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  • The Unintended Consequences of Global Warming Hysteria

    In what has been an unusually and welcoming warm week in the District and with that comes the “What’s so bad about global warming?” or “I love global warming!” facetious remarks. The funny thing is these comments are made by both global warming alarmists and global warming skeptics.

    As most Foundry readers know, the science behind global warming is anything but certain; 650 dissenting scientists took their case to the United Nations global warming conference in Poznan, Poland last December. Cutting carbon unilaterally would have negligible environmental benefits, as would any multilateral attempts. Will politicians find it acceptable to do nothing? Should we throw money at a problem knowing we can’t fix it? Sounds like the stimulus package.

    Regardless of whether global warming is real, man-made, and/or catastrophic, global warming hysteria is having a number of unintended consequences:

    “Last summer, doctors in Melbourne, Australia, diagnosed the first case of climate change delusion. It affected a 17-year-old who was refusing to drink water and had been admitted to the psychiatric unit at Royal Children’s Hospital.

    He thought that if he took a drink, millions of people would die from the drought effects of global warming. Doctors said he’d been depressed for eight months and had “visions of apocalyptic events.

    Children who are “having nightmares about global-warming-related natural disasters” are also booking appointments.”

    And in the United States:

    “23% of voters told Rasmussen Reports that it was “at least somewhat likely that global warming will destroy human civilization within the next century.” An additional 5% said it was “very likely.”

    Global warming fear-mongering has convinced Members of Congress they need to take action, but global warming has become dramatically less of a priority in the eyes of the American public than in the past few years. Unfortunately, there are still subscribers to Al Gore’s fire-and-brimstone scenarios. Skeptics still have their work cut out for them to quell global warming hysteria. Let’s hope it happens before we hear more sad stories like the above mentioned.

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    26 Responses to The Unintended Consequences of Global Warming Hysteria

    1. Earl_E says:

      Put fire under a pan of water, watch the water change state from liquid to gas. Add a blanket of warmth to a planet, watch it change state. Sure its physics, sure its common sense. The only people laughing are the ones who are not losing their farms, forests, neighborhoods, water supply, food source, and gentle weather sytems.

      This repost is like listening to someone stutter. You feel sorry for them, you really can't understand them, and you hope they outgrow it.

      Today we had balmy mid-sixties with 70 mph sustained winds. I'm rethinking the building requirements for my room addition. Also, adding a southern windbreak to the orchard to try and prevent the leaf stripping that occured when Ike rolled through last fall, first hurricane to hit Ohio in my fifty years.

    2. Harry in Chicago says:

      Earl, as with most of your comments, you cannot see the forest for the trees. There is plenty of evidence to support the 650 scientists who say the global warming theories are nonsense and would do nothing to combat carbon emissions. Any warming has been shown to be cyclical as does cooling. Meanwhile, we will be spending billions of taxpayer money to chase a phantom, a figment of imagination that lies in wait within the minds of liberal fools waiting to send the world public into hysteria.

    3. Jim, Oklahoma says:

      Unfortunately, many of those who believe global warming is man made and a real earth problem are now in charge of our federal government. Lord help us all.

    4. Ima Bitterclinger says:

      "The only people laughing are the ones who are not losing their farms, forests, neighborhoods, water supply, food source, and gentle weather sytems. "

      …Gentle weather systems. That's hillarious. As if the history of the earth has only known "gentle weather systems" until just recently.

      I for one have had a child come crying to bed after watching a TV episode describing the end of the world due to global warming. Craziness is all abound us and its leaders are Algore, BHO and the rest of the far left.

    5. Sidney Wagner says:

      The Global Warming scam was started out by scientists who wanted to create a steady source of income. Over $55 billions have so far been squandered on worthless climate studies. The problem is that our enemies have siezed upon this scam to slow our economy to the point we are in a financial crisis.

      The global warming fraud shows publicly what is happening through science. An agenda is forced onto real scientists and the public in contempt for rationality and evidence. Everyone is forced to submit to a fake consensus based on intimidation.

    6. JERRY PUYALLUP,WA says:

      It's climate change not Global Warming. It's been going on since the Earth was created.Let's start fighting the problems with some kind of water distribution in this country,we've got plenty up here in WA.We could have the lakes in drought areas kept full ,dams to produce energy,and more productive land for food.Or we could get Mr. Freeze, Lex Luther and the Penguin to control the climate,because I'm pretty sure humans can't.

    7. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      If you believe in holy scripture, for over two thousand years the end of the earth has been predicted by fire and brimstone(also pagan belief, it ending in ice). However from a practical(or scientific) viewpoint, our plant is 2/3 covered with water. The earth crust is less than a 100 miles thick with the center being magnum. Throughout the world are venthole to relieve the pressure of this magnum, called volcanoes which can and does spew millions of tons of dust and gas into the atmosphere. Oh yes, the atmosphere above the earth is less than a 100 miles thick. Can't forget the Ozone layer. That is determine by mother earth and the sun. Oh yes, there's the sun 93 million miles away. It's the primary reason we even exist. This nuclear generator has a mind of its own. It glows hotter then cooler(relatively) from time to time in its own cycle. Oh yes, don't forget solar storms. Those nasty little storm could destroy life as we know it by frying satellites, destroying our electrical grids throughout the world, and maybe even change weather pattern. Our most brillant minds have not learn how to safely harness the earth's fires, winds, or waters. Relatively speaking man's life is not even 1/1000st of a second in the cosmos. It is arrogant and harmful(to the ignorant) to teach that man can control anything other than his immediate surrounds. The rest is left up to God, the sun, the earth, and the cosmos.

    8. Al W, The Villages, says:

      Environmentalists have been exaggerating the state of the earth and it's people for as long as I can remember. There are some nuts who buy into it, but mostly it's the use of crisis in order to get money. When I was in highschool, the prediction was that birthrates in the U.S. were so high that we (and the world) would run out of food and starve in 20 years – our time was up 40 years ago. Now it's climate change, since global warming won't fly. Even Europe is beginning to see the fraud in the global warming and carbon offset game. Unfortunately we now are in the hands of the Obama administration and a bunch of liberals(or worse) that intend to fix everything because they are special and can do what noone before them could.

    9. Ross, Florida says:

      The hysteria generated by this junk science is a dangerous phenomenal at its best. It is pure folly, arrogance, and feeding fear in the young and ignorant. First off, the earth is 2/3 water(of which scientist have explored very little). The earth's crust is less that a hundred miles thick with a center of magnum thousands of miles across. With that much heat and pressure, relief valves called volcans are located throughout the world. Then there is the layered atmosphere which is less than 50 miles above the surface. This includes the ozone. Beyond that, the biggest factor of our would is the sun. This nuclear generator pulsates and gets hotter and cooler(relatively) at its own rythm. It also generates nasty solar storms from time-to-time. The nasty's can, do, and will change our lifestyle, and we can't do a thing about it. These solar storms will fry our satellites, electrical grids, and possibly change our weather patterns. Volcano erruptions can change our temperatures, air quality, and weather patterns. We know about earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, and tidal waves, just to name a few. Relatively speaking a man's lifetime isn't even 1/millionth of a second in cosmo time. What man does to the environment will have very little consequence in the overall life of the earth. The key of the environment is stewardship–to use the bounties of the earth improve our survivability if the sun, earth, or material of the cosmos decide to let us know that we are just stardust. As for me, I believe in a Deity and that I have spirit as well as a body that is eternal. Thus, I sleep well at night. What of the global warming argument? It reminds me of Comedy Central: crude,somewhat funny, but of no social value.

    10. Wayne F, Albuquerque says:

      Climate change is propaganda at it's worst. When scientist are the ones spreading it, many will believe it. Add a bunch of politicians saying it and nearly anything is believed by the mass public. Say it for long enough and you have a mandate. Most people do not have the understanding of the science to comprehend any of it so they let scientist and politicians decide for them. Intellectual laziness has been rampant in America for a long time now. No one wants to believe that scientists can be on the take, but you have to know a little about how scientists support themselves and their families. Grant money is precious to them. In order to keep this revenue stream going, one has to produce the results that the revenue provider is looking for. There is an old saying that if you want to know how something is decided, just follow the money. Politicians like power, in fact, they can't get enough of it. When they realized that promoting climate change initiatives would be a slick way to empower themselves, it wasn't long before they signed on too. The only way to stop this jugernaut is to educate the public. When they learn that the microscopic amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could not possibly cause anything like climate change and that climate change has been happening continuously for as long as this universe has existed, they will drop this whole farce like a hot potato. Meanwhile, some scientists will be providing nicely for their families and politicians will continue to ride the wave to more power and control.

    11. A Child of God says:

      Chemical spraying is going on in the skies. I need someone that will address the issues of chemtrails, electromagnetic technologies, etc. Openly – without pretences. I fear for my children's lives (as well as others) and the illnesses that are caused by them. "Your eyes are closed as if you are sleeping" as the bible states will and is happening.

      My family and others need the church or those who understand what is occuring at this time, for direction and prayer. These are the last days and I personally do not have contact with any spiritual leader that can help or direct me to make biblical, sound decisions to protect my family. Please have compassion and help us in a practical way. Thank you!

      A Child of God

    12. StevenJames, Houston says:


      Problem with your argument is that all of that water vapor (warming the troposphere) comes back to the surface as precipitation (cooling the troposphere).

      Climate is the most complex, self-regulating system we know of, and we know the LEAST about it.

      Gore points out to the Senate that CO2 levels in the troposphere, measured by satelites, have increased considerably – to dangerous levels.

      Yet, Gore neglects to tell the Senate that the very same satelites show ZERO change in the temperature of the troposphere. More CO2, no temperature change.

      These people that push AGW stand to make $billions. They know one thing, and only one thing – a sucker is born every minute. And they aim to capitaize on that fact.

    13. Hozro1, Oregon says:

      Politics and Global Warming are not that new of an idea. As recently as the early thirties a small political group was expounding on the terror of "Global Warming," and the potential hazards of the "Greenhouse Effects," including a new Ice Age and/or the Planet itself warming up beyond livable temperatures!

      The perpredaters? Industries, Automobiles, coal, petroleum by-products, being the cause of to much CO2 into our atmosphere.

      This was Adolph Hitler and his little group. Its called misdirection, get people looking at one thing, and they will not see another. Look what happened when people believed what he was selling!

      Gore and his ilk have been selling this since he lost his bid for Presidency. Selling it hard, and lots of people, especially those taught in our schools, who now vote, believe, "This is Real."

      Our new President included this as part of his campaign agenda. While everyone was looking at, "Global Warming," did anyone look at what the banks and Wall Street were doing? Only President Bush and his people, several times, asking-begging Congress to establish controls of some type over these industries! Did anyone listen? Nope. To busy worrying about Global Warming, while the past two Winters have been colder than usual!

      Now America, we are still to busy arguing about Global Warming, instead of asking, "Why does the President want the Census moved from the Federal Commerse control to the exclusive power of an idividual in the White House? Once again,"Look over here, while I do something over there." Magic!


    14. John Norris Seattle says:

      Everyone misses the most ironic, silly and chilling part of this. It used to be that when ever there was wild weather, everyone would say "well it's the weather and you can't do anything about the weather", but now we have Politicians who say "I can fix the weather" and worse yet have voters who say "he can fix the weather, I am going to vote for him". The same politicians that are going to fix the climate are also planning to give us free health care, tax refunds if you don't pay any taxes, a stimulus plan that is nothing more than a giant expansion of government. The problem is the american housing market and all of the foreclosures in a major deflationary cycle. The best answer is lower interest rates. A 2 trillion dollar defecit can only push interest rates up. I have some concerns that the politician who says he can fix the weather might not be able to deliver, after all I cannot name one single successful federal program that was somewhat efficient.

    15. J. Gore, San Francis says:

      Energy demand is projected to grow at least 50 per cent by 2030. Energy generated by biomass and waste is estimated to supply 10 per cent of global demand by 2030. This assumes that fossil fuels will be available to cover most of the demand increase. Unfortunately, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are projected to increase faster than energy use by 2030.

      Energy use has impacts at all levels. Pollution from burning fossil fuels and the related impact of acid rain constitute serious problems for Asia, North American and European forests, lakes and soils. Stringent emission controls may reverse acidification trends. Thermal and nuclear power and solar cells generate waste disposal problems that may result in heavy metal soil contamination. Desertification in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa is caused partly by biomass fuel demand. Natural resources are overtaxed by increasing energy usage and invasive alien species are entering many regions through global trade due to relatively available transportation fuels.

      However, climate change remains by far the most deleterious impact of increasing energy usage. Species ranges and behaviors are shifting and impacting human well-being, including spreading human disease and invasion by alien species. Rare and threatened species will be affected seriously, including migratory species, polar species, genetically weak species, marginal populations and specialized species, especially those in alpine areas and islands. Amphibian species extinctions are linked with climate change. Recently, scientists have estimated that 1/4 to 1/3 of endemic species in various regions may become extinct by 2050 due to climate change. Global warming is discussed in detail at Onebiosphere.com http://www.onebiosphere.com

      Climate change is impacting ecosystems. By 2000, 1/4 of the globe's coral reefs were degraded by increased water temperatures. Ecosystems in California, the Mediterranean, Chile, South Africa and Western Australia will be heavily impacted by climate change.

    16. Joe Holmes, Minneapo says:

      The sick notion and lies of global warming being pushed down our throats by Al Gore and his ilk has done a lot of damage to our beloved country.

      Warming?? Most of January 2009 was below zero. only one day got above freezing. We even had below zero temperatures into February. This is the first time ever, that I know of, that the Mississippi River has frozen solid in the Twin City area. That is doing quite well for an area that at one time was tropical.

    17. Ken, Bastrop Texas says:

      OK, OK, since more and more people are getting the picture about global warming, why then aren't the elected officals changing their mind. Rule #1, the government doesn't do anything unless they are going to get a pay back. Auto dealers are going towards green, manufactures are going green and Al Gore and the government keeps getting more and more tax dollars – do the math. It has nothing to do with saving the planet.

    18. W.P. Wooten Wa says:

      To: J. Gore San Francisco:

      I think that you left out the part that blames mankind for causing this "Global Warming."

      I am sure that the climate has changed regularly since the earth's beginning without the aid of mankind's CO2. I believe that there was a middle ages warm period wherein all species including mankind lived better than they had previously. There was also a "Little Ice Age" when all species including mankind lived in much worse conditions than now, including the Vikings that had farmed Greenland for several hundred years.

      I believe that we are currently emerging from the "Little Ice Age" and that this has provided politicians like your cousin Al, and our new president an excuse to tax this country into oblivion.

    19. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      Energy demand is projected to grow by 50 percent in thirty years ?,

      that statement is so old it's not even old news, energy demand is declining and by my study of energy supplies will never again reach even current levels.

    20. Mike, AL says:

      I'm a meteorologist and I think the whole notion of manmade global warming is a sham. I'm not getting paid for "research", so I can tell you the truth. The earth is still recovering from the last ice age and is warming naturally with intermittent interruptions due to solar cycles. It is estimated that 90% of the Earth's past was warmer than today. While I do think we should be good stewards of the Earth, I believe the effect of man (to help or hurt) is negligible. It is now believed that solar cycles play a major role in the cooling/warming cycles of the earth. No matter what global calamity happens (asteroid impact, massive volcanic eruptions, global warming ect…) the earth always balances itself (always has and always will) no matter what we do. I believe that the global warming myth is used by the left to control people. They teach our kids this garbage in school and try to make little brainwashed liberals out of them. There is plain and simply no truth that man is attributing to it. Do your children a favor and be engaged in what they learn and tell them what is trash and not trash.

    21. Dave McDuffie says:

      Uh, ALGORE gets paid $11,000,000 for carbon credits, we have record cold temps everywhere, SNOW IN LONDON, people dead from snow storms in Kentucky, record snow everywhere, just where is that moron Gore any way and when is he going to give back the money for all his ghastly lies? Oh yeah, he is a leftist and they get away with EVERYTHING!! LIES,STEALING FROM TAXPAYERS, just doesn't seem to matter. If you are a republican and you have an indecent thought(they think!)you are thrown out of office, or a scientist on the right side, you get fired. Socialism, the absence of dissent!

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