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    Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA)

    NAME: Devin Nunes
    OCCUPATION: US Congress, 21st District of California
    HOMETOWN: Tulare, California

    Devin Nunes was elected to Congress in 2003 after being appointed California State Director for the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development section by President George W. Bush in 2001. He is a founding member of the Congressional Hispanic Conference, a caucus of Republican congressmen of Hispanic and Portuguese descent. Twice a year he writes a magazine in order to better communicate with his constituents, and was the first member of Congress to develop such a magazine. “It allows me to really dig down into issues and I believe it gives my constituents the kind of insight they need to evaluate my performance, ” he said.

    What does “Conservatism” mean to you?
    At its core, I believe conservatism is the belief that people should be able to live their lives in freedom and security. My office mission is to ensure my constituents and all Americans have opportunity for prosperity and are free to live in a healthy and safe environment.

    What is at the top of your ‘I tunes’ play list right now?
    Classic Rock; music from the 1970s.

    Who was your influence in conservatism?
    My grandparents inspired my conservative beliefs. My maternal and paternal grandparents cherished their freedom. They were immigrants and survivors of the Great Depression. Growing up on a farm and experiencing the destructive nature of taxes and government regulation also fueled my political conservatism.

    What is your idea of earthly happiness?
    I love visiting the home of my ancestors. The Azores islands, which are part of Portugal, lie about 2,400 miles off the East Coast of the United States. Sitting on the island of St. George, with Pico in the distance and the ocean in-between, has always been relaxing. The simple pleasure of sipping good wine and enjoying excellent conversation with family and friends in that breathtaking place is probably the closest thing to heaven on Earth for me.

    What is the first website you visit every morning? (Heritage.org excluded!)
    I am a little old fashioned. I enjoy reading the print edition of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. I also read print editions of local papers, when possible. If I don’t have a newspaper, I will go online and get my fix from a number of websites.

    What is the last book you read, and do you recommend it?
    Terrestrial Energy, by Bill Tucker. I highly recommend it.

    What do you worry about?
    I worry most about the people of California and the serious economic and governmental crisis they face. My home state is facing far more than a nationally induced recession. We have more than a $40 billion deficit and a legislature unable to confront economic realities. With unemployment in the Golden state far exceeding the national average, my district is now positioned to achieve 20% unemployment. The responsibility for this crisis rests largely on those in our state capitol who have driven financial capital out of California and discouraged anyone thinking of bringing capital in. Blame also rests on environmentalists and complicit lawmakers who have virtually starved of water the once rich farming economy of the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

    Name your hidden talent.
    Card counting

    What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    The Hubbard Act comes to mind. Thanks to a brave young man from my district, sole survivors who separate from the United States military now have certain benefits available to them. Those benefits, such as transitional health care, are available to other soldiers honorably separating from military service. However, they were being denied to sole survivors who left the military early due to the loss of one or more siblings. My constituent, Jason Hubbard, lost two brothers in the War on Terror. One of them died steps away from him as they were serving together in Iraq. This family tragedy was met with bureaucratic red tape but thanks to the Hubbard Act, that red tape has been cut. Sole survivors have benefits under the law.

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    13 Responses to Profiles in Conservatism

    1. Karen Hunter, Indian says:

      Thank you so much for the Hubbard Act. God Bless you and all of our military and their families.

      I would ask that you look at and or bring to the front "The Fair Tax Act of 2009". I believe it will bring jobs back to America and we have to be the first country to do just that.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      Thank you for your efforts in behalf of our Veterans! We never realize the price that they pay for our freedom!

    3. Charles Mana, Saint says:

      The Constitution of The United States is the rock, the foundation upon which our country is based and without which it would crumble. Surely the Constitution is not a living document things living change and in the case of a foundation for a country it would weaken the nation and its institutions by becoming untennable in that interpretatioin would become impossible because of constsant change of the world situation and the changes in ieologies and life situations at various times. The Constitution is the rock, the barrier to these changes that break apart as an attacking ship would when it reaches the breakers when approaching the shores of a country it is attempting to attack. The Constitution must be the unchangeable entity and everything else must change relative to The Constitution. That is the only way that The United States can survive. We must look at The Constitution at face value because it is based on Divine Principals and everlasting truths and exactly what it says it what it means.

      You Congressman Nunes radiate to the world the principals of The Constitution just by the way you do live and enjoy your life and what you put forthas your priorities in life and in the manner in which you conduct yourself in your office as Congressman.

      May God bless you and keep you healthy and make you successfull in all your endeavors especially in your representation of California and the governing of The United States through your Congressional position. Thank you for the Hubbard Act and keep the faith. There are more people that or of the Conservative persuasion than the Lying Media care to talk about.

    4. The Zwart Family, MN says:

      Devin never loss hold of your values no matter what presure or bad press the fellow reps from California are forcing your way. Strive to bring out the true impact the clean air and water act is squeezing out of use the most productive soil of this nation and the degredation of the families in your region.

    5. Jerry Ahrens, Califo says:

      Thank you for publishing the Devin Nunes profile. It is refreshing to finally find a true conservative from California of Hispanic decent! The news that 60+% of Hispanic Catholics voted for Obama is very disturbing given his voting record on abortion. The false impression that Democrats are for the poor people needs to be combated with a strong message from conservatives of hispanic heritage, if California is to ever gain a majority in the legislature, given the ever growing hispanic population.

      I look forward to obtaining a copy of Devin Nunes's magazine to see his message to his constituents!

    6. Lynn E. Carroll, Nor says:

      Dear Mr. Devin,

      Being a conservative, I can imagine the slings and arrows that you must be dodging out there in California. Liberalism has destroyed one of the most beautiful states in our union. Complacency of the people has been a big factor for why California is in such big trouble today. Many people are groveling after whatever government can give them and have forgotten that it was rugged individualism and a disdain for big government that made not only California, but our entire country, a great place to live.

      I hope you are not just another Obama who makes beautiful speeches about conservative values, about how it's the people who make this country great, then turns aside, with total disregard of personal liberty and traditions, and in the name of "change", imposes socialist programs on the whole country.

    7. Jerry Witt, Atherto says:

      If I could move I'd be out of here!! This state is a sham so is Washington. I am hoping that some of the "conservatives" will realize it is time for a new party. A party run by Americans for Americans. Send the attorneys (politicians) home.

      Our talk show hosts should be promoting something new and stop crying over spilt milk. Our problem is Washington— Republicans and Dempocrats.

      Lets fix the problem and send them all home

    8. eugene frazer mounds says:

      Sounds like Devin Nunes is in favor for smaller taxes, we could a couple of him in the state of Minnesota, P.S. thank you for being on the home front for troops. God Bless!

    9. Steve Kasmerski, Sto says:

      I would like to echo the sentiments of Jerry Whitt, Atherton, CA in an earlier comment expressing his desire for a new conservative party. The Republican party (or what's left of it) is a pathetic joke. Having been commandeered by a group of spineless poltroons, who are distancing themselves from every conservative principle in the book, I see no recourse but to begin to lay the foundation for a new conservative party dedicated unswervingly to the essence of the Constitution of our once great country. We can make it great again, especially with the help of individuals like Devin Nunes, but it will take lots of hard work by "little people" like you and me to turn things around.

      A great place to start is right here with the Heritage Foundation and other groups such as the Constitution Party. In addition, write every member of both houses of Congress (the really conservative ones, that is)and attempt to determine their interest in forming a new party. If your effort results in a lukewarm response, begin a grass roots effort starting in your own back yard. Talk to your friends and neighbors and don't give up! Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!

      Congressman Nunes, I will pray for you and California. I am Georgia-born, but lived for two and half wonderful years in the Golden State and hate to see it go down. God bless you all!

    10. jeff, Fresno says:

      Your disregard of environmental concerns deprives future generations the same opportunity for prosperity we have. I pray you are swiftly swept out of office.

    11. Theresa QA Spencer,R says:

      I like what I read. We need more leaders in DC that still are in touch with the forgotten man.

    12. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      Jeff is exactly what we are dealing with here in central California. Enviromentaliam at ALL costs, ESPECIALLY human. Go Devan! I have not heard from any one more than you my friend. I listen to KMJ580 AM and you are the one to call in on all issues. I wish more in your position would take a long hard look at you and what you do and copy you efforts. Keep on the path you are on. (Should have voted no on the budget though! )By the way…..Why are we losing all of our water for an invasive(that means not natural to the area, JEFF from Fresno) fish?!?!? We produce 25% of AMERICA'S produce from what I can gather. Our enviornmentalist nazi problem is EVREYONE'S problem. Devan….could you right a bill that would hold enviornmentalists accountable for what they get passed. EG. All that want it need to sign the bill and whatever un-intended costs that arise from their legislation, would now be paid for by said enviornmentalists and all that supported it. Failure to pay would automatically end what was passed.

    13. John, California says:

      Jamey from Central CA -

      Just a small correction, Congressman Nunes voted against ALL bailouts.

      Kudos to Devin for also voting against taxing AIG executives on their bonuses…this tax proposed by the democrats is clearly unconstitutional. Thanks Devin for protecting and preserving our constitutional rights when you saw the democrats trying to weaken them. Just wish the rest of the republicans you serve with were so wise.

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