      Time to Revolt, this has already gone too far once they tell us what to listen to and take away our guns we will be finished as a free nation. We need to revolt before it's too late. March on Washington let's get done. If you hear of any group starting please make it known, the last I heard was a celeb that hunts is planning one for next spring. :)

    14. Mark, Disney OK. says:

      I don't believe Obama can be trusted, and will do what is necessary to appease his liberal support.

      God Help Us All

    15. Idarae Stockton, CA says:

      I think Obama may SAY he is against the fairness doctrine, he will let others implement it that way he THINKS he won't be blamed for it. However he has already showed he is very thinskinned this next 4 years is going to be very interisting and educational,if we don't end up behind a fence some where.

    16. Leslie, Richmond, VA says:

      Liberal radio doesn't work because liberals aren't interested in real world issues. In order for it to work you have to have an audience who thinks and cares about what is happening in the world for example the threat of Muslim extremism is real and they want to kill us or convert us. They don't want to be our friends. Liberals don't understand what a free market society is or that liberty and the pursuit of happiness takes hard work. They want their lives to be easy, without suffering or accountability. The Fairness Doctrine is just the next step in this country's fall into socialism unless people wake up.

    17. Dave McDuffie says:

      To all you pathetic still-in-office crooks who happen to haunt our capitol building, just try and pass your silly anti-conservative, inappropriately called "fairness doctrine", which is a democrat lie contrived by a bunch of lieing thieves. This is nothing more than censorship of the right, when you alreday have left wing media both TV and print all tied up with a pretty yellow(coward) bow. We know where you live and we are sick and tired of you ruining our country! Talking to many people on a daily basis, apparently the population is getting tired of just talking about how you crooks are ruining our lives and the lives of our children. You were elected to PROTECT AMERICANS, NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS! You were put in office to protect the American way of life, NOT SOCIALISM! Millions of Americans died to protect what we have and you clowns give it all away in a matter of weeks while making yourselves rich at taxpayer expense! What is next, indoctrination camps? COUNT ON IT!

    18. Shar, Marble Hill, M says:

      I firmly believe that Obama is for the Fairness Doctrine no matter what he says, actions speak louder than words. And his words do come easy. Just wait. He wants to control us all. Does that mean anything to you? We conservatives will have to stand together against them. I am ready for a revolt, if you hear of a group please let me know. I am tired of being taken advantage of. I like this saying " I'll keep my guns, freedom and money you can keep the change". The liberals have something to hide its the "truth".

    19. Dave McDuffie says:

      I personally look forward to the day when we run every single liberal out of our country. They can go to Cuba, Venezuella, Europe, Africa and other places. I do not wish them harm, I wish their sorry, lazy asses out of here and the sooner the better! Just talk to business owners in Canada and they will tell you how sick and tired they are of being taxed to death to support people who REFUSE to work and just live off the system. Where is our military when we need them? Lets bring them back and clean up our country NOW. To hell with Iraq and Afganistan, the enemy is HERE NOW and destroying our once-great country! We have Jihadists practicing to kill Americans right here in our country and our government under the Clinton/Reno gang kill CHRISTIANS!!!! Are you people awake?! HELLO!!!

    20. Cath, NC says:

      Has anyone heard of the emergency relocation centers? It is supposed to be centers where people in an emergency situation like say a Hurricane Katrina situation would be housed. There is a bill HR645 regarding this. It sounds eerily similar to concentration camps to me. Remember, after Katrina, they confiscated guns from homeowners. If a national emergency were declared, what would stop them from doing the same thing? I don't like it. I have called and emailed my senators and reps. Please check out bill HR645.

    21. Don Pence says:

      Sure he is for it, but he will let the democrats in congress to his bidding.

    22. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Watch what his appointees do!

    23. Dave Milw. says:

      The title of "fairness doctrine" is as much of an oxymoron as "clean dirt".This doctrine is all about the suppression of free speech,ie, speech that they don't like!! What happened to the liberal philosophy of tolerance for all viewpoints? I encourage EVERYONE to e-mail Sen.Debbie Stabenow(MI.) and Sen.Tom Harkin(Iowa) They are two proponents of this unfairness doctrine.WAKE-UP PEOPLE!! It's time to adopt the other sides tactics.This country was founded on dissent!! How come when we are the ones dissenting, it is the wrong thing to do? I don't need a government to be my daddy,unlike MOST of the morons who voted for this idiot!!

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