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  • Beating Us At Our Own Game


    Guess who lampooned Soviet economics this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland:

    In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost [the Soviet Union] dearly.

    Newt Gingrich? Rush Limbaugh?

    Try Vladimir Putin.

    Apparently, the power-hungry, former KGB Putin understands the value of globally competitive corporations better than the U.S. Congress. This should come as no surprise. As this chart shows, the lessons of the rise of the American economy in the 20th century have finally been learned by the rest of the world. If the top corporate tax rate of 40%, which includes a 5% state tax on top of the 35% federal rate, remains much longer, American companies will find themselves on the short end of the stick thanks to their competitive disadvantage.

    That means more people will lose their jobs. That means less wealth for all. That means we need to stop losing at our own game.

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    12 Responses to Beating Us At Our Own Game

    1. Barb -mn says:

      We would also like to find out who specifically the President is speaking for when he says "the people." Recently he spoke of "the people WANT immediate action." We deserve to know who "the people" are who want Obama's quick fix without thinking things through.

      The way Obama speaks, pointing fingers at wall street raises suspicion to believe the government may have coerced the actions of wall street to which left wall street where they are with the government backing to take care of all when it blows over. Lack of GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT? in all areas of crisis today, is intentional. Wall street takes the heat, Obama smells like a rose. Just like the car mfgs.

    2. Sam kendall, Wiscons says:

      I find it arrogant and ignorant that they way the left always proposes to "fix" things, especially whenever the economy is invovled, is to do the opposite of what has made our country so prosperous for decades. Perhaps they didn't pay much attention in history where economics played a significant role. After all, those who fail to learn history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

    3. Ralph Goff, Portland says:

      Obama should "change" his name to President Peoples "cause he takes care of his peoples". He thinks he is a cross between Dimzal Washington in American Gangster and Jamie Fox in The Kingdom however, he is Dimzal in Training Day. I would like to know why all of the sudden Acron is worth 4.2 billion dollars of our tax money. We do not need to pay for Obamas civilian army to get the vote out with new buses to transport his voters around the country to vote in all areas of the states, that do not require proof of residentcy. There is no money in this bill for our military or Homeland Securety only a request to reduce spending by 10%.

    4. Shelpicker says:

      We the people do not need ACORN,Performing Arts, to rebuild the Washington Mall nor any of the other porkbarrel of senators or congressmen who are not intelligent enough to do their own taxes. We do not need to bail out banks that fail, FDIC is set up to do that. Bankers run the biggest Ponzi schecme in the world and when they get their fingers caught in the cookie jar, let them hang. As for the automobile industry, they too should hang for the pressure put on them by Thug organizers and caputilating to strike demands rather than proceed with a business plan. Our elected or should I say appointed leaders have one idea in mind and that is to spend my money rewarding failure, removing risk from faulty ideas and supporting those who do not want to work. We have been led to believe that the cue card reading, flat belly big busted women are smarter than college educated business leaders. Our wasted congress thinks nothing of giving money away, my money to support the movie industry, professional sports, girly men, lesbians, transgenders and performers of all ilks. Let's get back to spending for basics, working for pleasure and getting off of Fantasy island.

    5. Joe the Plumber, Ohio says:

      Having just arrived back from the strife in Gaza, I want to throw in my “two cents”. The fact our economy needs a massive bail out on all fronts and that these corporations are turning to our government for aid, it makes sense that they pay some higher taxes. Really? That is crazy. I mean that does not make any sense. You’re right. Just take the money for all your mistakes in mismanagement and let the government run up a higher deficit and let funding for all sorts of programs, which can provide jobs, die off. Makes sense, to me as you all cry about all this BS that should not have happened, but was allowed to continue under the Bush Admin. Now defend Bush if you want, but John Snow, appointed by Bush, certainly did not restrict the free market at all. Also there were predictions of this a year and a half in advance by some “liberal” economists, but they were ignored completely. So congratulations on nationalizing on our banking system and now crying about your mistakes further.

    6. brenda mcintyre, saylorsburg pa says:

      this spending package is very troubling and disheartening. i hope it is voted down. we will be paying for it dearly for many years to come. it seems something so very important and large like this should be given to the public to vote on since we are the very ones to pay for it. anyway, no middle class family is going to get anything from it just $1000.00 tax credit.wow! that’s less than $83.00/month. i wish obama would stop talking about the “folks” acting like everyone in america voted for him. i did not and i’m not behind this spending package at all. i think his brand of tax relief will build great animocity between the different levels of middle class earners. why work and struggle when anything extra is taken from you? i guess we could all stop working and wait for the government to pay us with our own money.

    7. Tim Snowflake AZ says:

      Here it is in a nut shell. The liberals know exactly what their doing. They intend to inflict economic pain until the majority of americans drop down on their knees and except Government as their personal savior. This will come at the cost of everything that was America.

    8. Sanford Zeigler, Cha says:

      "If the top corporate tax rate of 40%, which includes a 5% state tax on top of the 35% federal rate, remains much longer, American companies will find themselves on the short end of the stick thanks to their competitive disadvantage."

      I think we're over-generalization by talking about corporate taxes as a whole. When Exxon-Mobil posts record breaking profits amidst this economic downturn, it is obvious that they are nowhere near competitive disadvantage. Let's tax them. It's the garage entrepreneurs, the county wide construction contracting firms, and small systems software companies that are at a competitive disadvantage here. These are the folks that need breaks, so they can come up with products that perform better for less money AND can still keep their heads above water. These are "the people" that need to be able to exercise their business in an low tax environment.

    9. Chuck, Trapper Creek says:

      It seems the only ones who give a darn about what Obama is about to do to this nation are we who know what trying to spend your way out of debt does to an economy. Only those who never question the results will approve of his type of government. Sadly, they, apparently, are on the majority, and we lose. God help America if more of us do not wake up and vote with responsibility in the next election.

    10. chuck, pine bluffs wyoming says:

      Socialism at it’s best (NOT), after we’re busted, then what? They’ll line us up for bracelets (handcuffs) if we don’t bow to’em, kiss their feet, or what ever.

      It’s not going to pretty and the party will be over.

    11. g.a.m. , newfields, says:

      I feel that Obama and company are systematically trying to eliminate the conservatives and republicans, so that we will be unable to recover any power in the future. They will attempt to drive a wedge between the party as well. This spending bill (stimulus bill)if passed, will do the abolute worst for everyone, especially republicans and conservatives….backing Acorn, the political machine for one. This group alone could eventually enable the democrats to hold our country under their permanent leadership. Once in place, they would be able to suppress our voice.

    12. Brenda, California says:

      Obama does not speak for the people…we don't want to be saved from the terrible economy that the liberals have thrown on our backs by spending all of the new stimulus package on such stupid pork that will ruin our nation as we know it. We are not creating jobs for the people — just spending a fortune for the few that think they can get away with anything they want to do. We had better wake up and respond as one large voice before it is really too late. The mess we are in is due to THE PEOPLE just accepting the views of the few that tell us what to think. We complain but think it will work out no matter how shocked we are at the injustice of our so called leaders.

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