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  • Morning Bell: Americans Did Not Vote for This Plan

    President Barack Obama is losing the debate over his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan. According to Rasmussen Reports, only 37% of the American people favor his legislation. And according to Gallup nearly 80% of Americans believe the current plan will not stimulate the economy. Faced with criticism of his plan, Obama has tersely responded to conservative lawmakers: “I won.” Well you know what? So did every other person in Congress. They all won their elections and their constituents deserve to have their views represented too.

    Defending his plan with an op-ed in the Washington Post today Obama repeats his “I won” mantra: “I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change.” But did Americans vote for THIS bill? A bill that is larger than the Iraq and Afghanistan combined. A bill that it is larger than the entire GDP of India. A bill that, once interest payments are included, will put Americans a full trillion dollars deeper in debt. Remember, this is a President who, while still a candidate, promised a “net spending cut.” And that promise was made October 7th, well after Lehman Brothers collapsed and it was already evident how deep an economic crisis we were in. Obama prided himself on the conservative and independent voters he won this November. They deserve to have Obama’s fiscal responsibility promises kept.

    Continuing to defend his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan Obama writes: “This plan is more than a prescription for short-term spending — it’s a strategy for America’s long-term growth and opportunity in areas such as renewable energy, health care and education.” But as the Washington Post editorializes: “This is precisely the problem. As credible experts, including some Democrats, have pointed out, much of this “long-term” spending either won’t stimulate the economy now, is of questionable merit, or both.” Yesterday Obama was claiming that the controversial parts of his plan “amount to less than 1% of the overall package.” But as he admits today, and as the Washington Post points out, the controversial spending makes up the core of his plan.

    Obama concludes his op-ed writing: “These are the actions Americans expect us to take without delay. … they have no patience for the same old partisan gridlock that stands in the way of action while our economy continues to slide.” Obama is asking Congress to approve the largest deficit spending plan in the history of the known universe and he wants it done in ten days. There may well be some worthy government project buried in this bill, but as the Washington Post points out, they “do not belong in legislation whose reason for being is to give U.S. economic growth a “jolt” … All other policy priorities should pass through the normal budget process, which involves hearings, debate and — crucially — competition with other programs.” Through those hearings and normal budget processes, the other elected leaders of our democracy can better assess which spending is needed and which spending is not. Barack Obama did not campaign on this spending plan. Therefore, it is simply not credible to believe that Americans voters meant to give him a blank check this past November, and current polls reflect exactly that.

    Quick Hits:

    • More than two dozen organizations have filed lobbying registration forms since Election Day that list the stimulus package as a focus of their lobbying efforts.
    • President Obama’s move Wednesday to slap a salary cap on top Wall Street executives at firms who hit up taxpayers for big cash infusions will have unintended consequences, compensation experts say.
    • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is pushing stimulus funding to help finance improvements at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport, and he’s backing what could be a multibillion-dollar incentive for Las Vegas casinos and a broad range of corporations to buy back their debt.
    • Harvard University economics professor Ed Glaeser explains why Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) 4% fixed mortgage plan is bad economics and not a real alternative to the vision of America offered by Democrats.
    • House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller (D-CA) promised to introduce card check legislation in a matter of days or weeks.
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    63 Responses to Morning Bell: Americans Did Not Vote for This Plan

    1. bill agnone 3338 del says:

      we must keep the heat on him and our congressmen and senators with letters and emails which i am doing.

    2. MIke, Staples, MN says:

      Obama needs to realize that just because the country voted him into office, it does not mean, however, that we are obligated to support anything he throws out there, and that it is unethical to chastise the public, or the congress, for not just "falling in line" with his propoganda.

    3. russell acocelli,boc says:

      The liberals Democrat’s, plus a Liberal President, that leans more towards Socialism are so far off base with this type of spending. Most of these companies should be in Chapter 11. I also feel that there should be certain salary caps on the companies that receive bailout money, but it should be from the stock holders, not the federal Government, or the President

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      " …Obama has tersely responded to conservative lawmakers: "I won." Well you know what? So did every other person in Congress." You said it partner. Very well stated.

    5. Sliver, Wisconsin says:

      Nothing to add but God help us all, with the two kids running around, Obama and Nancy yelling we won is sickening!!!

    6. Rita Morrisville, NC says:

      Our Presiden's promise of change to me is not spend, spend, spend. I certainly know that we are in trouble, but his way of fixing it seems no change at all. I want the man that does not have a job to have one. I want the older person that lives on a fix income to be able to have medication when needed. I want the young person that has been putting into savings for his future to have something when that times comes.

      I want the President, Congress and Senate to first be Americans and then Dems or Rep. If we ever needed our government to be Americans, now is the time.

    7. JJSMSL in vt says:

      Congress, and Mr. President, and all those filthy greedy people ( govenors and mayors) begging at the whitehouse because they spent too much or ran their business or state into the ground


      I say we as citizen keep track of ALL the filthy greedy pigs EVERYWHERE, GM, Citi bank the state of California and figure out how to revolt against them, as consumers we have the power stop buying from any company or state that is stealing our life style to benefit their own greed.they are willingly doing it knowing full well where the money is coming from……. you and me!!!!!I cannot believe how we are being robbed literally by our own Government…….. and by corporate america and our state and local governments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Jim Carroll, Wiscons says:

      You can fool 52.7% of the sheeple all the time, and that is sufficient.

      Welcome to the world of 21st century Marxism. A charismatic demagogue, funded by George Soros and the far left, is in charge. This once-great Nation will get exactly what it voted for, whether it knows what it voted for or not.

    9. Danny FLA says:

      It Is Indeed for American to embrace Their Country in values that have made it great.! An old saying is: you do not miss the water- untill the well goes dry. This nation is a guiding light sending forth rays of hope.It has alway's been so. Be aware of any faction that would undermine your freedom- Toward Slavery, and a downward pull that offers no hope. Be Awake, And doing be- awake.! and moving. your life depends upon it.

    10. Paul A. Schwab, Cent says:

      To my fellow conservatives in Washington in both parties:

      Please do the right thing. Continue to pursue all the proposals in this so called, stimulus bill. We cannot spend our way out of this with our chidrens' and grandchildrens' money.

      We need to stop and think things through instead of simply listening to the liberals telling us that "they won", and therefore do as they propose. The people who voted for these liberals have no idea what they stood for. They voted for change. Boy what a platform! I could have won had I run on that. Now we are getting the same thing that we got under Clinton with the same people doing the same thing. Where's the change?

      Do the right thing and challenge their every proposal. God Bless America.

    11. Tony Grisolia, Texas says:

      Our President cannot help himself. He is of an age to have been taught his entire life that government spending is always the answer and the only answer. He has learned well from his mentors in the Chicago liberal machine. His next lessons should be that "I won" does not give him a blank check and that voters give and voters take away.

    12. Paul A. Schwab, Cent says:

      We now have a young, arraogant President who thinks he knows it all. He thinks that we should cater to his every want because "he won". He keeps telling us that, along with Pelosi, the witch from the liberal State of California and Dingy Harry, what a joke! Did you hear that Pelosi says there will be over 500 million people out of work each month if we don't listen to her and the rest of her liberal crack pots. WOW, that many huh? From what Country Nance?

      They now have control over us all, so they think!

      We must keep the pressure on our folks in Washington. Join together as the GREAT AMERICANS, that we are and make them do the right thing. God Bless America.

    13. Travis Howe , georgi says:

      stimulus plain lol,this is clearly a big thank you note from the democrats with a huge check in closed saying don't forget this next go around,call it what it is.

    14. J. Sabo, Myrtle Beac says:

      Since the liberal theme has been pushed down our throats and we have a "Do Nothing Congress" one cannot expect too much from our government. California is in the state of ruin along with New York,Philadelphia,Atlanta, Detroit,Chicago,Boston,all run by Democrats or liberals. Having watched the deterioration of our country since the 60's because of the "If it feels good do it" policy and the constant harassment of Christianity and an "open door policy"the ACLU,try reading Deut.28th chapter and things will be much clearer. One may call me a Bible thumper but it is clearly so stated that even an idiot can understand. The gov has ignored a flat tax,illegal immigration (causing billions in lost revenue)and poor quality if not dangerous material coming into the US,one cannot expect much.

    15. Jim Medley, Seattle says:

      I question wether stimulating the economy at any expence is a legitimate function for the Federal Government under our constitution.

    16. J. Sabo, Myrtle Beac says:

      With the stimulus package being debated no one has commented what the repercussions will be if the trillion dollar package doesn't work. What then?

    17. jim toledo says:

      It just amazes me that no one is holding our Presidents feet to the fire and making him explain why all of the spending is necessary? Today, he said the Republicans are hanging onto the failed policies of the past and that if this bill isn't passed, we're doomed. Look at the economic booms after Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush cut the taxes. Does nay body remember J. Carter and his 'economy'.

    18. chris ensey ,iowa says:

      To Whom It May Concern:

      Fix this recession by empowering American Consumers! Please, do this, for the sake of all concerned including the Federal Government. We are being mislead by advice bank officials particularly, and then federal legislature and administration, the Treasury Dept.

      Consumers need to be relieved of usury in all aspects of their daily lives. Government needs to review all interest rates and bank charges. Banking is a monopoly that needs to be corrected. This includes, but is not limited to, Mortgage rates, Credit Card rates, bank overdraft charges,’ Points’ and fees. Government should fix these banks since they are dumping huge amounts into them to” rescue” them. Look, who has been involved in these “bailouts”-Bankers and Goldman Sachs. Bankers may object, but who cares, they are not the only ones who need to make a buck! How much does it cost to do this and attack the poor economy on all fronts at once?? The Banks have their bail out already, force them to do this and watch the economy get off the dime; Consumers=Sales Taxpayers. Banks are charged virtually 0% over night and charge usury rates interest, penalties and fees.

      Consumers need to get their buying power back. What happens when they do you ask.

      Confident consumers, a lone, will put people back to work across the board across the US. “Lots of consuming going on” will right the ship and head it towards smooth sailing. States will receive needed sales tax. How much sales tax is paid to State governments when a car isn’t sold? Zero.

      This is a ‘banking and investment firm’ sponsored recession yet, they are still calling the shots and absorbing the wealth of Americans. Government needs to get bankers out of the decision making process. Look they fostered lending rules for Home mortgages that allowed consumers to max out their monthly budgets and at the same time, stripped out the equity of these same homes. They package these “100% to120% loan to value” mortgages into mortgage-back securities that ended up Gleaning the Financial Field.

      The crisis didn’t begin until two years or so after consumers started charging huge gas prices to their credit cards. Then came higher prices food and other staples. Suddenly, Max-out consumers couldn’t continue paying mortgages as banks adjusted interest rates.

      Now banks want a bail out, while not changing anything that affects them. They blame consumers and glad-hand government officials. Consumers shouldn’t be made believe homes are valueless and it is their fault.

      I say put the blame were it belongs, on banks and Wall Street investment firms: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Fed and the Treasury Department, advisors from failing investment firms. Government needs to analyze all taxes including state property taxes, sales taxes before it gives any federal money to States. Government needs to reduce bank interest and mortgage interest rates. Federal and local governments need to reduce confiscatory financial burdens from consumers.

      In my Opinion, Chris Ensey

    19. Jane Ham, San Antoni says:

      Is it too early to start impeachment proceedings on Obama? I want this ego-maniac, corrupt politician, out of office before our country ends up a dictatorship – He's already got NY Dem Jose Sorrano sponsoring a bill to change the 22d Amendment so the President can serve UNLIMITED terms of office rather than the two terms. With the corruption that follows this guy around, no matter how many votes go against him from the people he will always win from ACORN voter registration fraud, arm-twisting union bosses, and all the illegal aliens he can let into liberal California – a state that is bankrupt from all the taxpayer's supporting illegals with social programs to feed, house, school, and care for them. It's going to get much worse —- surely our legal experts can find a way to help get the process started to oust him from office – it sounds radical, but we are rapidly losing America under his watch, and if we're not attacked by missiles, we'll have a Mexican American War on our hands soon with a weakened defense under his administration.

    20. Doug Hodge, Florida says:

      Why is it that the American electorate can wrap their brains around the idea that this stimulus package is a bad idea but the elected officials can't?

      We voted them into office to "REPRESENT" our interests, not their need to repay their political allies. This Stimulus package is a travesty to all Americans. Not just the ones that didn't vote for the democrats.

    21. P Saunders, NC says:

      President Obama and the American public's representatives were elected to manage this country. They still work for us, "The People." "We the People" must not let them take it over or control our lives.

    22. LC - Las Vegas says:

      Every day I'm more and more disturbed, distressed and angered by what is going on in Washington. I am furious about the direction Obama and the Democrats are taking this country. The events around the world this week should tell every American, our enemies are watching, waiting and plotting. Iran and North Korea are full speed ahead, and the terrorists appear to have an open invitation to test our new, Socialist President. Remember Joe Biden's words, "Mark my words, they will test this President and his response may not appear to be right, but we need to support him, anyway."

      Obama has demonstrated what most of us have known from the beginning, he's an empty suit, and ideologue and a dangerous man. He has zero leadership skills and this is being proved out by his scare tactics and his negative view of just about everything he speaks about.

      The stress of real problems is showing in is lack of leadership and his poor judgment and this is only week two.

      Wake up America…we are in trouble from the inside out.

    23. P Saunders, NC says:

      Rember – "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

      I Tim 6:10

    24. Judy Bradshaw , west says:

      "That one" was elected President – not appointed King.

    25. Mark Wright, Wolfe C says:

      I just went to the Washington Post site. The sheeple posting there are all part of the Obacolyps … they seem to have no idea how bad this is going to be for America. I just do not understand how an American can forget their history like that. I have been reading Constitution over the last few days and am saddened that President Obama has no appriciation for it.

    26. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      Have you read the resolutions being sent to "The Chosen One", Princess Nancy, and Prince Harry from the Stats of N.H., OK, WA, and MT? They are wonderful. I hope every state in the union sends one and then backs it up! These states are basically telling Washington to stick it in their ear and demanding their 10th amendment rights that is suppose to keep the Federal Govt. from enforcing it's will on the states and the citizens living in those states. The one from Oklahoma is wonderful! Let's hope it works. If nothing else, it might remind those idiots in Congress that it's the folks back home that sent them to Washington and they need to vote accordingly.

    27. Vello Ederma, Spring says:

      It is pathetic to hear a president use the kindergarten tactic of "I won" and to try to scare the country to death! That is not leadership. Of course this is not a "stimulus" bill as presented, it is a "spending" bill, dear to all democrats. We hear Queen Nancy claim that five hundred million Americans a month are losing their jobs; we hear Maxine Waters catch herself in praising socialism by saying "socia…" and then stopping. If there is another 9/11 after dismantling the Bush anti-terror devices and leaving us unprotected, Obama should be impeached.

      In the meantime, hold on to your wallets.

    28. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Same old Democrat lines, Same old Democrat plays. “We need it, We want it, we won!” The Left’s “grade school” mentality is going to be the downfall of the United States.

    29. Michael in Dulles, Va. says:

      This is unreal! Where has our USA gone!?
      We’re in deep trouble if the government keeps spending like this!

    30. JJSMSL in vt says:

      I am so pissed at all my fellow republicans who REFUSED to vote for John Mccain, you chose to let this happen, I have no respect for any of you that did this to my country because of your childish foolishness.You all knew what Barack Obama was intending and what it would mean for MY country and you just stood by while he was elected when you could have stopped iT!!!HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT HIM NOW?

    31. Pingback: Jason’s Blog » Morning Bell: Americans Did Not Vote for This Plan

    32. Mary Rogers, Santa R says:

      Washington’s “bad habits” (AKA “porK”) are the major part of this stimulus bill. Americans are “ patient enough to know that our economic recovery will be measured in years, not months.” Why then the rush to pass this bill? Surely we can spare a day, a week, or even a month to make sure that the public knows what it is getting in this package We then will have information necessary to comment during the White House web site five day public comment period.

    33. kevin r. says:

      Keep the truth out there!!! Truth is the kryptonite to the liberal Democrats. Allowing Reid, Pelosi, and Obama turn America into a socialist state is not the November mandate of ‘change’ that was voted on. We as Americans who care about our kids livelihood need to keep the pressure on these radicals to come off the left edge and do what is right for the America people.

    34. Edmund Onward James, Ontario, Canada says:

      Obama did not disclose the donations under $200. So who actually voted for him or got him elected? Youth who think he’s cool? Over 80% people of colour even if many had no idea of his plans or his socialist background? The left and centre-left such as teachers, mainstream media activists, most of Hollywood who helped in the making of a political Rock-Star. He’s on the front cover of Vanity Fair which fits the vainglorious but naive President. Frankly, what’s the rush to bail out many that should either close or whittle down to reality. If interested in my satirical yet serious points of view from up north check: http://www.onwardjames.blogspot.com or go through http://www.onwardjames.com

    35. Lou Wise Mrytle Beac says:

      I'm surprised by all of your reactions .It's like you you never realized this would happen? If you read his books ?looked at his political associations and his mentors in life .You would have learned yourselfs who Obama is.

      All the conseritve talk shows were right right on target predicting Obama .Rush Limbaugh predicted this happening and what our future is under Obama .Fox news exposed Obama on many occasions with experts reporting on the radical left Obama .The drive by media told people ignore talk radio and they tried to silence fox news .

      The left wing media CNN,MSNBC,CBS,ABC,NBC elected Obama they wanted to elect a president and the first Black president this is news 24/7 for them they do not care about you or our country .They report lies all the time and never recant lies and mistruths they report.

      So here we have a marxist president and a marxist democratic congress who control our goverment .

      The socialist democrats tell us daily that wall street is the enemy being wealthy is wrong being succssful is bad .This is socialist propaganda .

      The real enemy is democratic socialist who control congress .They vote themselves raises every year. tke millions under the table from lobbyist .Don't pay their taxes .Nancy Polosi flys in a private jet paid by us tax payers at a cost of 60,000 dollars a week. No one reports on this???

      Well many people saw this comming and are not surprised too bad you all missed the warning signs that Obama is a dangerous man.You all bought into hope and change a favorite marxist tune .Its to late to say who is this man you elected him

    36. Tom Lynch, Midlothia says:

      My goodness, where does all of this end? Even for those who may have voted for President Obama, there must be some sense that this effort at severely debilitating our children's future is naive at best, and possibly criminal. Given the benefit of the doubt, President Obama's heart may be in the right place, but his abject naivete is striking in opposition to the moral persona he portrays. If we want to stimulate the economy, then please, truly adhere to the principal of "no pork," "no earmarks," no lobbyists," (just look at todays USA today for the lobbying already in play for this pork) and focus on incentives for homeowners, builders, and home financing – purely and simply – nothing else!

    37. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Over 43% (of that actually voted)did not vote for the Comrade Obama. He is a radical socialist and many of us knew that before the election. The media has been in collusion in masking his real identity.

      Time is fast approaching when life in the US will become really oppressive. Look at all the trillions of debts they are piling on us and the trillions that they are printing.

      We have to think about liberation. Wishing and hoping will not matter.

    38. Col. Roger L. Cooper says:

      I served thirty two years on active military duty. Service people,with a negligible exception,serve their country with a dedicated mission, honor and courage. It is most depressing to observe our elected officials assume a greedy and personal advantage of the position they have been granted by the public.

    39. Harold Alexander - says:

      The Democrats won alright! They got what they asked for "CHANGE". But I bet this wasn't the change they were looking for; bailing out all the big boys,people losing their jobs and homes. Same ole Democratic Party, spend, spend and raise taxes. I gave this Country 25 years of Military Service to see it going downhill is a shame.

      GOD Help America!!!

    40. Ephraim Joselit says:

      Why are we not calling this bill by its real name?

      Ayn Rand prophesied this in 1957 in her book Atlas Shrugged.

      This bill is her Directive 10-289. Unless you have a secret valley of prosperity, you should be calling every elected official that you can get a hold of to stop this madness!

      America is at a crossroads right now and the direction we are headed in is a Galt strike. I pray we can change course back to the best country in the world, a country where we understand the value of work. Let the "world citizens" save the world, we have a much more important job, we must save America.

      God Bless America may it stay the land of the free and the home of the brave

    41. HR Waltner, Duluth, says:

      I certainly never voted for this plan – not the Socialistic policies that Bush put into place before he left – nor the continued Government takeover of the banks and the housing market! Someone in Washington, D.C. has to act like a grownup and take charge of this school of idiots. Who will it be?

    42. Richard Stapp, Newpo says:

      Change we can believe in means loose change — $1trillion of loose change. As for those who bemoan the failure of Republicans to vote for John McCain — McCain epitomizes political wash rag limp.

    43. Allan Bendert, Sterl says:

      You know everyone is knocking this plan, everything Bush did failed, maybe it is time for a new plan!!!!!!! Think about it!

    44. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      Does anyone know of a free market country, that allows free speech, doesn't dumb down their population from childhood on, who would grant political assylum to an old lady? Everytime "The Chosen One" and his "gang on the hill" open their mouths I see more and more of my freedoms disappearing.

    45. guy phillips scottsd says:

      these liberals are like children who have just taken over the playground. I'm glad to know there are others who can still see clearly, beyond the obama mania.

    46. H L PUCKETT VA. says:


    47. Andrew Sciabbarrasi, says:

      Day after day I tune or read the alarming reports of what our politicians are attempting to do to either fill their pockets with money or power through corrupt schemes. Is there any one who can provide for me an outlet where my voice can have the potential to make a difference.

      I want to report my dissatisfaction with these idiots in congress who think that they are there to serve themselves. They need to be reminded that we are still here and not laying dorment to their schemes against this nation and the other idiots who voted them into power.

    48. ella quinn kinsto says:

      To lou wise, we all are like you we also watch fox news . We voted for john mccain.We are just saying how we feel like you did. We all know he is bad obama. Let us voice our words in to each other.I appreicate the voices on morning bell.We are letting our stress out hearing what the others think.

    49. Jude Billings says:

      The bill is a travesty….the abortion 'dictate' worse, and insurance for 'all' children, including children of illegal aliens, something 49% of the nation did not vote for.

      America is the best country in the world, and if we don't continue to speak out, America we know will disappear.


    50. Parker C. Wiseman, C says:

      The President's choice of various levels of personnel beginning with his chief of staff reflects poorly on his moral and personal character and the reputation of the United States

    51. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      "The downfall of our nation" Where were you people when this was happening.? We have been in an official recession since early fall of 2007.

      We 'paid off' the robbers the last six months of the Bush administration. The adminstration then said they had no idea what had been going on and 'maybe we were just stupid', but that was the truth. (Our former vice pres said that last part.) Oh, yeah, Cheney. After that first act of

      writing a blank check to Wall Street and seeing it

      just disappear, everybody is upset about what is going on…….who would blame them? Now we're shooting the messenger. Settle down and think.

    52. Barb Ohio says:

      I wish someone could answer one question for me.

      I hear people like Rush and Hannity talking about Marxism,socialism etc but no one addresses this question.

      WHY? Why do our elected officials want Marxism? Surely they can identify it. If we can, surely they can see this bill for what it is. Even if the Democrats are in control of the House so what? Are they all Marxists? Dont you have to wonder? It seems that someone must know. Why have we been duped for so long? Where did our government take this left turn? Someone point this out to me. Was it prior to Bush senior?

      Nixon? Where and how did this happen?

      It's seems like they are under a spell.

      I keep thinking that some Democrat is going to stand up and be a REAL leader and wash their hands of this garbage. Why is Ted Kennedy a socialist? His brothers were not, were they?

      Did we just snow ball into this?

      There is no dialogue with them. It's their way or else.

      I mourn and pray for America. The further we move toward a godless state the more we act like one, look like one, become one.

      I know good people who are ignorant. I know people who are much more educated than myself who have no idea who Karl Marx is. And that is the truth. They cant take their ipod's out of their ear long enough to put two thoughts together about anything other than soccer practice and designer jeans. They laugh at me as though I have lost my mind. Yes, I am depressed over this. I wanted to become an informed voter and now I've become a babbling idiot.

      Alas, we are a duped citizenry! We are living under socialism and the majority of Americans dont even know what it is. Or worse they dont care. Am I delusional or a soothe sayer?

    53. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      He promised "change". Well he is showing what change is,MORE DEBT AND A HUGE MOVE TO A SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. I am just sorry that the people did not see this in the making.

      We as tax payers can not afford this huge burden, nor can our great grandchildren. It is time that people took charge of their lives and decided to go to work for what is need and wanted. I was taught as a child that work was the way to get ahead, now we have to many that depend on the government for all their needs and will not try to be a part of a productive society.

    54. William Childress, C says:

      Why do folks like O'reilly,and others continue to refer to OB as "brilliant, very smart etc," when here you a guy that thinks that everybody else is so stupid and ignorant, that we can not tell the difference. I think that he really needs to read the American Dictionary Of The English Langauge, byNoah Webster 1882. American are much more informed that he thinks.

    55. Mark Felz South Pla says:

      The most troubling and terrifying part of Obama and the democrats stimulus spending spree,is two more parts to it.Under the rule of the current president and congress we are headed down the toilet. The father of socialism FDR tried the same thing with spending and it failed. Obama knows exactly where he is going with this.He is a Chicago thug that can gives a good speech.The sad part is a lot of people who voted for him did not know anything about him or his policies.I'm sorry to say they are getting what they deserve.

    56. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Thank you for printing my little opinion…..

    57. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      chris ensey and Dorothy Morgan, Oklahoma City,

      Nice reads. I hope you can stop by and add more to the comments.

      Solutions and hard work responses. The hate is fierce in here but there are some in here who want to learn and can't quite figure out how to step back and see a positive direction.

      I forget who but you know who you are…..if you want to start impeachment proceedings or see them started it is never to early.

      It is your right to protest. It is your right to see that politicians are held accountable. Talk IS CHEAP, get to it and let us know how it goes.

      It might be easier to simmer down and get down to seeing how we can work together rather than separately. You might be in the minority here but the minority here welcomes you.

      ….when you get a chance write some more on the Serrano Obama connection…..I could stand for some facts on that link please.

      I read a piece a while back on Profile in Conservatism in this internet tabloid on a representative. I liked its presentation and found reason to accept it even tho the article did not mention his work with a liberal democrat to put a moratorium on the RAC (audit) program or that he had been branded as a porker for his recent work. We can pick on only the bad or we can continue on as others in this comment strip…..with hate inaccurate depiction and occasional bigotry to make our individual wounds seem justified. We are a collective and as the past points out rarely does one win total support.

      I again urge you to read up on a great American Lt.T Col. Smedley Butler (the highest decorated marine up to and including his time) and the racket of war, the business plot to overthrow and assassinate Roosevelt and get grip on corporatism and know who your real enemy is. I also urge you to subscribe to any dictionary service and read up on the terms you and the mourning bell (for some it is morning)use and always question what you hear before you mimmick and repeat it.

      In GOD WE MAY TRUST…the rest of us in late 2008 (and some say earlier) were told to pay cash. That is fact.

      Hi ho Silver(43) how's it hanging?

    58. Leo Vicario, South D says:

      Mr Obama is a bolf faced liar! Yes, he inherited the deficit. What he refuses to disclose is that: 1) in Jan 2008, the nation enjoyed a budget SURPLUS: 2) Pres. Bush pushed to slow down the credit markets, but Barney Frank and Christopher Todd kept bellowing that all is well, in the name of, 'All Americans should own a home': This Dem. created credit crisis is the TRUE reason for this recession. (Pelosi forced a measure that allows the Finance and Banking Committees to change accepted bills AFTER they have been voted on. Who knows what other wasteful spending Frank and Todd slipped through)!: When ARM's began to come due in 2006, the nation's credit crisis was underway: 3) The Wall Street oil speculators chose the recession as a time to drive the price of oil to astronomical levels, further exasberating the speed of the recession…So, blaming Bush and his so-called failed policies is a bold faced lie. The Dems created this mess and they are on track to make it worse. All elected Republicans must vote a resounding NO to Obama's spending package. Any Republican who has his/her fingerprints on this frivolous spending package should be forced out of office. (This spending package will fail, miserably, to stimulate the economy)! This package violates every Conservative principle we stand for! If Republicans truly want to 'Get Back to Basics', then, ALL elected Republicans MUST vote NO to this disastrous spending package!

    59. JH, San Antonio says:

      Ken in Santa Barbara can learn more about the 22d Amendment and the sponsor Sorrano by going to GOPUSA/issues/bills. Repeal of the 22d Amendment is a serious effort at paving the way for a a broken governing system with a corrupt president to stay in office for unlimited terms, thus paving the way for a "dictator" to give rise. Think about it…..this country is rapidly moving in a direction that will certainly change the values and history of America forever. Obama's going to ensure he gets his ultimate "Change"

    60. Nancy Hagan, Mesa, A says:

      "Ditto" Leo Vicario, South Daytona, Fl.

    61. Steve, Nazareth, PA says:

      The TARP bail out and the stimulus package are the result of democratic zealots that are still sitting in Congress. Who is at fault for causing this? Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac? How about those who sit on the House Banking and Finance Committee who claim that they did not see any indication that these corporate mortgage companies were in financial peril. They should be in prison for their part in the housing collapse. They contributed to one of the greatest economic turmoil’s in U.S. history. Congressional hypocrisy is running out of control and there is no accountability. Why are Congressional members exempt from culpability? Any other would be in prison for life for causing such a catastrophe. The government is becoming too powerful and is ignoring we the people and that cannot stand! We need to reinstitute traditional values and rid our political system of secular progressiveness!

    62. John E Rosina, Borde says:

      Are we seeing Blognitus of the horn blower here. Are we all dyed in the wool Party Blognosticators.

      Do any of you read the litany of Blongtifications the vast majortiy of you "anonymously" enter here. I can be pretty ranty and fed up in my blogs, for sure! But I at least try to point to some statistical fact or datum that supports my position.

      I'll give you an example of how to apply a simple supportive fact. You at home, don't wait for this from Rush Limbo all akimbo. Or Bill O'Really or Sean "Oh the Vanity" Hannuty! or Maddow or Old Man Olberman – for that matter.

      READY: "I ATE A TOMATO. IT WAS RED" Simple enough and truthful. It lends finality to the thing.

      Most of you rant ad nauseum and limit yourself to relic finger points of no substance. You re-mouth juvenile political posturing, much like those you say you abhor.

      Rush Limburgher's cheesy bloviations do not merit or need repeating among those of us with a minimum of a grammar school education. Now go out and find something of substance with which to critique this issue or, continue the silence you manifested during the most incompetent and morally bankrupt, anti-constitutional administration ever. GW Bushco.

      ps: Like the old lady of the commercial used to say; "Where's The (Your) Beef!" What do you profess to really know and how do you propose to provide meaningful support for your rant, I mean position. Heritage is a source of great family pride for most – Assuming the role of THE American HERITAGE is a tad pompous, often misleading and at least misguided. But you do some good stuff, nonetheless!

    63. Barb -mn says:

      You just sit back and relax John. It will all be over soon.

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