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  • “I Screwed Up” Won’t Cut it on Missile Defense

    Heritage fellow James Carafano writes in the DC Examiner:

    No issue carries greater potential for crisis than the growing threat of missile attack. Last week, Iran launched its first homemade satellite into space. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi assured an alarmed world that “Iran’s space advancement serves no military purpose.”

    He is probably right… today. But Americans should be worried today, for the same reason they worried when the Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957: the launch demonstrates the increasing sophistication of a hostile nation’s ballistic missile program.

    Layer that on top of Iran’s rapidly progressing nuclear program (which they also claim has no military purpose), and you have to wonder when Iran will drop the other shoe—a “surprise” test of its first nuclear weapon.

    The surest way for the administration to set itself up for a colossal crisis is to abandon missile defense. To do so in the face of provocative actions by tinhorn tyrants in Iran and North Korea—or in response to mere complaints from Russia—is to look weak and inept. And that would invite disaster.

    To paraphrase Lt. Gen. Henry “Trey” Obering, the recently retired director of the Missile Defense Agency: “When all else fails—when all the negotiations have broken down—you must be able to destroy a missile in the air. Otherwise, all you can do is apologize to those who died.”

    In matters of life-and-death import, like missile defense, “I screwed up” won’t cut it.

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    11 Responses to “I Screwed Up” Won’t Cut it on Missile Defense

    1. Justin Passing, Wash says:

      In matters of life-and-death import, like missile defense, “I screwed up” won’t cut it.

      1. Nonsense. One of the biggest of many problems with GW Bush was his complete inability to ever admit an error, let alone correct it.

      2. The "screw up" was ripping up the ABM Treaty for a pork-laden defense industry boondoogle that can't hit a strapped-down chicken in a laboratory, let alone an exoatmospheric ICBM.

    2. Stephen Maio Westmin says:

      Justin if only you could let go of your over riding hate for President Bush.

      He was so stupid and so wrong about everything that must be why we have not been hit again in his 8 years in office huh?

      Ripping up the ABM treaty? Really? I thought we exersised our right to back out of the treaty when we could develope anti missle technology just as it was written in the treaty.

      Could not hit a strapped down chicken.

      Is that why the Russians and Chinese complained so much when we took out that dying satellite with a missle launched from a warship?

      I wonder why it is all the people who live in DC are so sure of everything they know when everything they know just aint so?

    3. richard weirton says:

      Justin's ignorance of the facts just shows us that he is the typical liberal. If he would search for the facts instead of believing all the main stream media, he would find out that our missile defense system has been tried and was very successful in bring down not only an ajing satelite that was threatening to land on top our heads, but was also tried on an incoming misile.

      This test was also sucessful.

      Justin, get over your Bush hatred before it does permant damage to your life. Get a life and start dealing with facts.

    4. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      Oh, how wish for that cowboy, Ronald Reagan, who told the Soviets to STICK IT, and did what was necessary to win.

    5. Tricia Tellez Giron, says:

      Justin Passing, get your heads out of the sand before it's too late. There are far too many of you unthinking followers who never research, but only listen to what our left-leaning, hero worshiping media spout as fact.

    6. Sliver, Wisconsin says:

      Justin, take a pill or have some kool-aid ahhh wait you did drink it!!!

    7. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Justin, Obama has a secret weapon for missile defense. Unfurl a giant white flag and start praying five times a day facing East. I am sure you would join him in the prayers.

    8. Netizen Kane, Huntsv says:

      "Justin Passing" is a typical leftist moron. I work in the Missile Defense field, but don't take my word that the technology works. Believe Vlad Putin. Even though not designed for defense against a Russian threat, Vlad knows the system works and doesn't want it deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic to defend Europe.

    9. Sgt William Butler U says:

      The only certainty that we may expect in the near future is that history will indeed be repeated. We presently have a functional defensive anti-missile system and our potential adversaries are aware of it. This is what Ron Reagan inspired. End the arms race through defensive posturing. Some of these liberals are so brain washed that it's impossible to get through. They live in this imaginary world on sugar mountain with pretty colored balloons. We will unfortunately be caught again with our pants down. Pearl Harbor, 9-11 and so forth.

    10. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Who lets History Repeat Itself? WE the People if we ignore what OBAMA,NANCY and Little Harry are

      doing! Stay on them and any others who would give

      Our National Security away!

    11. Catherine V. Smith says:

      The communist party took over the Democrat party in the 60's. The news media and the commies brain washed the stupid people into believing that Communism is dead. The democrats then passed every law on every controverial issue they could find or invent to divide and conquer. Their motto with the help of the news media was to attack-and attack- everyone and everything that was conservative or religious or pro American. They destroyed the best public school system in the world with the communist controlled NEA. Set up a system to hire all communist professors to destoy the free thinking minds of our children and Pat Schroeder of CO was hired with a 2 million dollar retiremnet to rewrite our History books. Then Bill and Hilliary put in all these leftist judges to take away our rights to petition. The stage was set for the final blow. The democrats have ushered in exactaly what they had planned, their third and final president of the USA. Carter, Clintons and Obama. Kiss your freedom goodbye. Pray, pray for your children.

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