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  • Monthly Archives: January 2009

    More Nuclear Expansion in the U.S.

    We’ve written in detail here how the nuclear industry in the United States is growing rapidly despite the fact that construction on a nuclear reactor hasn’t started in the states. Here’s another, quite different, example: Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Group, Inc. has signed an agreement with Covidien to develop … More

    PA Governor Wants Federal Aid He Doesn’t Need

    Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell sees a federal stimulus package and bailout of the states as both a fix to Pennsylvania’s current budget crunch and as a tool to revitalize the economy. Pennsylvania faces a revenue shortfall of $2.3 billion, according to Rendell’s latest guestimate. His proposed fix relies on $450 … More

    Say No to Bailout of State Budgets

    President Obama and Congress are proposing to spend billions to bail out the states, and they have the audacity to call it a “stimulus” package. They’ve taken up the mantle of the “pushover parent,” who bails out the kids everytime they make a poor choice or use up their allowance … More

    AP Catching On: Nothing Temporary About This Spending

    Last summer, National Economic Council director Larry Summers said that in order to be effective, any stimulus bill “must be clearly and credibly temporary.” More and more people are beginning to notice that President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar spending plan completely fails that test. The Associated Press reports today: If … More

    Spain's Efficiency Gambit

    In the wake of the recent Russia-Ukraine gas spat, debate has begun once more in Europe on how to secure energy supplies. The focus again turns to developing policies that reduce the continent’s vulnerability to events that threaten the security of supply in the future. As reported here earlier, in … More

    Stimulus Plan: Non-Existent Unemployed Climate Modelers Get $140 Million

    President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus plan, has morphed into an appropriations bill devoid of debate. The process forgoes any pretense of targeting unemployed people and resources. For instance, the bill reads “Provided further, That not less than $140,000,000 shall be available for climate data modeling.” This raises the question … More

    Afghanistan Demonstrates Need for a GFC

    On January 21, French Defense Minister Herve Morin announced that the French government would be unwilling to send more troops to assist in NATO-led operations in Afghanistan. Morin’s comments came on the heels of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s announcement the day before that indicated German reinforcements to the NATO mission … More

    Stimulus Plan: Just a Big Bailout of Failed Governments and Programs

    There was good news and bad news in the the House Democrat’s latest so-called stimulus plan. The good news is that the bill’s authors heeded the skepticism shared by many fiscal conservatives, and resisted the intense campaign of many lobbyists to make a massive spending commitment to transportation infrastructure – … More

    Morning Bell: A Conservative Alternative to Obama's Permanent Spending Plan

    Last Friday we told you that even by the left’s own ideological criteria, President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar spending plan would fail to stimulate the economy because nothing about the massive spending increases in the bill was temporary. This Sunday the Washington Post wrote an editorial essentially agreeing with us: … More

    In Their Own Words: Speaker Nancy Pelosi on "Family Planning" Stimulus

    Introducing a new feature, where we will give you the most surprising quote from the Sunday news shows. This week’s quote is courtesy of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos: STEPHANOPOULOS: “Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?” … More