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  • There's Socialized Medicine Buried in Obama's Trillion Dollar Debt Plan

    Dr. Steven West, president of the Florida Medical Association, notes that the economic stimulus bill contains a down payment on President Barack Obama’s plans for socialized medicine:

    As Congress rushes its economic stimulus plan to the desk of President Obama, its grand vision of health reform has been secretly buried inside: rationing patient care and dispensing cookbook medicine.

    That vision involves using large government bureaucracy and computer technology to tell patients what kind of care they can receive from their doctors. The congressional rationing plan will make doctors supplicants to big government and big insurance, rather than independent advocates for their patients. In the system that Congress envisions, the doctor serves the payer and not the patient.

    Congress seeks $20 billion of spending on Health Information Technology (HIT) and more than $1.1 billion for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER).

    If Americans give government and insurance companies the power to pay for care, it should come as no surprise when these third parties try to determine what they will cover and what they deem to be minimum standards of care.

    Scientific studies have shown that strict adherence to these best practices does not prolong patients’ lives or cure their illnesses. Worse, this committee medicine has had harmful side effects for patients. In this system, the report-card score is the most important, while patient outcomes, patient satisfaction with care and the value of medical care take a back seat.

    To achieve excellence in medical care, doctors must have the flexibility to practice medicine based on the needs of each patient, not arbitrary payer formulas and thresholds. Government has displayed a dismal track record of protecting the integrity of important institutions such as our housing and banking systems.

    We are not willing to blindly turn over increased control of our family’s health care to these same officials in Congress or the government.

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    30 Responses to There's Socialized Medicine Buried in Obama's Trillion Dollar Debt Plan

    1. JUDY, (MISSOURI) says:


    2. Illinois says:

      The so-called Republicans (thank you for those who did not vote for this porker)Need to stand up and publicly state what is in this porkulis bill and shine the light of truth of all the junk in this porker. The only reason obama wants this passed now is so people won't know what is in it until it is too late.

    3. How about a Million says:

      After hearing about just the Health IT provisions in the Bill I am more than alarmed.

      Why aren't more Americans vocalising their alarm at it and not just talk radio.

      This is horrendous.

      There is partsly socialized medicine in the country where I am from and it does not work. Not for the doctors and certainly not for the patients.

      This is frightening.

      Americans, please wake up. This Bill is not just about jobs lost and foreclosure help it is so much more than that.

      Thank you Heritage for keeping us informed.

    4. Gary ( California ) says:

      When I was growing up in the 50s I remember when Nikita Khrushchev the head of the Russian communist party at that time said, " we will get you! We will get you through your youth"

      I say, enough talk, time to fight!

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    6. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I've said it before and I will keep saying this: It's 1775 all over again and it's time to pass out the muskets!

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    8. Chris (Ks) says:

      We already have socialized medicine in the US. A system where bureaucrats dictate the standard of care. Gross inefficiencies abound, Medical staff are over-worked despite the staggering budget. We call this system the VA, and we all know how well the Government runs that system. If these bureaucrats have their way they personally will be the only people in America to have decent medical care.

      These people have been politicians so long they have lost the concept of what real day to day living is about for most of us. Their only connection to the "common man" is telling people what they want to hear at election time. We don't have leaders anymore. Once upon a time being a leader meant responsibility for the welfare of others, now all it means is personal power.

    9. jim toledo says:

      I'm affraid we've opened Pandoras Box and it looks like we won't have the strength to close it again for some time. We are in some very dangerous and turbulent times and if it wasn't so serious, it would be funny. As I sit back and watch this debacle it reminds me of children trying to play government. Pretty soon we'll see Mr. Rodgers or even Joe Biden talking with Amademajad about the values of playing nice in the neighborhood. Ouch!

    10. mary lou college sta says:

      First they take 60% of my 401k, now my health care benefits are in peril. What is wrong with this picture of America? or did we suddenly move to Russia?

    11. LD in Nevada says:

      It's a very sad day in the USA. The Bill has already passed in the Senate and is now heading to conference committee to be reconciled with the House bill.

      This so-called "process" has disturbed me far more than election day. Even though I knew our new president would have a socialist agenda, I didn't think it would happen only 3 weeks after his inauguration.

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    13. jacksonville,florida says:

      The reason why America is in turmoil at this very moment,is because the american people have taken GOD and the Ten Commandments out of their daily lives therefor,I believe GOD is allowing these things to happen to teach us a lesson not to be greedy.Remember the BIBLE states "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL".

    14. Bart Beek, Corona De says:

      Socialized healthcare is bad for everyone, paticularly bad for old people. England and Canada are examples. People wait weeks or months for necessary procedures. Often they die first.

      It's in the stimulus bill. GET IT OUT !

    15. Downingtown,PA says:

      It is time that Americans wake up and stop electing life time idits to Washington. They go to Washington to represent us tax payers, and they start voting the way that gives them the most power. If tax payers have to watch their income and expenses then why can't our government. All they do in Washington is spend, spend, spend. It's time to cut the pork and be accouuntable. Vote down this Stimulus (Spending) Package. You don't keep spending money that you don't have.

    16. j mcdonald alaska says:

      e-mailing your representatives is like the old saw about peeing your blue serge slacks, it gives you a nice warm feeling and no one seems to notice. Obviously the do not give a d*** about you or your opinion. Their elections are all sewn up thru the efforts of community organizations like the infamous ACORN mob which just recieved billions of your dollars to insure their effectivness forevermore. This is Chicago mob style politics on a national level. Do not let this gang of crooks disarm you or you will have no recourse.

    17. John, Huntsville, AL says:

      To the Jacksonville, FL poster…hmmm, not quite….


      "For the love of money is the root of all evil"

    18. RedActor says:

      Fear for anything that smells of socialism has successfully been planted in the American mind alongside with fears of government control and gun control — just any control. It's irrational. The scarecrow is Sweden, my native country. To-day all Swedes are getting top notch medical treatment, matching anything available in the USA. And most notably: Every Swede, irrespective of age, income or position in society. Americans lack the fundamental sense of togetherness that is the driving force behind socialized or rather "togetherness medicine". Listen: No one in Sweden is ever ruined by disease as is the daily occurrence in the USA. No one is as poor as a poor guy in the USA, wether by unemployment or disease. The pervading feeling in the USA is fear. Know why?

    19. Kathleen, Michigan says:

      To RedActor,

      We don't fear socialism we just realize what a failure it really is. What makes this country so great is the freedom our Constitution enables us to have. Maybe your Swedish socialized medicine works for you but we should have the right to chose what course of action our Doctors should take and have a say in our own health care not some jerk in the government who could care less. To tie the Doctors hands in decision making is the equivalant of assisted suicide isn't it?

    20. RedActor says:

      I once witnessed in Congress over this "socialized medicine". Kathleen, Michigan, believes like millions of Americans that government has a say in the way medicine is practiced. No, it is a tax-paid service for all, NOT an insurance technically, not imposed upon by any political ideology. It is not a political issue at all and it is run by medical professionals and administrators. Politicians provide the economic framework only. What do Americans know about us? The Swedes have a 1000 years of uninterrupted democratic kingdom and before that an archeological history of 9000 years but most notably–have never ever been occupied, never conquered or under foreign rule and have by birthright an egalitarian world view. What other nation in the western world can match that? Give me one. Health parameters are among the highest in the world and the thriving economy is "capitalist", market oriented. What is the true basis for this fear of guaranteed health care for all in the USA?

    21. Steve Bond says:

      Socialized medicine in the USA will not work for many reasons. First is the onerous tax that will be extracted from our paychecks. Second, our population is much larger than Sweden's and Americans are used to getting what they pay for. This will change human behavior. Whereas, more and more people will want to see a doctor because they will feel entitled to it. This will create a viscious cycle of provider use and government expense. More and more freedom limiting taxes will be required to fund this change of behavior.

      Then come the politicians….to set price controls….tell the physicians and hospitals what they can charge. To compensate, the hospitals will reduce services and staff, and this will cause rationed care…..waiting lines…as it does in Great Britain, France, Canada and other populous countries. Then Government bureaucrats will start to tell the public they have to cut services so as not to raise taxes……and what should be covered….all reducing our perceived freedoms.

      This cycle will continue to get worse…….you cannot remove capitalism from capitalism. Asking how much a procedure costs is important in a capitalistic society. Spending other people's money will only exacerbate the problem….as we have seen with our current insurance fiasco. Medicare and Medicaid does not pay the providers of care enough money to survive…so they charge the uninsured and the private insurance policyholders more to make up for their loses. This causes human behavior to change and we feel as though we need to get something for our high premiums being charged to us by the health insurance companies….who have virtually eliminated most of the competition through government mandates….along time ago….

    22. RedActor says:

      Although this is not a discussion forum, I hope that the Moderator will bear with us… Thank you Steve Bond for this broad view. Getting some of my pension from Uncle Sam, I know enough of the inner workings of the USA public spending to agree that your resoning makes sense. History, deep rooted traditions play a great role in all countries and a National Health provider would be difficult to fit in. Some would say impossible. The HMOs however, give an indication of at least one attempt at narrowing the gap between the dream of health care on equal terms for all and market medicine. The European liberal tradition focuses its critizism of the American health care on issues of preferrences. A nation that is richiest on earth, having an astronomical defence budget (including the Israeli) and aspiring to send people to Mars will not let some of these oceans of money trickle down to provide health care for the poorest of its own people, but prefers to use them to smashing and bullying displeasing third world countries. That looks with Swedish eyes like a strange ranking of needs. Mind you, I try not to be rude, but Swedes simply have a hard time understanding such preferrencial choices.

    23. David, Seattle Washi says:

      Yes, I am all for universal health care or if you like socialized medicine. I have full health care through my employer and it is garbage for the price that I pay. My health care premium for my wife and myself is the second largest check we pay every month. It is a rip-off. I do not want the best health care in the world as some people like to think. I just want it to be affordable for me and my wife.

      I love the fact that President Obama is driving you Republicans crazy, I love it. President Bush, was driving us Dems crazy now you folks can share the pain.

    24. Vicki, California says:

      I have no idea how to fix the system without top people having to take a pay cut, no more big bonuses for CEOs and doctors making a decent wage. They're screaming no socialized system because they know what it entails. They scare the American people with it thinking we're going to be a communist country. I have lived in a foreign country with a socialized medical system and it was nice not being afraid of going to the doctor and getting treated without having a large medical bill. Right now WITH INSURANCE, I have several large medical bills right now that I have no idea how I'm gonna pay when I'm already struggling to make ends meet now. I can't get supplemental life insurance because I was treated for "depression" in the past. I can't get medical insurance outside of my employer because my daughter has asthma and it's considered a pre-existing condition.

      Make it a socialized system, yes. First off, get rid of all these profit-making insurance companies and make it one universal care. Retire all these old ass CEOs give them some money to shut them up and let's start from the ground up. I wanna feel proud to be American again because right now I don't. Because to the American government, I'm nothing more than an expendable human, someone who pays taxes to make them rich, but one of the first people they'd kill if it can save their company money. I feel jealous of other countries and I'm seriously considering going back there.

      I have so many bills right now that I may as well be locked up doing time. All because I came down sick with a malady I didn't foresee. That for as much healthy food you eat or exercise you do, you can still get sick and if you're a middle class wage earner with insurance, you can still wind up with bills you can't afford.

      It isn't just for me. My co-worker is in the hospital battling cancer that has spread all over her body. They probably could have caught it earlier, but the doctor who treated her melanoma years before didn't bother to keep monitoring her, probably to save money. In April she'll lose her job and her health insurance. I called Medicare – she can't get it until the 25th month after she's been accepted by social security. She can't get Medi-Cal because she's under 65 and doesn't have children under 18. Outside of a few hospitals that offer aid to uninsured individuals, I doubt they will treat her for her cancer. So basically, she's screwed and she'll most likely die, not even having enough money for her care.

    25. Noel CT says:

      What are you all afraid of. Weak, uneducated Americans, all of you !!! The Socialised Medical system works in every Country that has it you ignorant fools. Americans are getting more stupid as time goes by. It’s no wonder the rest of the World just laughing their heads off at you!!!

    26. rose says:

      Socialized medicine works great if you want low wages for health care professionals. W e, in AMERICA are laughing at you because you are content with so little.

    27. John, North Carolina says:

      I'm an American who has lived in countries where there has been universal health care, and it has worked just fine for me, and that includes being treated for cancer (I'm approaching five years cancer free). Now, I'm back in the US, and luckily I have health insurance through my employer, but I have a lot of sympathy for the people here who can't afford it.

    28. John, Tampa says:

      God sent his only beggotten Son Jesus to show us how to live. Jesus did not charge money to heal the sick. Jesus healed the poor and wealthy alike regardless of the ability to pay. If you are against providing health care to people regardless of the ability to pay, you are against the example of Jesus.

    29. Dez says:

      I am grateful that Obama wants to reform the US system because its a joke. Even with employee health care my wife had to jump through hoops and bureaucracy to get something as simple as a hearing test paid for out of our health provider, everything needs to be pre-approved and put in category x or y just to get an appointment at the doctor for our autistic son.

      Bring on socialized health care, it cant be worse than the system we have.

      My wife has just been accepted to a 3 year nursing school which hopefully we will get loans for if the credit market is still there, because she wants to help mothers who who have autistic kids and miss the signs because its just to difficult to go to the doctors in this messed up system, you spend more time with the administrative staff than you do seeing a Dr or Nurse…is that really medicine!

      Also reform the education system so it doesnt cost $90K – $200K to train a Dr or a Nurse, when it costs that much only the wealthy or insane(my family) can afford to go into medicine. I like Obamas plan to let people pay off their loans by working in high need areas, hopefully that can help us out….

      Because I will have to quit my job in 2 months just for my wife to go to nursing school in another state, and that ain't looking too pretty with 2 kids and no job lined up (Ive been trying but who hires an out of state employee in a recession!).

      For those who think I have a choice, try applying for nursing school my wife was rejected from some of her less expensive, closer, first choice schools…and has spent 3 years doing the pre-requisits needed just to apply, it would take her another 12-18 months just to reapply to another school and she may not get in… its like the system is stacked up so that only the wealthy or upper middle class can become Drs or Nurses!

      Anyway the whole thing needs reforming, nursing school, med school… and the whole medical system.

      Bring on socialized medicine.

    30. julie/Medford Oregon says:

      Please help Americans to achive getting socialized Medicine. PLEASE

      Thank You for all your Help


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