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  • Morning Bell: The Bush-Obama Borrow-Bailout Parade Must End

    Defending President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan on ABC’s This Week, National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers told George Stephanopoulos: “We need an approach that’s very different than the approach that we had that brought us to this point.” Summers is right; we do need a drastically new approach to fix our ailing economy. Problem is, the only thing new about Obama’s Trillion Dollar Debt Plan is the size with which it attempts to repeat the last Administration’s policy mistakes. Later on the show, New Gingrich explained:

    What you actually have is not change you can believe in. What you have is the fourth act of the Bush-Obama spend more plan. [Vice President Joe] Biden voted for all three of the first spending plans. The stimulus which failed in the spring. The housing bailout which failed in the summer. The Wall Street bailout which failed in the fall. Now we’re going to get bailout number four and then on Tuesday we’re going to be told that we’re on the hook for some $2 to 4 trillion dollars, cleverly done through the Fed, but $2 to 4 trillion additional dollars on top of everything else.

    Newt is exactly right except for one thing: he left out bailout number six which the New York Times reports “is not expected to” be announced “for days” and “involves spending billions of dollars more to prevent home foreclosures.” And this is just what Bush-Obama will have done to us over the past twelve months. As Newsweek details this week, our country has been drifting towards socialism for some time:

    Bush brought the Age of Reagan to a close … it was, again, under a conservative GOP administration that we enacted the largest expansion of the welfare state in 30 years: prescription drugs for the elderly. … A decade ago U.S. government spending was 34.3 percent of GDP, compared with 48.2 percent in the euro zone—a roughly 14-point gap, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In 2010 U.S. spending is expected to be 39.9 percent of GDP, compared with 47.1 percent in the euro zone—a gap of less than 8 points. As entitlement spending rises over the next decade, we will become even more French.

    Is this really what Americans voted for in November? To become more French? That sure is not how Obama campaigned. National Review‘s Rich Lowry writes:

    Obama didn’t campaign on a sprawling, nearly $1 trillion new spending plan. … The president should read the transcript of the third presidential debate. He claimed his program represented “a net spending cut.” He called himself “a strong proponent of pay-as-you-go. Every dollar that I’ve proposed, I’ve proposed an additional cut so that it matches.” Now, circumstances change, and no president can adhere to every jot and tittle from his campaign, but the “I won” argument only works if the campaign program matches the governing program.

    Obama seems to realize this. That is why he is venturing out to Indiana and Florida this week to try and sell his plan to the American people. But the American people are skeptical and they should ask the President tough questions. They should ask how Obama can guarantee that the trillions of borrowed dollars will not be wasted when every government report says the unprecedented expansion of government spending in his plan will do just that. They should ask how any of his past claims to reduce government spending can be credible when his plan is a Welfare Spendathon that will permanently increase the welfare state by hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Most importantly, since it was borrowing and spending that got us into this mess, Obama must explain how borrowing and spending can possibly hope to get us out of it.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Bush-Obama Borrow-Bailout Parade Must End

    1. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      HF had a typo error.

      It should have been

      Bush brought the Age of REASON to a close


      Bush brought the Age of Reagan to a close

    2. Bob4232 says:

      Now that Bush and Obama have both screwed up so badly we do need a spending plan. Omama is right about one thing, we need it fast. We need manufacturing jobs and I believe that the fix is quite simple. Just have the federal government immediately place "open" orders to replace the thousands of Army and National Guard vehicles lost in our wars or which are otherwise worn out.

      The Army and the Guard can follow up with detailed configurations for these vehicles a few weeks later.

    3. Ronald J. Sakowski, says:

      It is marally wrong to hand future generations a birth certificate and a mortgage on their lives. The only way out of this is:

      1. Cut corporate and personal taxes

      2. Cut spending

      3. Develop to the max all domestic energy resources and use the savings to pay down the national debt.

    4. Cobi Tallassee, Alab says:

      Regarding Gitmo, I am just wondering why Pres. Obama thinks it would be a good idea to bring these detainees to American soil, when it would seem to me that it would invite their followers to try to "break them out". Gitmo is secure and near impossible for this to happen there, but on U.S. soil, how can we be sure that this wont happen? I also find it strange that they eat better, have more amenities available to them than our prisoners, yet no one seems to see how well they are being treated. How about them throwing feces at the guards? Showing any weakness in policy is an invitation to "test us" as our VP has said. Odd that people do not seem to realize terrorists see any weakness as an open invitation to "push the envelope". Do we really want to put any american community at risk by asking them to house these criminals?

    5. Joseph S. Popowski says:

      It doesn't matter anymore. Both the Progressives and Republicans have sold out the American people.

      There is no credibility in Washington DC. Tax cheats, lobbyists, crooks abound. There is no credibility in Wall Street. There is no oversight.

      $78 billion overspent in first TARP. The government is printing money 24/7 to secure its voter base for years to come.

      The Republican Party has destroyed itself.

      Now, to top it off, there is $1 Billion in a Pork Spending Package for Community Oriented Policing Services otherwise known in Germany as the Gestappo.

    6. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      The word is out. If you have a mortgage and you've missed a bunch of payments, just sit tight. Have a brew. Get a bigger TV. The fix is in, but it won't be announced "for days".

    7. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      IF this plan is so awful, then WHAT is you alternative. You do not offer one option to what is proposed, only whining criticism.

      Let's hear the solution if you know better what it should be. We all are waiting and have been for the last month. The minority party can make no excuses about being shut out of the the decision making. They have been encouraged all along to contribute without much more than the constant whir of their siren like complaints.

    8. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The American left aspires to be French. It's all about their wishful creation of a Walt Disney world. Don't bother them with structural fact. It doesn't appeal to their warm fuzzy feelings over their pretty artistic facade. Frosting on a what? Yep, you got it!

    9. Ron Budwine,Victoria says:

      Excellent points!We can expect in the near future the White house(good ol Rohm)to attempt to remake the cencus lines for voting,the recruting of Obama's civiliam para-military force to"help assist"our law enforcement people under the excuse that this is the "patrotic"thing to do!I think this was done in the 1930's in Germany wasn't it for the same reasons?Americans can expect a lot more things to come in the next 2 years,and I will list them and connect the dots for the non-belivers.

    10. Robert Lehmann says:

      There have been suggestions and alternative plans but they are met with comments like "i won " which clearly signals a Dictatorial persona in the

      Whitehouse" my way or the highway baby"- how about leaving it alone and if you screwed up your mortgage adjust terms -negotiate etc. but I didnt screw up I'm paying and working and now your putting my children in debt. "m panicked about that and the end of America as we have known it!!!

    11. John Theobald, Marie says:

      The question was posed, "Is this really what Americans voted for in November?" It is EXACTLY what they voted for in November … without a single ounce of compunction because those that voted for Obama had absolutely no clue for what they were voting … just that they wanted to be part of something big and magical and "feel good".

      Were they truly educated and aware of the situation and consequences it is difficult to fathom they would have voted someone with so little community organizing experience to be the leader of the free world; Someone who gives fine speeches and makes bold proclamations and instills hope while simultaneously lying, plotting destruction and sewing dispair is what we have here.

      In deed, and through their unmitigated ignorance, they have elected a leader who is systematically overseeing the destruction of the free world through the marginalization of this once great Country.

      Hitler, Mussolini, Chavez, Stalin … they all professed hope and change. People allowed their fears to be leveraged and gave up their freedoms and in many cases their very lives as a consequence.

      There is no leadership to be found in Washington these days. There are mostly leftist cowards whose only contemplative act is to ignore the warnings of Jefferson and fatten the sow so more can suckle at the teet of goverment.

      We would all be far better off to slaughter the sow, prevent further offspring and seek self-reliant sustenance instead.

      When will we the people, to whom all true authority belongs, take the steps necessary to secure our freedoms and liberties from these imbeciles in Washington?

      "We think experience has proved it safer for the mass of individuals composing the society to reserve to themselves personally the exercise of all rightful powers to which they are competent and to delegate those to which they are not competent to deputies named and removable for unfaithful conduct by themselves immediately." –Thomas Jefferson

    12. John, Jax.,Fl. says:

      These Washington politicians are really sad. They are putting future generations totally in debt, with no clear plan to address our problems. The Dems. want to create a "cradle to grave" dependence on the government (socialism, with an eye toward communism), and the Republicans have been going right along with them. This past month has seen the Republicans finally develope a pair of "—-s", but I'm afraid it's too little, too late. This country needs to flush the current batch of politicians out of Washington, get rid of the current tax system, and put in place the "Fair Tax". If your looking to stimulate the ecconomy, you won't find a better stimulus anywhere. It would turn this ecconomy 180 degrees on a dime.

    13. Dwana Townsend-Banke says:

      I have written every one of my Senators and Congressmen to vote against the bill. I think reform is the answer, not spending.

      The first roll out of the Tarp money as well as the rest should have had some stipulations as to how these financial institutions were allowed to use the funds. I can give a perfect example: Each financial institution participating in the TARP program should have been required to #1 review their Mortgage loan portfolios and offer 3-4 different programs designed to help the homeowner stay in their home. For example, if a borrower had just lost their job or their income reduced then, the bank could have ammended their note to allow them to make interest only payments for 1 yr (to allow them to find a job). At the end of one year the borrower could have had the election to have that year of missed principle payments re amortized over the life of the loan or tacked on to the end (extending it out one more year possibly with a 2% increase in rate).

      I find it disgusting that the government would guarantee $300billion in toxic loans. What incentive does that give Citigroup to keep a client in their house. The gvt is going to pick up the tab so sorry home owner, family of 5, you are now out on the street.

      I also think the Federal Reserve could come up with a low interest loan for homeowners, either for purchases or refinancing, say 4.5%. Of course the borrower would have to meet certain guidelines and it should only be allowed on the primary residence, but it should be offered to all Americans. They could run this program through banks willing to participate, since they already have the underwriters, and all processes to do the loans. (Will keep our bankers busy). I do not believe that we should create a "bad" bank or a special government run bank or a National Bank. We are capable Americans.

      Now that is just one idea of how to help the homeowners.

      The next way to help all Americans immediately is to cut taxes for households (no matter the income) and for all businesses (large and small). This will give individuals more money to spend and give help businesses survive during these hard times (it might allow one unemployed person back on the job)!!!

      Creating Jobs – has to be in the form of manufacturing and I agree with a previous post. Lets repair our military equipment cause it looks like we are going to need it. This will put a certain sector to work, mechanics, engineers, maritime industry, parts and services, as well as some manufacturers.

      Infrastructure is a great idea, however by the time the money is delivered to the various states, they first have to have a plan on how to spend the money and what needs improvement (a planning committee), then they will need to hire engineers. Before any of these projects gets under way could take over a year sometimes 2-3 yrs before states, and city councils to agree.

      We also need to reduce our imports and take back our place in production of goods!!!! What ever happened to buy American?

      God Bless us and God Bless the President and all who are involved in making these decisions. Lets pray that they keep each American Family top of mind when trying to push through this bill or any other in the future.

    14. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      jjay, the solution was a conservative congress and administration. Unfortuately, Walt Disney overruled reality.

    15. Chris, CO says:

      "Newt is exactly right except for one thing: he left out bailout number six which the New York Times reports “is not expected to” be announced “for days” and “involves spending billions of dollars more to prevent home foreclosures.”"

      Including the mortgages that created the destruction of our economy in the first place. ( To cover up the redistribution of wealth and racial reparations payments behind America's back. )

      Clinton administration's "BANK AFFIRMATIVE ACTION"

      Confiscation by consent decree – Department of Justice extorts money from financial institutions http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1282/is_n2

      The Real Scandal How Feds Invited The Mortgage Mess by Stan Liebowitz

      Timeline of Events Fannie/Freddie

      Fannie/Freddie history ( YouTube )

      House of Cards – Liberals Fueled Wall St. Woes

      The Real Culprits In This Meltdown IBD: http://www.rrpec.org/documents/Meltdown.pdf

      Barney Frank Cried Racism And Look What Happened

      Timeline Show Bush, McCain Warning Liberals of Financial Mess ( YouTube )

      Who is Responsible – Meltdown – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall Street

    16. etk, Concord says:

      B. Hussein Obama is what he said he was, remembering the Legend of the little frozen snake that the hunter picked up, fed and nutured, and in the spring of the following year, he puts his hand in his pocket and is bitten by the now-grown, now-highly-poisonous snake… and as the hunter lays dying on the ground, the snake replies, "You knew what I was when you picked me up."

      People, the frozen snake has been nutured, un-frozen, and is now grown… alot of people voted for him, now they are watching him as he 'thaws' out.

    17. Sandra, San Antonio says:

      How do you stop this train?? I've written my senators and congressman who have opposed this bill, as written. Yes, something should be done, but this is irresponsible. The fear tactics, and bulling being used is disgusting. So much for "Hope you can believe in".

    18. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      "Successful theories, on the other hand, rely on the wisdom, energy and industry of individuals and businesses, not the heavy hand of government. Successful theories involve lower tax rates, less government spending, less regulation, and freer trade, policies that allow Americans to make the most of the opportunities before them and grow the economy in the process."

      J.D.Foster "HF expert"

      I would appreciate being directed toward economic and (as opposed to non economic/political) sources for a relationship between taxation and unemployment from Truman forward. Let's start an intelligent retort to this mockery of economic "policy".

      Where did the heavy hand of government or higher taxes in the foreseeable past or regulation, hinder this economy. Business has been untouched and unfettered to lead us down the path we are struggling to alter. How much freer trade could anyone ask for? Where did HF lose its ability to put forth legitimate economic sense for political banter and stuttering?

      The average household income is $50k and they are hurting because they bought into the train of thought that the elite would let some of the wealth trickle down. The the wisdom, energy and industry of individuals and businesses zapped the the life right out of the middle class and wasn't happy with that, they wanted more. It is the fox in the hen house theory and Foster can't see past his arms.

      The solution here is to suck it up and work towards a solution that puts correct* the theory that the middle working class is the meat and potatoes of this country and not the nebulous term "business and individuals". All of the fancy quotes and meaningless name calling on this page makes you a part of the problem not a part of the solution.

      *right is an abused and often misunderstood term as is conservative or conservatism and used to separate rather than unite.

      Preventing foreclosures…..not one possibility comes to your expert(s) mind(s)? Not one win win solution where loans are paid and banks maintain assets and the government doesn't attempt to assume more debt? That's right we don't want to regulate 12- 13- 18- 23 – 30 percent interest rates. Rates which are only those which are – the answer is "ALLOWED BY LAW". Oops regulated by law interest rates. Why wouldn't we want interest rates regulated lower? I'll look up usury while you look up progressive corporatism.

      Has anybody looked up the "business plot" and the plot to overthrow Roosevelt? That's corporatism folks and pretty damned progressive for it's time! The nerve of you HF!

      Nice push figures HF but you can't fool most of 'em here.

      Brother J.C. Hughes,Texas welcome to the dance! You assume much, those who seek a new direction are not "warm and fuzzy" by any stretch of informed imagination. When did art become a bad thing and? I find your affront to the French who did not ask for global strife and whose help we ask for in times of trouble (but I've read all the jokes and see where you were going), objectionable but nothing surprises me as to what is set to type in this rag.

    19. Gary In Fallbrook says:

      It seems all i can worry about now is how much damage this empty suit caqn do in 3.5 years___

    20. Jim, Oklahoma says:

      To quote a certain presidential candidate during the campaign last year, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig." The stimulous package is a pig, no matter how President Obama dresses it up.

      The President's statement that to do nothing will not solve the problems is correct. However, if the government does nothing the problem will surely be resolved faster, and make us a stronger economy than before.

      It is a shame the liberals cannot see that is their socialistic actions got us into this mess in the first place.

    21. Wally Streich, Zion, says:

      For those who are asking for alternitives. How about if you signed a mortgage that you couldn't afford you lose your house. If you gave someone a mortgage that was more than they could afford and more than the house was worth you go out of business. If you spent more than you could afford and charged it on a high interest credit card either suffer paying the high interest or you go bankrupt. If you signed a bloated contract with your union workers you go bankrupt. If your union demanded that bloated contract you priced yourself out of the market and your job goes elseware.

    22. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      If my party had screwed up the last eight years, and ended it all with this mess, I'd be hyperventelating, too.

      So it's easy for me to say. "Settle down, go back and fix what you can of TARP (what a mess), then work as one party whose nation might go over a cliff if you don't." More tax cuts for the wealthy? Why can't you see this was part of our downfall? Our shortfall. This not just a down turn here, your country and it's peoples may be a thing of the past….if you don't quit being so selfish and greedy.

    23. sliver Wisconsin says:

      Ron of Virginia said it all and its that simple but there are a bunch of simpletons that don't or won't understand the solution.

    24. Darrel Kent says:


      The left is turning right .Bankrupt companies will partner with government . Government will set manufacturing to meet their agenda. A National oversight police force will tend to wayward thinking.

      Please let your Senators and Representatives know that this is unaccepable. They WILL respond to huge amounts of mail and phone calls. If that wasn't true our firearms would have disappeared during the Clinton administration. What they WON'T respond to is idle conversation. I really do appreciate this forum. The problem is that everyone associates with those that already agree.

      If you have a congress person that you

      can trust, tell them .If you don't, tell them why. Remember that you can question their judgment without being offensive . I know that a few million letters and phone calls WILL make a difference. Rhetoric won't. Real effort will IF it comes from a huge portion of registered voters.

    25. John Sharp,Federal W says:


    26. John Sharp,Federal W says:


    27. ejfresquez says:

      I think it is a shame that we can't even depend on our own to stand strong. Susan Collins and Arlen Specter should be ashamed of themselves to turning on their party for this Stimulus Bill.

    28. tom swank davenport, says:

      I have really had it with our represenatives, we constantly keep putting people in office that do not have the best interest of the american people in their hearts.It really is time to throw the bums out why should America become a socialist state to please the rest of the world. If Europe doesn't like us for who we are too hell with them and any represenative who believes that is the way we should go. This stimulis package is the last straw how arrogant of them to put all that useless garbage in at the expense of the American people. Collins;Spector and that other idiot liberal republican that rolled over for for the liberals need to go and I will personally bring this vote up at the next election campaign. It is time the conservatives stick to their values or get out of the way and let the one's with a spine lead our party.

    29. james falkenberg-sco says:

      GOD HELP US!!

    30. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      To JJ above: The recession is caused by the government. First throw Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in jail for standing in the way of the plundering Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

      Since we are in recession, cut the government spending. Why should all responsible Americans tighten their belts but the government must spend more? How can the government spending by borrowing trillions or taxing the productivity of the population or printing money without any backing help an economy to recover? It is beyond simple common sense.

      The ALTERNATIVE PLAN IS TO REDUCE THE GOVERNMENT TO ITS CONSTITUTIONAL LIMIT BY CUTTING TAXES ACROSS THE BOARD, PAY OFF THE DEBTS AND CUT THE SPENDING. Socialists in charge are more interested in squelching any opposition. You don't look in China or Cuba for freedom of expression by way of criticizing the government.

      Stop depending on the government for your existence. If you want that type of nanny state, please move to Cuba, Russia or China. America is founded on individual liberty and responsibility.

      There is going to come a time in the near future when there will be mass upheaval to make the real change! It will happen when you go to the store and you don't have enough money to buy bread.

    31. Sandy Young says:

      We talk and complain, but I don't see anyone DOING anything. People need to write their congressman and create a civic uproar. We can't just sit and watch this happen.

    32. michael hutchings says:













    33. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      To really expect openness and honesty from such Leftist government elitists as Barrack Hussein Obama and his Comrades (Reid, Pelosi, and others) about such as their Trillion dollar-plus so-called "Stimulus (Porkulus)" spending plans to simultaneously grab power through it and bury both current and subsequent generations in government spending debt, is to forget how, in that and other documented ways, they have shown, and continue to show, how willing they are to say and do anything, including betray, disavow, "throw under the bus", and destroy anybody and anything in order to have their Leftist government elitist way.

      In other words: To expect openness and honesty from a Leftist government elitist Obama and his Comrades, when their on-going obfuscating and dishonesty is already documented, and continues to be documented (despite the complicit efforts of their accomplices in the dominant media), such as in the case of their Trillion Dollar-plus so-called “Stimulus (Pork) Package” deficit spending plans, is to believe the Earth is flat, the Sun revolves around the Earth, and that the Socialist Left’s Trillion Dollar-plus so-called “Stimulus (Pork) Package” money and power-grab is still “the thing to do”, no matter how, even by the criteria of those within the Obama Administration, it is doomed to fail at it’s so-called “Stimulus Package” name, and no matter how Obama and his Comrades continue to obfuscate and be dishonest about it and anything else.

      In other words, you have to be an enthusiastic or otherwise complicit fan of “the ends justifies the means, as long as it’s for Leftist government elitism”, as in “anything goes, as long as it’s for Leftist government elitism”, in order to even claim that Obama, his Comrades, and their accomplices are being open and honest about this and other things.

      Thus it is indeed willfully blind at worst, and gullibly blind at best, to expect openness and honesty from Leftist government elitists such as Obama and his Comrades as they repeatedly show and prove themselves so dedicated to, and determined entrench through any means possible, their Leftist government elitist agenda here in the U.S, that they will, like good little Comrades, betray and disavow anybody and anything, and attack and seek to overrule anything and anybody, including our Constitutional rights and freedoms (including 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and other Constitutional rights and freedoms), and any majority in any “opinion pole” and “poling place”…as demonstrated by Obama and his Comrades being so determined to have their so-called “Stimulus(Pork) Package” way, despite the fact that the documented majority of Americans, in “pole, after pole”, and more, are against that Pork-filled money and power-grab.

    34. Jan from Utah, says:

      God help us. Please give us a leader and some kind of direction. I am very very hopeless.

      Sincerly, Jan

    35. elizabeth crossman, says:

      i have emailed every senator and pleaded with them to vote no on the stim bill..to come back with a bill that cuts taxes, creates credit and jobs..advised them the amer people are aware of the bill and its content and it is nothing more than a spending frenzy and an increase in the welfare system which now extends to the private sector…i asked them to stand up for liberty, our constitution and the capitalist system as socialism does not work..asked them to stand up for the people who make this country great (ie the people who get up every day and go to work, pay their bills, obey the law, pay their taxes etc)washington needs to be accountable ..this bill is really an insult in many ways to the amer people..i feel that the 2010 midterm elections will really put our congressmen and women on the line…thank you

    36. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Oh and it should be noted here that, contrary to the myth again perpetrated in the piece above from that verifiably Leftist rag called "Newsweek", the (G.W.) Bush Administration was no so-called "conservative GOP Administration".

      In both documented and verifiable fact, neither G.W. Bush nor his father G.H.W. Bush, nor, for that matter, "the Bush clan" including (former Florida governor) Jeb Bush, are "Conservative", but do in fact have a tendency to be "Liberals", with only one even debatably "Conservative" tendency, that being their not entirely apologetic belief in a strong national Defense.

      In fact, George H.W. Bush called Ronald Reagan "a right-wing fringe cook, pushing voo-doo economics", and then, as soon as he got to be President (largely on Reagan's coat-tails) he then proceeded to both openly and not so openly undo most everything Reagan had done, even going so far as to admit that the only thing he regretted about making his own "Read my lips…no new taxes" pledge to get elected was not breaking it but making it in the first place!

      Not only that, but JFK held two even debatably "Conservative" values compared to the Bush's one: The same even debatably "Conservative" belief in a strong national Defense, and what he called the "seeming paradox that substantially reducing tax rates (cutting taxes) has the effect of increasing government receipts (income) rather than reducing (it)", which, after JFK's assassination in November of 1963, ended-up being proven correct, for not the first or last time, by the substantial tax cuts of 1964.

      Yet nobody on the Left, including “Newsweek”, is calling "the Kennedy administration" (which included included Lyndon B. Johnson and remained largely intact after JFK was assassinated) any “Conservative” administration!

    37. John E Rosina, Borde says:

      Dwana Townsend-Banker writes:

      "I think reform is the answer, not spending."

      Thank you for a case of logic and clear headed thinking for a change. You inspire because you offer a rational option. I fear you will lose the Ultra Conservatives with any semblance of rules for accountability from bankers, however. Big money institutions always wrap themselves in a veil of "free and open capitalism" whenever they are called to account.

      You'll hopefully observe that they are much less patient with anything intimating spending for the middle or working class. I hesitate to use "Middle Class" terminology, especially after John McCain implied he thought middle class by definition would include those making as much as $5 million per annum. If he's right, I, and about 299 million other Americans, are destitute.

      THE BIG QUESTION in my mind is how can we return our country to the World's Largest Wealth generator. When I went to school basic economics taught that a nation's wealth was driven by 3 simple basics: LAND (ie Natural Resources) Manpower (ie A sustainnable Labor Force) and Machinery (ie Technology and productivity)

      NOT Private Land ownership for simply a tax writeoff – Not Men and Women busy developing ponzi schemes, currency multipliers, derivatives, investment instruments. But, men and women making durable products and goods that were in demand (supply and demand)and the envy of the world.

      Machinery, of course, meant technology back then. And it is true today. No one has ever, to this day, outstripped American productivity and efficeincy.

      The only thing that failed the American Workforce was the wholesale ruination of our industrial base by greedy capitalists on Wall Street. They started by issuing "Junk Bonds" so the shysters with no REAL assets could perform leaveraged buyouts of perfectly viable and profitable American businesses. They then went GLOBAL, which is code for "Screw America, I need way more stuff!"

      Any answers out there on how to do anything that generates REAL NATIONAL WEALTH ? Bean Counters don't know beans! Accountants cannot be held to account. Politicians cannot legislate Good Corporate Citizenship or Patriotic Wealth. Wall Street and Bankers are the lowest form of life to most real working class Americans. Investment Banker is an oxymoron. And nowhere in the Bible did God or Jesus promise us an easy life, so we can't pray it away

      Last point: All you fellas using President Barrack Hussein Obamas full name in your blogs, and you're never identified by your real name, need to know you gain not one ounce of "bully" points or "extra US citizenry defender" status with that crap. He's our President, he's a good man, and I'm one veteran who thinks only annonymous punks use his middle name as "some kind of point". You sound racist. You sound like hysterical little kids. That's something I'd keep to myself if I were you. It stinks.

    38. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Wake up people, this is the start of a socialist government. This plan has been in the works from the start, make the government responsible to an for each of us and our needs.How do we do this when we need jobs to keep this place working and surviving. If one could borrow his way out of debt then none of us would owe.

    39. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Have you removed my permission to comment? The wrong name is in my comment box in today's issue.

      Let me know.

    40. Ginger V., Conn. says:

      Spiritof76 hit it right on the mark The alternative plan has been made known and outlined over and over again. Those who hold government office have an agenda and are now brazen enough to follow through. Let us hope that Americans who still believe in our true ideals will stand up,voice their opinions and not sit back and let our country be taken from us.

    41. John E Rosina, Borde says:

      To Mike Sheahen of NC. THERE YOU GO AGAIN! Waving the Reagan Banner! My Mom (aged 92) is from Zebulon, N.C. She and my recently deceased Pop had Reagan pegged pretty head on, I think. They both said he was nothing more than a 2nd class actor. And he was the former Democratic President of a Union in Hollywood. Truth be told!

      You are aware of the deficit he left behind, I assume. You are aware how his big Tax cuts amounted to nothing of substance, I assume. And here's the kicker, Reaganomics, with its Trickle Down theory, single handidly started the collapse of the Great Productive, envy of the World American Middle Class. I used to pray his Naps while in office would last longer so as to keep him from rubbing out the purchasing power of the working class all together.

      Constitutional Gov't has always been touted by her greatest leaders as a "living experiment" in self governance. For the Capitalist's on Wall Street to consistently rail that Tax Cuts are THE answer is not supported anywhere in fact throughout history. SHOW ME! The answers lie somewhere, but our Republican stalwarts and Big Business folks have as dismal a economic track record as any Democratic record you wish to cite.

      We have problems, the first of which is the two party system. The only 3rd party of consequence I am aware of would have to be the Unions! That's 100% right – the UNIONS. When they were powerful we had a very wealthy nation that paid it's working class enough to keep the taxes robust and the National Treasurey solvent. The world owed us money. And people had expendable income to purchase American made goods in America.

      Globalism has not been any friend to we average citizens. We better figure out a way to keep the wealthiest "New World Order" group from exporting our last baloney sandwich. They apparently have Kool Ade in their veins when it comes to the US. Just look at the $20 billion in bonuses they doled out after borrowing a half a trillion from we taxpayers in Tarpoon 1.

      I'll conclude with a Reagonomics bottom liner! You know what trickles downhill, don't you? Crap!

      BIG PICTURE: With the top 10% of America's wealthiest now owning 77% of US assets as opposed to just a paltry 49% of our assets in Reagans time tells you all you need to now about the 35 plus year consequences from Ronnies economic policies. If you are in the top 10%, Mike, then your position is understood!

      Next you'll tell me he single handidly brought down the Berlin Wall. Can you say "Gorbachov, Truman, Ike, Kennedy (Cuba – HUGE), Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Ronnie, Bush I" (Dessert Storm – HUGE) That's the real deal.

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