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  • Solis is the New Daschle Update: Electioneering?

    Just like the Senate stimulus bill, the more time we examine President Obama’s Cabinet nominees, the more ‘honest mistakes’ are revealed. Congresswoman Solis is having a particularly bad week. Earlier this afternoon, we told you about USA Today’s revelation that Ms. Solis and her husband were experiencing similar tax problems (i.e. not paying them) that got three of President Obama’s other nominees in trouble. That was literally two hours ago. Earlier this week, we told you about her involvement with the group Americans Right to Work (ARW) which may have violated several House rules. Now, a new revelation.

    The DC Examiner reports that while Hilda Solis was an active leader of ARW as their Treasurer, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on political campaign ads, or as ARW describes them, “electioneering communications”. As a Congresswoman, this may have been a direct violation of law under the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002. The targets of those ads included: Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN), Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR), Senator John Sununu (R-NH).

    As Treasurer, Congresswoman Solis would have had to have known that her organization was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars running political attack ads against her colleagues. As a side note, Senator Lisa Murkowski sits on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee whom is responsible for considering her nomination. ‘Honest Mistake’.

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    15 Responses to Solis is the New Daschle Update: Electioneering?

    1. Wayne from Jeremiah says:
    2. Charles Dunn, North says:

      So far, Obama's leadership skills can be described as "ARROGANT CHAOS"… and it's not going to get any better.

    3. Parker C. Wiseman, C says:

      I don't think many of Pres. Obama's in place and wished for disastrous appointments are so surprising in view of his close association to the corrupt politics of his home state.

      There are exceptions but I wouldn't want to be associated with most of his choices and think the tainted collection so far is

      making the US the laughing stock of other countries.

    4. Douglas A Naudin, La says:

      The problems with th eappointments are certainly embarassing for the President, but the laughing stock of other countries is carrying a bit too far. Other countries have way to many problems themselves to be concerned about "honest mistakes" amongst American politicians.

    5. David - Minneapolis, says:

      While Obama busily goes about confirming the worst fears of those of us, who were crying in the wilderness about his complete lack of experience, his true believers continue to overdose on Obama kool-aid.

      I have seen so many lame defenses of this incompetent, on political and fianancial message boards and blogs, that it is very disheartening. One recurring theme is that he just doesn't have the experience, and that we have to give him time to get up to speed!

      Get up to speed? This was the main argument against electing this clown. He had NO experience, and he (and his party) was treating the Presidency as an "entry level" position.

      The only hope that we have, that he will not be able to transform this country into National Socialism, is that the national media, who "created" him, will become so embarrassed about it (as they did with Jimmuh Carter) that they will proceed to destroy him.

      In the meantime, his so-called stimulus bill will go a long way toward creating a permanent left wing democrat-dominated Congress.

    6. J Zavisin says:

      What a bunch of pelosi !

    7. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Keep going to you Local Post Office and looking at the Wanted posters if they still exist.The

      next Nominee will be part of that Group!

    8. zsa, fla says:

      obama knows just what he is doing, he is hoping he can get away with as much as he can, look at him, he didnt show his real birth certificate, his college records, hid his muslim religion while pretending to be a christian,,oh but one that goes to an anti american, anti whitey church to worship…so what would you expect, of course he wants the most corrupt players he can find, so they will go right along with his plans to destroy this country, after all like he says in his video, that is where hope sits…

    9. kentucky says:

      I would like to know how are we going to stop this maddness before it is to late. This "guy" and his "gang" want to take this Country down. I don't believe we will have a vote next time. He wants the title of King. Check out the video of Robert Reich and Charles Rangel saying that no white constructon workers will be considered for the infrastructure jobs that are created.

    10. Mad Man, Southlake T says:

      Liberals are like permanent adolescents. They think the rules don't apply to them. They think they won't get caught. And even when they do get caught, they think they can talk their way out of it. There is no learning from the experience.

      No one should be surprised.

    11. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      If the cabinet is any indication of what obama is we are in a bigger mess than was orginally thought. The ones he is asking to do the job are all not up to the task. How do we expect those in these positions he be leaders when they can not conduct their lives in a proper way. I wish someone would explain how we as "common people' could do the things they have done and still not be in jail or continue to live in our homes?????

    12. Mark, Pennsylvania says:

      She's a democrat, ergo, she can't break the law. They have special rules, don't cha know, the rest of us well we have to follow the laws the democrats make for us.

    13. Tom Boynton Beach says:

      I think we should move to Cuba

    14. Barbara Sonoma Count says:

      This is insanity! I feel like we are all in a bad dream. For only being in office for a very short time OB has done much damage and undone many years of hard work by many good people….With the help of the Almighty God and Courage we need to stand for this "LAND", WE THE PEOPLE not the politicians. We Elected these people now we need to change our leaders……We have the power to do that:)

    15. Samuel af Ugglas NYH says:

      The sincerety of the honest American politician

      is way beyond belief but good americans will certainly clean up this socialistic mess. The best and only way to curb it, flat tax and minimal government!

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