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  • Why Stop at Banks?

    Harvard College

    President Barack Obama likes to rail against high salaries on Wall Street and has even enacted a $500,000 salary cap for executives of firms that receive bailout money from the U.S. Treasury. But why stop there? Virtually all Universities receive millions in federal aid every year and are asking for billions more in Obama’s Trillion Dollar Debt Plan. Why not cap pay for those executives too?

    According to the Chronicle of Higher Education 14 public universities paid their top officials more than $700,000 in total compensation in 2008. 59 of the public research institutions surveyed earned total compensation of more than $500,000 and 89 private college presidents make more than $500,000.

    Anyone who’s ever met a university president knows that Wall Street is not the only place where arrogance and greed thrive.

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    7 Responses to Why Stop at Banks?

    1. Mark,Houston says:

      Obama isn't going to go after the universities because that is where the LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION begins.

    2. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      Mark – Unfortunately, the Liberal Indoctrination begins now in the Head Start Program and goes all the way through to Ph. D.'s. The only way to protect our children is to send them to good private schools where you know what they are learning or home school them. Otherwise the govt. will brainwash them into being "good govt. citizens" and nothing more. Most can't read or write when they get out which insures the democratic party a base of voters who will vote for all the hand outs they can get.

    3. Paul Zunker says:

      I agree with DR in FL. It seems like our kids are not getting an education in the public (or private for that matter) schools any more. It is truly an indoctrination. The march toward socialism and then communism has begun in our country. The scary part of this is that there are certain things that will be hard, possibly impossible for another Republican administration to reverse course on. Nationalized health care being one of them. We need to hold our Republican Conservative leaders in Congress accountable to stand firm for what they believe in and stop rolling over to the Liberals for the sake of "bi-partisanship". Enough is enough!

      I am from Minnesota where socialism is running rampant! Please support our efforts here also by going to http://www.mntruth.blogspot.com and commenting there also. Thanks!

    4. S.A,Chicago says:

      Since states are receiving a bailout, why not require freezing all salaries and pension benefits of $100,000 or more in any state receiving federal bailout dollars? They can opt out, just like Goldman.

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      It all comes down to responsible leadership. Doesn't matter if it's corporate executives or legislative committees. The person(s) at the top set the tone. And what we're seeing is the [rotten] product of their past and present guidance. Not all executives and legislators are greedy, dishonest and/or unprepared. They too suffer from the misgivings of their corrupted colleagues. States that held the fiscal line are apparently being punished for their efforts. This is how the feds recognize and reward them for being accountable to the tax paying public.

    6. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I have to laugh at this article because I just finished reading an email from the President of UCONN. He is complaining because yesterday, the Governor of CT lowered the boom on the State of the State. UCONN is targeted to receive "considerably less benefits" from the State of CT due to our State Deficit. The President is already seeking lobbyists and "friends" to approach the State to stave off this action.

      I laugh (with tounge in cheek) because my son is in his Junior Year in Computer Science at UCONN. By the time he finishes, he will be almost $100k in debt with student loans to attend this Facility of Higher Learning where some books are almost $200, USED! He gets no grants or money from FAFSA because I earn too much money (we live paycheck to paycheck). Even though I have two in college, neither get anything at all! The money that these Seats of Learning rake in from the students and their families is phenomenal yet no one ever complains (as Rush calls it) Big Education!

    7. Barb -mn says:

      Be careful where you send your kids to college. You may be paying for higher indoctrination.

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