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  • 'Too Rich for Tax Cuts, Not Poor Enough for Free Health Care'

    Congressman Dave Camp, MI 4th

    Washington – Michigan Congressman Dave Camp raised doubts and highlighted confused realities of the Democrat Spending Bill at today’s Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing, held at the Heritage Foundation.

    Camp compared provisions in the Spending Bill and the recently passed SCHIP Bill, calling their contradictions ‘absurd.’ “You’re too rich to get a tax cut, but your not poor enough to get health care for free,” he said, referring to Democrat’s refusals (in Ways and Means Committee and on the House Floor) to cut taxes on unemployment benefits for those who earn $50,000 a year. However, under SCHIP, families making $84,000 a year or less qualify for free healthcare at taxpayer expense, a regulation that eliminates private healthcare for 2.4 million individuals, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

    “Clearly, this is a thinly and poorly veiled attempt to continue the Democrat march towards a single-payer, government-run, taxpayer-funded health care system,” said a memo released at the Briefing by Camp’s staff.

    The blitzkrieg tactics by Democrats to disguise agenda as “stimulus” has not gone unnoticed for long, however. Websites and movements like ReadTheStimulus.org, which allows anyone to read and comment on the currently 1,588 page Spending Bill, have unveiled the impetus behind the left’s calls for urgency.

    Camp also looked ahead at the unintended consequences of the Spending Bill:

    “[The Democratic] proposal really accelerates a dangerous trend, and that is that people are receiving back more in income and payroll taxes than they are paying in. They do that with 7 million more people under their proposal. Yet we hear that this is an era of personal responsibility, where everyone’s going to have pull on the oar on the boat and we’re all going to have to be a participant. Yet, what they’re saying tin their bill is ‘you’re going to get more back than you pay in.’ And that is a transfer payment, not tax relief.”

    Camp recently made headlines for his outing of the Joint Committee on Taxation at a hearing on the Hill last month over the amount of jobs created by Obama’s Spending Bill.

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    8 Responses to 'Too Rich for Tax Cuts, Not Poor Enough for Free Health Care'

    1. Suzanne in Denton, T says:

      Medical care entitlements (welfare) should not exist at all. It is not the constitutional business of the federal, nor state and local governments, to hand out free anything at taxpayer expense. Individuals could take care of their own health care needs by saving money, not buying crap and luxuries, and living the idea that individuals are responsible for themselves. No one else, especially the taxpayer, is resonsible.

    2. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I have always managed to have health care. I only did this through hard work and staying in my budget. The tax payer is and should not be responsible for my bills. They are mine only. the idea that the government is going to take care of me is stupid, and is one way we end up with a socialist country. For years people have lived at the expense of all of us, the working people, the dems have stared all this and are determined to keep it going. They created welfare years ago and it is growing by leaps and bounds each year. There is no reason to get a job, people are making more off the tax payer than they can at work. Each child is just an increase in the check monthly.HOW MUCH MORE DO WE HAVE TO GIVE TO KEEP THIS GOING??????

    3. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Mr."I am The Smartest Guy in the ROOM says we to

      all he speaks to!" He needs to look around because,

      we all know he is not part of we,and never will be!

    4. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Congress has the best Health Care we know of,so

      why dowe reinvent the Wheel? Keep it simple and

      give all Citizens the Same!

    5. Diana says:

      What this will do is create an even larger group of people who want to take the "easy way out" and live off of others. This is NOT the American way and I object strenuously, not to mention it will be the ruination of our free market system and our country down the road.

    6. Sandra, San Antonio says:

      One, in a long line to come, of freedom of choice taken away. Passage of the SCHIP bill is shameful and indicates Congess does not have the interests of the majority at heart. What percentage of our taxes goes to support SCHIP? I would like to use that as a charitable deduction for tax purposes. I prefer choosing my charities, but Congress seems to have taken that freedom of choice from me.

    7. Joe north Carolina says:

      We are already a socialist nation. My property taxes goes to a schools and I don’t have any kids. I ran for roads that I never drive on. Each nation has some social policies in order to survive. In quite sure all the folks that got laid off last week would rather be at work and not the unemployment line. Just hope none of you needs government assistance in the near future.

    8. Barb -mn says:

      Health care isn't a right, it's a RESPONSIBILITY! And if everyone took on their responsibility to pay the costs of their own individual health issues and those of their children, as citizens in a FREE country, the costs would not be so distorted and unfair.

      Because this country established health insurance for people to pay their own, makes health care a responsibility NOT A RIGHT MR. PRESIDENT. QUIT PUTTING THE WEIGHT OF THE IRRESPONSIBLE ON THOSE THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE. GET RID OF THE BIAS TAX PAID PROGRAMS SO THEY CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THEIR PRIORITIES ARE!

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