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  • Inhofe Senate Resolution Provides Clear Vision for Defense Spending

    United States Senator James M. Inhofe (Republican of Oklahoma)

    This afternoon Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) introduced a joint resolution to maintain defense spending at 4 percent of our nation’s GDP. Heritage Distinguished Fellow and former Senator from Missouri, Jim Talent, commented that the legislation was “vital for America. There is a huge shortfall between what the military is spending and what it needs to spend.” This legislation, of course, comes in light of last month’s troubling announcement that the Office of Management and Budget, under the guidance of President Barack Obama, has requested that the Pentagon decrease the 2010 defense budget by 10

    While the economic crisis is front and center in the nation’s psyche, America cannot afford to allow its security to fall by the wayside. Despite Congress’s historical predisposition, multi-tasking is critical. The numerous and diverse collection of threats the Untied States faces requires a military that is funded at a level in conjunction with the nation’s national security strategy and global responsibilities. Failure to maintain a robust defense budget will leave the United States unable to equip, train, and modernize a full-spectrum fighting force to meet these commitments.

    As Heritage senior analyst Mackenzie Eaglen argues, “To adequately provide for the common defense and secure America’s vital interests, Congress should commit to funding the core defense budget at roughly today’s levels of 4 percent of GDP for the next 10 years.” As Senator Inhofe’s resolution correctly conveys, this commitment is not only a bargain, it is essential.

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    8 Responses to Inhofe Senate Resolution Provides Clear Vision for Defense Spending

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Ahh, here again is another example of the Let's failure to provide the proper security to the People of America – the First and Foremost duty of the Federal Government! This must be noted as when God forbid, an attack occurs (as on December 7, 1941 or September 11, 2001) on American soil or holding, the Left will be held responsible!

    2. Ken Spear IL says:

      Why is the new administration cutting defense spending, while at the same time increasing spending on just about everything else including ACORN? Doesn't defense spending create jobs? Kind of makes you wonder if this is the kind of change we want?

    3. Mayme Trumble, NY says:

      The last attack occurred on a Republican's watch. What does that mean?

    4. Bill, Little Rock says:

      To cut the pentagon's budget by any amount at this time would be stupidity of monumental proportions.

      The left wing nuts would require the pentagon to cut weapons systems such as the F-22, the joint strike fighter and missile defense. To cut such programs after the years and billions spent to develope them would be, for anyone living in the real world, criminal negligence.

      Aside from the implications for national security, what about jobs? I guess we'll end up putting the folks who build these high tech defense systems on umemployment. But they shouldn't worry. The demostupids will extend their employment benefits.

    5. Al Fell, Penna. says:

      When the terrorist are driving "TANKS" on our roads, maybe(?) then the "bleeding hearts" will wake up. Unfortunely it will be too late. If I wasn't crying about this liberal pork package, I would be cheering because this administration will implode itself, and long term that is "WONDERFUL"

      Just think a land with LESS liberals!

    6. Ed, Milford, Ct. says:

      No doubt the cut in defense spending will put us in the pre 9/11 defense posture. You would think that since the new Israel invention of the force shield would definitely be funded to protect our troops. Interestingly this marvel is also shown on UTube. Guess Nancy and Harry didn't care about our defense or that of our troops fighting to give them the opportunity to spend our money as they did in this recent PORK BILL our president is blindly signing. Can't feel sorry for Barack though, for an educated gangster from Chicago he's in it for what ever he can get. For one thing a new house and car along with his own private plane etc.

    7. Sheila Byrne, Sacram says:

      Since we're broke and since it is the soldiers who fight all our wars (which we can no longer afford), why not get rid of the Pentagon (pork). It would make a great day care center for all the poor kids in D.C. Seriously, what do we need it for?

    8. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      The facts presented in the article above are of course true.

      However, considering how, now practically unopposed, the Left (including Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their accomplices in academia, government, the media, and elsewhere) clings to what history is forced to repeatedly show and prove is their patently pretentious state of denial of reality and willful ignorance of both the real world and history, it is altogether abundantly and increasingly evident how the Left is still determined to act in ways all too similar to Neville Chamberlain (who, through his appeasing,etc, actually helped cause instead of prevent World War II), forcing history to repeat itself yet again through both the already repeatedly proven mass misery and failure of Socialist government elitism, and all too probably yet another otherwise preventable war, thanks to such as their witting and unwitting "Fifth column" efforts for such Islamic Extremist Fascists as the Iranian Ahmadinijad, the Saudi Bin Laden, and even the clever Soviet Socialist KGB leader and now "Russian President" Putin.

      To put it in a way which both "the TV generations" and others should understand, think of this warning as a combination of: "The story you are about to see is true; only the names have been changed" (a la the intro to the old original "Dragnet" TV series), and "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" (a la World War II [and/or any other otherwise preventable wars in the now foreseeable future]).

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