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  • Monthly Archives: January 2009

    File This One under Irony

    From Drudge: Al Gore is scheduled before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday morning to once again testify on the ‘urgent need’ to combat global warming. But Mother Nature seems ready to freeze the proceedings. A ‘Winter Storm Watch’ has been posted for the nation’s capitol and there is … More

    White House Already Failing Transparency Promise

    Yesterday, the White House posted a blog item on Monday’s Press Conference held by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. We love reading blogs at the Foundry – how could we not? But, this should not replace releasing a full transcript of White House press briefings. Previous administrations have posted full, unedited transcripts … More

    State Bailouts Only Delay the Inevitable

    Empire Center director Edmund McMahon writes in the New York Post: The House of Representatives this week is expected to pass a federal stimulus package that could pump at least $17 billion of noncapital funding directly into New York’s state and local government coffers over the next two years. But … More

    California Town's Bailout Gamble Just Got Riskier

    Across California, many cash strapped towns are desperate to keep their fledgling tax bases afloat. For Victorville, a desert town on the main highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, that now means a taxpayer bailout for Victorville Motors. The Wall Street Journal reports: Car dealerships in these towns have … More

    Putting Parents Last in Education

    Congressional leaders recently proposed an unprecedented $142 billion spending increase for education—the largest in history—in the so-called “economic stimulus” package. That’s nearly double the annual budget of the Department of Education. But liberals on Capitol Hill included language in the legislation to make sure that not a dollar of that … More

    Stimulus 101: The Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan

    With countless news stories, papers, editorials and experts giving their view of why Congress should or shouldn’t enact the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan, we thought it would be helpful to give you a short index of why spending does not equal stimulus. HIGH COST TO AMERICAN TAXPAYERS After Congress appropriates the FY’09 omnibus … More

    Morning Bell: What Is the Spending Multiplier on a Pack of Condoms?

    This Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) created quite a stir when she attempted to defend Section 5004, of the House’s economic stimulus plan which allows the Medicaid bailout portion of the spending plan to be spent on family planning clinics. The leftist organization Media Matters came to Pelosi’s defense claiming … More

    Fast-Tracking Government Control of Health Care

    Efforts in Congress to fast-track passage of an economic stimulus package and expansion of the children’s health care program, if successful, would give liberals a big down payment on nationalizing health care. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) has stated as much. America already was on a fast track toward … More

    More Regulations, More Renewables, More Economic Pain

    Fresh off receiving taxpayer money to stay afloat for a few more months and to submit a new business plan for economic sustainability, automakers now face a steeper hill to climb. President Obama has directed federal regulators on Monday to move swiftly on an application by California and 13 other … More

    What the Stimulus Will Cost Working Families

    Shanea Watkins and Patrick Tyrrell of the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation put President Barack Obama’s trillion-dollar spending plan into terms we understand: Many people have trouble picturing such an enormous amount of money. To put it into perspective, $825 billion is worth approximately $10,520 for each … More