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  • Sanity Prevails at White House on Detainee Treatment

    Remember when those on the left kept saying it would be the end of American democracy as we know it if the military had the authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists?

    Well now that President Barack Obama is in power his two top legal appointees have both affirmed President George Bush’s position on the matter. The Los Angeles Times reports:

    Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan, President Obama’s choice to represent his administration before the Supreme Court, told a key Republican senator Tuesday that she believed the government could hold suspected terrorists without trial as war prisoners.

    She echoed comments by Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. during his confirmation hearing last month. Both agreed that the United States was at war with Al Qaeda and suggested the law of war allows the government to capture and hold alleged terrorists without charges.

    For a thorough, detailed, and honest assessment of all the issues surrounding detainee treatment please visit our Detention of the Enemy During Wartime site.

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    3 Responses to Sanity Prevails at White House on Detainee Treatment

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      This is typical of Obama obfuscation. Generate multiple conflicting perceptions while pursuing appeasement agenda behind the scenes. Obama dropped all charges against the terrorist master mind of USS Cole. His alleged reason is that the evidence against the terrorist was gathered with "torture"- water boarding. In six months time, the terrorist will be turned over to Yemen under the pretext of cooperating with other nations to take responsibility for the global problem of terrorism. The USS Cole terrorist will disappear from Yemen and rejoin Al Queda to kill more Americans.

      Obama seems to believe that America is the problem and coupled with that poverty is the main reason for terrorism. It is like the defense counsel arguing in a criminal case how his/her client was abused as a child which contributed to the alleged criminality of his client. The client was not responsible at all.

    2. Amelia Willson, Prin says:

      Let us now see what the press does with this information. I would bet nothing gets reported because the Left's loathing of George W. Bush was so great they could never concede that he was right in protecting the country. which is exactly what he did.

    3. Hozro1, Oregon says:

      Under the Geneva Convention, when in war, one side captures a terrorist from the other side, you may execute them on the spot.

      If terrorist activities have occurred and the terrorist is not present, you may give the village/townspeople a certain amount of time to turn them over, or execute ten or twelve of the townspeople.

      Nowhere in the Geneva Convention does it say that anybody has to allow a terrorist to live! Yet, we housed them, fed them, took care of their medical needs, and yes we gathered information in ways that were far, far gentler than we and our Allies did in WW11. Remember who won that war, you are not specking German are you?

      Terrorist by definition are ones who bring harm and hurt to innocents. American may have had a few innocent people detained and had water dropped on them, but they lived. It was not like in WW11 and even those Japanese born and raised in America were put in concentration camps and lost all they owned!

      Those people who had all cherished by them, were robbed by America, had the Honor and Dignity to also fight side by side with all the other Americans. Most importantly, most significantly in all of our History, they as a group of people never sued the United States of America for their loses. They had the Honor to distinguish between the Government in power at the time and America and the Republic for which it stands!

      The best cure for a terrorist, lead poisoning!


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