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  • Monthly Archives: January 2009

    Back to the Thirties

    While he spoke about moving forward, and promised change as we look toward the future, in fact President Obama’s inaugural address was firmly entrenched in discredited policies of the past; policies that never worked. For example: “Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions — who suggest … More

    Did President Obama’s Speech Sound Familiar?

    If you thought parts of President Obama’s speech yesterday sounded familiar, or conservative, you may be on to something.  Jon Stewart certainly took notice.  

    Deficit Spending Stimulus Skeptics

    President Barack Obama wants us to put away out “childish” disagreements. But there is nothing childish about the very real concerns many economist have about his $800 billion soon to be over $1 trillion stimulus package. Those with very adult doubts about how borrowing another dollars can save our economy … More

    Freedom, Growth and Organized Labor

    Last week both the AFL-CIO and the Center for American Progress claimed that seven out of the top ten countries on our 2009 Index of Economic Freedom do not require secret ballot elections for union organizing elections. Of course, being strong supporters of card check, CAP and big labor don’t … More

    Morning Bell: Where Are the 'Hard Choices'?

    Just like all his other speeches, President Barack Obama’s inaugural address delivered lofty rhetoric yesterday, but as is often the case with Obama, the speech provided more heat than light when it came to tough issues. Seeking to set a tone of accountability, Obama said: Our economy is badly weakened, a … More

    Entitlement Reform? A 'Must Do' for Obama

    After making news earlier this week for promising to make Social Security and Medicare reform a “central part” of his plan to curtail federal spending, President-elect Obama has pledged to hold a “fiscal responsibility” summit focusing on entitlement reform. Although the devil is in the details, facing up to the … More

    No Contradiction Here

    Washington Post, January 16, 2009: Senate Votes To Release Bailout Funds To Obama In a personal pitch to Democratic senators this week and in two letters sent to lawmakers by his top economic adviser, Lawrence H. Summers, Obama has pledged to focus the rest of the TARP funds on homeowners … More

    When All Else Fails, There’s Always Nuclear Energy

    Flash back to the mid 1990s. You’re the coach of the Chicago Bulls and your team is down by one with seven seconds to go. It’s crunch time. Who do you get the ball to, Michael Jordan or bring in the 12th guy off the bench. This isn’t a trick … More

    Airline Safety: The Deregulation Critics Were Wrong

    It could have been a tragedy, but wasn’t.  After yesterday’s dramatic Hudson River crash landing of a US Airways jet, all 155 passengers and crew made it back to shore safely.   Much of the credit goes to the plane’s pilot, who managed to maneuver the plane safely down.   But the … More

    Religious Freedom Day: A Timely Reminder

    A moving video from the Acton Institute honoring Religious Freedom Day today. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPv9fgqQrYM[/youtube] Heritage fellow Ryan Messmore writes: Religious Freedom in America Today Today there are troubling signs that the ability of people to express their religious beliefs without fear of penalty is eroding. This is especially apparent concerning the … More