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  • Voter Suppression Found

    There have been various incidents over the past few years of anonymous flyers being sent to voters giving them the wrong date of an upcoming election. These cause great concern (as they should), but as Soren Dayton at RedState points out, usually Republicans are accused of engaging in these types of tactics with no evidence whatsoever that any Republican candidate had anything to do with it.

    There is now actual video of a new Virginia Democratic Congressman, Gerry Connolly, recommending that Republicans be given the wrong date of the special county commission election being held on February 3 in Fairfax County, Virginia. Connolly was the Chairman of the Fairfax County Commission and resigned that post to run for the seat of retiring Republican Congressman Tom Davis.

    There seems to be a deafening silence in the media and on the political left over this blatant attempt to suppress the turnout of Republican voters. And where is the Civil Rights Division of the new Obama Justice Department? Are they investigating the Congressman? If he was from a different political party, would the DOJ lawyers have already visited him to interview him about his actions?

    Some might dismiss this as Congressman Connolly just joking around at this meeting. But if you watch the clip carefully, you will note that he says that this is going to be a low turnout election, and that it is important that the audience of Democratic activists make sure that it is Democrats that turn out to vote and not Republicans—a statement that suggests an intent not only to increase Democratic votes, but to suppress Republican voters. In any event, Justice Department lawyers have exhibited about as much of a sense of humor about these kinds of “jokes” as TSA agents confronted with jokes about bombs in airports.

    Connolly should be embarrassed and ashamed that he engaged in this type of behavior. He should be subject to both a criminal investigation by Justice as well as an ethics investigation by the House. One would think that someone who has been a public official for as long as he has would understand the importance of our democratic process and his responsibility to help ensure that all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our elections.

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    19 Responses to Voter Suppression Found

    1. Eric, Utah says:

      Personally, I'm outraged that these types of things are said and the drive-by media (who are obviously there) gives the person a pass. But who here is really surprised? They're Democrats! It's who they are. Well, at least since the extreme, America-hating kooks took over the party.

    2. linda pennsylvania says:

      your video link is not working at 6:11pm 1/30/09

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It is not surprising anymore that the DOJ is lax when it comes to protecting the civil liberties of those on the right. Just ask yourself why none of the Ohio government employees is being prosecuted for violating the privacy rights of Joe the Plumber, by snooping into his private life records and handing them over to the media.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      I agree, the democrats did have integrity at one time. They did help those that couldn't help themselves. Now, the democrats take on everybody's problem looking for a handout when the problems are induced by personal decisions and lifestyles. Government needs to learn personal accountabilities and responsibilities. And stay out of it.

      In this state the people of foreign cultures get to have their cultural expenses paid by taxpayers? Tax dollars were initiated for the good of all equally. Like police and firefighters. Think about all the other wasteful spending going towards bias benefits. American culture benefits ALL. Keep your culture at your expense! It's what makes us equal.

    5. Barb -mn says:

      That is, "equally responsible" to and for our own.

    6. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Nothing suprises me anymore with the Democrats. The Media is as corrupt as they are too. But if the Conservatives did this, we'd be splattered all over the Media, wouldn't we?

    7. Mike, MS says:

      It appears that the journalists who worked for Pravda etc, before the fall of the Communists empire, have found employment in the American sewer we refer to as the main stream media.

    8. Jim Van Buren, Kalam says:

      What can we do about this blatant stupidity? Please let me know where I can sign up for duty in this fight to restore the american way.

    9. Nancy, FL says:

      Why are we surprised? As a former journalism major & NOW member for over a decade, free speech, tolerance, diversity and inclusion apply only to those Democrats deem acceptable (they are mere buzz words). It’s only hate speech and a crime if it’s a repub doing the dirty deed. The media put Obama in office with its refusal to investigate him, its protection of him and its gleeful coverage of him. I learned long ago after leaving N.O.W., journalism and the dem party that the only decent people who deserve to win office are liberals. The media tells me that daily thru its bias and agenda.

    10. J. Jolene Atkins says:

      It is beyond my understanding as to how and why things like this take place; and seemingly nothing much is done about them. Voting is a privilege; and it should not be stolen from any one under false pretenses and incorrect dates.

    11. Brian of Indianapoli says:

      At my blog at http://politicalbankruptcy.blogtownhall.com/
      I talk about the voter suppression in Indiana as well. I talked to several people whose Republican voter registrations were lost. Mine was lost, it finally came to us after the election was over. I had to go to a different polling location than my wife across town and almost didn't get to vote. My nephew was not able to vote because of this. Several others had the same issue.

    12. Ray, Indiana says:

      I ran the Republican HQ for this county, a voter brought in a door hanger from the Obama campaign

      that had the voting place listed in another county.

      This was on the Saturday before the election.

      I assured her that she had to vote in our county, and not in a different one.

    13. the Keys, Florida says:

      so, when the left shuts down talk radio and Fox news, WHO will be left to help educate the main stream????? This is all so frightening to me!

    14. francis says:

      I'm a graduate student from africa currently studying here in the states and a fun of reagan.The current election and the aftermath of voting malpractices made me to be disappointed; if this is happening in the last bastion of hope who is going to stand with those of us who want to fight for liberty,freedom and prosperity in africa. wheredo we find inspiration to do what we want to do? europe or where? china forget it. sorry to say that the election of Obama is a risk that this nation has taken and it is miscalculated one.I find in him the characteristics of an african despot,please do all to put him in check

    15. chuck, pine bluffs wyoming says:

      Same old tricks from the beginning of time.

      GREED, POWER HUNGRY, FACIST acktivities all over again.

    16. jim, rye, NY says:

      We should be outraged. This stuff should draw a

      national protest, even from the media. Selective

      persecution,prosecution and punishment must stop.

      Has it become the DOJ-the department of 'JUST US'.

    17. P Saunders, NC says:

      Another instance where Democrates believe telling lies to voters is the “right thing”. (Socialist Creep)

    18. Mark M. Grand Lake O says:

      Nothing new- Obama is going to play a huge part in destroying this Great Country. He can't lose with the help of the democrats. I can't find anyone that will admit to voting for him.

    19. Mayme Trumble, NY says:

      "Obama is going to play a huge part in destroying this Great Country." We are already destroyed, didn't you follow the Davos meetings?

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