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  • Stimulus 101: The Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan

    With countless news stories, papers, editorials and experts giving their view of why Congress should or shouldn’t enact the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan, we thought it would be helpful to give you a short index of why spending does not equal stimulus.


    • After Congress appropriates the FY’09 omnibus bill, they may have spent over $1.4 Trillion in less than one month!
      The current “stimulus bill” will be the LARGEST SPENDING BILL EVER enacted by Congress, making the New Deal look small, accounting for inflation.
    • The “Stimulus” Bills Your Family – $825 Billion is equivalent to borrowing $10,520 from EVERY FAMILY IN AMERICA. This money has to be paid back.
    • If all families were asked to equally shoulder the burden of $825 Billon, this debt would be equivalent to what they roughly spend on food, clothing, and health care in an entire year.
    • If Government Spending solved recessions, we would never have recessions.

    The hidden liberal policy agenda inside the ‘stimulus bill’…

    • Over $142 Billion in Federal education funds: Nearly double the total outlays for the Dept. of Education in 2007 – making good on Reid-Pelosi-Obama education promises to the NEA.
    • $87 Billion Medicaid bailout: Medicaid is funded by a formula that matches state spending levels with federal dollars. If we keep bailing states out, they will have every incentive to continue irresponsible spending. Fiscally responsible taxpayers in Indiana are now paying for fiscally irresponsible bureaucrats in Illinois.
    • Expanded Medicaid coverage and SCHIP: Reid-Pelosi-Obama are enacting a nationalized health care policy with no debate. The government will soon be responsible for more health care spending than the private sector, i.e. socialized medicine.
    • Green Jobs?: The myth of ‘green jobs’ merely means replacing one job lost, with a new job that fits the left’s agenda. It is a zero sum game. More than doubling spending, the stimulus also has over $35 billion for the Dept. of Energy. DOE’s current budget is $23.8 billion.
    • Family Planning and birth control for children, immigrants and the wealthy, which could also be used as a backdoor to allow federal funding of abortions. How is this stimulus?  **UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi agrees this is not stimulus and has removed it from the bill proving these measures are allergic to sunshine.**
    • Redistribution: Refundable Tax Credits for people who don’t pay taxes.
    • Pork Spending: Digital TV Coupons ($650 Million), Gov’t Cars ($600 Million), Nat’l Endowment for the Arts ($50 Million), Repairs to National Mall ($200 Million, including $21m for sod).


    • No Jobs: While they have not been able to support these claims, Pelosi/Obama promise between 3 & 4 million jobs, yet House Tax Committee staff can’t estimate even ONE job will be created.
    • Ineffective: The Congressional Budget Office estimates that only 52% of the spending in the ‘stimulus bill’ can even be spent by the end of FY’10.  Well short of the 75% benchmark set by President Obama.

    “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.” – FDR’s Treasury Sec. Henry Morgenthau Jr., architect of the New Deal.


    1. Make the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts permanent, instead of raising taxes in 2011; Reduce Marginal Tax Rates for  Individuals and Businesses by 10% creating new jobs. Adopting just this one proposal would create between 500,000 and 1 million jobs in one year.
    2. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax & reduce the Death Tax to 15% ($5 mil. individual exclusion) Enact long-term reforms and budgets for entitlement spending., putting long-term obligations from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, front and center in the budget process.
    3. Assess and enforce long term spending rules in Congress. Get us out of debt!
    4. Go to Heritage.org for more ideas and ways to avoid giving Americans a debt they didn’t create.
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    115 Responses to Stimulus 101: The Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan

    1. Vincent Kolber, Chic says:

      CNN's two hour very informative "IOUSA" documentary earlier this month concluded on the comments of former Senator Bill Bradley and Brookings Institute's Alice Rivlin in agreement on a key approach to our economic crisis. Namely that stimulus should only be implemented with entitlement reform on a simultaneous basis. The CNN program highlighted the enormity of the unfunded entitlement liabilities of Social Security and Medicare which total over $600 trillion according to Obama's advisor Austin Goolsbee. Add the direct borrowings of the federal government now more than $10 trillion which are accelerating and the nation is facing a greater than $70 trillion liability juggernaut. This liability juggernaut (the 'LJ') amounts to more than $550,000 per taxpayer. The big surprise earlier this month was that Obama put Social Security and Medicare entitlements as reform candidates firmly on the table during his ABC Sunday morning interview and during remarks to appoint Nancy Killefer as performance chief. A simultaneous stimulus/entitlement action would enable the stimulus to be offset by a reduction of the LJ and thereby enable another of the widely touted axiom of PayGo to actually occur. Rather simple fixes to the entitlement programs such as delaying the starting age for benefits will wipe trillions off the LJ and give the stimulus the opportunity of meeting PayGo.

      Please do all you can to demand "Stimulus with Entitlement Reform Only" and maybe for once and in the context of the prevailing crises with our newly elected charismatic leadership, federal government could do the right thing.

    2. ROBERT T. DAVIS, FRE says:


    3. John Rosky , Andover says:

      When is the government going to realize that the 541 idots in Washington really don't speak for Americans. Pelosi and Reid must not be able to read the petition sent to Congress from "Drill Here-Drill Now" of two milliom citizens wanting OUR land opened up for oil and natural gas. Even if it takes 10 years to get the oil and gas into the system it will be sooner than their green energy that they purpose. A CNN poll showed 73% of

      Americans want us to open OUR land and this should show Congress that the land belongs to us.

    4. Dan, New Mexico says:

      Entitlement reform IS stimulative. Reduction's in entitlements will produce a stimulative effect. Reform to Social Security has been kicked down the road for generations and NO ONE has the stones to step up and address the hard truth. The program has been looted for generations and is dying on the vine. We have robbed from future generations long enough. We need to remove the federal tenatacles (taxes) and give the people back THEIR money and let them decide how to plan for THEIR future. At 42 I would gladly opt out of the system and plan for my own retirement (PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY). The Feds can keep what they've taken so far and let those of us that want to take care of ourselves (PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY) do it on our own.

    5. Wolfwood says:

      I like that it can be shortened to the "POR Plan"

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    7. Dan, New Mexico says:

      Democrats are willling to put in these minor tax incentives with the full knowledge that the result will NOT be stimulative. They can then use that logic in the future to say that the Republican ideas of cutting taxes don't work.

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    13. PeaceofMindBlog says:

      Why are some surprised that the second most liberal ex-senator, Obama wants to spend, spend, spend? Have many people written/emailed their Senators and Congressmen? I tried to email complaints to one of our liberal Senators and the server was down…surprised? I have learned that several million dollars are earmarked for Acorn who continues to throw the election in several communities. How can this be? Where is the outrage?

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    16. David Peterson, Ches says:

      This "stimulus" plan has nothing to do with stimulating anything but Liberal control of the government, and government control over the people. The Democrats are counting on the fact that so many of the citizens of this country know next to nothing of our history; that so many of our citizens have come to believe they are "entitled" to a free ride; and that so few of our citizens actually pay attention to what the government is doing beyond what they see on the mainstream liberal TV. Democrats are banking on keeping people scared of "impending doom" and making them believe that only the government can save them. When in reality, only the people can save themselves. The concepts of personal responsibility, self-reliance and independence are rapidly dying.

    17. Michael Auer,FT.Myer says:

      Please People!!! E-mail your Governor or Congressman to stop this madness. I'm sure that I cannot stop this on my own but together we can let them know how we feel! Where are we heading by letting this get passed? I don't want to know and I don't want to find out." We the People" doesn't that ring a bell with any of you? Let's use our power as one and let the Government know that we will not be lied to or stolen from!

    18. Dave R - San Antonio says:

      I can't believe that these liberals don't check their history books before they go on this massive spending plan.

      But then again, I don't think they really intend to improve the country's economic situation …rather they intend to reward their loyal lobbyists with billions in "earmarks!

    19. Glenn Herrera, Los A says:

      Talk about buyer’s remorse! The cost of the Obama presidency is becoming all too clear. Conservatives have to start acting like conservatives and Republicans have to grow spines.

      Just because you are outnumbered doesn't mean you quit fighting.

    20. Mike, Middletown, NJ says:

      It is about power and politics and not the economy. I am really beginning to believe that our government is as corrupt as a third rate bannana republic.

    21. D McKenzie says:

      I believe they know EXACTLY what they are doing. They know the BS spending bill will not work. It's all part of the plan….

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    25. Katherine from Gross says:

      There are those that simply want to cause harm, they have an aversion to what is good, right and true. We must protect our country from these types organizing against us. I believe (like D. McKenzie above) that they know exactly that their plan will ruin America and that is thier sick, envious goal.

    26. EBD, Nashville says:

      Here's a link to the 30 min. version of I.O.U.S.A. very much worth watching!

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    28. D mockracy says:

      please send testosterone to washington dc,c/o republican party,maybe they will grow a pair

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    30. Matthew C Campbell says:

      I am as outraged as anyone over the insane liberal policies being bulldozed through in the name of "change". I fear the Democrats agenda is going to destroy our countries' prosperity if not its' survival. Conservative websites should have a listing of republican addresses on the front page to help right-minded people deliver there opinions more readily. Does anyone else feels it is high time conservatives learn to organize protests ?

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    33. Dan, Pittsburgh says:

      Next, the gov't will announce that it can spin wheat into gold! They can pass any legislation they want, and make it so by gov't decree.

    34. Steven G, AZ says:

      I think the best idea would be for Congress to just cut taxes.

      We would have more money to spend, and our budget deficit wouldn't be quite so bad as if we did do this bailout!

      But why listen to the people??

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    40. CR, Oklahoma City says:

      Everybody, Please!

      Go to http://www.whitehouse.gov or http://clerk.house.gov/member
      write to your districts senator and representative. It's easy, just click click a few times on the web and you'll have access to their email from the noted web sites.

      By the way, the bulk of the new federal vehicles are targeted as "green" vehicles. For which there are no refilling stations in the nation, nor any factories who can support the demand this allocated money will need. It will be a stalemate or a multi year project that doesn't benefit anyone-and for what? Just to get vehicles for federal employees who won't be able to drive the vehicles for lack of fuel.

    41. P Saunders, NC says:

      Destroy the enemy from within.

      Control the country's resources.

      Buy into and manipulate the country's financial system.

      Got the resources? Got the financial system?

      Next step….manipulate the political system.

      Create unbalanced society by playing with resources and money. (This also destabilizes the military cababilities)

      Create doubt and mistrust in the government.

      Country experiences internal unrest.

      Timing is everything now. Place your resources close…and move in for the take over.


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    43. D Jasewicz ,NY says:

      government puppets, well planned event to blame big corperations[ capitalism ] while congress implemented their fall guys to take blame for economic downfall. It as if almost these CEO,S where told to run companies into the ground, while taking big pay outs. Lobbiest for gongressional seats intertwined with with CEO,S AND CONGRESSMEN, SABOTAGED the market to push through government take over of the private sector. IF no one goes to jail over this and congressmen aren't investigated, the people have reliquished there rights as a representative government in order to push through socialism. We are all the same , but we all have nothing.

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    45. ProudConservativeAme says:

      Those of us who are conservative need to put pressure on our conservative representatives. Let them know we expect them to represent our conservative values! If they cave in to the left, remember their names and get them OUT of office! The next time elections come around lets vote TRUE conservatives into office!

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    48. Bert says:

      You can alternative fuel propose the hell out of our energy system but the fact remains; you are going to have to have current combustion power (oil, coal/electricity and natural gas) to produce ANY alternative fuel.

      To even manufacture the alternative energy infrastructure the deluded propose is going to require TONS of oil, coal and thermo-nuclear power to put in place; THEN, we can discuss going off fossil fuels. Until then, dream on.

    49. Joe, Blue Bell, PA says:

      We need to make sure our Republican elected officials do not support this bill! YOu have to ask yourself one question, why does Obama need to reach across the aisle for Republican support? He has the entire Dem vote, it will pass, so why does he need the Republican support? So, when it fails he can come back and say, "Hey, everyone supported this bill, dem and rep". He and the democratic party are hedging their bet to make sure he and the party doesn't take the fall!

    50. lynn says:

      This is a direct result of the garbage that is being taught at both the grade school and college levels.

      Abolish the Dpt of Ed – u – macation and the IRS.

    51. Anna S Peoria, AZ says:

      The Heritage Foundation is right on! Keep up the good work! I emailed both of my state senators asking them to oppose this horrid evil bill! The Democrats and the President are trying to bankrupt the whole country. I can't believe this. The so-called "jobs" won't even manifest till 2010 what will happen between now and then? This whole thing is outrageous and there needs to be a huge outcry by conservatives or it will go in and devastate our country now and in the future. I for one am not happy about losing $10,570 to pay for this thing! ugh! :(

      It blows my mind how foolish people were who voted for President Obama. They will now start to see his true colors if they open their eyes. They don't want to see though because then they would have to admit that they voted foolishly. Pride. :( They sold out their children's and grandchildren's prosperity just for a "historic" moment. How shortsighted can you get? Character, integrity,qualifications matter more than skin color. President Obama lacks all these things. :(

      Wake up America or all your freedom will be gone and we will all be serfs to the state. What fun.

    52. Chris, San Diego says:

      You know – this garbage doesn’t suprise me at all – Pelosi, Reid and Obama are the perfect storm to socializing this country, crush free market capitalism and of course wipe their rears with our Constitution… I just hope that the GOP focuses like a laser and continues to cut out the FAT!

      Meat Grade: .01% Lean / 99.99% Fat

      PS – would someone help enlighten me why San Diego county is the front runner to get all of the terrorist scum bags of Guantanamo? I love how Obama tells everyone to stop playing politics – but he closes the highest security prison in the world, which holds the worst of the worst… Gives them Constitutional Rights – then plans on making them my neighbors! He is worse than I thought.

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    60. debugger, San franci says:

      I hope there is an amendment in the stimulus that the jobs created are for Americans and Legal Residents. If there is no amendment most of the jobs will just go to those workers with temporary working visas (H1b and L1) and Americans are still out of work. It would be a shame if citizens of India and China benefit more than Americans that funded the stimulus.

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    62. Janet, Texas says:

      This bill is wrong plan and simple. Go back to the table folks. It is sad that our politicians are so darn out of touch and worthless. Protest loud and clear America!

    63. Phil, MN says:

      If spending money is the way to fix your financial problems – lets all do it at home. We can simulate the economy by all of us going out and charging the limits on credit cards and then just apply for more! Sound like a great idea doesn't it? Just think of all the sales jobs that would create? does anyone else believe this crap? Can you see it is just a democrat grab bag and they have no qualms about selling our great-grandkids in slavery to the Chinese – who owns us now.

      And that Garthner guy? He paid taxes when he was forced to politically and never paid dime one on the interest and penalties every one of my tax clients had to pay. His 34K bill should have been near a quarter of a million after 8 years.

      We now have the most criminal administration I have known in my life of 58 years. Until obama, the most incompetent president was JFK who personally screwed my father and many Cubans who trusted him for air support. Someday, I will go to visit their graves to apologize for my father and I for getting them to believe we had the president's word to help them. he lied and many died. Only this time – its actually true. Then he started the Vietnam war for us and its the guy who got us out of there with a little honor who gets the blame for everything – the great president Nixon. Some things never change. Obama may snatch defeat from the jaws of success and ruin the progress in Iraq but the real politicians over there obviously see him as week already (apologizing to the Egyptian president for America's treatment of Muslims by Bush!) so they may just shine on the new kid and try to make more progress in spite of this fool. GW bent over backwards to make them understand that he didn't include all Muslims as bad people with an immediate meeting with their American representatives and the Muslim community in general – even though very few can actually be counted on as Americans when it comes to the middle east. Their religion seems to be that you cover for a Muslim no matter how evil or somehow Allah would be angry for them not killing one of his other creations – Jews and the rest of us Euros and Mexicans. Can you believe the arrogance of an entire group of people that think they are God's operators on earth and that he is nothing more than a thug hell bent on having the Muslims kill off his other creations? if you talk like that on the MMPI psych test, they call you mentally ill that needs lots of close care. now, when a Muslim does the same thing, these same fools tell us its cultural and so we must accept it.

      When are our own citizens going to learn to face reality. Are our teachers really this inept? Cause kids are simply repeating their lunacy now. They can hardly read or write but boy they know how to vote democrat and demonstrate for what they want rather than to get involved in politics and do it the American way. I think they have been watching to much Muslim TV where they have time to do nothing all day but fire guns into the air. Are bullets free there? or can you eat them? I know a good AK costs a few bucks too. maybe they aren't as poor as we thought. Of course, our, "poor" have an average of 3 color TV's and pays no taxes to help out with the infrastructure they use up. yet, they have the audacity to complain they aren't being given enough! You know the old saying, empty barrels make the most noise!

    64. cathy Moss Beach, Ca says:

      This whole mess/stimulus bill is making President Obama look a terrible actor right out of the Manchurian Candidate.

    65. cathy Moss Beach, Ca says:

      This whole mess/stimulus bill is making President Obama look like a terrible actor right out of the "Manchurian Candidate".

    66. Kevin, Arkansas says:

      Where is the middle-class tax cut he promised for 95% of Americans???

    67. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      OK… let’s take a serious look at all of this…I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t hate a "control freak", right?…whether it's in a spouse, significant other, boss, etc. But, do you realize that that's EXACTLY what type of government we are getting ready to have in our daily lives!!!?

      Their reason is because they feel the average person is just too stupid to manage their normal life. Thanks to the news media, they’re accomplishing this. And, they want you to come groveling to them, begging on your hands and knees for ALL of life’s necessities!!!

      Ultimately, THEY will be ONLY ones who will decide whether you are deserving enough to be considered for THEIR “generous” allowances.

      As each day passes, THEY gradually become more and more CONTROLLING… and YOU, weaker and weaker and more dependent. THINK PEOPLE!!!! Let's put a STOP to us losing our liberties forever!

    68. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      As long as people continue to accept the repeated lies that the news media tells them, we will never know what the real truth is…. ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!

      We should all be thankful we have a voice via The Heritage Foundation.

    69. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      It's obvious that the general consensus is that an overwhelming majority of the American public says "NO" to this ridiculous "stimulous" thing. This renews my faith in the American people.

      It shows that we are NOT all a bunch of mindless sheep being misled by politicians and especially the news media into believing absolute lies that we know in our own hearts and minds are NOT true!

    70. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      If nothing else, it's appearant that this "stimulous" thing is another way of "sugar coating" words as a means of STEALING more money from honest, hard-working tax payers… supposedly for the "greater good" of everyone?

      Yep, this is another form of "socialism". Don't we all remember that we have fought against "communism"? As in the cold war with the U.S.S.R. (which stands for the UNION of SOVIET "SOCIALIST" REPUBLIC? Do we want to resort to becoming a "communist" nation, as well?

      Let's don't lose any more of our liberties people!!!!!!!!!! JUST KNOW THAT THE NEWS MEDIA DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HONEST ANYMORE !!!

      The "good old days" of Walter Cronkite do NOT exist anymore.

    71. TerryC, Texas says:

      Lenin, the founder of the first Communist state, put it simply: "First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. We will encircle the last bastion of capitalism, the United States of America. We will not need to fight. It will fall as a ripe fruit into our hands." And, "We must practice coexistence with other nations, until we are strong enough to take over by means of world revolution…. We are not pacifists. Conflict is inevitable. Great political questions can be solved only through violence…. It is inconceivable that Communism and capitalism can exist side by side. Inevitably one must perish.'' Hmmmm….

    72. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      Putting this all in perspective…

      We all were raised to understand and know simple, basic rules… know the difference between right from wrong, treat others how you would want to be treated, and financially, to live within your means.

      Not difficult to understand, right? Perhaps the most difficult one may be to financially live within your means. But still, we do it. We have to. Otherwise, the alternative is certain bankruptcy. Therefore, we have to differenciate between our wants and our needs.

      Like everyone else, we have to know our limitations. Afterall, it wouldn't be fair, or legal if you decided to step over the line on what you could afford and simply think that because you've become "over-extended" and somehow FORCE your neighbor to pay for your excessive debt, even though they are financially secure.

      This "golden rule" applies to everyone. No one is "better" than anyone else. Everyone has to play by the same rules, right?

      WRONG!!!… our current govenment administration, including the House & Senate refuse to "play" by these simple rules! And yes, they DO feel that they are "BETTER" than you and I. They feel they are in an "elite" group of people who have no obligation to their constituents other than continue taking their money to promote and maintain their continuous POWER! Did they ask you if they could take more of your hard-earned money?…. me neither!

      So, it's simple… give them a resounding "NO" about this "stimulous" package (don't you just love the way they "sugar-coat" that term)… it almost makes it sound ligitimate when they put it that way.

      Don't let your bankrupt "neighbor" in Washington D.C. give you any more "sob" stories about how they "need" YOUR money… and they are willing to get it BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

      Thank you, America

    73. weirdone says:

      Since 1996 the Federal Budget has grown from 1.6T to projected 3.2T dollars in 2009, a 100% increase. A 750B dollars stimulus package has been appropriated and is currently being spent with little or no effect on the downward trend in the economy. The current proposal is to spend 819B dollars for an additional stimulus package which will make the federal expenditures for 2009 some where in the neighborhood of 4.75T dollars and the one year deficit close to 2.5 Trillion Dollar, add that to an admitted National Debt of about 11 Trillion Dollars; estimates go as high as 54 Trillion Dollars including the private debt. The country is flat broke and 4.75T of spending for the year 2009 is total insanity and will do little or nothing to revive the economy; we are headed for a 1930’s type depression and both parties are responsible. The presses at the Treasury are running full speed 24/7 to pay for these so called stimulus packages, which will only add to the disaster and make the double digit inflation rate of the Carter years begin to look real good.

      What it will do is increase the dependent class beholden to government for their existence and destroys what is left of our free market economy and what little personal freedom we still enjoy. This is a blatant attempt to buy your vote with your money. Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do before the coronation — err ah, inauguration. He is laying the ground work for a good Socialist State as he said he would when he promised to “Spread the Wealth Around.” Your wealth…and the majority of you voted for him.

    74. G. Carson, Evansvill says:

      If you never learn anything else in life, please understand one thing…

      When it comes to politics… "PERCEPTION IS REALITY"

      This has been the sole philosyphy in the Obama campaign… and it still continues with his presidency.

      It's simply a means of justifying a corrupt agenda.

    75. Ken P. Morningastar, says:

      This so called stimulus is a scam to put the money of our children in someone elses pockets before they even have a chance to earn it. Thomas Jefferson said, "passing debt onto our children is immoral."

      The half of this country that elected Obama are the only ones that actually might not be smart enough to spent their money better than the government can. This is not teaching them how to be responsible. We should be able to look to Washington with pride, after all it is OUR government, but how can we be proud of a government that does not understand basic home economics. If I want a new car should I just tell the dealer to bill my children for it later, after all the government wants 600 mil worth of new cars and they want to bill our children for it. The logic is immoral and criminal.

    76. Debbie Peterson, Bil says:

      This whole thing makes me so furious! I tried to get everyone I knew to think through their reasons for voting for Obama. I told them that this would happen. He hasn't even been in office 2 full weeks and he has already put a stain on this country and its people. With his interview on Arab tv, he slapped America in the face and elevated the terrorists! It seems to me that everything that we have believed in and cherished…all that is good the Obama administration is trying to make evil and everything that is bad they are elevating to good! It is insane! Obama lies and tries to strong arm anyone who doesn't go along with his plan. This is the most crooked, corrupt administration in the history of this country! It is socialism against capitalism. Obama and his administration are determined to destroy this country! Oh, how I wish Bush was back!

    77. David Dzidzikashvili says:

      Obama administration needs to realize that in several months economic crisis and soaring deficit will be solely his administration’s and his party’s problem, so for any previous or future mistakes he’ll have to take the blame. Two-three months from now nobody will remember Bush’s policies and the Democrats have to be more careful on the long-term effects of massive spending. If the new stimulus fails, just like the past one, then this will balloon into Obama’s first political problem. We have to also realize, that on the long-term we won’t be able to afford more bailouts and there has to be alternative solutions, since we are passing the trillion Dollar deficit boundary. Printing more money can be utilized as short-term tool, but on the long run it will devastate economy. Something needs to be done immediately, but more regulation & spending does not seem to be a logical answer, we need another alternative solution. Maybe we should take pure libertarian approach and let the free market decide who wins or loses? This will cause social unrest and chaos, so as a society we can not afford this option either. Maybe we’ve killed the goose that laid eggs for us?

    78. Randal D., Amarillo, says:

      If Obama succeeds in destroying our country, what countries should I consider moving to?

    79. Dale, MO says:

      I am 69 years old and just cannot understand how this bill is making it through. It makes no sense.

      For the first time in my life I am afraid for my country, and ashamed of most of our Senators & Representatives.

    80. Dawn C says:

      I will print articles and send them to everyone I know to get the word out there because alot of people don't know about what's going on and wouldn't understand what to do about it if they did. Many people when I tell them what I have heard that the stimlus money is being spent on don't know about it but are shocked.

    81. Kathie, Clearwater, says:

      Sadly, this is a blog of those "preaching to the choir." Government jobs only create dependent classes of people and keep these same kind of policies renewing themselves. We don't need more governmental stimulus in this country, we need tax and spending reform! We need to begin stimulating the economy by stimulating the individual and giving money back to the taxpayers of this country. Based on a variety of tax information, we are in deep trouble. According to the CNN documentary "IOUSA" (previously cited 1/27/2009), "…the unfunded entitlement liabilities of Social Security and Medicare total over $600 trillion according to Obama’s advisor Austin Goolsbee." The CNN report further states, "Add the direct borrowings of the federal government, now more than $10 trillion, which are accelerating, and the nation is facing a greater than $70 trillion liability juggernaut. This liability juggernaut (the ‘LJ’) amounts to more than $550,000 per taxpayer." To truly get a feel for the impact this has, one can view some taxpayer facts at The Tax Foundation's website, http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/show/542.html. Their figures, from 2005, indicate that roughly 120 million Americans – about 40 percent of the U.S. population – are outside of the federal income tax system (either don't have to file or have no tax liability), i.e. pay no taxes! Thanks to the 1997 passage of the Earned Income Tax Credit for low income tax payers and the 2003 tax cuts which increased the child tax credit to $1000, a taxpayer can receive the full value of the credit even if they have no tax liability. In 2004, what that meant was that Uncle Sam paid out about $33 billion in “refundable” checks to the families and single individuals who qualified for the Earned Income Credit and another $9 billion to families who were eligible for the child credit…people who paid no taxes. Additionally, recognize that this country spends about $318 billion dollars annually on aid to other countries…many of whom detest Americans and all that we stand for! And now we have the $700 billion bailout with billions, if not trillions, more to come! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHEN WILL AMERICANS BEGIN TO REALIZE THAT WE CANNOT AFFORD TO CONTINUE TO PASS THIS TAX BURDEN ON TO OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS?

    82. Roy, Rocky Mount,NC says:

      The root of our financial problems in America is decades of reckless and irresponsible spending by both parties. Liberals appear to have never understood money and economics and conservatives, often turning their backs on conservative principles, have been all too willing to join in a wild spending orgy in a spirit of "bipartisan support".

      Why do conservatives only find their principles when they are the minority party? Folks, I think it's too late to save America. With us drowning in debt that we can never climb out of, do you really believe there is any hope for us with the party in power ready to pursue such additional reckless spending? Our political system has failed us. Our financial systems have failed us. It makes me sad to say this but I fear the only thing that will awaken America is a full blown depression and if that happens, God help us all, we'll surely need it.

    83. Roland D says:

      This is the begining of a Socialistic agenda by Barack Obama. I cannot call him President when he does not even address the American people on Television. His first interview is granted to a Muslim Journalist!! Our President's are suppose to be leaders and assure the country that they will do all for the pursuit of Life, Liberty , and happiness as granted to us by the Constitution! But Obama comes out and says that everything is getting worse and government is the only answer.Thomas Jefferson stated, "When government is larger than the people,it is time to get rid of the government." Patrick Henry said,"Give me Liberty or give me death." I want Liberty!!!! Not Government!!! God Bless all of us who want our Country back!!!

    84. jojibro, AZ says:

      Why is it that when the needs of those who are not wealthy get some consideration, this is "Class Warfare" or "Wealth Redistribution"?

      Yet somehow, enormous taxbreaks for higher income individuals, and de-regulation of business is something other than an irresponsible and suicidal form of "Corporate Welfare".

      That very agenda has led us to where we are now, and it is time to wake up and take responsibility for it, however inconvenient or painful it certainly will be.

    85. Terrin says:

      Last I checked, the last 750 Billion dollar stimulus was sponsored by so called conservatives. Further, 8 years of tax rebates didn't do anything for the income, but reversed the previous 10 years of the greatest economic boom in this Country's history.

      To be fair, things went wrong when in the name of so called Free Trade Agreements we shipped manufacturing overseas. You can't have an economy if you don't build anything in the Country. Henry Ford knew that when he started buying materials from bankrupt farmers, who were big customers of Ford but couldn't afford to buy Ford's trucks anymore.

      If you build and sell a product, you have to share the wealth here so people actually have money to buy your products with, thus stimulating the economy. Sure it costs more up front, but ultimately you get more in return as well. Further, keeping money here is far more patriotic then giving it to some Communists overseas.

      Moreover, labor is cheap for a reason overseas: the workers have no rights and are essentially slaves. Yet, we allow American companies to exploit those workers in the name of saving a few bucks on manufacturing in the States. Further, we pay the dictators in those companies for the privilege of exploiting those workers at the expense of keeping resources in our own Country. Ultimately, this brings down our own citizens quality of life.

      I will point out that Free Trade Agreements are hardly conservative, as our Founding Fathers were whole heartedly against them and it was Republican leadership, backed by some popular weak minded Democrats, who got these agreements passed undoing the whole history of our Country opposing such agreements. Our Founding Fathers wanted imports to provide the bulk of the tax revenue, not the citizens.

      The current stimulus package is needed because states are going bankrupt. Michigan has over ten percent of the population unemployed. That isn't even counting the millions of people on unemployment. Cutting taxes didn't prevent this from happening. It can be argued that it helped create the problem. The stimulus, however, is needed to keep the system afloat until a real plan that will take time to work is implemented. Part of that plan will ultimately have to be to start pulling back on free trade agreements, which really aren't free.

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    87. MasterMinded1 ,NewYo says:

      PPl plz help to stop this bill(stimulus) from passing… It's a shame how our own ppl is underminding these great country! But with the help from u the ppl and god… It will not pass!

    88. Michael Flaming, Wal says:

      Its just like 1776 all over. Are you a loyalist? i.e support our govt. (king George) or are you a patriot and support or country? Its one or the other, theres no in between. I am and always will be a patriot.

    89. janrey, Mount Penn, says:

      NO MORE TAX CUTS — they are one of the reasons we are in this mess.


      AMERICAN is what we are — act like it. Don't demonize each other. We have to work together if we are to survive this god-awful situation we find outselves in today.

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    92. Carrie, Denver says:

      If the government wants a stimulus package, they should start by stimulating the American people. For starters, let's stimulate our education system. Instead of Digital TV coupons that only feeds the mind with useless garbage, how about excusing student loan debt for students who successfully graduate in specializations (teachers, nurses, scienctists, IT, etc.) that will help strengthen our talent pool and strengthen the economy.

      Also as Americans, we should support our economy by buying American made products. If the reason we are buying overseas products is because it is a better value, then we need to be realistic & competitive and maybe work for less money so that companies can afford to pay Americans to make the same product. The government should give better tax breaks for keeping companies and production in the U.S. Remember, having a job is better than having none at all. Everything in America has been over inflated anyway. It's time to balance things out.

      One last thing…no more bailouts! The government giving money to banks who in return withhold the money from us isn't stimulating the economy. Giving the American people stimulus checks isn't the best plan either since the average American will just spend it on useless stuff instead of knocking down their debt. We would be better off if the government gave the people credit towards credit card debt which would pay down Americans personal debt and still be paying banks to lower those debts. Double Whammy!

    93. signe k. Port charl says:

      Obama is the rubber stamp for the pelosi-reid agenda. They hold all the power.

    94. Sharon Robson-Beard, says:

      The costs that we are burdening future generations could mean the death of our country once interest starts compounding on the debt.

      I think that more consideration should be given to the Fair Tax as a way to get the economy moving and turn things around.

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    96. M/M.James C. Loudon, says:

      Please — don't vote for a stimulous package that our representatives have not even read — in fact, don't vote for it at all — it's spending money that is mostly going to PAY OFF the supporters of our new President's campaign and until all 1100+ pages are read should not be considered……please don't hold our children responsible for all the money spent. Above all, don't stifle free speech by approving the "fairness doctrine"!!!!!!

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    98. Robin Delaware count says:

      Hi the people who do pay taxes are out raged, the people who do not pay taxes don't have a clue what is going on and they just want to no how much more money they can receive for free , And for our government who passed this stimulus should be ashamed of them self . We need to have a march on Washington to stop more spending and bigger government, this is the only way the people can be heard , is there someone out there that can get this together I no alot of people that would go! We must do this for our children's future and the future of America.

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    101. Juan says:

      Bailout 2008, a poem by David Jeffrey:

      Like a bloodied warrior,

      laying broken and torn.

      Like a dying soldier, hopeless and forlorn.

      But the blood, it be green,

      the color of money.

      And the soldier is an economy,

      and it is anything but funny.

      Broken are it’s people and shattered are their dreams.

      Thanks to the ultra rich and their full proof schemes.

      It is a tragedy with more pain to come.

      Finance will be Hell, and their wills will be done.


    102. Liliane,Boston says:

      I wander from what rock are you crowling from?. If you are so outraged at the government spending how come nobody protestet at the 1.3 trillion deficit at the end of Bush's administration. We are in this recession because of republican mismanagement, cutting takes during two wars.

      When you call unfunded mandates, I funded it for 35 years and I expect to collect. If you want to donate yours, I am eager to get it. You are bambuzle the poor stupid people to stay in power.

    103. Jason, New Jersey says:

      I don't understand why there is an income limit on the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit for 2009. Isn't the idea to get any and all eligible and qualified potential homebuyers into this daunting real estate market? Wouldn't that really take action on the root cause of this economic crisis? To me it seems like Obama and Congress are going out of their way to make sure that anyone receiving over $75K in income doesn't receive any benefits from this package.

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    105. Dan Wiebe, Colorado says:

      Here is the perfect way to create a stimulus package!

      Many countries owe us an incredible amount of money so let's demand that they pay us back and then all of us, ok the ones of us that actually pay taxes, would receive a "stimulus" check based upon those countries paying our country back.

      Many people would say that if we did this those countries would then not trade with us but actually people in the U.S. "want" the latest and greatest so we would do quite a lot of business with those countries that wanted "free trade" with the U.S.!!

      In my business I deal with people that have done business with me. Of course if someone who did business with me wanted to charge a much higher price than another company then perhaps I would do business with the second company since that is fair or free trade!

    106. BILL GENDALL.....WIL says:


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    115. lovewy says:

      You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

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