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  • Democratic Senator: "The So-Called Stimulus"

    The mainstream media refuses to mention it, but the only bi-partisanship in President Obama’s brief reign has produced has been against his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan. Eleven Democrats joined all of the House Republicans to vote against the bill. Now it is looking like this well deserved skepticism is spreading to the Senate. Watch Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) on Fox News last night:


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    6 Responses to Democratic Senator: "The So-Called Stimulus"

    1. ColonelGizmo, Northe says:

      The only bipartisanship I see is on the anti-pork side of this coin… opposite President Tax & Spend Obama.

      Good deal. I hope the liberals out there in slavish support of this thievery get it shoved back in their face in 2012.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      Thank God eyes are being opened. Personal responsibility and any expense goes to the person not the tax payers.

      This is America! Land of the FREE! Take on your personal responsibilities! Obama's taking them away fast! It won't work and he knows it. Don't let him kill your babies!

      He'd rather see a dead baby then a dead terrorist.

    3. Fran; Deep South says:

      Only $0.13 of every dollar of this stimulus plan actually goes toward something that will stimulate the economy. The rest is for democratic/liberal pork spending. Not that all of it is bad…spending millions of dollars to help people stop smoking is good, but not in an economic stimulus package. Let's remember, this is not the government's money, THIS IS OUR MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING!!!!

    4. Marie says:

      It's about time republican discredit this horrible bill.2010 will be a welcome sight. If the Senate republicans don't feel like they can stop it, then they should just withhold their votes.

      Nevertheless, the middleclass tax cut will just come back in the form of a tax on gas, telephones, cell phones, waterbills and electricity. What one hand gives, the other takes away.

    5. Ralph Goff, Portland says:

      Stand Next to the Money Hey, Hey!!

      Obama’s favorite song is “Stand next to this Money or take your broke butt home”. If one notices he is always surrounding himself with rich white people to give us the indication he is so smart that all of these super money brains want to hang with him. There is not one person standing with him that was not promised a return on their investment from getting him elected. They are all big bounce CEO’s but Obama does not mean them when he says we, he means everyone else. Their return is in this spending package Stimulus 9.0 on crack + roids. Donald Trump wants to start his new Big Dig project and Microsoft wants to provide new computers for the entire government from China of course encrypted with spyware. I can not believe that all of these governors have their hands out to take money from the other states to spend in their own state, so they do not have to worry about balancing their state budgets. These governors and state legislators are still going to raise taxes on every line item that is taxable except mini cars to promote their sale to wimps. The big three should not make cars that meet California regulations and stop sales in their state all together. It is time for the American people to stop participating in this game and let the chips fall. This is what happens when one keeps providing drugs to addicts to keep them quite. Let California businesses go under and they cut their crap, let it go 30 days and whala, they get their mind right.

    6. Kelly Carter, Carlin says:

      All this makes me so mad I could just spit nails.

      What we need in this country is honest people to run this country. All the folks on capitol hill should be Tared and Feathered and ran out of town for the mess were in. I am not a religous fanatic, but the only hope for this great nation is PRAYER!

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