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  • Compromise 101: Meet the New Stimulus


    This weekend, a small group of Senators emerged from two days of negotiations to announce they had developed a compromise “stimulus” package that would eliminate wasteful spending and deliver on the original promise of the legislation. Unfortunately, not only is this not true, but the bill actually got bigger, with a final price tag $19 Billion more than the discredited House version; and it still does not contain any real stimulus. Here are the facts:


    • I Can’t Help Myself: The House passed “Stimulus” bill cost $820 Billion. The Senate compromise is currently $827 Billion. Senators have compromised to only spend $7 Billion more than the House version.
    • Can’t Buy Me Love: According to the Washington Post, the new plan would add additional debt costs of $350 Billion over ten years.
    • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Senate ‘compromise’ is equal in size to the entire Australian economy, and is enough money to send every current high school junior and senior to a 4-year private university and still have a spare $150 Billion. In comparison, the last three Omnibus Spending Bills were $515 Billion (FY’08), $464 Billion (FY’07) and $388 Billion (FY’06).
    • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: The Senate ‘compromise’ would raise the government’s commitment to solving the financial crisis to $9.7 trillion, enough to pay off more than 90 percent of the nation’s home mortgages.


    • Hooked on a Feeling: Inside both massive “stimulus” bills are profoundly controversial and far-reaching health care provisions that would set the country on a path toward more fiscal irresponsibility, unfunded entitlement liabilities and less control by families over their personal health care decisions.
    • If I Had a Million Dollars: The Senate ‘compromise’ actually increases Energy program funding from $28 Billion in the House version, to $40 Billion, well more than double the annual budget of the Department of Energy of $23 Billion.
    • Losing My Religion: The House bill and the Senate compromise deliberately censors religious speech and worship on school campuses by prohibiting use of any “stimulus” funds for facilities that are 1) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school of divinity; or 2) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission.
    • Money For Nothing: If the House bill were enacted, the total 10-year extra welfare cost would likely be $787 billion in new welfare spending.


    • Taxman: The Senate bill still does not contain any tax cuts that will create rapid growth in wages and business incomes. The DeMint amendment would have provided more than 2 million small businesses with lower tax rates, while not raising any taxes on any Americans.
    • Money, Money, Money: The DeMint amendment would have created 4.8 million jobs from 2009 to 2012, provided more disposable income for families, averaging $1,300 in 2009 and rising to $4,500 by 2013.
    • Change, Change, Change: The Senate compromise “stimulus” bill continues the failed policies of the past, by adding yet another government bailout that will not provide any GDP growth, add fewer jobs and create no investment.
    • You Can’t Always Get What You Want: The CBO has said that this plan will actually result in a slight decrease in GDP, through a massive buildup of public debt which will crowd out private borrowers.


    Check out Heritage ideas for how to provide twice the jobs at half the price.

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    35 Responses to Compromise 101: Meet the New Stimulus

    1. Al Wunsch says:

      Does Heritage carry a file copy of the bill? Today, on Limbaugh, I heard that, in the bill details, along with funding for digitizing health information is the beginning of universal health care and a discussion of "recognizing that old folks like me (my version) will have to recognize that disease comes with age and we can't afford to provide health care for you". The Gov of Mississippi, in response to a question as to whether he would accept the money said it depended upon the details and cited an example where monies for unemployment carried with it new rules that would require the state to expand coverage to those that are not covered. We do not hear in the general dialogue on Fox news et al about the socialist agendas in the bill. They emphasize spending but not the quality of tax cuts or socialist implications. The latter might well pursuade many more to oppose this terrible, fraudulent bill.

    2. bookdiva2112-Central says:

      I can not believe all American's are not in a uprising against this obvious 'redistribution of wealth'. Between the Spending/Stimulus and than the Census fiasco. The Putinizing of America!!!

    3. Bob New York says:

      Time for secession from the Union, Why should states that acted responsibly pay the freight for the inept? I thought the role of the Feds was to provide defense and Courts to settle disputes? This new gov, is far removed from anything ever envisioned? Where are the Citizens to ask the question(s). Why is the media asleep?

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    5. Sivard, AZ says:

      The citizens have all fallen for the rhetoric of Mr. Obama and the media is in love with him. There's no one to challenge these ideas in the public eye, which outrages me as much as it does you all I am sure.

      I also have to agree that this new government is not in accordance with the Framers' original ideals of unifying the States. But it seems its in the same line of what welfare is all about, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised: the responsible paying the irresponsible for messing up/doing nothing.

      I just wonder how this is supposed to make people want to spend and work.

    6. BP Michigan says:

      It shocks me to see how ignorant the American public has become. This is our hard working money they are spending, and congress and the president think they don't have to be accountable to us. First they want to spread our wealth through taxes, but the majority of politicians don't pay their taxes. Second they want us to tighten our belts, how about President Obama and the rest of the Democrats meeting in Williamsburg last week. President Obama had the nerve to take Air Force One it's only a three hour drive from Washington, and I'm sure Pelosi took her plane that we pay for. Wake up America start fighting and holding the people in Washington accountable or bring them home and let's get some new people to represent us.

    7. Bonnie, Minneapolis says:

      America will never be the nation we have known it to be. That happened with the vote in November and it is proving to be true. By the time the nation wakes up, it will be too late. This nation has moved to socialism whether we like it or not and it was always Obama's plan. I believe dictatorship is coming if he can get away with it. The health care situation in the bill is one example -there are millions more. By the time we realize what has happened, it will be too late. If the nation is going down, I'm glad it is the Democrats that are taking it down and not the Republicans! May God have mercy on the United States of America!

    8. Big Dave, Laguna Nig says:

      What a dichotomy we have here. A likeable, well spoken new president, who is destroying freedom, free enterprize, and the "American way of life" in a matter of weeks! And communists have been trying the same thing for years! Kruzchev said it right.."we shall destroy you from within"..and now it is coming to pass. Want to see how socialism works? Look at social security, all of us paying into the system, by LAW, with no promise of getting anything back, while most of the money is paid for the "administrators"(the people who are paid to deny you benefits when you are in need),and politicians(who are NOT part of the system!)give your money away to illegals and immigrants who have NEVER paid into the system, AND NOW THE SYSTEM IS BROKE! PURE UNADULTERATED SOCIALISM! Thank you, all of you assinine, crooked politicians who have gotten wealthy while selling the hardworking American people down the socialist river. Those of us in the private sector who pay ungodly amounts of taxes are now working at the behest of those who do not pay taxes, IE, politicians and those who refuse to work. Anarchy is just around the corner, simply because there are a number of us who refuse to subjugate our families to a life of "no where to go". Look at Cuba, look at North Korea, look at the old USSR(now making its way back as in the days of old!), and you will see our future under Obama, no way out of the misery he will bestow upon us simply because he is a socialist. Of all the people to follow, he chooses Marx, Lenin and Stalin over Kennedy and Reagan. History still teaches us that we refuse to learn from history!

    9. Wes, Litchfield, MN says:

      I like the idea of secession. Easter USA, Western USA and the Heartland USA. Trouble is in MN we have to split the state too. The cities and the Arrowhead have lost their direction too. I guess we have to let things get so bad that the folks will wake up. Trouble is I'll never see it.

    10. Big Dave, Laguna Nig says:

      Who is the military supposed to protect…the American people or politicians? Its strange how the military is always mostly republican, while government workers(and I use the term "workers" loosely)are mostly domocrat/socialist. I am all for a military takeover, round up all the socialists and send them to Canada. What the press does not tell you, the majority of Canadians who own their own business HATE socialism, but there is nothing they can do about it because they are outnumbered by those who live off the system and vote in the politicians who are socialists. There you have the elitest politicians who cowtow to the non-workers, and the workers who are but mere slaves to the system, with no where to go. We may as well become Americanada. Obama has us on the fast track. BEWARE THE SMILING SMOOTH TALKER!

    11. Guy, Pennsylvania says:

      I think we all need to remember that God is able. Leaders have come and gone in this country as have economic cycles. This nation is strong enough to endure this current period of uncertainty and turmoil.

    12. K.A. Fleming says:

      Mr. Cooper,

      I would like to see the exact wording in the stimulus plan that states/shows a deliberate censor of religious speech and worship on school campuses, etc, etc. thank you

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    14. Jack, Arkansas says:

      What a bunch of alarmist nonsense. "PURE UNADULTERATED SOCIALISM" means that the government controls the means of production and distribution, not that the government is going spend money on infrastructure and health care. Stop listening to Rush.

      I'm guessing this comment will be removed during screening though.

    15. Roger Wilson, Florid says:

      If you sign the American Recovery and Stabilization Act/Stimulus Package (aka The Declaration of Dependence) into law, the death of your political career is certain. Make no mistake, you are FIRED!

      Sound familiar? The brave men who authored our Declaration of Independence way back in 1776 were threatened with physical death by King George if they signed the document.

      Americans do not want this bill, and if you sign it, we don’t want YOU!

    16. Janet, Ohio says:

      I think we are going to be sorry that Obama ever made it. I didn't vote for him . He is going to take America down. Some people think Mr. Bush was bad, we haven't seen anything yet.

    17. Ross, Florida says:

      Maybe it's time to fiscally reorient the congress, make them accountable for their actions. This could be done by making them state employees of their home-state for the purpose of salary, benefits(including retirement), and budget requirements for staffing(I would even entertain the idea of having the home-state provide a official home for their representative).

      This would mean that a constitutional amendment would have to passed which would make it illegal for "representatives" use federal funds gathered from any source for their pay, benefits, and operating an office in Washington. This would be a start for fiscal responsibilities at the federal level, especially when it will have a direct impact on their pocketbook. If there is an inequity in pay, benefits, and staffing between states, so what. Our representatives will truly represent their home-state, its interest, and "the unwashed masses" who pays the bills.

    18. KWL says:

      Big Dave what you said is perfect–but how do we get that on the news and in the press–we are in a ridiculously frightening position and the voters KNEW Obama was a socialist, they KNEW he was going to redistribute "wealth", they KNEW he was going to TAX THE RICH—they knew, they were told…and they did not hear anything but rhetoric—we NEED help to get this out!!! Thank goodness for Rush, Hannity, etc—we desperately need them now, and thank goodness for the strong Rep.-like DeMint–write and keep writing Specter, Snowe and Collins–also Gregg-NEEDS to VOTE–he is truly in the tank with Obama now–and he is a Rep.!!! I am sick and I am sad.

    19. J cunningham housto says:

      you know IM tired of all of this Roderic,I don't understand, why don't we take some of the pork and put it in a fund to dispute as a loan to people that has good credit to pay down their irresponsible spending ,we would pay off the consumer debt,and pay the creditors their money and to insure that the the money is paid back in a reasonable time you could not accumulate any more dept until the loan was paid in full with a low interest rate the tax payers money would make some money on the loan and the creditor would get their money back and free up some of this dept and then the banks and the gov and people would have a better understanding of whats going on with the bad dept.stop looking out for the banks problems and look at the peoples problems

    20. CJ, New Jersey says:

      Obama is focused on the people sitting around their homes with no intention of getting a job because the government will keep taking care of them. And where does that leave the hard working people? Working even harder to not only pay for their bills but for the bills of those lazy americans. How about take care of those who contribute and pay their taxes and force the lazy people to get off their butts and get to work! The next 4 years are going to be horrible. God Bless the true Americans!

    21. Jesse, Kentucky says:

      I, as a twenty year young man,am very concerned about what is happening to my nation. I have been raised to love my country and the principles on which it was founded but I am watching my country reject what our Founding Fathers invisioned for socialism. I hope that a new generation of young conservitives will have the backbone to stand on the truth and take our nation back to its founding principles.

    22. Tricia Tellez Giron, says:

      These are very dangerous times. Socialism is a process that takes time and each time we put a Democrat in office we move a little closer to it. Some of the movement is so gradual you're not sure what is happening, but then you wake up one morning and realize that history, as taught to our children is being changed.

      Hollywood plays a major part in that by making movies based on

      'Party Lines'. This spending bill is a major push that they have been waiting for. They actually planned for the economy to worsen. They certainly do not hope to jump start the economy.

    23. James, Hunt, Tx says:

      Sadly, this stimulus bill will put to many dollars into circulation thus causing inflation thus truly damaging the poor and middle class. Progressive taxes will put many in higher tax brackets with less spending power and the poor will have less to live on. Obama and the dems are hurting the class they pledged to help.

    24. Dave Bo, Michigan says:

      I am truly trying to remain optomistic, but as I watch one politician after another cave in to the idea that "PORK" is acceptable in any taxpayer-funded legislation – in the name of negotiation, or meeting in the center of the aisle, it quickly becomes disheartening and gut-wrenching. Did we really witness the U.S. Senate propose a better, more cost-effective piece of legislation for debate? HELL, NO. Their version will cost the taxpayers more than the house version. Everybody LOVES a "winner"? I think NOT. These idiots in D.C. really DO NOT represent the interests of HARD-WORKING AMERICANS. Yet we continue to sit passively while THEY LIE to our faces, and say ONE THING, and DO something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT!

    25. Andrew Knupp says:

      People from Maine and Pennsylvania. Be discouraged, feel betrayed. You have that

      "right" to have these feelings. When true republicans and conservatives go to the polls and "hire" and elect a representative, senator, or president they expect that official to speak and fight for the people that have "hired" them.

      Today, these people have been betrayed for some personnal benefit of the republican senators from ME and PA. To each their own but I hope the next election is a conclusion of these senators' careers.

    26. Carol, California says:

      Listening to Sen. Specter (sp) and a younger dem. address the Health Czar/additional-bureaucracy government pork this morning on Fox News–it's apparent neither of them knew what was in this "stimulus" package. What in the world are we paying these people and their highly-paid abundant staff to do?

    27. Jeff Leany Western C says:

      Lets revolt, the government is out of hand! Succession of the conservative parts of the country are now needed, we have the resources and the manpower to make it happen, I know alot of people are waiting to jump on the bandwagon and take back our country! Talk is getting us nowhere, I've called, written, emailed my elected officials and they ignore their constituents, it's time to take our country back!

    28. Dave, New York says:

      This is by far the most corrupt Bill ever hoisted on the American people. What offends me the most is that these Dem Socialists probably thought that the average American would be too stupid to realize that this bill is a trojan horse, a means to an end. The end being the enrichment and empowerment of the Dem Politcians and their constituents.

      They obviously need a refresher on the constitution that is supposed to limit their power. Maybe if they got that refresher they would be reminded that citizens have the right to overthrow their government when it no longer represents the best interest of the people or does not uphold the precepts of the Constitution. Let's hope they get the message soon.

    29. Tim, Arcadia, CA says:

      Of course 3 of the most liberal Republicans would march in lockstep with the Democrat's plans like lemmings. At times, I wonder if legislators really have a backbone at all. So easy to just throw money at problems instead of doing the real substantive work that needs to be done in order to root out the causes of a problem and bring about its solution. Give me a break, legislators. Of course, my frustration is only multiplied by the fact that my state is represented by 2 of the most liberal Democrats in the whole senate, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Diane Feinstein. Hope that the legislation that is passed is more than just throwing good money after bad.

    30. Adam, Baltimore says:

      Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer…the list goes on and on. How did these people get elected to office year after year? The answer is simple. The bottom line is that for the last 20 years America has become increasingly more socialist. There are far too many Americans who would now be more than happy to stay home and do nothing all day and collect a meager check from the government that amounts to crumbs of bread, then to get a job and earn a decent living. Americans have become an entitled bunch. As a convervative American, I am ashamed and dismayed at what our country is becoming.

    31. John, Lincoln, NE says:

      Where do I start??

      Thank you Ben Nelson. Look people-Ben Nelson governed as a conservative in the 66% Republican State of Nebraska. He is supposedly a Christian and does not flow with a liberal agenda. Didn't he do a wonderful job of getting the three top RINO's (Snow-flake, Collins-cancer and the Pennsylvaniapuke-"The Spectre of Doom" to flop. That had to be tough! Nice job Benny – hope you enjoy the liberal Omaha vote, the rest of the State is chucking you out! Sorry, this was not a reference to your ex moronic cohort "Hagel the Horrible". TO THOSE THAT REFUSE TO LEARN HISTORY, THEY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT. To those that voted for Hussein-you will enjoy slavery. To those that voted for a lesser evil; read up on your 2nd Amendment. To Heritage-all of the technology handed over to the socialist nuts will be used against the citizens of this great nation to keep them in check. WELCOME TO STAGE ONE OF THE REEDUCATION CAMP MENTALITY.

    32. Bill W Minnesota says:

      I hear time and again that we need to remove career politicions from congress. As the fairness doctrine is about to reamerge, instead of circling the wagons for defense this seems like a perfect time to go on the offense! A strong groundswell of support for term limits for congress will give them something else to worry about. This will have to come from the people, the criminals in congress will never willingly agree to give up the cash cow. Talk radio will have to start this push but I think the people will get behind this faster than the communists got behind Obama.

    33. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Keep crossing the ISLE! This is what you Get!

    34. Jim, Bryson City NC says:

      My dear fellow smack me in the head with a 2×4 citizens of the U.S. "We would not be in this mess if the other 20% of the Republican base had indeed voted",. But here we are! Now is the time to start (and keep) spreading the word for the 2012 Primary. We will make it through this Lipstick on a Pig smear we are currently in. Let your Reps in congress know how you feel!! "I am as mad as a hornet everytime I hear BHO speak but we must get the country back to basics on the next go-around! "Just say no to the Obama-Nation"! & Bill W – I'm with you!

    35. Kim, Tennessee says:

      It is time for those of us who are against this socialist power grab to make our voices heard. It is now time to show our solidarity for the freedoms our constitution guarantees. This is the People's country. It does not belong to the politicians and bureaucrats it belongs to us! Our children's futures are at stake!

      Call the Capitol Hill switch board, write your congressman and senators. Write the President and send letters to your local newspapers. Talk to your friends and relatives. Tell them how important this is and ask them to do the same.

      And if this does not work consider going to DC personally with as many friends as you can find. We are to blame if we allow this to happen without oposition.

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