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  • Don't Read The Bill, Just Vote On It?

    Today, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) predicted that his Senate colleagues would not “have the chance” to read the now 1,000+ page “stimulus bill” before they voted on it. He told CNSNews.com; “No, I don’t think anyone will have the chance to [read the entire bill].” CNSNews went on to report that they could not find one single Member of Congress that had read the latest bill, which contains hand-written changes in the bill page’s.

    The new bill was delivered to Members at 11:00 pm last night. According to the New York Times, it “looks more like the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 1979 than of 2009 – filled with hand-written copy-editing marks, insertions scrawled in the margins, deletions of whole paragraphs boxed with X’s slashing through them, and a variety of curious hash marks and other annotations.” Apparently, Speaker Pelosi took great care to make sure that the bill was not searchable online by the American public, by placing all pages in .pdf form, with only pictures of the pages available.

    This is on the heels of yesterday’s House floor debate, where “Democratic lawmakers fired back that Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.”

    And according to the Drudge Report, this speed may have more to do with Speaker Pelosi’s scheduled junket to Rome, Italy, rather than any great concern for the American economy. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor summed up the speed strategy by twittering; “Those in favor of speed over commonsense may just be afraid of letting the People know what they are ramming through.”

    According to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD); “The House is scheduled to meet at 9:00 a.m. …and is expected to proceed directly to consideration of the American Recovery and Reinvestment conference report. The conference report text will be filed this evening, giving members enough time to review the conference report before voting on it tomorrow afternoon.”  We hope Congress developed speed reading skills overnight, and are not putting vacation over country.

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    20 Responses to Don't Read The Bill, Just Vote On It?

    1. Jacqueline, Arkansas says:

      I am not able to pull most of the bill up due to the massive size as my acrobat locks up. I also noted X-out portions of this document. Saying that I am outraged would be an understatement.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      So Senator Pelosi wants this done before she goes to Rome? Is that trip on her dime or OURS? —- no answer needed —-

    3. JP, CA says:

      This is simply criminal..!

    4. Pete B. in Texas says:

      This makes me want to puke. I have been searching for weeks to find a line-by-line list of all the spending that is to be done in this bill and have yet to find it.

      The one partial list that I found was in an excel format was on Heritage.org weeks ago.

      These politicians can't keep a simple commitment (post the details of all bills on-line for at least 48 ours prior to a vote) and if they do post a bill on-line it is ALWAYS so confusing and convoluted that you have to dig through it for days to find the relavent information (costs).

      I swear, I don't know if I could control myself if I found myself alone in the same room with some of these people.

    5. Leigh Anne Stamm, Oh says:

      These elected officials are supposed to be intelligent and savvy. I cannot believe that they would approve a bill without first knowing its contents. I think that it is safe to assume that most of them are NOT putting our country and its citizens first. The same could be said for the supposed watch dogs of a free people–the mainstream media.

    6. wayne gilbert az says:

      will the media ever report truth and let americans know what abuses are going on in Washington? Can't anyone see and recognize lies and stupidness of these socialists. Right now there is one answer, It is time for a WASHINGTON TEA PARTY. It's beginning but so far will take some time. Only the correctly educated, with some ambitious pay attention to what is happening. Clinton's "Dumbing Down America" was very sucessful. Nobody paid attention to PROMISES, "No Lobbyists, No Liars, No Cheats in administration, How much more do we have to see? Since popular media won't post true news and activities, even if they're going down, why take so long? Cancel subscriptions, turn OFF media, let them go BUST.

    7. Gerry, Florida says:

      Transparency? How many lies can this administration make without being called on it from the mainstream media? Between this and the census being given to the White House, we're in trouble, hopefully it can all be corrected in 2 years.

    8. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It seems like that all we can do is to protest, feebly at best.

      How come Nancy Pelosi is flying private jet paid by the taxpayers on some junket? Is that a reason for pressing for vote today?

      There must be someway to prevent this speeding steamroller to socialism other than to wave some meaningless placards and sending protest notes.

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    10. Beaverbeliever, Oreg says:

      No one can believe these clowns. If they passed a payroll tax cut/holiday-you'd see results quickly. It's really sad what the liberals have turned into. At least the Reps got a backbone this time, well not quite all of them in the Senate.

    11. dennis maryland says:

      Nakida kruschev said we will bury you from within without fireing a shot. looks like that might be true, since the left wing socialist got power. point of interest. during pres. bushs watch everthing was going great,until about a year and a half ago then it all went south. people dont talk about or even realize that 2 years ago dems got control of congress.a real coincedence isnt it. now that they have total control you can besure your going to have less and the government elit will have more. look at russia, china,n.korea is this our future?

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    13. Pat Tanyhill,Louisvi says:

      If we as a people don't get our act together and stand up against this socialistic party, we will watch them take "In God We Trust" off the American note of financial trust (money) and then I will personally stop paying taxes at all!! Put my ass in jail if I don't shoot myself first. Give me liberty or give me death!" Oh wait a minute, that's already been said over two hundred years ago when this country was trying to establish a more perfect union, "One nation under God with liberty and justice for All!" What the hell has happened?!!

    14. Peter, New Hampshire says:

      The least scrutinized bill EVER, from the least scrutinized candidate EVER to run for President. "Change we can believe in! Hope! Yes, we CAN! Total transparany! Bipartisan dialog!" All of it LIES!!

      We have a "lemon" law that lets you return a car in three days if it turns out to be be junk. How about the same for a piece of legislation that is sold to us under totally false pretenses. This is deceitful, criminal FRAUD at it's worst!

      Are you outraged, yet!! I am WAY beyond outraged and disgusted! We won't really NEED a new Commerce Secretary, since this administration is ending Capitalism as we know it. That's why Judd Greg pulled out. He realized that his job would be ceremonial, with nothing to do.

    15. Barb -mn says:

      While the lawful thievery of our money goes to daily ignorance and stupidity.

    16. David Johnson, Cinc says:

      Again Congress has hoodwinked the citizenry! This is felonious behaviour at the very least.


    17. Bob, Alaska says:

      It's time they enact the "Read The Bills Act". Otherwise these shenanigans will go on forever. It's disgusting the arrogance of the congress. It's time we all say "enough is enough! Since the media won't report these things it's up to us to pass the word to all the people we know. Imagine, handwritten notes in the bill they passed. If I was one of those that voted for it I would be ashamed to show my face.

    18. Mike, Detroit (MI, s says:

      To my congressmen (sent via Downsize DC):

      I'm upset that the stimulus bill passed.

      This bill is bad law, and will be bad for several future generations of U.S. citizens. It will not stimulate our economy, which was damaged by catastrophic events brought on and directly caused by your congressional errors and omissions. This bill will cause the further debasing of our currency, increase the size of our already bloated federal government, and thereby cause endless problems of unintended, but reasonably foreseeable, consequences. That you did not give your thoughtful attention or deliberation to this bill, or even bother to read it, prior to voting "yes" on such a monstrous bill, demonstrates incomprehensible arrogance and lack of concern for your constituents.

    19. jeff , gunnison,co. says:

      This stimulas bill is such a waste of our childrens freedom or possibility for economic stability. If it doesn't work (and it won't) I think those who voted for it should be forced to pay for it with their own money. Anyone who commits a crime should be forced to pay restitution and this is the biggest hiest in the history of America. It's child abuse to the generations that follow us…SHAME ON YOU!!!

    20. Cardinal Crossing, V says:

      Today Friday the 13th 2009 is "Dependence Day". The unread, unknown so-call Stimulus Bill will change America as we know it. ALL the Democrats with only 7 breaking ranks drank the Kool-Aid, closed their eyes and voted on the Largest Single Taxpayer funded Bill in the History of the United States of America. Some experts are saying that the ramifications of this so-call stimulus bill won't be fully understood for years; I firmly believe it and I'm scared. These are serious times and in just three weeks I'm seeing another trillion dollar dept. This President and this Congress is on a 2 year mission and they are not going to waste a minute. These are the same people that held up Judges appointments for years, three weeks! What is BO going to do with Nancy and Harry next week.

      There is Senator Lindsey Graham pouting on National TV about not even knowing what he is voting on. Why did the Republicans vote at all, they shouldn't have showed up! How are they going to get any press if they don't walk out and go home; tell there districts and states what is going on, have town hall meetings, hold rally's. The Republicans in the United States Congress should not have showed up for work today and should have taken an extra-long weekend at home, talking. We have to educate & warn what we know & predict where we are heading.

      Liberals Love predictions; since November with gas prices rising, unemployment is jumping, foreclosures are just starting to be held up, and a huge dept to pay during not-so-hard of times; I'm telling friends that you think it was bad during the Bush years you aint seen nothing yet!

      This is the Perfect Storm in American Political History; the Far Left is in Charge and the only hope we have is group-self-destruction, between BO, Nancy and Harry. It's a good possibility and could help us with delays on Bills, ah for personal reasons. :^) Nancy was mad at Harry again yesterday for upstaging her, this kind of stuff happened during the Carter Administration. Carter was always at odds with one House or the other and both houses were Democrat Majorities.

      It is important we remind everyone what happened today, Congress passed a Bill without even having time to read let alone understand what was contained in the Bill! We were given the doublespeak of transparency in Government, the transparency I saw was Gross Arrogant Political Power. The American people were to only have been given 48 hours to read and understand the final 800+ page convoluted Bill that contains absolutely no earmarks. We were actually given 10 hours, (11pm to 9am) with no electronic listing of the so-called Stimulus Bill. The electronic version was held on purpose from Congress. At least one Republican built a team to attempt group-reading the printed Bill but was unable to complete the task before the vote. Now, after the House & Senate have voted we are hearing the huge change of government in the wake of this horrible Bill. Earmarks everywhere! Stimulus almost no-where. With a stroke of the pen BO will move us further towards Government dependency, just where Nancy and Harry want us. We are no longer Citizens just dependants. Celebrate; the Government is here and they want to help you; oh and BTW, they don't take no for an answer.

      Change we can Believe in!

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