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  • Buy American: Immigration Edition

    The Drive By Media loves to paint conservatives as intolerant bigots any time we point out that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers trillions of dollars. But when the left inserts anti legal immigrant provisions into the stimulus, the media largely gives them a pass. As Tom Friedman reported yesterday the stimulus bill contained a provision that restricts “banks and other financial institutions that receive taxpayer bailout money from hiring high-skilled immigrants on temporary work permits known as H-1B visas.”

    This is insane. As we have consistently argued here at the Heritage Foundation, H-1B workers are highly skilled and highly needed to help our economy grow. Research shows that technology companies hire five new workers for each H-1B visa for which they apply and that on average, the skills of each highly skilled H-1B worker support the jobs four Americans.

    We should be increasing the cap on H-1B visas so that we have the best talent in the world to help fix our economy. Why does the left insist on shutting these legal immigrants out?

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    15 Responses to Buy American: Immigration Edition

    1. Peter Asher .. Orego says:

      Because they don't vote Left?

    2. Jim, Miami says:

      H-1B workers are ordinary workers doing ordinary work.

      H-1Bs are imported to reduce the wages of U.S. workers by glutting the market with labor.

      Many times it is the U.S. worker who is required to train their H-1B replacement before being laid off en-masse. This would indicate that it is the H-1B who are the ones who need the training,not the U.S. worker.

      This program is an abomination and it is high time to end it.

    3. Colleen says:

      The H-1B and L-1 guest workers programs have “RESERVED” millions of high-value jobs for citizens of foreign countries.

      “Fake Job Ads” consistently and routinely EXCLUDE United States Citizens during the hiring process…


    4. Tom, Asbury Park, NJ says:

      As a Computer Programmer I always have to laugh at all this "Best and Brightest" nonsense. I have Indian guys coming up to me at working asking me the most basic questions about programming and then I have to read how they are all "highly skilled". This crap is getting Orwellian. The H-1B is a scam by 2 parties and for 2 reasons: (1) Corporate America and their neo-con pals to get cheap labor and increase diversity. (2) The left-wing Democrats who want to increase diversity.

      The Heritage Foundation likes the H-1B becuase it increases diversity. The whole H-1B program has been a complete farce from the beginning and thank the Lord everyone is finally waking up from the nonsensical propaganda about how they are the "Best and the Brightest." Ha ha ha. Any engineering professor at any school in America can tell you numerous stories about how much these guys cheat their way through academia. It's a complete joke and a complete farce.

      We need to end the H-1B and repeal the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration act. I know the pro-diversity wing of the Heritage foundation would hate that but so what. Peace Out!

    5. Bart, USA says:

      Another fine contribution by H-1B workers


    6. Richard A., Southern says:

      H-1B is not an immigration visa, it's a guest worker visa. It's not even about tilting US immigration policy towards educated immigrants — something I personally favor. Those politicians that are pushing for H-1B expansion tend to be the same ones pushing for a massive guest worker program for agriculture.

    7. George, Virginia says:

      "H-1B workers are ordinary workers doing ordinary work.

      H-1Bs are imported to reduce the wages of U.S. workers by glutting the market with labor."

      Wrong. Actually wages have gone down sharply since 2003 when the number of H1Bs were reduced from 115,000 to 65,000. Why? Jobs have been transferred abroad.

      "Many times it is the U.S. worker who is required to train their H-1B replacement before being laid off en-masse. This would indicate that it is the H-1B who are the ones who need the training,not the U.S. worker."

      Abolition of H1B means the US worker will travel to India to train Indian workers and will still loose his job.

      "This program is an abomination and it is high time to end it."

      Typical Americans who oppose Affirmative Action but dont like genuine competiton.

      "The H-1B and L-1 guest workers programs have “RESERVED” millions of high-value jobs for citizens of foreign countries."

      Wnen Americans learn to add without calculators, even foreigners will employ them. Three million Americans are employed abroad in high paying jobs and they know how to add without a calculator.

    8. efyin says:

      The IT field is changing very fast. One day you are using one programming language or standard, The next day you would find those language totally obsolete. In order to stay competitive you need to keep gaining new skills.

      The fact is that H1b program is only bad for a small group, who are not comfortable in learning new skills every 6 months. Eventually they loose their jobs to other candidates, Often these candidates were hired on H1bs and they blame H1b for their job loss.

      If you look from a larger prospective, H1bs are actually slowing down the outsourcing by meeting the skill requirements in USA. They are helping economy by buying houses here, spending their money here and living their life as US citizen eventually.

      Yes there are few Outsourcing firms, who misuse the H1b program, by giving very low wages to H1b candidates, however that problem can be resolved very easily. We can introduce minimum wages for H1b workers to 100000 per year, making sure they can change their jobs easily and making sure they don't need to wait very long for their greencard.

      That way only US companies would be able to afford the H1bs and most of the abuse will be stopped.

      Remember, If not H1bs, you would be bashing the government for creating so many engineering institutes in USA, and how young kids are taking your jobs.

    9. James, California says:

      Is the H-1B cheap labor or is it a solution to a shortage of Americans. If it is cheap labor then the stimulus restrictions prevent the TARP banks form hiring foreigners. If it is about a shortage of Americans then these restrictions will not prevent the banks from hiring more H-1Bs. All that will be required of the TARP banks is that they look for an American. Under current H-1B law they need not do that. In this article the Heritage Foundation implicitly acknowledges that the H-1B is all about cheap labor.

    10. Skj says:

      But the driving force for this amendment to the new TARP bill was Sen. Chuck Grassley and he is a Republican.

    11. Bruce says:

      A few more Facts!!!! I am a Master Craftsman. General Contractors that I work for over the years, keep lower and lower in wage and most now want you to pay your own tax!! When I started as a unskilled Labor in the 70,s my wage was 20-30 an hr. I am lucky to get 20 today! It makes no sense! I own nothing. Other craftsman I have spoke with tell similar stories.

      Other factors in this line of work is, its never 1,920 (40 hrs wk.12 months a year) It's finish one project, find another. What happen to Unions! I mean now we have companies like Labor Ready that exploit

      labor!!!! Other factor…It is very hard work and the body wears out, but also most construction material is hazardous to your health!

      SELL OUT you bet! What to do about it, join a local militia…just kidding, I think get active and support FAIR ( The Mexicans are very organized) all the more reason to join FAIR.

      I am not hateful or against anyone trying to make a living….however my standard of living is less because of the influx of cheap labor. It would seem that the Mexicans should be fighting there own

      gov. in creating livable standards there! Also for all you reading this "The RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD IS NOT BILL GATES, IT IS CARLOS SLIM" Guess where from, Mexico! I think the Mexican people should

      ask this guy to give back to his country! As for the my thoughts on the crime, well I am a out of work carpenter for hire and I will build the gallows.

      One other note, I do believe in Legal Immigration! but in much less and more balanced from other countries you know 5% Mexico5%,China…etc.

      Thanks for letting me post my thoughts.

    12. Diggy Zazz, Dayton, says:

      How many 50-year old H-1Bs have you met? How many married ones? I've worked in the software industry for 25 years. Virtually every H-1B worker that I've seen has been a single male in his 20s. Their living arrangements in this country usually consisted of several men sharing an apartment.

      Let's stop the charade of saying that the U.S. needs foreign "skilled" workers. What the I.T. industry is looking for is cheap workers. There are plenty of extremely skilled American engineers in their 40's and 50's looking for work right now, but they need to be paid more than does a single kid living on pizza and splitting rent with his three buddies.

      Let's be honest about what really motivates the defenders of the H-1B.

    13. Norski, Minnesota says:

      We looked for five years to fill an accounting position and could not find a Citizen or Legal US Resident with the skill set needed. We finally decided to use H1B and found someone in three months. Thank God for H1B!

      Those who claim that H1B lowers wages have not seen the hoops one must go through or they maybe work for a company that cheats.

    14. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I had to hire power electronics and electrical machinery engineers for a high tech product that we were developing. We looked everywhere within the US to hire skilled individuals in those areas with no luck. We ended up with highly skilled Czech and Polish engineers to work on the project.

      Let us be honest. American kids do not want to go into hard engineering. It is not sexy. They are all being trained to think that they can become VPs just as soon as they leave the college without any experience and with scant knowledge. Our society places much more value in vacuous legal profession, environmentalism and political correctness. Look at OECD fifteen year olds test results of fifty seven advanced countries. US placed 31st in Math and 23rd in Science. With those results, we have to keep the H-1B visa open. Overseas, the successful countries insist on academic excellence in their schools and don't demonize the high-achieving students as bumbling nerds and not cool.

    15. Reddy Hyderabad says:

      The problem is Americans think they are superior. But unfortunately they have too many Univs schools and too few to study that they need to import students for them to run. So somehow they pass through the college and think they are high intellectuals. The good old days of intellectual america is gone. Now only the stubborn bigot white supremacist americans are going to drown the US. That is good news though for the muslim world. The world's policemen got no money for food. It is going to take 30 years for america to recover like in 1920s. Time china should take over.

      Now americans figure out how you would feel, you have learn chinese or japanese, wait for your turn to get a visa to work in china or japan for a couple of years, and kicked out at their whims of fancies.

      America your days of supremacy have ended. Goodthing you have elected a nincompoop as the president.Yeah he needs only one term with help of some repubicans to drown america.

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