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  • Monthly Archives: January 2009

    The Golden Age of Political Entrepreneurship is Here

    As Joel Kotkin detailed in the Washington Post this weekend, the Wall Street Bailout and Trillion Dollar Deficit Plan being pushed through Congress this month mark the transfer of power from commercial cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, to Washington DC. In the business world, campaign contributions and … More

    Unprecedented Debt

    In the mid-1960s, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson created a blue-ribbon commission of civic leaders who recommended chartering a center for independent nonpartisan analysis. The Urban Institute became that center. Urban Institute senior fellow Rudolph Penner told the New York Times yesterday: Many say we risk providing too little rather than … More

    Big Labor Does Not Need Any More Help

    Sen. Reid has said he wants the Senate to vote on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) this summer. The bill, Big Labor’s highest legislative priority, effectively eliminates secret ballot organizing elections. Instead of letting workers decide whether or not they want union representation in the privacy of the … More

    Morning Bell: Why Obama Failed

    In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama insisted that “the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.” To this end, the president pledged to make the passage of an economic stimulus package as bipartisan as possible. Well, the House vote on his stimulus bill … More

    "Stimulus" 101 Update: The Trillion Dollar Spending Plan Passes House

    On Wednesday, January 28, the House passed the single largest spending bill in United States history by a 244-188 vote. It remains to be seen where the stimulus is in this bill. Conservative alternatives exist that promise twice the jobs at half the cost, yet the Left continues to support … More

    A Stimulus with Some Energy

    An economic recovery plan that creates jobs, lowers gas and electricity prices, and won’t cost taxpayers $825 billion? Generally, when something is too good to be true, it usually is. And it’s probably the case here, but if I had a wish list of energy items to include in the … More

    Are Liberals Breaking Their No-Earmark Pledge?

    Tucked inside the Appropriations Committee report on the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Trillion Dollar Debt Plan are quite a few sentences like this one: However, the Committee has had extensive consultations with the Corps concerning how the funds provided under this heading could be used in broad program categories. – Pg. 27 …and … More

    Progressive Corporatism in Action

      As President Barack Obama and his leftist allies in Congress spend trillions in taxpayer dollars in the span of just a few months, it is important to remember that the left is no enemy of big business. The left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly pay huge corporate … More

    Garbage In, Garbage Out II: Climate Modeling

    The economy is not the only policy area where the left has slapped some lines of code together and are attempting to pass it off as reality. As Al Gore’s testimony today on Capitol Hill reminds us, global warming would not exist as an issue without the left’s blind devotion … More

    Garbage In, Garbage Out: Breaking Down Obama's Stimulus Claims

    Heritage senior tax policy analyst Curtis Dubay and macroeconomics policy analyst Karen Campbell have a new paper out analyzing The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan put out by Council of Economic Advisers president and vice president Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein. Dubay and Campbell write: Romer … More