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  • Monthly Archives: January 2009

    The Fallacy of Stimulus Spending

    Everyone in Washington seems to agree that a huge package of “stimulus spending” will get the economy back on track to prosperity. The problem with stimulus spending is that the government has to get the money from somewhere. Every dollar the government spends has to come from either taxing or … More

    No Yucca? Then Stop All Radioactive Shipments to Nevada

    On Wednesday Nevadan officials met to discuss the transportation of used nuclear fuel to the geologic repository Yucca Mountain. Needless to say, officials had concerns over transporting radioactive waste claiming the plan “lacks so much specificity.” If a few politically entrenched officials in Nevada are going to halt a completely … More

    Stimulus Destined to Fail by Obama Administration's Own Criteria

    The Heritage Foundation is no believer in Keynesian economics. There simply is no credible evidence that it works. But there are many in President Barack Obama’s administration that are Keynesians. And before they were in Obama’s administration, some even laid out what a stimulus package would have to have in … More

    Texas Says No to Federal Dole

    In these opening hours of the federal administration of change, it would appear very little is different. The ill-conceived big-government schemes of the past are being given a 21st Century spin, but are nonetheless the same policies shown to fail mankind over and over. Fortunately, Texas is more wisely governed. … More

    A Welcome Post and Appointee for South Asia

    The appointment of a Senior Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan is a welcome development that should help fulfill a long-standing need to better integrate U.S. policy toward these two key countries. It will be helpful to have the focused attention of a senior official who is neither attached to the … More

    No, We Are Not All Keynesians Now

    Remember the media’s relentless criticism of the Bush Administration’s “groupthink” leading up to the Iraq War? Now the media is engaged in its own groupthink on how best to stimulate economic growth. The great macroeconomic debate of the past century has been over the role of government in economic growth. … More

    We Still Need More Energy Supply in America

    Sarah Palin is not the VP of the United States but we can still drill, baby, drill. Although President Obama and some Democrats have hinted at reinstating the ban on offshore drilling and implementing restrictions on oil shale development in the West, nine Republican members of Georgia’s congressional delegation are … More

    State Stimulus Bailout Already Covering Up Incompetence

    The federal stimulus package is allowing the Governor and Legislature to put off making the hard and necessary decisions to put Maine’s economy on a sustainable, long-term financial footing. For example, recent research by The Maine Heritage Policy Center finds that the state workforce is both over-employed and over-paid when … More

    Profiles in Conservatism

    NAME: Mark Sanford OCCUPATION: Governor of South Carolina Chairman, Republican Governors Association HOMETOWN: Charleston, SC Mark Sanford was elected in 2002 after serving six years in the U.S. House, making good on a campaign pledge to serve only three terms as a Congressman. After graduating from Furman University, he went … More

    The Magical Properties of Socialized Medicine

    Blogging for the AFL-CIO, Mike Hall extols the benefits of socialized medicine, including: (1) lower heath care costs, and (2) higher health care costs. Here’s how he puts it: The incoming Obama administration is developing a comprehensive plan to address a broad range of health care concerns. The AFL-CIO has … More