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  • $4 Billion a Minute


    “Seinfeld” had characters that included a high-talker and a low-talker, but the U.S. Congress had them beat with a bevy of fast-talkers today

    It was obvious to everyone watching CSPAN that the Representatives were talking much faster than normal. They were talking so fast that their tongues often got tangled!

    It’s because the bloated stimulus bill is being rushed through so quickly, with only one hour to debate the rule (the parliamentary device to allow action on the bill), plus 90 minutes to debate the actual measure.

    150 minutes total, divided half to Democrats and half to Republicans.

    It was over $4-billion a minute. An estimated $789-billion total, over 1,000 pages, which weren’t publicly available until a few hours before the vote, and which included multi-million-dollar hand-written notes inserted at the last minute.

    The rapid-pace scene on CSPAN was more incredible than the classic John Moschitta commercials for FedEx.

    The quicker Congress worked, the less time for public outrage. Another possible reason: One report says Speaker Nancy Pelosi has to catch a plane later today for an 8-day trip to Rome. No word yet whether she might fly commercial, or on a government plane at taxpayers’ expense.

    Today’s sped-up scenario belonged on Saturday Night Live or Comedy Central, not in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Nobody can parody Congress better than the real thing. As Will Rogers said, “With Congress, every time they make a joke it’s a law, and every time they make a law it’s a joke.”

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    8 Responses to $4 Billion a Minute

    1. Steve in Texas says:

      This spending bill is a total sham and its contents have been delibertly hidden from the Amerian people and their representives. How can anyone vote for or againt something so important that has not been made availble to them to read. The people deserve honest and open government. Obviously under this new president that will not happen. "We The People" have been replaced by "We The Dictators".

    2. Steve, Wisconsin says:

      This has become so frustrating, especially when all we hear is that our only recourse is to wait two years until the next election! Is there nothing we can do to make our elected officials accountable in the present tense? Not one senator has read the bill! George Orwell's Animal Farm is being lived out before our eyes! Toss us a bone Pelosi and Reid….give the little people a thousand bucks while you fly to Rome, probably on the government dime….my dime

    3. al bedross, warwick says:

      This past week has been as though I was awakened after many years in a coma. I cannot believe that we have people in Washington fighting everything the American dream should be, and winning.

      I am convinced that this new world will be ours for a while. We must remember every detail of what the Representatives signed off on and bring it to attention two years hence…get them out.

      The Obama newbies will also be disappointed and ask for change when they learn there is no more free anything. they will learn that he is a con job running the prostitution ring, and hopefully

      the MSM will bring forth some honest warriors with no tingling legs to bare what a mistake they made back in 08.. I hope.

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    5. Eric, Alabama says:

      "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” — Benjamin Franklin

      How can this be legal? If we don't support this and they pass it anyways. This will be written as one of the key roles in the coming revolution!

    6. Cameron, Reno NV says:

      Obama, Pelosi and Reid, driving the bus of our childrens future, pulled into the kool-aid bar, (tended by Collins, Snow and Spector) got drunk together, and smashed the future of the next generation, choking off freedom and incentive for all. You children you don't need a future anyway there will be plenty of Kool-aid on every corner down Mainstreet…just get in line. Socialism in the name of "stimulus". Drink-up America…the hang-over is just beginning!

    7. Sam, Virginia says:

      It's time to start planning the 2nd Boston Tea Party…seriously the only way to stop this nonsense is to force term limits on members of Congress…3-2 year terms in the House; 1-6 year term in the Senate; and 2-4 year terms in the White House. No lobbyists allowed in the halls of Congress unless you are visiting your district's member on an issue concerning your district.

    8. Carl, Denver says:

      Support and defend the constitution? What a joke, it is time for term limits and transparantcy. Make it possible for the average joe to follow the money. Then lets mandate the IRS to audit everyone on the hill and in the administration!

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