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  • A Jobs Plan That Will Work

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) spoke at Heritage today about his proposal to stimulate the economy.


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    27 Responses to A Jobs Plan That Will Work

    1. jcscuba says:

      Wow, the vast majority of the comments on this page are a definitive example of why Obama was elected. Does anybody that reads this paper have a clue as to the relationship between taxation, and economic growth. Hint, Taxes Destroy, Profits Employ, every time we have lowered marginal tax rates, capital gains, and taxes on corporations we have seen our economy roar back to life. Try taking the time to unlearn what the lefty professors pumped into your heads about economics. Start with reading something by Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams. When you understand how the economic world works you won't sound like such children fighting in a sand box. I'll take all comers at my site, Stop Socialism Now.. .http://jimsworldblogspotcom.blogspot.com Feel free to leave your comments on any of the postings you disagree with, I would seriously enjoy the banter. Looking forward to hearing from you! Jim

    2. Bob Davis says:

      Amen to, taxes destroy/profits employ. I am an 84 year old WWII vet. I am also what some of my fellow Episcopalians call a "Tradishionalist" That makes me a conservative. Having personally experienced the FDR New deal enonomic myth,I can hardly wish a greatly expanded similiar stimulation on today's hard working Americans. Shut this guy down or we'll lose the whole patoon!!

    3. Carol Kennedy, Gunni says:

      I just had an idea that I PRAY someone else has had, as well. WIth your help, and others like you, I believe we can TOTALLY CHANGE WASHINGTON! NO INCUMBENTS! If that became our "call of the wild", our conservative "battle cry", we could, within 4 years, completely change the climate in D.C. EVERYONE would be brand new! And maybe, just maybe, they would DO THE RIGHT THING for AMERICA! How can we go from here? What do you think? Obviously, I'm excited! WE can do this!

      Sincerely, Carol Kennedy, Gunnison, CO

    4. Barb -mn says:

      It is comforting to hear an American born senator share the truth. It is also comforting to hear the respect for what made this country great. A free market economy. And the people that do for themselves.

      Thank you to all American born Senators that stand for America and stand to know what makes her great.

      The root of much of the problem in the open market economy is the Gore/Obama fear mongering of man-made global warming. Mandates, regulations, intimidations closed down many businesses, holds little future to business minded people to start a business. Get rid of man-made global warming mandates. What happens to the earth happens to all. STOP THE SOCIALISM. STOP THE COMMUNISM. STOP THE FEAR MONGERING!

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    6. Melissa Dallas,TX says:

      Finally, a reasonable solution to a horrific problem. How refreshing. However, on another front – what about Obama's edict for organized labor for ALL Americans? Where will he stop? When we call him Big Brother Barrack? This is a sad time to be an American.

    7. faamecanic, New York says:

      "I just had an idea that I PRAY someone else has had, as well. WIth your help, and others like you, I believe we can TOTALLY CHANGE WASHINGTON! NO INCUMBENTS! If that became our “call of the wild”, our conservative “battle cry”, we could, within 4 years, completely change the climate in D.C. EVERYONE would be brand new! And maybe, just maybe, they would DO THE RIGHT THING for AMERICA! How can we go from here? What do you think? Obviously, I’m excited! WE can do this!

      Sincerely, Carol Kennedy, Gunnison, CO"

      Amen Carol… and I say its HIGH time for a third party as well. A REAL conservative party that makes decisions based on the CONSTITUTION only.. No lobbyists, No special intrest groups!!

      (PS a conservative with your name must be hard… at least you dont live in NY like I do ;-) )

    8. Fran from the Low Co says:

      Jim DeMint makes so much since. I wish I could get my liberal friends to hear what he has to say. I can't believe that the Democrats are so closed minded that they can only do things their way no matter the result. I have seen some of the pet projects that are in the Obama plan and it makes me sick that he would borrow money to do these things.

    9. paul,dallas says:

      Liberals won`t accept this plan because the people

      they serve don`t pay taxes.To a Lib,everything

      wrong is right.

    10. len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Jim de Mint and so far too few SEnators have awakened to the real intent of the Pay for play Pelosi, and Reid Endorsed Oblahblah Socialist Manifesto AKA a stimulus package to appease such job creators as Acorn.. Unions ( who ahve caused more jobs for export than anything else), The arts ( oh yes Luxus and Mecedes for the Limo Liberals who voted for Oblahblah), Condoms ( actually they could be Uniforms for the Liberals of pelosi and Reids camps)Amtrack ( who at full ridership loses money but Gas bag Biden wants it)
      and the Long list of Idiotic pay backs who will saddle eavery American Family with over $540,000 of debt..CHANGE that I can live without…and while out Messiah blasts Wall Street, rightfully so, he ignores the two culprits from Congress who managed to Screw up Fredi and Fannie along with the book cookers while taking GRAFT and ignoring the impeding financila disaster.. Dodd and Franks must be investigated for Corruption and Ineptitude also and bounched off Goverment..Farm them to a loon Colony.

    11. Edward S. Paxson of says:

      I have always felt that Jim DeMint should be the Republican Minority leader in the Senate. He is excellent in debate and communication. He is my favorite Senator.

      Boy does President Obama have a warped view of what is an is not an earmark….Guess it depends on what my definition of is is….

    12. Thomas, AL says:

      I agree that tax cuts will help the economy however, I also agree government is in the business of redistribution of wealth. Tax-cuts on capital gains or for corporations are in-fact redistribution of wealth the only tax-cut that would evenly redistribute wealth would be an across the board tax cut. However, because of the tax code my tax cut would not equal the amount of money that a person in a higher tax bracket may get. I personally would like to see and end to income taxes generally. I would like to be taxed on the money that I spend not what I earn. That would be a heck of a stimulus.

    13. Bill Northern Michig says:

      My heart aches for my country right now.

      "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." – Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

    14. John Young says:

      The economy is now being driven by Obama in a new Cadillac limo at break neck speed toward the nearest used car lot where it can be traded for a 1950's model like the Cubans drive, that is those lucky enough to be able to afford a car. Next he will drive us to the nearest hospital where we can get on the list for an operation or medical treatment as immediate care will not be available when the need arises. Next he will drive us to the employment office to see what type job we will be entitled. And on and on we go in our new socialist state.

    15. Joe, in Penngrove, C says:

      But…there is nothing new here. All DeMint is saying is, let's keep doing the same thing we did the past eight years, cut taxes, mainly for the wealthy. I guess that eight years was not enough time for it to work? Yeah, maybe that's it. He sez something like, this is a strategy that has been proven by history to work. What history? Ancient history, maybe? Man, I sure am glad that these jokers are no longer entirely in control.

    16. Hutch, St. Louis says:

      Why is our democratic party so stupid? Robert Reich has proposed money go to build roads and bridges, but wants not the most qualified to perform the engineering and construction, but rather those in most need-minorities. Tell that to the people in Minneapolis who lost family members when a bridge collapsed. Money to the poor and minorities so the leaders can be reelected. This is crap. Why should our engineering students and craftsman study their trade and try to be at the top of there profession, if the democrats want to give the jobs to the neediest not the most qualified. If you are not qualified get an education. If you are in need try family first and leave my tax dollars alone. I give to the poor and needy through my church I don't want my government to give my money away.

    17. Joe - Fort Lee, New says:

      PaleoConservative Against Rescue Payouts

      Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!

      What more effective way to relinquish your liberty, than to be in debt, compelled to rely on government largesse, capitulating to mandates administered and regulated by a body whose absurd social philosophy consists of the notion that government knows best.

      The bailout program consigns us to the beneficence of the social left, holds us hostage to the inevitable oppressive taxation that will be necessary to repay the debt, and extirpates moral and social obligation from man’s conscience.

      Should the public trough be an oasis for corporate decision failure?

      Should those possessing power in government be excused for failure to act in trust and not be held accountable for their conduct in that trust?

      Shouldn’t we select statesmen to fulfill and minister the duties of the office to which they are entrusted, and to expect and demand high and worthy notions and exemplary performance?

    18. nanette upstate ny says:

      write to your senators of your state, but more importantly to every R senator and ask them to vote NO to the porkulus. ask them to review Sen.DeMint's bill instead and hold them accoutable

      go flood the recoveryusa obama web page with comments about how you are against the porkulus

      obama has flip flopped at least 4x in the past month on the stimulus bill, has lied about the economic problems and changed facts, rewrote the past with LIES!

    19. Vickie Styles, Summe says:

      Jim Demint makes a lot of sense. Finally, a conservative voice who understands that the economy is driven by the small businessman, not by the government. Amen to Carol, what you are talking about is term limits! I am all for that. However, being from SC, I would vote for Jim Demint again just because he is standing up for what is right, not what is popular. This so called stimulus bill will not only not stimulate the economy, it will tremendously increase the debt (ie. taxes) on my children, grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren. We should be ashamed of our generation for passing this bill. Vickie

    20. Jerry, New Jersey says:

      DeMint 2012 anyone???

    21. Arby - Dallas, Texas says:

      DeMint is just another mouth piece for the free market at the expense of all else… He demonizes any social spending (which does create and/or save jobs) and uses tax cuts as the savior of this horrid economy which was brought about by the same ideology he's espousing… Agreed, this bill is over the top with long term spending goals (which DeMint agrees are needed), but his plan is nothing but the same ol' tricle-down Reaganonmics which even Friedman (for those of you who still believe his economics are the answer) has admitted to mistakes in his leadership of the Fed…

      Wake up – deregulation, no oversight by government, inadequate taxation to fund the government, mis-targeted tax cuts, free market trickle-down economics of the Reagan era are directly responsible for this economic crisis…

      I believe to follow DeMint and the conservatives by definition is insanity. The conservative ideology has failed.

    22. Leslie, Ft. Recovery says:

      Arby- Do you have a clue? Are you self-employed or do you work for someone? If you are self-employed as I am and employee people, then you will know what tax cuts mean and less government intervention. I don't need B.H.O. running my business, nor telling me who to employ. But obviously from you comments you have no idea what it takes to keep America running, much less your own household.

    23. Peter Schnellman, Mi says:

      This sounds like a great plan. However a couple things come to mind: 1. Why didn't the Republican Administration take advantage of their power at the time and make these changes then? 2. I watched the entire video and heard nothing about a "reduction" in spending. It's incumbent upon all Conservatives to pound the drum of REAL "spending reductions". Will RNC Leader Steele carry the torch of spending reductions and prove to be the leader that Conservatives so desperatly need?

    24. Steve Lee, Dallas Te says:

      Preserve what works.

      Centrally managed government does not work.

      Let the people keep the money that they earn.

      Senator DeMint is hits home with his speech. It is too bad he is preaching to the choir. The democrats never listens to conservatism.

    25. Marcia, New England says:

      This guy makes a lot of sense but if he and the rest of the Republicans really want to help stabilize the economy they should collectively sponsor a bill to abolish the income tax and dissolve the federal reserve. He says he knows the income tax is a scam but that is as far as he goes. So unless he endorses a return to sound money, limited government and low taxes IMHO any thing else he says is nothing but more of the same old modern pseudo-Republican lip service since government will not get out of the business of trying to run our lives as long as we keep feeding the "beast". If he was the real deal he would be sounding more like Ron Paul and would be inspiring us to launch a real political revolution against the socialist agenda. Instead his model is not really a free market model but just more of the same "modern Americanized socialism light" versus Demorat sponsored heavy duty socialism.

    26. Arnie Jr, Virginia says:

      Marcia, you got it right girl. The FAIR TAX that was developed by a group of brilliant, non-government enonomists and businessmen over a period of 10 years are convinced that this form of taxation would solve a whole host of problems we face today. It must be true because I don't think there are any dems that think it's a good idea. A poll of over 10,000 voted over 90% in favor of it. What we need is for 60% of the population to learn what it's all about!

    27. Christopher. R. Bows says:

      Obama: Tell only half-truths, when he speaks on his plain. How do!! You and other in Congress and the House of Reps. Get the real truth out to the PEOPLE. The Obama, New Show, don't even tell half the truth. When they open there mouths to speak. They start every thing with A well known LIE. They end every thing with another well known LIE. So the truth become a LIE , and the LIES become the truth. This is, Whats being tough in our schools all over the U.S.A. This is every day "NEWS", On the streets, in the work place. It's even in the unemployment line and the Employment Personal tell even more lies as truths. This BOLD FACE OF LIES WAS PITCHED THE THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY. The drowned themselves in it hook line and sinker. It one tough JOB you have their Senators DeMint. God Bless you and your Brothers' in the house and Congress. May Jesus Open All Door For You.

      Best Wish, A Friend.

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