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  • If the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Trillion Dollar Debt Plan Were a Country...

    … which country would it be? Just so we can all wrap our heads around how big President Obama’s Trillion-Dollar Debt Plan is, this graphic compares the pre-Senate debt plan costs with the GDPs of major nations:

    Just think of it: The deficit-spending package passed by House Democrats already is bigger than 168 of the 180 national economies measured by the World Bank. Now, in the Senate,  it threatens to break into the Top 10 by catching up with Russia (No. 11) and then Brazil (No. 10).

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    28 Responses to If the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Trillion Dollar Debt Plan Were a Country...

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    4. Peter, Plano, TX says:

      According to Wiki, Texas had a 1.09 Trillion State Domestic Product in 2006. It ranked #7 in the world and #2 in the US. This 'stimulus' will exceed that.

    5. Beau Tardy, New Jers says:

      You should make it easy for people to email this to each other. It would spread faster. Including an email link is easy to do, just like the RSS links you already have.


    6. John C. Chambers Pel says:

      Are these folks nuts or what. Now they tell us they can fix it by throwing more money into the pit. When are the Americans going to get up off their duff and kick their butts out of office. It is time for a change already!!!

    7. Jim Hollingsworth Co says:

      Say, did you know that if you stacked up thousand dollar bills, a stack of bills 4 inches high would represent a million dollars. But it would take a stack 63 miles high to equal a trillion dollars. Most people really have no idea how much money a trillion is. Gigantic! Jim Hollingsworth

    8. Richard & Mary A says:

      This demonstrates the lack of education in the American population today. This insane political bunch in the Nations Capital are showing the ignorant people in this once great country how to become the en-slaved desired by the Polosi, Reid, Obama threesome. Hold on America, you haven't seen anything yet.

      Thanks to California and Nevada we have the communists running the country!

    9. Sean, San Diego says:

      We should create a graph showing the amount of money printed each year going back from the the 20′s to present day. If this Socialism bill gets passed, it would make the graph look like Al Gore’s fake “hockey stick” graph in his little fairy tail movie!

    10. RON STERNER says:

      The so-called bail-out is a “sham”
      but for accurate comparison–it
      should be stated above—-that
      in 2007 U.S. GDP =$ 13.81 trillion

    11. Darren Maui says:

      Is he not our President of the “United” States of America looking for solutions for us all and not just the RICH anymore…like our last president.

    12. John Thomson, Colomb says:

      The magnitude of our national debt is surpassed only by the cupidity and stupidity of our political "leaders" — George W. Bush, Barack Obama and most members of both houses of Congress.

      * Bush was duped by his Paulson and Bernanke.

      * Obama is reverting to classic Marxist solutions,

      respecting his intellectual formation.

      * Representatives and Senators are happily

      [a] trying to hide mountains of pork in the

      "stimulus" package, or [b] using it as a stealth

      means of increasing government involvement

      in the economy, or [c] both.

      As Washington digs the debt/welfare/make-work holes ever deeper — geometrically deeper than FDR in the 30s — the recovery prognosis stretches further into the horizon.

    13. PONCA CITY, OK says:



    14. Bradley Looy, Big Ra says:

      It's inaccurate and misleading to use words like "dwarfs" and "leaves…in the dust" when the differences are not that big, a fact that the graph clearly shows. "Nearly equal" would be more appropriate in these cases but of course that wouldn't be as dramatic.

    15. linda maassen troy tn says:

      I have a plan,I say we all get togther and go to the capital and picket. Everyone else gets to and I think that it is time that consertives need to really speak there mind.All of this winning over the radio and t.v. is doing no good we need to show them we mean bussiness.I feel that they dont care what we have to say,but if we are at there door they have to listen.I say we set the date for Monday the 9th. Most people around here have no lights any way and are probely board.We all meet in Jackson and form a convoy and call it the crap sandwich express!I an really wanting to do this let me know. Linda,in west TN.

    16. Stoopid republicans says:

      All of you guys are dumb. You conservatives love money as long as it's going in your pockets (ie. Wall Street & Bank CEOS but when you feel like you have to pay a little more from what you get, you guys go bolistic. You should pay more because you take more!

    17. to STOOPID demo!!!!! says:

      Exactly how many Republicans didn't pay taxes? Look at your group of loonies that haven't paid taxes. Don't worry this 800 plus bill your loonies are passing will take care of all the STOOPID democrats that voted for this Muslim!!!!

    18. Barb -mn says:

      Dear Stoopid republicans,

      Obviously the kool-aid is working. We respect freedom and take on the responsibility to maintain. It is not the governments business to dictate what private businesses pay their employees or their CEO. Ignorant and arrogant are pretty good words to identify you. Your government bribed businesses w/CEO's and banks and the weakness of authority accepted. The government set them up. Unless it's your business stay out of it.

    19. R.V.K, oh says:

      Let the people keep THEIR money. This PORKSPENDING BILL is OUR money!! I don't want my money to support Acorn,build golf courses,parks,ETC. I wonder how many people even know what is in this PORKSPENDING BILL. We have to cut the pork out of our lives! When will the theives and crooks in Washington so the same. If people out there want to support this PORKSPENDING Bill, go ahead, just don't use the money of the people who don't support it.

    20. Jake, Wisconsin says:


      Making the responsible, MORE responsible for the irresponsible!

      We are in for a hellish ride the next four years. God helps us all!

    21. Terry Brubaker, Hart says:

      Until we have elected officials focused on the counrty's interest, thayu wil lcontinue to take bankrupt our contry-both parties. Each of them is focuesd on one primary goal-getting fre-elected – again and again. And tat required btribing voters by using our tax money to subsidize their special interest. The answetr is clear-one term-preion. Abolish seniority, get professionals in government who want to solve problems and get back to real jobs. NO CAREER POLITICIANS-they are killing us.

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    23. tina says:

      if our congress doesn't start looking out for the people that trusted them with our country–God help us.what has happened to our country-it seems we have elected a bunch of dummies to our highest branches of government. seems it time to clean house in washington.

    24. tina brooks kentucky says:

      God help our country,seems our congressmen can't.what has happened to our county? Washington is getting crazier every day. Seems it's house cleaning time. We should clean house and start over-need new blood. This nation is in trouble and no seems to notice, what happened to the savior everyone seemed to go so crazy about. maybe acorn can elect some more good men haha. lets go protest everyday until someone notices our congress is against everything the people stand for and want.

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    26. rick ohio says:

      we need to remember,it toke 8 years to get us in this mess,and it may take more than 8 years to get us out.stop worrying and start looking for ways to keep your head above water.goverment has its hands full,be an american be a man a woman if we dont do it who will keep the faith love ya……….rea81756

    27. Jim A. Hollingsworth says:

      One of the problems in resolving the issue of government spending is that so many people have their hand out for that money and either dont't perceive or don't agree that there is a spending problem. Maybe they just don't care. In either case we are in serious financial trouble that surely will visit itself on our children and grand children.

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