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  • Judd Gregg Chooses Principle Over Career


    Today, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) stood up for all Americans — and yes all conservatives — who value limited government and transparent leadership. In withdrawing his name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce, he chose principle over career.

    In Senator Gregg’s released statement, he said: “It has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy.”

    It had become apparent to Senator Gregg that the “stimulus” was in fact, not designed to stimulate the economy, but to advance a radical liberal ideology. He realized that socializing health care wasn’t stimulating, nor was ending welfare reform as we know it, nor returning Americans to an era of dependency rather than an era of self-reliance. It had become apparent to Senator Gregg that the Department of Commerce should maintain oversight of the independent U.S. Census. The White House had pressed for complete control.  However, the U.S. Census isn’t a manipulative political tool, but a critical asset of the government used to measure seats in Congress and federal resource distribution. Although Senator Gregg respected President Obama, and his leadership, he also realized the President needed a full level of support from his Cabinet, and that conservatives needed a full level of support in the Senate.

    This courage came at a cost. Surely this embarrassment to the Obama Administration will not earn him bargaining chips in future White House negotiations. Surely the White House will keep a keen eye on the senator’s re-election, if he chooses to run again. Also remember that the role of Commerce Secretary would have opened new career doors, new popularity, new perks and new wealth. Being a senator isn’t exactly a bad job, but combining both experiences surely was a tempting offer.

    Senator Gregg stood down from his nomination knowing that nobody would hold him personally accountable for the “stimulus” if he chose to stay, and knowing that his vote wouldn’t stop the bill from passing. While Senator Gregg’s courage to cast his single vote in favor of core conservative principles may not change the outcome, it may cause at least one more senator to look inside his or her heart and courageously join him to say no to the return of welfare, the implementation of government-controlled health care, the doubling in size of federal departments and the persecution of religion – and say yes to the real stimulus that hard-working Americans have earned — their own money and control of their own lives.

    Courage in Washington doesn’t come cheap, and it doesn’t come easy, so it should be recognized when it occurs. Well done, Senator.

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    60 Responses to Judd Gregg Chooses Principle Over Career

    1. Loyal Eagle, Florida says:

      First man down for standing up. We all have been blessed by the courage of this one man. He has given us real hope and change. May others follow in his footsteps until the Nation wakes from this wicked sleep.

    2. James, Philla. Pa. says:

      Well done Senator. I wish my Senator,Bennidict Arlen, had half the integrity and honor as you.I like the unity and leadership I see emerging in our party. Kudos and GOD bless you and America!

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Bravo, Senator Gregg! If the Left wants to rape the American People, let them do it without us!

    4. Dennis, Ohio says:

      Walking behind the mule, usually has a few negative results. But, eventually, the field gets plowed.

      Great job Senator Gregg!

    5. B B says:





    6. James Carter says:

      I salute Senator Gregg for his honesty and courage. These attributes need to be cloned and injected into more of our Congressional leaders.

      God bless you Senator.

    7. Violet Osmun,Pa. says:

      I respect Senator Gregg,for standing down ,since I think the real reason, was the change of the census,taking it out of his department for the first time ever and illigally placing it with the Whitehouse to put it in a politically engineered football

    8. Linda, NH says:

      Way to Go Senator Gregg! FINALLY, a political figure with Integrity and Courage that stands by his principles!!

      Live Free or Die~!

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    10. Pat Marchetti-Bonita says:

      This is the best news I've heard in a while. I have been so disappointed in the Republicans who have chosen to align themselves with an administration that does not seem to have the best interests of our country in their agenda. Our freedoms are our treasures, and many patriots fought and sacrificed to assure that all Americans would continue to enjoy these freedoms. These freedoms are being put in jeopardy, very cleverely, by the pushing of this "stimulus" bill with its huge hidden agenda before there is appropriate discussion and evaluation. I was overjoyed when I heard on my car radio about Judd Gregg and was yelling with joy. I AM SO GLAD THAT HE ALSO DIDN'T ALLOW HIMSELF TO CONTINUE TO BE TREATED AS A BUFFOON BY OBAMA!

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    12. Sandra says:

      Thank God, that someone in Washington has some values left.

    13. mark elder texarkana says:

      Senator Gregg

      We Americans are often tempted to change ranks in some shape form or fasion but we weigh the issues and we return home to what we know to be the firm and correct foundation for our lives and the lives of others.

      Just because we get tempted that is not a sin but standing up for what is right honest and just is a victory and sometimes a hard won victory at that…Well done Senator Gregg you have my support and admiration….Mark

    14. April Lindamood says:

      Senator Gregg,

      You give us hope that there are still strong people with integrity who follow their heart and not their ambitions. We so need people in Washington who understan what's really at stake here. I for one am proud, thanks for standing for what's right.

      Let's hope you inspire more people to stand up and take a strong stand. This sort of act could very well make the difference in the elections coming up.

      God Bless you and God Bless America

    15. lynda hawkins, 226 p says:

      thank you sen gregg, Please help us bring America back to what it should be

    16. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      I thought Cs were AGAINST FLIP FLOPPING.


    17. CC says:

      Judd Gregg 2012!!!

      Take notes Arlen Spector!

    18. Jack Weyler, Oklahom says:

      Thank you Senator Gregg. We will ask our grandkids to remember that on this date a man of principle named Judd stood up for what was right. And he did it quietly on Abe Lincoln's 200th birth anniversary no less.

    19. Gene DiBartolo, Clev says:

      I am humbled and awed by the courage and dignity Sen. Judd displays. This gives me new hope for our party, our nation and our future as a nation. My fervent hope is that others will note and heed. We must right our great nation!

    20. Joe, Maine says:

      The "Live Free or Die" NH State Senator makes good sense and us proud and would make our Forefathers proud. Someone needs to start REPRESENTING and LISTENING to the American people, and Senator Gregg is doing just that! Hopefully the rest of our Congressmen & Congresswomen will grab the torch of "Common Sense" and be better discerners of what the far left is trying to do! Thank you Senator Gregg and God Bless you and hopefully God will still Bless America.

    21. SammyD says:

      Finally, hope. Refreshing to see a man with integrity.

    22. Maggie TX says:

      Judd Gregg 2012

    23. The Zwart Family, MN says:

      Thank You Sen. Gregg for standing to the American ideals that established this country and differentiate us from the rest of the world. If you have trouble in your own homeland of NH you are welcome to come serve the people of Minnesota.

    24. RG, New Bedford, MA says:

      partisanship at its best. thanks for working so hard at keeping this country divided. it takes a lot of courage to stay safe in one's little tent as opposed to healing political divisions and showing the world that we can work together as one people. no wonder republicans have made so many gains in the house and the senate. keep up the great work guys!

    25. Leslie Idaho says:

      What a breath of fresh air coming out of the stinking cesspool of arrogant no nothing do nothing politicians. Bless Judd Gregg. I always thought that New Hampshire had a few good men left.

    26. Russell Acocelli says:

      Jim Owens, the CEO of Caterpillar said it the way more people in his position sure should;that even with this stimulus package Caterpillar will still have layoffs before we can re hire.

      I feel President Obama should get off the campaign trail,and start listening to financial people that know what to do to correct this bill!

    27. j mcdonald alaska says:

      Question-does Sen Gregg retain his Senate seat? God, I hope so. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

    28. Deb, New York says:

      THANK YOU !!

    29. Angel F, Newport New says:

      Finally a man with conviction is standing up to the "Obama Thought Control Machine" when he refused to say that 2 plus 2 does not make 5.

    30. April McNamara, Colo says:

      Senator Gregg was called upon by the leader of our country to serve the people. It took courage for President Obama to call upon someone from the "other" side to be an important member of his cabinet. I saw his choosing Senator Gregg as proof positive of the President's commitment for real bipartisanship. The President put his money where his mouth is. Senator Gregg accepted the honor with the knowledge that the road ahead would be long and hard. How embarrassing for Senator Gregg. Courage, you say…I call that cowardice. I applaud the Republican Senators who have stood up and said, Yes, something has to be done with this economy and I want to take part in drafting a plan. It's easy to shoot down someone else's plan…it takes real effort to work together, debate, stand up for your beliefs and draft a plan of action to pull this country out of its downward economic spiral. And yes, it may take some compromising. A "my way or the highway" approach never works. What hope do we have for our country if we continue with the policies of the last 8 years…tax cuts for the rich, rollbacks on regulations of banks and lending institutions and more military spending. I'm trying not to play the blame game. I just want a little fairness. The people that disagree with you just have a different opinion. It doesn't mean that they are morally corrupt, wicked, unpatriotic, radical and longing to undermine our very freedoms. The last election is proof that Americans are tired of that sanctimonious rhetoric. Too bad for Senator Gregg. He's missing out on a wonderful opportunity to represent his side at the table. He is backing out and backing down. Too bad.

    31. Daniel, Los Angeles says:

      There may well be negative fallout for Sen. Gregg, but he will be able to live with himself, which would not have been possible otherwise.

    32. ron hansing says:

      So much for Fidel Obama and his lobbyists tainted influence and the blackened transparency window.

    33. H L PUCKETT VA. says:


    34. Sue, Nevada says:

      God Bless You, Senator Gregg! My prayer is more will follow you, standing up for the people they represent, rather than seeking personal gain

    35. Deb, New York says:

      THANK YOU Senator Gregg !! You are a good man for standing true to yourself. May the rest of "them" take notice and hopefully follow your lead and do the right thing for the people. Again, a heartfelt THANK YOU !!!!!

    36. April McNamara, Colo says:

      Regarding H.L. Puckett's previous comments:

      I am so very respectful of our most important right as Americans…freedom of speech. Nevertheless, it always amazes me how people can shame themselves while exercising that right.

    37. J BENDZ, KEENE, NH says:

      This senator has more courage than I ever suspected and lots of credibality. I sure work will hard to see that he gets re-elected in my state if he chooses to run and I hope he does.

    38. Maureen Fike, Hessto says:

      Senator Gregg is a keeper. Now lets clean house of the corrupt and self-serving no matter their party affiliations. Thank you Senator for setting a standard.

    39. Kathleen, Pennsylvan says:

      I truly want to believe that Senator Gregg acted on principle; however, realizing the caliber (or lack thereof) of 99.9% of politicians, I am more inclined to believe his withdrawal was in retaliation. Shortly after Hillary Clinton took her oath of office she realized the Secty of State has been rendered impotent (via the appointments of Mitchell, Holbrooke, etc.). Shortly after the announcement of Gregg as Commerce Secty, he realized this position, also, was stripped when supervision of the Census was turned over to Rahm Emanuel.

    40. dude, dudeville, usa says:

      Obama can stimulate yo Mama, but until they bring manufacturing jobs back to America, this country is going to keep going downhill.

    41. Helen Roberts Spingo says:

      Dear Sir: We need you, America needs you!! More so in 2012!!

      Thank you. Helen S.

    42. Dave McDuffie says:

      Judd Gregg, a true American, and one of the few who qualify as BRAVE, as in "home of the brave"! Thank you God for sending us Your man Gregg! Now, where are the rest? You also gave us George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, JFK and MLK, and the great Ronald Reagan. Got any more up THERE? We are in desperate need as communism is taking over our country from the inside. There are many millions of us who ask YOU for help. Please do not let the sacrifices made by our forefathers go in vain. Even I, your humble servant, who looked into the eyes of the communist killers in Vietnam, and You allowed me to come back personally victorious over so many of the enemy, beg Your help, and also ask for the strength to do what is right to keep us a God loving, free people. AMEN.

    43. Mike Godfrey, Omaha NE says:

      You are not one to be talking about shame, April. You are repeating Obama’s campaign rhetoric, most of which was either lies or misrepresentations, and you are subscribing the class warfare of envy-the-rich, loot-the-rich that the Democratic Party promotes. How about checking your slogans to be sure that they are factual.

    44. Jim, Illinois says:

      I am impressed and encouraged to see Sen. Gregg demonstrate the courage of his convictions. He is to be respected! It appears he voted "no" to the stimulous package, as all members of the House and Senate should do. Bi-partianship demonstrated by the Democrat controlled House is "getting a first look at a 1000 page bill at midnight, and voting on it that same day. This, after agreeing to delay any vote for 48 hours after the bill was published. Also, what happened to the President's committment to publish proposed legislation on the internet for 5 days, for citizen review, before action was taken. One must wonder about the intellegence of their representatives if they vote "yes" on a the largest spending bill in the history of this great country, and "have not even read it"!

    45. Ramesh says:

      "Too bad for Senator Gregg. He’s missing out on a wonderful opportunity to represent his side at the table. He is backing out and backing down. Too bad."

      It takes great moral courage to take a stand against something that is contrary to one's beliefs and ethics. Thankfully Sen. Gregg was not high on Obama kool-aid just because he was approached by the Anointed One!

    46. Ramesh says:

      So, Kathleen, if you are hired for a job or approached for a job and if you find out that you are not going to be allowed to carry out your functions (in the case of Commerce Secretary, a constitutional function), you would still hold your head high and jump at the opportunity?

    47. Jacquie in Virginia says:

      Dear Senator Gregg, welcome back to the Party of principle. Many, many years ago Matthew Fontaine Maury said “When Principle is involved be deaf to expediency” Our family has lived by this for 57 years and we are teaching it to 9 grandchildren and 4 great grands. Whatever fall out you may suffer from the White House who will surely “trash” you and all you know and love, want you to know I will be praying for you and your families’ future. God Bless

    48. Sherry Quick, Orange says:

      Senator Gregg, God Bless You and Thank You for standing up for what you believe in…honesty, integrity, and our American Heritage.

    49. Dave McDuffie says:

      April McNamara is as clueless as they come. Dear Ms Mc. The last 8 years are chock full of thievery by the demorats, starting with Barney Frank, Frank Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Chris Dodd and Obama himself stealing MILLIONS from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, right under the nose of that moron-in-chief Bush. And lets not forget about our friends in the communist network, the Clintons, who made certain that banks MUST make home loans to people who do not qualify and who can not afford to pay those loans back! Now get in line Ms Mc and pay up for all those people who did not qualify and also for all the illegals who come here looking for free medical and welfare and foodstamps! Come on Ms McNamara, time to dig deep and pay the hell up!

    50. Susan, Michigan says:

      Thank you senator Gregg for being a man of integrity. I only wish we had someone with your character to represent us here in Michigan. What we have are three abominations that call themselves a governor and two senators. Look what they have done to our wonderful state. But now with Obama and his thugsin charge I am so afraid our whole country is going to wind up like Michigan.

    51. April McNamara, Colo says:

      I think that it's interesting when people talk about class warfare and "looting the rich". Whenever some in congress try to help and protect the blue-collar American, you call it "looting the rich". Meanwhile you simply roll your eyes when others in congress give billions to the banks, and then those CEOs give themselves fat bonuses. I don't get it. Eveybody always rants against the immigrants and the welfare mothers. But, it's "ok" or "a necessary evil" to doll out tons of cash to the banking institutions? Nobody talks about how some in congress have voted to roll-back regulations on banks and lending institutions which has created a breeding ground for predatory lenders. Not everybody is smart like you. They don't know how to blog. They don't even own a computer. They need guidance when buying homes. I want our representatives to try and stop the carnage. I don't want people to lose their homes and their jobs. I know that some will, if they haven't already. Something has to be done and it can't just all be about tax cuts for business owners. We have to help bolster those in need. My mother worked for Children's Services for years. She once said, "Sometimes the people that need the most help are the people that seem to deserve it the least, but you still have to help them." By the way, she is a die-hard Republican. When we bail-out the banks it is considered prudent economics. But when we help our very own, it's communism and socialism. We must have rules and regulations to protect ourselves. And, we must have safety nets in place to catch those without resources who fall.

    52. R.Gates, San Diego says:

      So much for Obama's attempt at bipartisanship. From here on out it will be NO QUARTER ASKED, NO QUARTER GIVEN.

    53. Nancy, Michigan says:

      Thank you for your moral backbone – even some die-hard Democrats are impressed!

    54. Ginna Walsh Bedminst says:

      It is amusing how libs like April keep repeating the same, tired mantras about conservatives (i.e. "tax cuts for the rich"),but fail time and time again to write or speak in a scholarly fashion,giving examples from history or stating the facts. Judd Gregg removed himself from consideration as Commerce Secretary for a number of valid reasons. The census is a complicated task, conducted by statisticians who are scientists, not politicians. It is customary for them to report to the Commerce Secretary, not the White House. The compromise of the integrity of the census will have far reaching implications, as the raw data provides the basis for congressional redistricting, and how the government allots money to schools, to name a few. In fact, seven former census directors proposed turning the census over to an independent agency after 2010. The census is the most important job of the Commerce Secretary, and Mr. Gregg was absolutely correct in removing himself from consideration. Back door socialism is creeping into every aspect of government, and I'm sure Mr. Gregg realized it. Obama is trying to insure that Democrats are in power for as long as the eye can see. In bypassing the commerce secretary and with the stimulus package,Obama will attempt to create a permanent majority like nothing we have ever seen before. For example, ACORN is is funded by billions of tax dollars. Obama will sign executive orders to do away with secret union ballots. In four short weeks he has concentrated power in the central government. We have understood the dangers of runaway inflation and we have had Presidents who have done the wrong thing, but our system has always worked with capitalism. We are a great country because we adhere to the rule of law and abide by the constitution and a fidelity to the nation's founding. Leftists will use language to create emotion ("tax cuts for the rich"). However, it is the people and companies who make a PROFIT who can create jobs. This stimulus is the most grotesque spending bill in history, and Obama only wanted the Republicans to share in it so that he could justify constitutionalized socialism.

    55. Marion Leigon, Ashev says:

      It is heartening for another Republican to stand up for principle and common sense. Arlen Spector has just negated every good he has ever contributed, and has lost the respect of many.

      Thank you Senator Gregg for leading the road back to sanity. Blessings!

    56. Mike Baker,Dallas Ce says:

      I thought Gregg would be asked to resign as soon as his Senate seat was refilled.Never, ever take a liberal at his or her word.I don't think the senator's choice to withdraw his nomination was triggered by anything more than the still,small voice inside telling him,"Never,ever take a liberal at their word." Good call Senator Gregg.

    57. April McNamara, Colo says:

      I agree that the Census is a complicated and important task. It is paramount to our democracy that everybody living in this country be counted so that they can be represented. Everybody. Counting just the American citizens is not accurate.

      I believe that it is the consumer that creates the demand. Businesses are established and flourish when they meet that demand and cause it to grow. If consumers aren't spending, then businesses suffer. Business owners do not "create jobs", they hire employees because they need them to do the work of meeting that demand. Business owners are not looking out for their fellow man or the greater economic structure. They are looking to make their businesses succeed. That is why a completely "free" market, unchecked by rules and regulations by government creates the problems that we are facing today. It takes a balance. You can take sides and name-call. Or, you can discuss and debate and work together for the greater good of our country.

    58. Andrew Luck - Phoeni says:

      CONGRATULATIONS Senator Gregg for maintaining your principles. It seems most Washington leaders have forgotten the Christian values our founded athers built this great nation on. It seems many are willing to sell their souls to be elected.

      Have a Blessed day,

    59. Rusell Acocelli says:

      You are a man of conviction Senator Gregg good going! Maybe you could start teaching other Senators to stand their ground while dealing with this administration, they sure could use some backbone.

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