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  • Morning Bell: Why the Rush?

    While campaigning for passage of his economic stimulus plan at the Caterpillar, Inc. plant in East Peoria, Illinois, yesterday President Barack Obama again claimed that “if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off.” But after the President had hopped back in his motorcade, ABC News asked Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens if what the President said was true: “I think realistically no. The truth is we’re going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again.” Owens is not the only one casting doubt on the Obama Administration’s audacious job creation numbers. The White House has already retreated from the “4 million jobs” number Obama repeatedly cited in his press conference this Monday and is now claiming the stimulus plan will create or save 3.5 million new jobs. But as the Washington Post details today, most other estimates are far below that number.

    Global Insight estimates the plan will only create 2.5 million jobs and Macroeconomic Advisers puts the number at just 2.3 million. With some welcome humility, the Congressional Budget Office is only offering a range of job creation that stretches from 1.3 to 3.9 million. Even the Obama Adminstration’s favorite point man on economic forecasting, Mark Zandi, is projecting that the bill will only create 2.2 million jobs. But these estimates are all based off of different versions of the plan. The MA numbers are based of the original House bill. The GI numbers off the Senate’s $838 billion version. The CBO numbers of the Senate’s $887 billion version. The Post is not clear, but it appears that Zandi’s numbers are based on the current version of the bill that is scheduled to be voted on today. We’re glad he was able to get his hands on a detailed enough version of the bill to run his scientific projections, because the people who actually have to vote on the plan did not get the final text until 11 p.m. last night.

    The House Democrats have previously promised that all conference reports would be made publicly available for 48 hours before consideration. Last night House Democrats voted to break that promise to the American people. Clocking in at 1419 pages, a Member of Congress would have to read 2.63 pages a minute without taking a break to read the whole bill before the House begins proceedings. Meanwhile, it appears that select lobbyists had final versions of the bill hours before our elected representatives did.

    Federal lawmakers are not the only ones frustrated by the rushed and completely nontransparent process. In Idaho, Canyon County Commissioner Steve Rule tells the Los Angeles Times: “The answers that we’re getting are rather oblique. ‘We don’t know.’ That’s the part that’s frustrating for us. … We’re told to put our name on a list and see what comes out of Washington to the state and see what happens.” Democrat Dick Thompson, who is coordinating the state of Washington’s lobbying efforts, adds: “Anybody who thinks they can tell you definitively what’s going on is conning you.”

    The more news that comes out about this stimulus bill, the less it makes sense. The Politico reports today that the projected local job creation numbers the White House is using to lobby for the bill simply do not add up. And the Wall Street Journal reports that federal agencies simply do not have the contracting manpower to manage what is a truly unprecedented explosion of government spending. The final version of the bill includes $8 billion in earmarked funding for a super train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The environmental impact studies alone will take more than five years to complete. Would it really be a ‘catastrophe‘ if all this long term spending were properly reviewed, debated, and voted on? Or maybe President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was speaking the truth when he said: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.

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    32 Responses to Morning Bell: Why the Rush?

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      As one can see by reading this article, President Obama is living in a dream world. Yes, a dream world that comes from years and years of being indoctrinated into thinking that the Government will indeed be there to help the individual. This are nothing but false hopes doled out by the Left.

      Why the urgency? President Obama is under the impression that the House & Senate are working alongside him when in reality, the House & Senate are in the process of the biggest rape of the American Taxpayer in history! Any pet project that the Left has been unable to get through in the last five years is making it to this "Stimulus Bill". Our Representation has left us for Lobyists and Special Interest groups. The needs of the One will now outweigh the needs of the Many.

    2. lynda hawkins, 226 p says:

      obama seems to be caught in a number of lies, it must the the democrat in him. Lieing and cheating seems to be the new change we can expect to see more often than not.

    3. Shelly Wickersham, C says:

      Hooray for Senator Gregg in promoting conservatism and getting the census issue out in the forefront. We have paid and will continue to pay for the greed that got us into this mess, it is refreshing to see someone with principals, sticking to his ideals, and to have courage.

    4. Alison M Robinson, M says:

      Chris Matthews was sending a signal when he

      said, regarding the stimulus bill "Time is of

      the essence.".

      After all, he has also said he would do all it

      takes to see that this administration does not

      fail in its endeavors.

      That message was not lost on Libs. They are

      getting after it, and being sure that they

      continue to telegraph the 'urgency'.

    5. Shawn, Indiana says:

      It has to stop! Our elected officials aren't listening to us, what more can we do? I'd like to impeach many now vs 4 years from now.

      Maybe a march on Washington will demonstrate we want details and we want fiscal responsibility and accountability attached in all cases. How about a tax credit for business owners who hire in 2009?

    6. Ernesto Chappaquaddi says:

      Check the video to verify Obama's lips were MOVING…if so kindly disregard this mispoken, I-Was-Tired, I-Read-The-Wrong-Prompter,I thought we were in Peoria,Illinois when I said that, Peoria is in the Stimlulus Plan, LIE.

    7. Ernesto Chappaquaddi says:

      Check the video to verify Obama's lips were MOVING…if so kindly disregard this mispoken, I-Was-Tired, I-Read-The-Wrong-Prompter,I thought we were in METRO Peoria,Illinois when I said that, Only METRO Peoria is in the Stimlulus Plan, LIE. Obama AND the Senators voting have NO idea what has been added other than their OWN PERSONAL Pork and as of last night MANY had not received a copy to READ of the 1000 plus-page bill!

    8. daniel says:

      this administr. must be fought and defeated as soon as possible.

    9. henry USA says:

      To many stupid people voted for him, he's probably a Muslim trying to ruin our economy, the beginning of a Islam State.

    10. Vello Ederma, Spring says:

      Your Morning Bells are a lot more realistic than anything coming out of the Obama White House!

    11. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      If the Administration wont give the Republicans and all congressmen the time to read the details in this bill, they must be trying to hide information to protect their ulterior motives.

      Therefore, all Republicans and moderates among the Democrats should refuse to vote on this horrible Bill for the benefit of AMERICA and its citizens!

    12. Larry in Missouri says:

      What is a person to do? I see all that is going on in Washington that shouldn't be plus the deception that they are creating and it makes me fighting mad that they seem to be getting away with it. The Democrats and those three Republicans are going to bring our country to its knees and Obama is leading them and us like sheep to a slaughter. My Mother and Father both served in the U.S. Marine Corps. I and my brother served in the U.S. Navy. We did not fight for our country only to have it taken advantage of by the same people whom we swore to serve. I do not like the idea that my children will have to be paying for that mistake.

    13. Doreen Spinella says:

      Our senators and congressmen were sent to Washington to serve the American people–they owe it to the people to read a bill before they vote–i do believe the mice in San Francisco–the polar bear house and the frisbee golf park can wait a couple of days and our representatives can explain to us the urgncy of these projects

    14. Kevin,SC says:

      America we have been asleep to many years now. It's time to wake up and smell the roses because they are rotten just like every member of our government is! If anyone can't see that obama is just trying to push his socialist beliefs on America then I feel sorry for the people of what once was a great nation. It is evident from his ramblings of yesterday at the catepillar plant he is not in touch with what is happening with our jobs. There will be multitudes of layoffs to come before any jobs will come back. I never thought the old adage "history repeats itself" holds true as it does now! It will only be worse. Is this the fall of a great nation that was founded by GOD fearing men? It will be if we don't hand it over to GOD and get out of the hands of man!

    15. Leigh Anne Stamm, Oh says:

      Congratulations to Sen. Gregg–somebody who finally demonstrates that he has guts and gumption. He wasn't satisfied to be a pawn in the Obama debacle.

    16. Tom West, Topeka, KS says:


      Government spending crowds out private investment, this we can prove.

      Government spending creates only temporary jobs in that when the government stops spending on those jobs they evaporate. Private businesses, also known as ongoing concerns, have a life of their own so to speak, and the jobs created by them go on to produce even more jobs.

      To return to prosperity, is for government to get out of the way. We must created an atmosphere conducive to growth of private industry not growth of government, provide stability not socialism, perpetuate conservatism not communism, and produce prosperity not political fascism.

      Let’s put the takeover of America by communists in perspective. In New York, on September 11, 2001, thousands of US citizens died in a terrorist attack. In Phoenix, Arizona, on our southern border, in the past year thousands of US citizens have been victimized with the violence of the drug war raging in Mexico. But are these facts dwarfed by the net impact to our country as it exists, on our freedom as we know it, miniscule in comparison to the one party takeover of the United States by literally effecting the entire liberal socialist manifesto in passing huge, expensive, vague and incomprehensible pieces of legislation (yes, I know I am to kind but I am trying to be objective) that when taken as a whole will irreversibly and irreparably enslave us, our children, and all future generations.

      To my children, I am sorry for letting our country’s freedom slip through my fingers by not doing enough, not doing everything I could, not making enough noise spreading the alarm to stop our decline into social decay.

      I have found my own answer. I have made my own peace with my Higher Power. So I’m good, ok? Do not be concerned for me. I am concerned, however, for those who are without such consolation in the future, the inevitable coming trying times.

    17. BILL GIGANTE, SARASO says:





      THANK YOU.


    18. Thomas J. West, Tope says:

      Rarely is anything urgent important, and important urgent.

    19. Laura, California says:

      There is a Democratic obsession with providing benefits to anyone and everyone regardless of any other considerations -of which there are many.

      Democrats won't be satisfied until they are providing benefits to the entire world.

      Democrats don't care for the poor – what they do care about is MANAGING the poor and acquiring the power that goes along with that management.

      Once this power is acquired, they could theoretically be the richest entity on earth.

      EXCEPT they forgot one thing!!

      While making this huge POWER GRAB they are going to also kill all those golden geese who PAY for it all.

      This will surely backfire on the Democrats and the Republicans know it.

      Hip Hip Hooray for all Republicans who vote NO on the rediculous "Stimulus Bill"

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    21. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I wish that the Republicans had not participated in the proceedings at all and held a huge rally outside against the bill. Nobody could have read the bill let alone understand what the implications are. What is happening in Washington is just outrageous and a total disregard of American public and the US Constitution. Just where in the Constitution one can find this amount of centralized power resting in the federal government?

    22. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      I, and hundreds of millions of others, can remember learning in elementary school, what is now called "middle school", and high school, how megalomaniacal and narcissistic Kings, European and Oriental Emperors, and Marxist Communist/Socialist government elitist leaders and Politburos act very much the same ways as those revealed above, including overruling and contradicting their very own promises, "declarations", and even laws and "constitutions", but how that would never happen here in the United States of America "because of the protection of our Constitution, Constitutional Amendments", and our voting by secret ballot which helps protect us from coercion and retaliation so we can freely vote as we choose".

      Of course revealing such facts is now decried, undermined, and otherwise squelched by the Left from schools, colleges, universities, and elsewhere (and probably soon also from radio, through their so-called “Fairness Doctrine”), but such facts were being freely revealed in schools, and almost everywhere else in the United States, years ago.

      So now, if you don't want to see it, then don't look now, but there is continually additional evidence (such as in the article above, and elsewhere) how Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their Comrades are acting much the same way as those aforementioned megalomaniacal and narcissistic Kings, European and Oriental Emperors, and Marxist Communist/Socialist Politburos.

      Indeed it is Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their Comrades who are adding to that evidence, yet trying to prevent our seeing it, (including through the aiding and abetting of their so-called “Progressive” [Leftist] government elitist accomplices who dominate the media, etc), as they simultaneously contradict, ignore, and overrule even their own promises of “transparency”, etc, and to let both us and members of Congress read their Pork-filled so-called “Stimulus Package” before Congress votes on it, and instead ignore all such promises of theirs and ram it through before we and members of Congress read all that’s actually in that monstrosity of what even the Leftist New York Times calls a “re-writing of the social contract”.

      Such antics and machinations are perpetrated by megalomaniacal and narcissistic Kings, European and Oriental Emperors, and Marxist Communist/Socialist leaders and Politburos, but never here in the U.S.?

      Alas they are now indeed being perpetrated here in the U.S by Marxist Communist/Socialist government elitists Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their Comrades.

    23. J Griffith, Miles Ci says:

      I am perplexed as to why every speech given by the present administration starts with "the mess we inherited". We all know things are in a mess but are also aware that there was a Democratic controlled Congress that was in power, where is their admission of their envolvement in "this mess". Also, anyone in the banking industry can tell you that "this mess" started with the Clinton administration and their mandate that everyone deserved a home. They required every bank to give a percentage of loans to low income families that could not qualify for traditional loans. Every time the bank examiners (required by law) were in their banks they checked this percentage and required that the banks were giving these loans. This was the initial huge error. Also, Goldman Sachs is not a bank. When are they going to differentiate between investment firms and banks? There is a huge and definate differnce between the two. This entire thing smells of socialism and taking control of the banking industry. Look at this history around the world.

    24. barbara gara, west h says:

      It is just ourtrageous what the Democrates/Communists/Socilists are doing to Free America. It is obvious that Obama and Pelosi and their brainwash frieds are here to distroy this Country. We can't just sit and watch and let them to take over our freedom, we need to act now, and get rit of them as soon as possible. We need to educate American people, don't count on the so called stream media-they are bunch of activists working for Obama. It is time to work together and kick the out of in 2010 and 2012. Let's roll!!!!

    25. Judith in Michigan says:

      Why the rush?

      Because there is much in this bill that Mr. O. does not want the citizens or Congress to become aware of. I bet there are even some Democrats who would be uncomfortable with the degree of Socialism and Marxism hidden in this bill.

      We know about the attempt to nationalize banks, and Wall Street will be next. Capping of salaries? NO industry will be exempt. Auto industry next. Try adding GPS tracking systems to your cars so the gov't. can track how many miles you drive, for tax purposes, of course.

      Health industry? You bet. Read some of the details that have leaked out!

      Anyone heard about the plan to do away with Pres. Clinton's major reform of welfare that has been so successful? On the calender. Legalize all illegals? Coming soon.

      And who knows about Carol Browner, Mr. O's energy-environment czar (yes, that's her title!) is a commissioner in Socialists International? When this info was leaked out, her bio was scrubbed from the web site. Very transparent!

      And has anyone heard that Mr. Salazar has already started to rescine Pres. Bush's executive orders to open land for drilling? Energy independence? Forget it…

      The more you investigate, the more you dig, the more horrifying and mind-boggling it becomes.

      That is the reason for the rush.

      I propose that all of the Republicans in Congress, minus the 3 miscreants, boycott the vote if they are not able to read the entire bill before voting. What have the Republicans to lose?

    26. Dave McDuffie says:

      America, "land of the Free"(not any more!), "home of the brave"(if so where are they?. We have been taken over by illegals and those whom they voted for. Is it any wonder the rest of the country is now like California? DEAD BROKE!! Arnold the RINO is really Benedict Arnold. He refuses to tell the truth about exactly why the billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars are flushed down the toilet. The inmates now run the asylum. Kiss your country and all that you knew goodbye. Obama, the nice-guy-born-in-Kenya-socialist has wiped out two hundred years of hard work and pissed on the graves of millions of dead Americans who fought for our used-to-be-freedoms. You can't be angry at the man, he is what he is, a Marxist/ socialist, you all knew that and by your vote or non-vote you helped put this inexperienced, know-nothing about running a country/business/group ultra lib in the most powerful position on the planet. Now in office, he proves that "history teaches us we do NOT learn from history!". Does he follow the most recent successfull presidents like JFK and Reagan? Hell no! He follows the biggest DUD ever, Jimmy Carter, with a whole lot of Karl Marx thrown in. Obama will be added to a special list: Lenin, Stalin, Kruzchev, Mao, Castro, the nut job in Venezuella who's name fortunately escapes me, and we can trow in Kim Jung IL. Not a group any US president would want to join, but he will be there no less. The "stab-us-in-the-back-ulous package" is a way of initiating "reparations" without calling it "reparations" along with ditching free enterprise for socialism's sake. The $850 billion package which the news media loves to call it is actually going to cost us TRILLIONS! Of course the lefties in the media, who lie to us on a regular basis, refuse to call it what it really is. We have debt service and interest, HELLO, is any one listening? In the days ahead, the "Carter" days will seem like paradise! We just have a little time to straighten out this mess and get us back where we were headed, as long as we continue to be "the home of the brave".

    27. sliver Wisconsin says:

      Hey everybody read the communist manifesto and you can see where we are headed, washington needs to be cleaned out and we need to take our country back soon before it's too late. Revolution, Revolution, Revolution.

      As a footnote I heard a woman on the radio saying that now that obama was in she will finally be rich. See how many stupid people that are coming out of the public schools, God help us!!!

    28. ella quinn kinsto says:

      I am sick of the whole obama mess.I feel like he is so evil with his demons in the white house.

    29. Dave Schraub, coates says:

      We have been watching this bus come down the road for 30 years, and the old adage of, " If it doesn't effect me then it's okay" Well now it does effect you. We have seen these socialist taking over the schools, and we didn't stand up and fight back. Well now I think it's time we fought back. I realize that people think money runs washington, and it does, but if your like me I can't afford to send money to a lawyer in washington, hoping he can grease the right politician's palm to do the right thing. I think what we will have to do now is start a letter campaign, a phone, and e-mail campaign, to these so called representatives, and maybe they will get the message. I read one of the comments on here, and they suggested we march on washington, well that just happened, and it was by the kool-aid drinkers that supported this socialist party. Why do you think they marched on washington, because they don't work for a living, well now that obama has leveled the playing field and put us all out of work, I guess we have time on our hands now. Just remember this, the american people are the government. I think we act like responsible americans, and take this country back. Jefferson said it best " A little revolution every now and then is good"

    30. Kyle Keithley Humbo says:

      Foregoing the details of the disgust and insult I feel regarding the recent premeditated mischeif in the nation's capital, let me mention a plan of action perhaps more effective in righting the ship.

      1.) Allow NO alterations to the manner in which OUR census is managed.

      2.) Zero,(0), re-election votes for the following carreer polititans;

      The 3 Republicans voting for the recent Stimulus, (read Financial Sodomy), bill.

      Maxine Waters, based on as yet unequaled levels of incompetence resulting in current fin train wreck.Jefferson said it best ” A little revolution every now and then is good”

      Chuck Rangel,same charge plus various criminal charges.

      Barney Frank,same.

      Chris Dodd,same.

      Chuck Schuemer,same.

      John Kerry,same.

      Harry Reid,same.

      Jeanne Shaheen,same.

      Debbie Stabenow,same.

      Russ Feingold,same.

      Diane Feinstein,same.

      Ted Kennedy, same, additional charges include murder and both the preparation and serving of the kool-aid…..

      Jefferson said it best ” A little revolution every now and then is good”, I'm in.

      "Don't let the bastards grind you down", K.Kristofferson

    31. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The chickens have let the fox in the hen house. Lets see how many will survive.

      We all gripe about the state of the econmy and want to blame everyone for the mess. The truth of the matter we are all to blame. We have sat back on our behinds and let the supposed smart people dictate to us what we need, when in fact all we need to do is allow GOD back into this country. We have allowed GOD to be thrown out of our schools, our courts [seperation of church and state], all forms of government, and have kicked HIM out of our daily lives. When did we decide that we could be in charge, that we had all the answers to the problems???? I believe that GOD is trying to get our attention in several ways, but us in our mighty wisdom have ignored HIM. This country has been torn down from stem to stern, we have experienced all forms of natural disasters, earth quakes, storms, fire, drought, name it and it has happened. Through it all we kept kicking GOD out of our everday life, we ignored HIS presence and the fact that HE is GOD. Well the world has been put on notice now. The economy has tanked, we all are in the same boat, no jobs no money, and no prospect of either. Now people are beginning to see that they are not in charge, the Republicans nor the Denocrats, and especially obama. All are just figure heads that have lost their way, and we as sheep have followed them to the slaughter. We need to get on our knees and pray that God will hear our plea and then lead us in the right direction with HIM being the center and us willing to hear and follow HIS direction.

    32. Barb -mn says:

      Why the rush? So The president and his gang can celebrate their victory of taking over America over valentine's day, their 3 day weekend. And so as not to cause suspicion… oh, and all expenses paid through the hard working taxpayers of this deteriorating country as we write.

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