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  • Transparency Promise Broken on First Bill Signed

    Paul Blumenthal of the Sunlight Foundation reports:

    In a blog post announcing the President’s signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first piece of legislation he has signed, we are informed that the bill has been posted on the White House web site and is now open for comment… after the President signed it.

    For quite some time President Obama has promised that all non-emergency legislation will be open for public comment on Whitehouse.gov for 5 days before the President signs it. I am not sure what constitutes “emergency” legislation; providing emergency appropriations in response to a disaster or attack would apply. This was supposed to be a major element to the President’s transparency efforts, even though the effect of it can be disputed (the bill has already passed and can’t be changed). A blog post from the White House on January 20th say this:

    One significant addition to WhiteHouse.gov reflects a campaign promise from the President: we will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it.

    It is too bad they let this transparency promise slip on the very first piece of legislation that hit the President’s desk. After a few transparency wins for the administration, it looks like they’ve hit their first fail.

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    20 Responses to Transparency Promise Broken on First Bill Signed

    1. John Theobald, Marie says:

      You are far to conciliatory and excusing. Let's call a lie a lie. The man made a promise and he lied.

      Our Treasury Secretary lied and failed to pay taxes.

      Our Secretary of State is not being held to a standard of FULL disclosure.

      Why would anyone be surprised by this? Please tell us you didn't REALLY believe him. Afterall, I'm sure it was far too important to sign it as quickly as possible … much like we had to have the last spending debacle within days or the whole Country would collapse.

    2. Alex, New York says:

      First of all, he supported this law during his campaign. People did vote for him, and that's why he did it now. It's not like he mentioned this for the first time.

      Until now you had a war that lasted for 8 years (even though the enemy government fell after the first 2 weeks), an economic collapse, worsening relations with the world, wiretapped phones.

      And you complain about the President not submitting a law he campaigned for on a blog, and that his Treasury Secretary paid his taxes late.

      Isn't it slightly absurd?

    3. James Flood, Albany says:

      I don't suspect a Politician as calculating as our President will be chagrined in the least by this revelation. He is safe behind the ramparts of his media fortress, unassailable. He is fully confident in his ability to control the basic narrative of this story, and all others. I'm certain that while his claim to hearing conservative objections is factual, he will never truly listen, and surely won't be swayed by arguments, however valid, by Heritage. This is my assessment after just over a week in office; forget 100 days, or 4 years. I can only hope I'm wrong.

    4. Jim, Lincoln NE says:

      The Democratic party is the party of double standards. Do as I say, not as I do! I won! I'll trump you!

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    6. Mike, Staples, MN says:

      Doesn't it bother anyone that "our" new presidents very FIRST bill repeals a supreme court decision…….. and basically did nothing else other than provide a highway for additional litigation??

    7. Dennis, Florida says:

      Alex from New York

      What part of…

      " we will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it."

      ……dont you understand????

    8. richard weirton says:

      Why would anyone expect anything except lies and deciet from a man who refuses to show his birth certificate to prove that he is elligible for office?

      Any man who would spend millions on teams of lawyers to keep a ten dollar birth certificate from being shown has something very big to hide.

      Do we now have an illegial alien running our country? We have no way of knowing without seeing the proof. Obama, show us the proof!

    9. Franklin Cox, Portla says:

      OK, I give up!! Change we can believe in? If people really believe that the Bush administration was the most corrupt ever wait till this gang kicks into gear. They've already set the standard with cabinet level tax cheats, liars, apologists, and socialists. Here in Portland we are seeing govt. at its worst on a local level with a new mayor that has actually claimed that although he admits that he lied in order to get elected, the city needs him so much we must look past the fact that he can't be trusted. Government by admitted Liars, cheats, and thieves, and we're being told it's for our own good?

    10. Thomas J. , Bonner S says:

      Alex, New York, his Treasury secretary didn't just "pay those taxes late" he only paid them after he was told he was getting the nomination, otherwise he probaly would still not have paid them. "No lobbyist in my administration"(except those that I want in it). Yes Change and Transparency. Change back to the usual, do as I say not as I do, and trasparent that it's just business as usual in Washington D.C. Again just more rhetoric to get elected.

    11. Bill, Missouri says:

      I wonder if anyone really believed the president would keep any campaign promise. No lobbyist in his administration, guess what? He lied.

    12. len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Well heck.. Pelosi won in 2006 by promising Transparency, bi partisanship and stopping being Clueless.

      Oblahblah saw that promises did not have to be kept and he followed suit… Now Pelosi claims to be non partisan, next she'll claim to be sane and have stopped taking drugs while Oblahbklah will conr=tinus his serach for cabinet members who do not pay taxes..let felons get pardons along with terorists, change minds often regarding terrorists treatments, and takes time to go after radio talk show hosts and Wall street goons while allowing Cretins like Chris Dud and Barney Fife reamin in charge of the Financial disaster that they created……Now is this a Lobbyists Clinton Government or what????

    13. Jimmy Konogeris, May says:

      Never, ever buy a sweaty goat from a man out of breath!!

    14. Jim Konogeris - May, Texas says:

      Never buy your goats from a man that is out of breath.

    15. Barb -mn says:

      Obama did promise transparency. But of who or what? He says the government but doesn't it seem to indicate it is of us? After all, he does see us and the government all in one.

    16. Ralph Idaho says:

      to quote the last democrat elected president it depends on your defination of the word transparency.

    17. Darren Ca says:

      The sad thing about all this is us as tax paying americans could never get away with get away with saying oops i did'nt know or i forgot. we would have the i.r.s. down our throats in a heartbeat. i guess the next time i have a tax problem i'll jusy say i'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Jeff Sadighi says:

      I am very upset about how this whole thing played out! There was no transparency here.

      The President, either lied to us about this being an emergency, or he was derelict in his duties as he(and the Speaker) left the helm during this 'emergency'.

      We are in too much trouble to stick with party affiliations. WE NEED TO HAMMER on all of our representatives RELENTLESSLY until they are working for us instead of rich failures in the finance & banking industries.

      How we could give them money without demanding resignations is BEYOND me. Failure needs to be punished in the marketplace. Period!

      Check-out http://www.downsizedc.org, they have a free campaign who's goal is to make all the representatives READ EVERY BILL before they vote!

    19. Patrick, Wash D.C. says:

      Alex from New York,

      Why is it every time someone criticizes the president, his supporters respond by comparing him or his actions to the Bush administration? When will he be judged solely on the merits of his own actions? Constantly using the “…well, Bush did this or Bush did that” argument is intellectually lazy and irresponsible. Believe it or not, just because someone criticizes Obama does not imply they were not critical of Bush. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

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