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  • Stimulus Vote Delayed: Loyalty Oath Demanded


    The anticipated vote in the House of Representatives on the “stimulus” bill has been delayed, and will not occur today as scheduled. Reasons for the delay were not given but the decision does follow a morning of debate, where Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) complained that Members were being asked to vote on a bill they had still not seen. Speaker Pelosi had distributed an overview, but not the actual bill text, and to our knowledge, still has not shared the details of the bill with her Republican colleagues.

    The text of the Nelson-Collins “compromise” had been roughly 778 pages, but the now “agreed-to” conference report has DOUBLED to a whopping 1434 pages. With an additional 700 pages in the bill, it is no wonder that Members would like to review the single largest spending bill in this nation’s history before casting a vote.

    But, in possibly the most bizarre parliamentarian argument ever made, according to National Journal’s Congress Daily; “Democratic lawmakers fired back that Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.”

    It appears that Speaker Pelosi has changed the House rules to demand that Members swear to vote ‘yes’ before they can read bills that they are being asked to consider voting ‘yes’ on? This will certainly save the Republican caucus a tremendous amount of time. We look forward to the speedy passage of all remaining Trillion Dollar liberal spending priorities, without review, transparency or debate, so that we may take a long recess as well.

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    33 Responses to Stimulus Vote Delayed: Loyalty Oath Demanded

    1. tpgow New jersey says:

      This is truley getting out of hand. The health bill is genocide against seniors and they haven't got a clue. O'reilly and Hannity have got to get this out to the public. Say "good bye America as we know it. God Help US

    2. JERRY DONLAY HAYS, says:



    3. Charles Troy says:

      That is just out of bounds because you can be quite sure that if the republicans are not going to know what they are going to be voting on then "we the people" are surely not going to hear a word about what is hidden inside these huge spending packages.

      To pass legislation that is contested with no debate and no review is not something that happens in America. I would have thought that type of action would be more at home in mock democracies where election are just for show and the people fear there governments. It just seems down right fascist and I think that she has finally gone to far and needs to be removed for violations of her oath of office.

    4. Russell, FL says:


      I'm with you brother. When do we take up arms!

    5. Lars, Mad City says:

      There is no doubt now that the Congress of the United States is fully controlled by Socialist and Obama is just a figure head. My flag now is flying upside down, becuase this country is without a doubt in distress.

    6. Charles Troy, New Yo says:

      That is just out of bounds because you can be quite sure that if the republicans are not going to know what they are going to be voting on then we the people are surely not going to hear a word about what is hidden inside these huge spending packages. To pass legislation that is contested with no debate and no review is not something that happens in America I would expect it in some fascist regime but not in the greatest democracy in history. But I think this time she has finally crossed the line and needs to be removed from office.

    7. James Carter says:

      It is time to put a stop to this nonsense. The people of this country deserve better. Our congressional leaders are using the Republicans as the reason to be dishonest with the American people. President Obama is contributing (or leading) this dishonesty.

      How can we stop it?

    8. Marci, Oregon says:

      This is absurd! Asking people to vote before they have read and debated the bill and telling the Republicans they don't need to see it since they are against it anyway, what?! I demand to see what they are asking me, my children and my grandchildren to pay for!!

      I must be in an alternate universe – everything is upside down, backwards and inside out.

    9. R Stegeman, Kansas C says:

      But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Depotism, it is their Right, their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

    10. Stan, Illinois says:

      After eight years of Bush/Cheney with preemptive war, patriot act, terror alert color levels, fear mongering, gloating/snearing about a reelection providing political capital, Black Water, Halliburton/Kbr, extraordinary rendition, exploding national debt, Abramoff, Ralph Reed Jr., Norquist, Scanlon, Brownie, Tom Delay hammer-locking legislative action to suit his and his cronies interests, etc., what is up with the ranting about fascism, socialism, shenanigans. What with the experience of the past eight years and the continual nutty beyond reactionary raving of Oreilly, Hannity, Coulter and Limbaugh. I just don't understand where some people have been or where their heads have been. God help us if Obama cannot.

    11. Larry, Montgomery Vi says:

      The republican leadership is totally focused on having Obama fail. They don't care if the nation goes down the tubes, as long as they are left in charge. The right-wing radio hate-speech promoters are all preparing to move to Dubai along with Darth Cheney. The republican leadership is no different than the rulers of Myanmar or Sudan. They would rather rule a failed state than be partners in a vital democracy.

    12. faith,wisconsin says:

      the spending in DC has been out of control for some time now BUT this is the biggest spending bill in our history and wasn't it our new Pres who campaigned on transparency when bills are created….we get to read and have debate….anything done in secret smacks of a marxist government….not a republic which of course, we are supposed to be….sad times for my grandchildren are ahead.

    13. Wayne from Jeremiah says:

      I've linked to your post from Bipartisan Watch I hope I will not also need to link to something similar from Transparency Watch.

    14. Sam in PA. says:

      Stan and Larry! Never in my 57 year have I seen such a diabolical political move in America! There was a reason Check and balance of power was enumerated by our constitution! Speaker Pelosi should be impeached! How can you condone or support a bill you know very little about?

      Where is the transparency? Where is the bipartisanship? Change we can believe in my foot!

    15. Dawg B. united socia says:

      <<<locked and loaded,waiting for the revolution to start.

    16. C.W. Carman Dallas, says:

      This incident proves once again that not all traitors are democRATS, but all democRATS are traitors! To hell with all those who voted for the treasonous king Hussein and his Soros fellating myrmidons (read as neo-communist democRATS)!!!

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    19. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Well, my brothers and sisters, it looks like the Revolution is neigh, and I have information to your interest!

      In the First Revolution, we (Connecticut) gave you Benedict Arnold, for this revolution, we (Connecticut) present to you Senator Chris Dodd!

      We in Connecticut know that it is our duty to provide a traitor for each Revolution.

      Smile people, there is nothing we can do to stop the Democrat Left now. Rush Limbaugh is right, let them have their fun now but when we get the Country back, the Left will pay dearly! Please read Rush's idea on this at the following link.


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    23. Fred Newman says:

      When are we ever going to learn that we all need to vote? Not just some of us!

      I can't wait until the next election…

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    25. Douglas, Fresno, CA says:

      I'm 54 years old, but I am ready to take up arms if nessary to save our country once again!

    26. Zamna Garner says:

      What can we do ..I have a grandbaby being born soon and I don't want to have to explain to my grand children about the freedoms I had and then I'll have to explain to them what went wrong… and what Grannie did to help freedom stay alive in America. Wake up America!!!Please Wake Up!!

    27. Geirge, Delaware says:

      We Veterans, who fought Nazism,and Socialism as well as Seniors over 85 are ready to Revolt over the Pork Bill and Satanic Health Proposals to say nothing about violation of the Constitution Articles One and Two. One wonders why the AARP and Christian Clergy are mum. God Bless and save us.

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    29. Fayetteville, GA says:

      I can't wait for Obama to form his private "army" then next he will probably tell us that we are in to much trouble to have any future elections. America wake up – this is a call to armes

    30. Anne, WV says:

      The country voted these guys/gals in including the same old "socialists" we all love to bring money back to our districts…WV is full of socialists who love all this pork. The hard working man is far and few between. The "Goodie Bag" that our welfare recipients have been recieving for years are eager to keep the "goodies" coming.

      However, there is hope in this stimulus bill…with the 'new health care" provision that will be managed by the government. It will help relieve us of all this "dead weight" by not allowing the pork receipiants to further enjoy their pork. They have too many health problems that I am sure the government will not be willing to pay for any longer…only the healthy workers will get the medical help they need…

    31. Dennis Hase, conn says:

      Why should we read it? Chris Dodd signed 2 mortgages without knowing what they said. This the kind of leadership we voted into office and now we have to live with it.

    32. gracie says:

      I have an 80 year old mother and a 90 year old mother in law. How am I going to tell them when they are in the hospital that they will not receive treatment because Obama thinks their life is not worth saving…they need to accept that they will have to give up???? Will Obama tell Ted Kennedy his time is up when he will refuse treatment for him? We no longer live in America. When we are all taxed to the point of all businesses going under, is the Congress going to take care of all of America? The false pretense that Obama was elected, when he told everyone that they will be taken care of will ruin the USA. Did you hear the people in Florida ask why they are not getting their homes, car, food, gas paid for yet? He is rewarding those who don't WANT to work. Here's a secret, when the working people are tapped out, no one will be getting anything! Those of us who have worked for 40+ years, saved and tried to do the RIGHT thing are rewarded with a slap in the face. Obama should stay in the WH a few nights and read this bill so he can actually talk to people about what is in it!!!

    33. Anne, WV says:

      It is just too scary to know that it will be the government that gets to decide who gets to live and who gets to die (isn't there a sci-fi movie that has this theme?)…that is way too much power for anyone or any institution. That is too obsene…we should have yelled louder…or maybe, we should have been wiser when we went to the polls. It is sad that we got (collectively) what we wanted. Maybe we should have spent more time teaching our children the constitution and how important our freedoms are to cherish and keep. It certainly has not been taught in the schools.

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