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  • Progressive Corporatism in Action

    21 January 2009 Ð Washington, D.C. Ð Senator Charles Schumer, left, Secretary of the Treasury- designate Timothy Geithner, center, and former Federal Reserve Chairman testify before the Senate Finance Committee.


    As President Barack Obama and his leftist allies in Congress spend trillions in taxpayer dollars in the span of just a few months, it is important to remember that the left is no enemy of big business. The left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly pay huge corporate taxes and make payroll on exorbitant big labor contracts? So as the Obama administration both makes it harder for Detroit to turn a profit by mandating fuel efficient cars, and then turns around gives them more bailouts, remember, this is exactly how the last New Deal worked: big business, big labor, and big government getting together in one room to screw small businesses and the American taxpayer.

    Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than the Treasury Department TARP bailout. Earlier this month we saw Citigroup work with Senate Democrats to screw their competitors by being the first to agree to a mortgage cram down program. We heard the story of how TARP author Rep. Barny Frank (D-MA) personally intervened to score a bank in his district hundreds of million in taxpayer dollars. Just this week we learned that virtually all of the firms that have received bailout money (including Goldman Sachs), are still lobbying Washington DC. And it turns out that all six of the law and accounting firms hired by the Treasury Department to help manage the $700 billion financial bailout also have clients who received bailout money.

    But don’t worry, President Barack Obama and his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are on the case. Just yesterday they enacted new guidelines aimed at eliminating the influence of lobbyists on bailout fund. Feel better? Then you’ll love this news. On the very same day Geithner announced his anti-lobbyist rules he hired Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson as his Chief of Staff.

    So good news for Goldman and good news for Geithner. Bad news for the other banks (just ask Goldman’s ex-competitor Lehman Brothers), and bad news for the American taxpayer.

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    8 Responses to Progressive Corporatism in Action

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Let us see. The tax evader is in charge of the Treasury. He writes ethics rules. He violates them immediately.

      Another tax fraud is in the US Congress in charge of writing tax codes.

      So, what is the difference between Mexico under the grip of the drug cartel and the US? Not much, except perhaps, our government is achieving the same objective of mob rule without much violence.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      And they complained that the Bush Administration were a bunch of crooks? Everywhere you turn in the Obama, you run into a crook, a cheat or a questionable character. Oh, and let's not forget MA Senator who cannot negotiate a water crossing! We are not even 30 days into this Administration and we are already looking at devistation.

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    4. Angry Dumbo says:

      Great photo. Tells the whole story. Barney Frank is Gov. Blagojevich (a screaming midget in a land of giants) to Charles Schumer's President Obama on the issue of Corporate Progressivism.

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    7. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      It's so very telling how Liberals/Leftists actually believe and vote for Leftist government elitist politicians who perpetrate such misleading myths as "Democrat…party of the common man and guardian against 'the rich' and 'big business'", "Republicans are all for 'the rich' and 'big business'", and, another most insidious one, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" (which they have a habit of proving is the time you better guard both your wallet and your freedoms)!

      It's also so very telling how such Leftist government elitist politicians, like personality cult leaders, so very insidiously dumb-down and mislead people into attacking, like mind-numbed robot cult followers, anyone who tries to point out the evidence (such as that in the article above) of how they're voting for, yet being misled, robbed and screwed by the very same type of proverbial "shake your hand with one hand, and rob you blind with the other" politicians of which they are so willing to blindly and ignorantly stereotype and accuse others of being.

      Oh how such willingly misled voters do remind of the love song with the words "Tell me lies! Do anything you want! Just make me believe you care!"

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