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  • Americans Don’t Care About Pork Spending?

    Senator Schumer (D-NY) believes that Americans are happy to have Members of Congress add a billion here, and a billion there into spending bills, without oversight or necessity. American taxpayers might disagree.

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    68 Responses to Americans Don’t Care About Pork Spending?

    1. Vicki, California says:

      It seems that Sen. Schumer – just like his partners in crime Boxer (looking more like Annie Hall these days than a U.S. Senator)) and Speaker Pelosi – have long since forgotten who they work for. Their job is to "serve" the American taxpayer, not "shove it" to us! Both of these "ladies" represent the single large embarrassment to the State of California; not to be outdone, however, New York can "boast" less-than-forthright Schumer and Rangel!!

      They may be able to shove this down our throats – Democrat and Republican alike – because they clearly aren't required to account for their actions or pay their taxes, but just like in the day of Jimmy Carter, there will surely come a day when the American people finally gets it and stands up to the media's influence.

      I may be able to support the President simply because he's the President of the United States, but our House and Senate have sat on their duffs and our dollars long enough, so I don't owe them anything. How's that for bi-partisanship?!!?

    2. Wayne Rundle San Jos says:

      Congress is always exempt from the pain they inflict.We slould cut there pay by 25% and suspend all perks and benifits until all these spending programs and pork are removed.The only way their pay can be returned is by a direct vote from the people. The vote would require a 2/3 vote with a 50% voter turn out. That will let you know how much I don't care about pork. We the people need direct control on their pay and benifits period. When we control our employees pay we control their performance.

    3. Lawrence of Las Vega says:

      Schumer, Reid, Pelosi,all of you are nothing but gangsters. You all are destroying our Constitutions and Bill of Rights one day at a time. You stupid remark that Americans don't care about spending bills is the lowest of low remarks made by an elistist that should be run out of office. Anyone got Tar and Feathers!!!

    4. bob south carolina says:

      This guy is a clown.He is the reason this country is in decline .He iis a typical socialist from New York He has been getting elected because he provides welfare and food stamps for thousands of New Yorkers.Look at the decline in his district in new york they have become slums filled with illegals drugs and corruption. Any thing a socilist liberal is in charge of become a financial mess look at all the liberal democratic run cities .Lets dump schummer next election

    5. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Chuck, Chuck, Chuck! Do you really think that We The People, don't care? Let's take a test. How about We The People, hold a few thousand dollars back on our taxes? Or how about We The People shave off a few votes for you on your next election? Nothing personal, we know that you really don't care about such small things!

      Who votes for idiots like this?

    6. JoAnn of South Carol says:

      I am so tired of these democrats speaking for "the American People". I never get polled about anything and the polls are usually so skewed anyway. Stop speaking for me, Schumer and Pelosi and obama!!

    7. George Stephens/Fort says:

      Perhaps Schummer,Pelosi,Reid,Franks, and the other usual suspects are right if we can be bought off with a simple thousand dollars per household. We rely on government to to take the long view of the future, but they seem to have blinders on–or are blinded by power.

    8. Rick, Missouri says:

      We don't care? Like hell we don't!!

      It's this attitude of political arrogance that continues to foster the growth of the DC monster. Stop them before they bankrupt the country.

    9. james gabbs, nv says:

      let us just look at the truth. This person is nothing more than a puppet for the democratic party who marches in lockstep with the rest of the goons. They are all power hungry and will say or do what ever it takes to stay in control!

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    11. Mick in Michigan says:

      Chuck Schumer does not speak for me…..and what is with this reference to the "chattering classes?" How condescending!

    12. Dave, New York says:

      We should limit their pay since they have failed and that is how Capitalism works. One problem though…..who sets the salaries for members of Congress? Could it be the Congress that does? That's some racket!

    13. Terence, Pittsburgh says:

      The attitude in Washington these days is tantamount to what I was taught in school as "taxation without representation."

      Perhaps it's time for all of us to boycott………April 15th.

      See you in Lexington.

    14. Barb -mn says:

      Obviously they are not speaking for the ones that will NOT benefit. The ones that did NOT spend beyond their means. The ones the government WILL ROB, CHEAT AND STEAL from are the ones government continues to ignore…we're the minority.

    15. Cori, Utah says:

      Astounding, total disconnect from the American people. The "chatter class"…???? Incredible arrogance. The time is long past to fire the likes of Schumer, Pelosi and Reed. Arrogance is the only "trickle down" from government that is and will occur..It was there before President Obama, and now he has drug it into the oval office with him.

    16. Michael, Alexandria, says:

      I listen to so many people about how "pissed" they are with our "elected officals". This just adds more fuel to the fire.

    17. Mike Marentette says:

      Where do these liberals come from? Faantasy land?

    18. JUDY, LEESBURG, FLA says:

      It is very easy to talk, talk, talk. But if we want to change what Washington is doing to us, then we must go to our local Republician/ Democratic/or Libertarian offices and begin petitions for Change. We have all seen how the "Good 'Ole Boys" system works in Washington and continues to works. Each of us needs to take active participation to effect change and not just sit back and talk of change.

    19. Tracie, Fairfield, C says:

      I have contacted Joe Lieberman, Chris Dodd and Jim Himes, my elected officials to voice my outrage at the pork contained in the stimulus bill. First I called all of them, then I sat down and wrote them letters and then I called again. The result was that all of them voted yea. Chris Dodd did send me a nice form letter telling me how the package would "save" jobs and how the American people are in favor of the stimulus. I'm confused, am I not an American?? I know of no one who is in favor of the stimulus, as it was passed through House and now the Senate. I wonder, do I really have a voice and do my elected officials really care about what their constituents think?

    20. Larry Va says:

      I think we should all send Chuch an email and let his sorry butt know how we feel. For your convenience here is the link to his web site for emails.

    21. Clarke Brotherson, M says:

      I am an aging blue-eyed complacent American. I listen to Rush, Sean and J.D., get mad, complain and go home and have a beer and start over again the next day. The time for complacency is over. Our grandchildren will be heirs to a socialized society that will end the freedoms that our grandfathers fought and died to preserve. We cannot let that freedom die. We can't wait for the Republican party to act. I want to enlist.

    22. Sharon, Willoughby O says:

      I just wrote the senators from Ohio to remind him who they work for and are supposed to represent. I also made it very clear that I CARE about the waste, and I CARE about my children's future. I hope many more citizens will remind their senators that they care.

    23. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      "Create chaos in order to change the form of government," a process well underway. The Socialists must not succeed.

    24. Jim ME says:

      To many people, "pork," in this economic environment feels a bit like taxation without representation. Americans do have a demonstrated history of caring about that.

    25. Bill, Dayton OH says:

      Normally I wouldn't care what Chuck Schummer has to say but since he decided to speak for me, one of the small percentage of American taxpayers I feel it necessary to tell him, this is one taxpayer that does care. What he means is "a majority of the American people don't care", and thats because like many people on Obama's cabinet and his supporters don't pay taxes. It's time for a Tea Party.

    26. John P. Michigan says:

      Shumer, Pelosi, etc. are, or may have already turned the U.S. into a third world debtor nation. And it looks like it will only get worse by the day. I hope this is the 'change' that our uninformed/misinformed electorate wanted. As for me, maybe there is some place to hide until all this is over!

    27. Andy Houston Texas says:

      This whole bill is like a Trojan horse. They are trying to make it look good but inside is a whole lot of trouble. This Trojan horse will pierce the wall of capitalism and gain a major foothold for socialism.

    28. Terry Tuthill says:

      Schummer's comments on the Senate floor should have been met with moans, if not outright "Boos" from his colleagues in attendance. This arrogance and hubris from him, Barnie Frank, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and others is the reason a people will finally RISE UP and take the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence to heart, as our Founding Fathers did. Yes, we should "all be mad as Hell, and won't take it anymore…". Chuck and the others should be run out of DC on a rail!!!!!!

    29. June Hmielenski , Pe says:

      Senator Schumer has to go. He doesn't know any thing about upstate New York. or How the country should be run. I'm tired of paying big money for this person just stop paying him. we need a change with the Senators and the way Washington Dc is run. We would not run our bussiness like this so why do we let Washington do this to us.

      They all should get a pay cut and no pork.

    30. Randy, Texas says:

      Wayne Rundle from San Jose expressed my exact sentiment; Congress should be treated like everyone else — no pay raises, no perks, reduced benefits, etc. until they can be held accountable for their actions. If I was as inept, i would have been fired long ago. We should definitely seriously consider term limits for national offices and removing the 'life-time' benefits they all receive. If they want to be lifelong politicians let them return to their home state to serve in their local offices, that way people can reach out and touch them — unlike national offices where you never see or here from them until elections!

    31. DAVID BERKLAND/sharo says:

      maericans care but they are trained top vote for the polictically correct party when the alternative is DEMOCRAT LITE(FORMMERLY REP[UBLICAN)


    32. richard weirton says:

      Thank you Larry for Chuckie's website. I let him know that I cared, and chided him for taking the liberty to speak out on my behalf.

      I am an American, and yes, I CARE about pork laden bills, especially the so called stimulous bill, which is almost 100 per cent pork.

      I hope everyone of you contacts Chuckie Schumer to let him know that we did not elect him to lie to us, we want action, not lies.

    33. RJ Rossi, VA says:

      Senator Schumer's comments typify the thinking of most Democrates (and some Republicans) in the House & Senate. It's all them, forget the people who elected them and pay their wages. If elected officials, like Schumer, think we do not care about a billion here & a billion then they do not belong in office. It's time to vote out this gang & put in representatives who will work for the American people and not their own interests.

    34. NanEllen, Cincinnati says:

      What we all forget is that their constituents in their own states keep re-electing them to office…which they must be taking care of their own "pet projects". It doesn't matter that the rest of the country doesn't like the performance of their representatives. Something seems out of balance in the fairness – or – we have a bunch of citizens with "liberal brains"!

    35. Denise, Baytown Texa says:


      I think the American Tax payers need to get the lawmakers in office to start thing about who put them there, so here are my questions

      1) Do law makers pay into Social Security the same as tax payers do?

      If not, that needs to change. I think if they had to pay the SAME as tax payers

      They might be more interested in making it solvent.

      2) Do tax payers pay for high-priced insurance premiums for law makers?

      If so that needs to change, they might pass some law changes on insurance companies, if they had to go out and find doctors that were on their plan.

      3) Do tax payers pay lawmakers full salary after serving just one term or after

      Retirement? If so that needs to change, Tax payers need to get rid of that

      Pension plan. When they are out of office the money stops; we are lucky to get 40 to 50 percent of our salary after working somewhere for 35 years

      or longer but I hear they get 100 percent.

      4) Do our lawmakers vote on their own raises? If so that needs to change.

      How great that would be to let your company you voted on your raise,

      And they had to pay it.

      5) Last but I’m sure not least GIFTS, Now this practice NEEDS TO STOP

      Should a lawmaker be able to keep the gifts they receive, NO. The gifts should

      Go in a gift vault, and every month or two ALL the gifts need to go on line

      for a silent auction that ALL taxpayers can bid on. The monies raised can go

      back to the government for the pork spending.

      Also any government official that gets large donations for their campaign from

      Big business, lobbyist, special interest groups etc. they should not be able to vote

      On any bill that would help out that cause (conflict of interest)

      The lawmakers work the American people and we pay their salary and vote them in office. They need to have the same rules and laws as us, (donations and gifts) may be looked upon as BRIBES and PAY OFF. We can go to jail for some things our lawmakers get by with. Their rules need to change and then maybe they would want

      Look out for us instead of how much more they can deepen their own pockets.

      This is a real change I think the AMERICAN people need right now, to know that

      Lawmakers have to live by the same standards as us, if they make a change for them; the same law should apply for the AMERICAN CITIZENS

      If any of these are true how can AMERICAN CITIZENS vote to have this changed for the

      best interest of the AMERICAN CITIZENS?

    36. Margaret J. Henning, says:

      So we are now the "chattering class" or "let them eat cake" people? Its time for a new revolution.

      What jerks the whole lot of them.

    37. John Rosky , Andover says:

      If American Idol can have millions of people vote for the winner, why can't the government have a voting line so that they can see how the taxpayer

      feels.We would really be able to tell how they voted in contrast to the voters. Pelosi needs to have these behind close door sesion televised so their lies can be seen.

    38. Warren Norcom, Sapul says:

      The adding of pork to larger bills is an entirely irresponsible, if not dishonest,system of the legislative process in our government. These are OUR tax dollars the "porkers" are shoving through without debate or vote on the specific items. NOTHING

    39. Warren Norcom, Sapul says:

      The adding of pork to larger bills is an entirely irresponsible, if not dishonest,system of the legislative process in our government. These are OUR tax dollars the "porkers" are shoving through without debate or vote on the specific items. NOTHING should be passed without a bill number and debate. If that makes our congressmen work a little bit then so be it.

    40. JP, Texas says:

      I enjoy reading your passion. Your comments make me think even harder about our alleged representatives.

    41. Sliver, Wisconsin says:



    42. Sharon Brockman, Roc says:

      Maybe Mr. Schumer doesn't care about pork, but those of us who will be paying taxes to cover it certainly do care. This bill needs to be disected with the intent of removing everything that doesn't create jobs or directly, immediately stimulate the economy. Health care should be totally removed along with 90% of everything else.

    43. Gail Howey in the Hi says:

      I guess we are a few of the chattering class.. The little people,, the small business owners, the ones who do pay bills and taxes on time…. we do care about the money being spent in Washington on Capitol Hill. We have been on a balanced budget our whole life and we did not get this far by adding pork we ate Hot dogs not even chicken… still eating some hot dogs. So yes Mr. Schumer we do care about the "little Porky amendments in the stimulus bill. Please get back on the side of the majority… the majority is against pork and this stimulus with no end in sight. Please take a moment ask God to lead you not the Senate.


    44. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      I am a firm believer that the members of the US congress should not be able(by constitutional admendment)to debate nor vote on their pay, benefits,retirements,or operating budget(including staff) as representative of their home-state. That they would be state employees of their home-state they represent in the congress and thus required to submit a total operating budget(including salaries,benefits,retirement,and staff requirements)to their home-state legislators and governor every two years for approval. This would be a small start to fiscal responsibility at the federal level since it would have a direct impact on their pocket books(ie unfunded mandates). The argument of not getting the "best and the brightest"is a non-issue, look what we have now. If there is an inequity between pay,benefits,retirement,and staff for our rep's and senator with other states, so what! Why? Because our representatives will finally represent their home-state, its interests, and "the unwashed masses" who pay the bills.

    45. Sandy, St. Louis Mis says:

      If someone would let me keep my payroll withholding for a short period of time, I know I would certainly do my part to "stimulate" the economy. That is what they need to do immediately and then work on the rest. The "Pork" is never necessary and should never be a part of a bill.

    46. Sheila Byrne, Sacram says:

      Obama and his cronies insist on spending money like drunken sailors. If the public doesn't care now, it will. It just takes time,

    47. Tom Beveridge, Texas says:

      Mr. Schumer must be listening to his Democrat voting base (most of whom probably don't pay taxes at all. or get more goodies from Uncle Sam than one can imagine) when he reaches the conclusion that the American public does not really care about "pork". He surely doesn't listen to the same people most of us do. There is REAL anger out here, Chuckie! If you pay any attention, you will certainly realize this.

    48. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Chuckie really is a poster Child for TERM LIMITS.. Time to Flush the Turds out of Congress!!!

    49. Dominic Ortiz says:

      I agree with Wayne 100%

      Wayne Rundle San Jose Ca writes:

      Congress is always exempt from the pain they inflict.We should cut there pay by 25% and suspend all perks and benifits until all these spending programs and pork are removed.The only way their pay can be returned is by a direct vote from the people. The vote would require a 2/3 vote with a 50% voter turn out. That will let you know how much I don’t care about pork. We the people need direct control on their pay and benifits period. When we control our employees pay we control their performance.

    50. j mcdonald alaska says:

      e-mailing or writing your congressman is like the old saw about pissing your blue serge slacks. It gives you a nice warm feeling and no one seems to notice. These jerks DO NOT GIVE A DAMN what you think.. They have their elections sewn up thru the actions of community organizations like the infamous ACORN mob who incidently are being hugely rewarded in this pig of a bill. That billions of dollars will insure their effectivness next time. Bitch all you want but this system is broken. All the clever calls to action, new tea party, see you in lexington, etc. sound pathetic unless you grasp the reality that you must take back your country. Do not wait too long, before you know it you will be disarmed and completely powerless

    51. Rod, Conway Arkansas says:

      ANYONE who voted democrat has no right to complain. I didn't so I can say that this spendulous bill, it is a crock of crap. Were going socialist folks, we shoulda put two Mavericks in the Whitehouse to break up this "Good ole boy" mentality. Were all going down and there is nothing we can do about it.

    52. kent, Virginia says:

      Real anger, indeed, and not just over pork. Congress needs to wake up. We need to cut their wages as well as their spending. I'm for "firing" the lot of them. We pay their grotesquely inflated "wages" and retirement.

      But it all goes deeper than a mere refusal to listen to those who work hard, pay taxes, and vote. And that's the scary part.

      There was a time when the Democratic Party was the Party that wanted less Federal Govt. and greater power for the individual States. That's turned completely upside-down.

      Obama is marching to the tune of a truly Fascist drummer. And our Congress is following almost lock-step. They want CONTROL, and if you don't agree, you're going to find yourself BORKED — or worse.

      Mussolini was pretty popular — even in America — before the War.

      I'd recommend reading the book Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Frighteningly true and alarmingly reflecting our present-day American "leadership." Scary stuff, but true.

      This is definitely an ObamaNation.

      As Newsweek said on the cover, "We're all Socialists now."

      Did someone mention Lexington??????

    53. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      We the people do not count, just ask a liberal dem. They are all pwer hungrey and are only looking after their on interest. Have you ever seen one go to congress that was not already rich, and come out with more money than his or family could spend???? We the people keep electing them and they keep ignoring our wishes. Every politician knows they only have to tell 30% of the voters what they want to hear and then get elected. We the people need to turn out at the polls in mass, cast our vote and let them know we put them in, we will take them out of office.I believe that the next election the dems will be on the defense, not offence. I know for a fact I will never vote for a dem even for dog catcher.

    54. Shsron Morrison Penn says:

      I just heard on Fox News Princess Palosi has "40 Million dollars" thats right "40 million dollars" of the stimulus going straight to her district to study the habits of the Brown Mouse..That's right the Brown Mouse..That should stimulate the economy right? ..Pathetic..Any one out there from the chattering class really care that 40 million dollars of your hard earned tax dollars is going to Palosi's district to study a rodent? The longer this package sits out there the more we learn what's in it.. No wonder they are in a big hurry to pass this piece of pork..

    55. Linda Fisher, South says:

      I think all of congress should take a 50% cut in pay. They do not have a clue about what America needs and they don't care.All they care about is padding their own pockets. We the people DO care about wastefull spending and they do not listen. Wish we could fire them all.

    56. Valerie Protopapas, says:

      The sheeple have been asleep since Reagan left office. Bush I openly talked about the New World Order; Clinton was a part of it as was Bush II and now Obama. We don't have two political parties, we have one with two faces so that people think that they have a "choice". You know, it's ironic that Obama campaigned on "choice" when that is one thing the American people DON'T HAVE and probably haven't had for a long time.

      We have no one to blame but ourselves. For generations, the federal government has become more and more powerful and less and less responsive and the state and local governments have simply followed suit while the sheeple have whined and complained and then gone back to the TV, the computer game and the local sports event. We get the government we deserve and now we have one that is going to take away what little is left of our God given liberties.

      Jefferson said, "A government that is powerful enough to give you all that you want, is powerful enough to take away all that you have!" Bye-bye Tom and George and Ben! Hello Barack, Chucky and Nancy! God help us all! Oh, sorry, can't say that, can I?

    57. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      HE is one of many who dare us to care about what he is doing! And I think we should take him up on the Dare,and begin asking the Tough Questions all

      around him with Cameras and Recorders!

    58. Carolyn West, New Y says:

      I wish I had the money to run against Schumer!! All of us writing congress need to put our money and our time where our hearts and minds are. We need to contribute what little we can to the RNC or groups that can help us counter dishonest orgs. like Acorn. We need to be active in campaigns and not just talk about it. I know for the 1st time I will actively campaign against Schumer and Obama. To paraphase M. Obama "for the 1st time (except for 9/11) I am deeply afraid for my country". I wish only the people that voted for Obama were the one's to get hurt by his plans but him and his cronies and George Soros are out to destroy all of us and all this country stands for. All of us should make sure the Fairness Doctrine isn't passed or there will be no where to get the true info. They will start with radio, then TV and then websites such as this. I am convinced this is a high priorty for Pelosi, Reid, Schumer("talk radio is pornography")and most of all Obama, Emanuel(he is very dangerous) and again Soros. We need more info on Soros since I believe he is the one leading Obama. Only time will tell if people start to wake up and leave the Obama Cult. I do hope it is sooner rather than later.

    59. Randy C., Michigan says:

      This is what we should expect from our liberal/socialist Senators and Congressman. With Princess Pelosi, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles at the helm, the ship will sink. This proves how arrogant, elitist, and out of touch they really are. When does the REVOLUTION start?

    60. Tammy Jones-Barnhart says:

      How would Senator Schumer know what the American people care about? He's never bothered to asked! I'm really upset at you chuck.

    61. Sherry - Gilbert, Ar says:

      Senator Schumer needs a reality check!

      Seriously, this elitist attitude is getting old.

      The American people DO CARE!

      I care whether or not the liberal left is leading me down the yellow brick road…

      The other day on KTAR, the JD Hayworth Show, he was talking about a business man who had called in. This man was invited to meet with Obama and others in Chicago during the campaign. During that meeting there were promises to the group that if they supported Obama and voted him into the presidency they would be "guaranteed money" from the new administration's economic plan. If they could get enough votes they could then move forward to their long term goal of gaining Republicians seats in the Senate. There would be "rewards" for their efforts…

      Wow, maybe Schumer was there talking about those little "little tiny porky amendments".

    62. gunsunbibles Missour says:

      This administration starting out is at the height of arrogance. I have heard so many times "we won" get over it. Well, I don't think I'll get over it, especially when idiots like Schumer around, Pelosi, McCaskill, Boxer, Reid, Franks etc. You get the picture. Hopefully the pieces won't be too broken to put back together when these commies get done.

    63. Ed Mastic, NY says:

      If you look at the grin on his face you can see the contempt he has for the "little people".

      As said in various comments above congress should take a cut in pay and benefits until this mess is straightened out. They helped get us into this mess but expect to make no personal sacrifices to help get us out of it.


    64. Ruth, Big Rapids, MI says:

      The only "Change We Can Believe In" is now the change in our pockets. Keep your fist tightly closed around it!

    65. Jude Billings says:

      Frustrated is an understatement…The Liberal Press and their dishonest coverage, Obama's distortion of the truth, not releasing the 'spending bill' until hours before it is voted on….what can Americans who love their country and not want these things to happen do?

      I've written my senator in KS, congressman and Senator Specter…I'm praying for a miracle.


    66. Jude Billings says:

      The statements made and passing of this bill reflect a dictatorship rather than a democracy for our Republic. Something conservative Americans (and hopefully liberal voters who voted Obama in) do not want.


    67. Arizona says:

      NanEllen, Cincinnati writes:

      What we all forget is that their constituents in their own states keep re-electing them to office…which they must be taking care of their own “pet projects”. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the country doesn’t like the performance of their representatives. Something seems out of balance in the fairness – or – we have a bunch of citizens with “liberal brains”!

      Yep, NanEllen from Cincinnati…we have a bunch of citizen's with liberal brains… I agree with you and with Michael Savage — liberalism is a Mental Disorder…and I am not making a funny joke — this is actually true — their mindset is so disconnected to reality that they simply do no think like a normal person. As President Reagan said. It is not that liberals are ignorant — it is just that they know so much that isn't so. . This may be paraphased some what but bear with me…This nation is in a whole lot of trouble — the Fifth Column of enemies from within are now in charge.. we should be very interested who's pushing the buttons and what they have been promised as a reward when they put us in financial ruin..Remember this is how Nazi Germany got Hitler who promised to be their "savior"…it's the economy stupid!!

      I would love for someone to come to our rescue — a real statesman like Reagan who can lead us by communicating to us the way out of this mess we have gotten ourselves into.. but I do not know of anyone out there who has the talents needed and th necessary fire in their bellies to get the job done. We have allowed this Fifth Column too many years to plot and plan their take over. I think the only way is a Second Revolution..Thomas Jefferson said that ever so often the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants…I think he has hit the nail on the head for us…I think it is past time. This time is long overdue and it sounds like all of us have experienced the Rot and the Stink of Decay and we are sickened by the smell!!!

    68. craig, montana says:

      CHeck out how your senators voted on stripping the pork from march 4th's vote- Obama campaigned on eliminating ear marks and now says this is left over form Bush- really keeping in the Pork form those he Annoited to his cabinet.


      Check out who voted Nea to keep the Pork in!

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